VMAs Fug Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I have notes on this one, but they pale in comparison to my feelings about what she wore on-stage.

[Photos: Getty, WENN, My Dumb iPhone]

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  1.  Orange Clouds

    I actually love her first outfit, I think she looks like one foxy lady.

  2. Kate B

    Hmm, the Google seems to be suggesting her name is Mary Lambert, not Molly Lambert.

    In other news, I have such a knee-jerk reaction to houndstooth that for a SPLIT second I was all “oooh, top!” before reeling myself back in and reminding myself that sucker cannot be breathing and probably costs a crapload of money anyway. Details.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      A-ha! And now I can find her. Thanks, Kate B!

      I caught a little snippet last night, in between re-watching Breaking Bad, and I thought Lambert was terrific and wondered who she was.

      Also, I loved the houndstooth top, too! Just take off the leather skirt napkin, and that’s a cute outfit.

    • Jessica

      Fixed that. Thanks! Long day.

  3. julyol1972

    J Hud is way better than that top, skirt and choker. She needed a sleek dress like Naya Rivera’s to remind us of that heavenly body she now has, without putting everyone on skank alert, a la Miley.

  4. Sajorina

    Jennifer = NO & HELL NO!
    Mary Lambert = So, so cute!!! Love it!

    •  Kate

      Mary Lambert’s dress is so cute! She is so cute!

      Jennifer Hudson has never looked as good as she did when she was featured on this site, singing at some award ceremony or other. It was pre-slimdown and the dress was black with silver sparkliness in it. The caption described the dress as “cuddling up” to her, and it was. Ugh, she knocked it out of the park, and hasn’t gotten the ball back since.

      J-HUD, whoever dressed you then, go ask them to come back and join your style team!

  5. Britt

    JHud just cannot dress herself–I shudder to think what that houndstooth rag is made of.

  6. Sophia Loren

    Love the short ‘do, her amazing black and white bracelets and rings, the leather skirt minus the unapkin and the idea of the houndstooth. This is like a 25% fug, or thereabouts.

  7. Tiffany

    Wow! I had no idea that was FRINGE and that it was a BELT! My eyes saw it as a long skirt last night.

    FYI, I looked up Mary Lambert when the song came out, and there was a spoken word piece that she wrote that really moved me. This line stays with me:
    “love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet “

  8.  jay

    wtf. that belt looks like something you keep in your home BDSM dungeon so you roll it up and use it to flog someone when they’re ill-behaved.

    I mean, Macklemore is wearing straight-up Miami Vice and I can’t tear away from that fringe long enough to judge him for it.

  9. jean

    No and no. I especially dislike her straight hair. I liked her soft hair she did for the Weight Watcher’s commercials. This is just too harsh on her. It ages her and she is young! It makes her face looked pinched. And I am actively mad at that choker. Chokers irritate me on normal day, but that one.

  10. Melanie Woodall

    Love J-Hud’s short hair! She needs to take that out for a spin for often, it’s amazing! Loving Mary Lambert.