Well Played, Abigail Spencer


Abigail Spencer is having a good year. She’s got Cowboys & Aliens coming out, which is going to be huge, and above all she’s stopped dressing like she has no self esteem:

This is really cool — it’s got a touch of the ’80s about it, but the bright and lively ’80s we LIKE to remember, not the garish and freaky ’80s from those photos we shove under the bed in the hopes nobody will find them until we are long gone and can’t hear the laughter. It’s “The Power of Love,” not “It’s Hip To Be Square.” It’s James Spader in Pretty In Pink, versus, let’s face it, pretty much the rest of Pretty In Pink.  Better Off Dead, and not Monique’s hair in Better Off Dead. You get the idea.

She also looked adorable at the actual Cowboys & Aliens premiere:

Apparently, this is an Oscar de la Renta — or, if you want to be really hacky about it, Oscar de la costs-as-much-as-my-Renta. (Lucky for us, nobody ’round these parts would make such a valiantly embarrassing joke, right?) It’s lovely on her, it’s something I dearly wish would manifest in my closet, and something I suspect Sarah Jessica Parker will be ordering in about ten minutes. Seriously, you could Photoshop her head onto this and it’d make sense. So for Abigail Spencer, getting to SJP wardrobe levels — when you are not actually anywhere near as well-known as Madam Three-Letters — is kind of a banner achievement. Bravo, lady. Now, pay it forward, okay? Specifically, to me.

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  1. Fawn

    I kind of wish she’d worn the purple pumps with the second outfit too. But I do LOVE both dresses.

  2. Sajorina

    Lovely! I don’t know who she is, but she looks GOOD and should flaunt it! Both dresses are nice and the shoes are great and interchangeable with both dresses! Bravo, on looking good and having awesome hair, Abigail Whoever!

  3. Serena

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the pink dress. The colour is great, but this cut makes her look so… shapeless. I love her shoes though.

  4. filmcricket

    Oh God, no. That first dress is Wham! with a side of Duran Duran and a soupçon of Platinum Blonde. Musically awesome, fashion-wise just terrible. The only trend to come out of the 80s that was worse than neon was acid-washed denim. It is hurting my eyes.

    Love the second dress, though, and she looks gorgeous in both pictures. I am very, very jealous of her hair.

  5. Willow

    the top pink dress reminds me of Judy Jetson, I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing

  6. Mongerel

    I approve of the pink dress but the purple shoes make her look like an Easter accessory.

  7. bdecked

    Love love *love* the second dress, but the first makes it look like she’s wearing a paper bag from the grocery store (made from hot-pink construction paper.) With a body like that, she deserves so much better…

  8. jen

    Duckie love forever!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A.J.

    The second dress does scream SJP. I can almost hear the theme to Sex and the City in my head…

  10. qwertygirl

    That dress is the Thompson Twins (I think it was even inspired by Alannah Currie’s haircut). The shoes, however, are “The Breakfast Club,” “St Elmo’s Fire” AND “Thriller” (video, album, song–the whole ball of wax) ALL IN ONE.

  11. snuffy

    When I read the title I was expecting to see Abigail Breslin… then I remembered that Spencer is her brother, not her surname. This is too confusing for a Monday :)

  12. TaraMisu

    The pink dress is a little too 80′s for me…. the second dress is AWESOME! Love it!!

  13. vandalfan

    She gots her some excellent shoes. I’d maybe hem up the pink one just a bit, with just a bit less of the shoulder detail, because it’s dangerously close to wearing her this way. Her hair is lovely.

  14. LoriK

    What filmcricket said. I lived through the 80s the first time and while I still have a soft spot for the music, sartorially speaking it’s not a decade that we need to relive. The 2nd dress is great though.

  15. yeahandalso

    I like both dresses a lot, and it has been long enough that the residual loathing I had for her from Mad Men is gone (seriously the the worst plot arc of the series)

    Also, when did she become Jessica Lowndes? the resemblance is uncanny in pic 2

  16. marcia

    I must respectfully disagree with LoriK and filmcricket. I, too, am an 80s girl (started h.s. in ’80, got married in ’90–it don’t get more 80s than that) and I STILL think we were cute. And that pink dress is cute. And those purple shoes,even cuter.

  17. Lynnie

    Like both but would prefer to see the shoes interchanged. Also liked Monique’s hair in Better Off Dead!

  18. Lina

    Ooh, she either has a badass stylist or badass fashion sense. Go her!

  19. Kara

    Could take or leave the pink (although I love the purple shoes), love and covet the other.

  20. Lisa D

    I like the 2nd but not really the first.

    And I actually liked her on Mad Men, there was a scene where she was showing the kids the eclipse and Don has never been so sexy in the entire show as he was in that scene so . . . I am OK with Miss Farrell.

  21. Sue

    Hate hate HATE the pink dress. And pink is my favorite color. The shade is awful. The cut is awful. The shoes are awful. It’s awful.

  22. Geemee

    The second dress: I WANT.

  23. NYCGirl

    The second dress reminds me of a video game. Oddly, this is not a bad thing. I don’t like the first one, though.

  24. Racine

    Totally fell in love with the first dress and shoes!!! Like the second one, too, but the first one … I want!!!!

  25. Emma

    She looks beautiful, but I kind of resent her because she put up NO RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER when Don Draper seduced her, despite knowing he was married and TEACHING HIS MISERABLE LITTLE KIDDIES.

  26. gryt

    SHE looks so much better in the first picture. She looks vibrant anf fabulous. But in the second pic she looks too skinny (and I like skinny), with bad posture, and her head looks too big – I don’t know what’s going on, if it’s all just photography foolery with an awkward lens (too wide-angle) or what, but I kind of think she loos terrible. Maybe she looks more fabulous in the first pic because she is feeling fabulous, in that dress? My vote is 100% on the pink.

  27. K

    Abby went to my high school, and I always remember thinking she was so pretty and confident and mature! She’s smart too- she was in Gifted. I’m glad to see she has such a promising career.

  28. Legallyblondemel

    Pretty dresses AND shout-outs for Huey Lewis, Steff (like, totally the best part of “Pretty in Pink”) *and* “Better off Dead”. I can die a happy GFY fangirl now.

  29. Hima

    Love the second dress, but the first dress feels kind of like a scrollup fug for me. The shoes are great and I love them with the pink. I also really like the bottom of the pink dress — it’s just when it gets above her waist, the top looks so boxy and ill-fitting. And then the asymmetrical shoulder makes her head look weird. Not a big fan. But the bottom 3/4 of the entry is great!

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