VMAs Famewhore Carpet: Kim Kardashian

It’s so wonderful that Kim Kardashian has taken some time off after her wedding from the media frenzy to spend precious moments with her new husband, Kris Whoever, just the two of them. How can you doubt that their marriage is based on anything but true love and the need to spend the rest of their lives together — in or out of the public eye?


Well, at least she brought her one true love along with her:

It’ll never let her down.

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Comments (41):

  1. labyrinthine

    her true loves: her giant fake ass and NETTING.

  2. AW

    I tend to ignore (insert kardashian here) but this is an exception.

    Who let her walk of the house with this God-awful dress on? What is that? Nude mesh in the back? That dress makes her look chunky, which she is not, and for that reason alone her stylist needs to be fired.

  3. LoriK

    Oh, I’m guessing that Kim’s best friend will let her down, probably in about 5-6 years. The 30s are hell on the booty. When Kim finds out how much she’s going to have to work out to keep that thing up off the back of her thighs I suspect that two are going to have some ugly arguments.

    Unless it’s fake in which case they’re BFFs forever.

  4. sophie

    uhhh, harsh.

    i like it, keep up the good work, jessica.

  5. Kellilee

    Eh, if Kim’s one true love ever starts to slide down her legs, she’ll just go have it yanked back into place.

  6. Blanche

    In fact, that’s what the famewhoredom is for: Accruing the income that will allow her to pay to have the OneTrue yanked and harnessed back up in 5-6 years…So she can continue to famewhore…So she can pay for more surgery…So…Infinity.

    It’s a virtuous circle, see?

  7. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    shouldn’t there be some law against that netting? Unless you are a figure skater? Women on the red carpet with obvious netting look ridiculous.

  8. Kate

    haha I love how none of the commenters are referring to this as “illusion netting” because…the jig is up on this one.

  9. jess


  10. Billie

    Who let her walk out of the house in a dress so tight it snuggled up to her underwear line? This thing was very unflattering on her torso.

  11. emster

    Argh. I can’t look at this. What is going on on the lower right there. Netting causing weirdness? Dress too tight? And obviously from the front something was going on — that dress isn’t providing any sort of support. Ugh, awful, awful awful.

    Sudden reminder to myself to moisturize my elbows.

  12. Molly

    I thought it was quite pretty until she turned around.

  13. K

    is there something about illusion netting that looks better in person and makes people forget how bad it looks in photographs? I can’t imagine why anyone besides ice skaters and (possibly) dancing with the stars costume wearers would think this is a good way to go, but it seems like we keep seeing these unflattering faux backless dresses.

  14. Dazie

    ooo. That is… not good. It looks like the dress was made for someone else, then Kim got it and they had to alter it to fit her. Like- in the limo on the way over. Maybe she spilled something on her real dress.

  15. Rina

    Wow, her rear looks like a shelf and her bosom all droopy. Honey, that dress did you no favors at all.

  16. Carol

    No matter what she is doing, or where she is photographed, she has the exact same expression on her face … creepsy …

  17. Carolina Girl

    From the back it looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket.

  18. Brooke

    I swore at first that was Rosalyn Sanchez. KK is looking less and less like herself in the face and more and more like a caricature of herself in the body. And those rings make me want to vomit. I am all about some bling, but that is beyond gaudy/tacky/inyourface. Ick.

  19. Kary

    Add her to the list of people who need to go home and sit down for a year.

  20. What's The New Black

    I don’t like this at all. And I hate that see through fabric in the back..

  21. Sandra

    I wish they’d institute a rule stating that you must be an actual contributor to the art of music to be allowed into this event.

  22. Diana

    She’s a lovely woman, for all that she’s a bit Barbie, but this DOES NOT FIT. Too tight. Far, far too tight.

    She’s got a great figure (whether she purchased it or not), but she looks like a sausage in a shiny silver casing here.

  23. liz

    the illusion netting is not doing a very job of sustaining any illusion, i’m afraid.

  24. Flavia

    Hey Jessica,

    you do realize you said nothing about her dress, don’t you?

    Please, stick to the subject of her choice of clothes and stop bashing the girl down for whatever she does otherwise.

    The way you put it up there just makes you sound so extremely conservative and moral in the dullest way, and that does neither you nor the page any justice.

  25. yeahandalso

    yikes, it is sort of like Jersey Shore goes formal but with better hair and make-up

  26. Alice

    This is everything I hate about Illusion Netting (yes, it gets caps). It makes her back look like it’s 2 shades lighter than the rest of her, which kind of makes it look diseased. Also, the dress makes her look weirdly wide.

  27. vandalfan

    BACKY HOSE BACKY HOSE BACKY HOSE. Gad, she and her ilk make me all shouty.

  28. Deli

    Her nose looks thinner.

  29. pinkcheese

    @vandalfan – I can’t believe it took that long before someone yelled BACKY HOSE – this makes Mme Hathaway’s dabbling with it look positively regal in comparison.

  30. Ladyblahblah

    The front was bad enough, but the back tells the story: She had planned to lose ~30 lbs. for the wedding, then didn’t. In all of the excitement of having her wedding staged, filmed, edited, etc., she forgot that she had to wear the already-in-the-works size 2 dress, and so they made it fit her using panels salvaged from old pairs of L’eggs pantyhose.

    And really, there’s a Kardashian apologist on here? Is the E! site down this afternoon?

  31. Carolyn

    Yeah Jessica,
    how dare you be moral, geesh.

  32. Jessica

    If calling Kim Kardashian a famewhore makes me extremely conservative and moral in the dullest way, then I am fine with that.

  33. conchobara

    I’m not a KK fan, but holy moly, girl! You’ve got all kinds of famewhore money and you pick THIS? Not flattering, at all.

  34. Claire L

    She IS a famewhore. What does she actually do that hasn’t been bought by a sex tape? Had she tried to get a show. clothing line, basketball player, etc. without first shtooping some dude on camera she would have failed miserably. Honestly, I’ve watched the show…how anyone can stand up for that entire group of grubby nasty people is beyond me. They do nothing worthwhile.
    I think that, physically, she’s very pretty….. but she is the emotional equivalent of a spoiled 3 year old.
    As for the dress… it’s dragging everything south in a lumpy clump of jello melting in sequins.

  35. Joan Louise

    AH, I see the resemblance to Rosario Dawson or the actress from Without a Trace or…so yes, blurred identity. And it’s the “ah so you’re photographing my backside now” look that bugs me. I can’t wait until the day she looks over her shoulder and no one is there snapping photos.

  36. jenny

    Oh Blanche, truer words were never spoken. And girlfriend, the front of that dress needs some undergarments and the back needs…a back.

  37. phoebe

    This just isn’t a good look at all. She needs to stick to short skirts.

  38. jeannette

    it’s very bad. but it’s not more famewhorish than katy perry’s dress or poor britney — i got one load of britney and said baby girl, i taken all the wang off you i can take, puhleeeeeez put on your pants. nobody wants to look at that much less think about it any more.

  39. jennifer


    @ Flavia: It’s Jessica’s (and Heather’s) blog. They can write about whatever subject they choose. If you don’t like it, quit reading it. And trust me, more people agree with her than with you….

    And as for comparing Kim-please-leave-your-big-ugly-ass-at-home-Kardashian to Katy Perry – there is NO basis for comarison: Katy Perry is a talented AND SUCCESSFUL singer-song writer. Kim-K has NO talent other than knowing when & where the red carpets are. She wasn’t Paris’s besty for nuthin!

  40. anny

    It looks like the back just burst and had to be taped together with backyhose. I don’t get the allure of the very large backside to begin with, but surely that’s not flattering to it?

  41. gryt

    That whole look is looking kind of… stale.