VMAs Fug Carpet: Justin Bieber

It occurs to me now who Justin Bieber is: He’s Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man. With equally improbable success with the ladies.

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  1. simone

    She’s The Man is the greatest teen comedy ever. Just had to mention that here. :)

  2. Zuzzie

    I know he’s only a child and everything, but I… hate him. There you go.

  3. What's The New Black

    Haha, it was hilarious when Selena interviewed him! It just felt so awkward…


  4. sarrible

    I feel like the ghost of Brandon Teena is looking at Justin Bieber like, SERIOUSLY, AMERICA, THIS YOU’LL PUT UP WITH?!

  5. staceyk

    holy shit.. that is EXACTLY who he is.

  6. Daffodil

    I loved the Lightning McQueen joke in slide 5. Too perfect! :)

  7. PeggyO

    And boy, is that an example of irresponsible pet ownership. Buying a snake as a fashion accessory?

  8. Ryan W

    Why is he dressed like Kanye?

  9. AmandaL

    So, this comment has nada to do with Bieber. I am actually incapable of dedicating brain space to Bieber. This is about the Death Valley ad on your page. I just pulled up your site with my six year old daughter in my lap (usually totally fine) and she immediately fixated on the rather gruesome Death Valley video ad. There was screaming. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sight (and, for that matter, Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires), and I get that you probably have a contract with MTV and that this is not really a sight for children. Still, assuming Gaga’s not around, I thought I didn’t have to worry about an inundation of guns and rotting flesh on a fashion site. I guess I was wrong.

  10. Jess

    This is like a crap version of a look G-Dragon rocked earlier this year during his band’s “Tonight” promotions (I don’t know which event it was but here is a comparison shot http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqp2zwKOmf1r00wrjo1_500.jpg) – GD owned that look. Biebs just looks.. no. Amanda Bynes is so much better in “She’s The Man”..

  11. Becky

    Is this his small way of trying to pull of the “Britney snake at the VMAs” without actually wanting a big snake draped around his head? ’cause that lil one is laughably pathetic by comparison.

    And YES to the She’s The Man reference. If anyone needs to grow some scruffy facial hair to look slightly older/less feminine, it’s this kid. Though I sorta doubt he can do it yet.

    Lastly, I agree with AmandaL’s threadjack on the disturbing Death Valley ads. I opened this page from Facebook (where I don’t just like you, I love you!) and was surprised to see the animated ad with a thrashing, screaming woman with a face full of blood. Once the action stops the still ads are fine. But the animated one… not cool. Even as an adult, I was surprised to see that on the side bar and totally took me away from reading your VMA coverage in a not-so-positive way. Doesn’t make me wanna watch Death Valley either.

    Back to Biebs! Love the YSL brooch renaming.

  12. A.J.

    I feel so out of touch with today’s youth when THAT is supposed to be the hot guy all the girls fawn all over.

  13. Anne B

    What a sweet young girl. Bet she crafts those necklaces she’s wearing herself, between classes in Women’s Studies at the community college.

  14. Eliza Bennett

    *pearlclutch* Why is Janet Reno dating Selena Gomez?! Doesn’t she know the Teen Succubus is too young for–oh wait.
    P.S.–I fully expected the Biebs’ snake to be that tiny and thin. It’s nice to be right.

  15. Heather

    We have sent the feedback on the ad to the ad people — unfortunately we don’t handle that stuff, but we’re more than happy to let them know.

  16. Lindsey

    Yay Far Side reference! This slide show just had me practically in tears at work. Brilliant!

  17. another Jill

    I didn’t think I could laugh any harder than I already have from reading your whole VMA coverage. But then I got to the last picture of Biebs and read your comparison to a lady from The Far Side and I LOST IT!!!!

    Also, JB always has his arm so tight around SG’s waist like he’s trying to make sure that everybody knows she’s his gal. SHE’S MINE!!!! BELIEB ME!!!

  18. Nicole

    He looks just like Rachel Maddow. She should be offended? I think? I’m so confused.

  19. Sarie

    He is SO Amanda Bynes! It all makes sense now.
    I am also incredibly confused at how he is the hot guy. I know it’s the whole non-threatening thing but I swear they are usually at least a little masculine.

  20. Heather

    Boyfriend wears more foundation and eyebrow pencil than I do. That’s fine if one is Nick Rhodes; however, I don’t think Biebs here is referencing Nick Rhodes.

  21. Sarah

    Gah! Who the heck is styling this kid? Does he realize that he looks like a girl trying to look like a guy?

  22. Agent Scully

    I think he looks a bit like Rachel Maddow. Which is a shame to admit since I think Rachel is gorgeous. Stop it Beibs! I said stop it! GO TO YOUR ROOM YOUNG MAN!

  23. Libby

    That’s it!
    It all makes sense now: he’s a boy, dressing like a girl who is masquerading as a boy. The Victor/Victoria of his generation.

  24. yeahandalso

    is he TRYING to look like a lesbian at this point? And now I suddenly hate YSL 50 years of branding down the drain right there.

    He does have singing talent, but he is such a petulant child. He is 17 for crying out loud, at his age I was taking college classes so the “he’s young” excuse doesn’t work for me.

  25. eee

    He grosses me out. I’d rather look at Lady Gaga’s drag persona giving me the serial killer stare all day than deal with Justin Beiber. I don’t know what it is about him, but he’s just icky to me. Blech!

  26. LoriK

    I’m sitting in the corner with Nicole & Agent Scully. The Beibs is looking very Rachel Maddow and he needs to cut it the heck out. I love Rachel and the look works way better for her than it does for Beiber.

  27. cstiddy

    That snake is just… weak.

  28. Molly

    That last pic… he’s the spitting image of my ex’s little lezzie sister.
    She’s not too good with the ladies either, and I doubt her abilities with a snake. ;)

  29. deee

    Gee, sorry I missed this last night. So many levels of WTH? And for the love of God, when will the drop crotch/diaper pants trend end?

  30. conchobara

    OMG, I try to read your site at work on the down low but yeahandalso’s comment made me snicker aloud.

    “is he TRYING to look like a lesbian at this point?”

    Obviously that is it. Rachel or Ellen.

    Dude bro dude, just STOP.

  31. MustardMcKey

    Please send this on to your ad people as well: Looking at a constant loop of bloody people should not be a requirement for visiting a fashion site. Also, that show is DOA. Judging from these ads, I’ll be surprised if it runs for more than a couple of weeks. A comedy? Ok. Whatever.

  32. dee

    Firefox with ad block. Just sayin.

  33. corriner

    Whats even worse is that Justin Beiber IS Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man, like, EXACTLY:

    “You know how it is. New school, new babe pool.”

  34. Lina

    Oh, I love it when he looks like a pro-LGBT poster! Maddow should interview him (except then he’d actually talk and I’d have to plug my ears). But, yes, the whole gender-queer vibe he’s working lately is the only thing about him I dig. Long may it last!

  35. vandalfan

    Firefox ain’t working with this screamingly obscene trashy ad. Too bad, the show sounded like it had some amusing potential, but I’m voting with my remote control. (In my days, kids, we had to get up to change the channel, and there were only three.) Beibs, here? Well, I like his lil’ asp.

  36. Karen

    JEEZ-us. He is really the poster boy for that Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians website (except he doesn’t look that old).

  37. Claire L

    Didn’t I read where he won over BRUNO MARS??? B R U N O M A R S!!! Who is only like 25 and makes me feel like a dirty old lady because HE is so friggen hot and wouldn’t he and Gomez make a knock you down dead with beautiful skin and smiles good looking? Not to mention that Bruno Mars can sing circles around most anyone else that was up for nominations!!

  38. Rebekah

    Hilarious commentary. Nasty ads though. I don’t think I’m coming back for a while…

  39. Rebekah

    (I know you don’t pick the ads. Not blaming you. But… yeah. It would be nice to jettison the gore. Also the AA ads… lol.)

  40. Sajorina

    I’m disgusted! That girl looks RIDICULOUS! But, wait, if that lesbian girl is dating a straight girl, what does that make them? Straightbians? Lestraights?

    EW on the whole outfit, including his Johnson! Leave that poor creature alone, Bieber! By the way, I think “YSL” might stand for “You So Lesbian”!

    *Note: I have nothing against lesbians, but he totally is, sorry, looks like one!

  41. Sajorina

    Dear Fug Nation:

    I heard Ashley Benson a.k.a. Hanna from “Pretty Little Liars” tell Jimmy Kimmel on an interview that HER BOYFRIEND is Justin Bieber’s stylist! So, who is going to tell her that she’s dating a gay guy? An intervention may be required!

  42. AliCar

    He is starting to channel his inner Rachel Maddow. Rach will not be pleased I said this…

  43. JessBee

    Aww, the Biebs is kind of growing on me! He’s so skinny and corny lol … I just wanna give him a hug!

  44. jenny

    When I see this, it reminds me of Britney’s kick-ass performance with the huge snake around her neck, and…this becomes EXTRA, hilariously pathetic. I wish I had a two shot of Sad Biebs and Kick-Ass Britney.

  45. Libby

    No, I think he and Angie from YouLookFab are the same person. Behold: http://youlookfab.com/2011/08/24/lions-and-bellhops-at-the-bellagio/

  46. TonyG

    Except for the snake and the unnecessary glasses, I actually think he looks okay here.

    I don’t mind so much a teenage male idol in touch with his feminine side, if that’s what’s going on here. He’s pretty much a boy, exploring identity in a music world where his mentors are African-American men (Usher, Kanye) with a metro-sexual (i.e., highly groomed) aesthetic.

    Also, my take is that more kids today (then when I was young) are more willing to cloud, via clothes, their gender identities where they don’t stray too far away from what they are supposed to be but stray just far enough to cause folks to take a second look.

    Biebs seems to have struck a balance that works for his teenage-girl fans, but seems to mess with the heads of adults, which is what a teenager likes to do.

  47. 123456

    Other than being a bit skinnier than she is he looks Sinead OConnor.

  48. witjunkie

    Teen idols always look like girls. When I was little it was Donny Osmond, Shaun Cassidy, remember that pretty little thing? Leif Garrett… it’s all about face when they are young girls.

  49. luxsword

    He’s sort of grown up : he used to look 12, now he might look 14 yo. (except for the last pic, ofc).
    How stupid is it, holding a snake on the red carpet ? Next month, millions of his fans will buy some like it’s the new fashion thing… Twas bad enough he made them buy perfume and bad music to make them ashame in a few years time…

  50. jennifer

    I so cannot wait for his 15 minutes to be over. And Selena is sooo cute! She really does need to get a grown man for a boyfriend on the next go around. His glasses aren’t even prescription!!! (No lens distortion, people!)

  51. Alix

    Just got around to seeing this and it’s clear now that he’s the secret love child of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Not sure how that works, but my eyes don’t deceive me!

  52. jean

    Think back to the original 90210 and remember what Jason Priestly thought looked cool. And he had at least five years on this kid. He’s silly, harmless (except to that poor snake which probably hated all the lights), and someone other than Ryan Gosling needs to wear skinny red pants

  53. mira

    GOLDEN GIRLS! re-run?

  54. Kat

    I don’t know if you guys in American know who Gok Wan is, but if not, google him and tell me the Bie-boy isn’t channelling him!!

  55. Penny

    Seriously awesome. Dude man lady man. Hooray!

  56. K

    I saw that first image and thought, “Sally Jesse Raphael lost her red-framed glasses.” Oi!

  57. Sue

    Okay, this reveals my age, but this looks like Sally Jessy Raphael.

  58. Sue

    omigod, K, great minds think alike!

  59. CJ

    Anne B, you crack me up!

    Yes, wit junkie, teen idols have always had non-threatening girly faces, but even Donny Osmond and his purple socks and Shaun Cassidy and his feathered locks still looked like boys. His clothes aren’t so bad, but The Bieber has accessorized himself into looking like a 30-something lesbian.

  60. Katy

    It looks to me like he’s pretending to be Ryan Phillippe circa Cruel Intentions, and failing miserably.

  61. Rachel

    Damn you fug girls! Thanks to your Bieb-monologue I almost feel sorry for him. He just looked so sad that his dude bro dude with breasts didn’t like his Johnson. Oh no, wait, I flipped back to the first picture and now I really dislike him. The world makes sense again.

  62. aydan karasu

    I seriously thought he was Rachel Maddow when I saw the thumbnail photo and I was quite excited that she was covered here.

  63. miel

    so incredibly accurate

  64. Mare

    I’m so enjoying these comments. I didn’t explore them when the pix were first posted but I kept wondering why Rachel Maddow’s picture was on your home screen over the Bieb’s name. I’m clearly not alone!

  65. Sensible Sea Monster

    I realize that Justin Bieber is a child and all, but GAWD I cannot stand that little twerp. Baby, baby, my withered old butt. He needs to go home and pull up his damn pants and take a bath and get another haircut, a REAL one this time, mister, and put his (predictably) teensy snake away and—and—and STAY OFF MY DAMN LAWN. And NOT come out until he is done with med school or law school or HVAC school, whichever his pocketbook and intellect will support.

    I feel much better now.

  66. Jessica

    Favorite Fictional Monologue EVER.

    Awesome, dude blogger lady bro dudes.

  67. Jennifer

    He looks like a very young Terry Gross:


  68. Sandy

    The only johnson that boy/girl has is the snake! Hillary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry”!

  69. EngProf

    A grandmother?? Get OUT. You look so YOUNG!!

  70. jean

    But Kat, Gok Wan is CUTE. And looks like a man, not a middle aged lesbian. I’ve never heard of him before so thank you. Fug Nation is so educational.

  71. carmelita

    he ishotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  72. Belinda

    Actually, he looks prettier and more feminine that Amanda in She’s the Man – which is nothing at all against Amanda.

  73. alex horrorshow

    What are you talking about? Rachel Maddow looks great here!