VMAs Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift


I guess?

But white is not her color. It makes her look so sickly that if you plonked her in front of me and told me she was a mannequin who could come to life and dance around department stores with Andrew McCarthy, I would sit there and wait for the “alive” part to start.

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  1. Jennifer

    The outfit isnt’ making her look pale, her foundation is. She needs bronzer.

  2. Jane

    I agree, white isn’t her color. But I really love this outfit.

    • CreLa

      ITA! I love the outfit, she looks beautiful, but white is not her color at all.

  3. val.

    She’s annoying, but so pretty. I love this suit on her. She’s pale, but pulling it off.

  4. Molly

    I really don’t even recognize her anymore. If y’all didn’t point this person out as Taylor Swift, I’d have guessed Nicole Kidman.

  5. Helen

    The cut is unflattering, as well. Swift is a naturally very slender girl, which can be lovely, but whatever the tailor did to this suit emphasizes it in a way that looks unhealthy, which I am sure she isn’t. She’s always been like that and always looked good. The problem is with the outfit.

  6. Jenny

    YES! Mannequin – the perfect description for that hair color!

    • Eric Jaffa

      Yeah, I also think she looks like a mannequin.

      I never felt that way about a Taylor Swift photo before.

      • ESK

        I think her hair might partly be to blame for the mannuquin look–its too thick and bluntly cut.

  7. Lindy

    Eh, it’s better than her usual sparkly, short dress or her twee peter pan collars.

  8. Leah

    I don’t mind the suit or even the color but I think her hair is bothering me. It needs to be pulled back into a hot sexy ponytail of some sort.

  9. Rachel

    Great look, just not on her.

  10. Billie

    Even when she takes away the sparkly ensembles and wears something masculine, she still finds a way to put on that annoying, pouty face and wig-like hair. Girl needs to grow up.

  11. Heironyms.

    Oh, I know! It’s international Dress Like Gwyneth Paltrow week, and only Swift and Emma Watson decided to celebrate. :)

  12. mochaleet

    Microfrosting! That’s why she looks like the mannequin doll. Wow super funny comment…and waxen makeup, yes that’s the secret. Still she looks good.

  13. amys

    She looks like a Barbie to me.

  14. Derreck

    It’s so…odd. She does look great, but it doesn’t feel like the right kind of outfit for her. She looks like the hot, trophy wife of a chairman in a mega (evil) corporation in an 80′s soap opera. Chairman made her CEO to keep her busy and has warned the main character to not sleep with her OR ELSE, but he does it anyways because of all of her advances towards him.

    I guess what i mean is that its a bit of an odd choice for Taylor Swift, even if she is kinda rocking it.

  15. witjunkie

    TOTAL MANNEQUIN down to the funky-ass pose.

  16. eandh

    Yup, Kim Cattrall wore it first and wore it better.

  17. vandalfan

    A porcelain doll in virginal white.

  18. Jules

    Taylor Swift is Taylor Momsen?

  19. Daffodil

    She’s just proving to the Kennedys that she can wear a suit if the need arises.

  20. gryt

    The whole look makes her look like the idiot she is, so… perfect!

  21. Deanna

    It’s the hair. Ever since she started straightening her hair, she’s looked blah. She needs to bring back the curls! (Although i suspect she straightens it now in an attempt to look more Adult.)

    • Kate

      which, I also find creepy, as if she were trying to make us forget she is dating a Teenager…

  22. MomSense

    @witjunkie I did a double take–thought this was a photo of an actual mannequin. I have seen mannequins with that exact pose. Creepy.

  23. Mukel

    Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but John Travolta had the best white pantsuit OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME.

    • Edith

      BWA! That is hilarious, and perfect….

      I do not understand the love for this suit. I mean, yes, she should never wear white, I’m just saying that the suit itself is kind of awful. I haven’t seen a lot of photos of it, but it looks all wrong – everything from the skinny-jeans-inspired pants to the weird bunching in her midsection and the way the sleeves fit on the jacket make it look like Victoria’s Secret’s always-hilariously-bad attempts at creating office-appropriate attire. Ew.

      Also, SPOT ON on the mannequin association. And the Mannequin association!

      (Apropos nothing, my daughter saw Taylor with Connor Kennedy at Bobby’s Dairy Dip a couple of weekends back, that time when Taylor flew him down to Nashville because she missed him so…. Connor is apparently insanely hot in real life, at least to my 16 year old….)

      • pantsonfire

        You got it. I love the *idea* of a chic white suit. But this is not that. This is a mess, for the reasons you note.

  24. Shoeniverse

    Bond villianess, she always looks mean and so very angry. I wonder if one day we will realise that actually her perpetual broken relationships and heart that she pours into angst ridden songs for the masses was all part of a Mallrats style social experiment of Hollywood? I do hope so…


  25. Sajorina

    I like it, but girl, Angelina did it years ago at the Golden Globes and a lot better! You are no Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift!

  26. Brea

    I like the IDEA of this look, but the styling is all wrong.

    Too much makeup: I would have went with a more lighter lip, cat eye, and more of a sun-kissed cheek.
    Hair should have been pulled back into a sleek pony.
    She should have went with a different heel to make this feel more youthful; maybe a chunky heel or something to give it more of an edge.

    She just looks washed-out and aged.

  27. youknowwho

    I zoomed in to take a closer look and the hair looks like a wig to me, especially behind her shoulders. It is a particular shade, and looks lovely, but there is something too… highly-uniform-length and no-split-ends-whatsoever-ish about the bangs, juxtaposed with the pouf in the back, like my Barbie dolls used to have. I mean, to me, the hair styling is definitely adding to the overall mannequin feel. It doesn’t even look like ultra-heathly real-person hair, it just seems like a perfect coif wig.

    I can appreciate the shoes, though.

  28. Ms. A.

    This makes her look old. She needs to stop with the heavy liner and red lipstick already.

  29. Beth

    Too. Much. Makeup.
    She is a beautiful young woman, and this is just…awful.

  30. Lily1214

    C’mon . . . you know she looks beautiful. The makeup has been toned to look good with the white.

  31. Jennie-Suz

    Ugh, she looks like refried Nicole Kidman when Kidman was doing the whole washed-out thing.

  32. Amy

    You are so so wrong. She looks like the evil undead back for revenge. I have never seen her looking anything like this mean and cool and possibily interesting.