VMAs Bump Carpet: Amber Rose

Apparently the VMAs is becoming the place to announce your baby joy. First Beyonce did it last year, and now Amber Rose is in on the action.

Now that she’s public, we expect some seriously Fug Madness-worthy maternity garments from her. The suffocating black vines are an intriguing start, but it’s not loony enough. We want vintage Amber Rose, but with more topography. Where are the pregnancy catsuits? Why isn’t her bump swaddled in string? Is she at LEAST ┬áhaving someone knit the baby a matching chain-mail bodysuit? Do not forsake us, Amber. Your baby may need you but so do we.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (18):

  1. mary lou bethune

    Who is she and why are we having to look at her nakedness? Poor baby.

  2. Levels

    Amber tried it! Girl, you are not Beyonce! #notyourtaxbracket

  3. Carol

    Will the baby wear semi-transparent, black lace onesies?

  4. kinx

    What did she do to her beautiful face? Is it the lack of eyebrows? Something seems off.

  5. Willow

    She kind of looks like the lovechild of RuPaul and Michelle Williams.

    I never thought I would ever have to say that.

  6. Krusticle

    Judgingn from the pursey lips, maybe the baby is tossing something back up into her mouth?

  7. Gail

    I’m so glad you called that suffocating. I was thinking maybe I was a prude or something for thinking that right away.

  8. amys

    All I can think of is Wiz’s lyrics: black and yellow, black and yellow….it might be a good time to stop bleaching her hair for a bit. It looks a bit parched. I’m happy for them though. I hope she has a fugtastic pregnancy!

  9. Art Eclectic

    Just imagine that if she weren’t preggers that dress would be totally unlined and we’d all be screaming “my EYES!”

  10. vandalfan

    let’s thank our lucky stars for lining.

  11. ceecee

    Is that a dress or a catsuit? Where do you go to buy a transparent maternity catsuit?

  12. Shoeniverse

    Her face looks better, not sure if it’s the weight gain or maybe she is laying off the injectibles during pregnancy, but the outfit… meh it’s what I would expect of a complete and utter exhibitionist. Did you girls forget when she used to arrive places when dating Kanye?


  13. Sajorina

    I think she looks cute & I’m happy for her! But, I’m sure the crazy won’t stop with baby!

  14. yeahandalso

    It’s funny how in retrospect she’s not the least classy of Kanye’s girlfriends. You know Bey is pissed about her announcing it and thus continuing Kim’s delusions that dating Kanye puts her on Bey’s level.

  15. Ms. A.

    The makeup is god awful!

  16. Lily1214

    The hair color: truly bad. The makeup: she thinks it look great. Well . . . sigh

  17. Emma

    Lil Wiz is on the way

  18. The Fugger

    Oh, Amber Rose-West-Khalifa (as I am now referring to you). You are not, nor will you ever be, SWINTON.

    I’d suggest that she swaddle her bump in illusion netting, but she got beaten to that by another female in the rap scene (and one that actually makes contributions, at that). Who herself got beaten by a non-pregnant Agyness Deyn (whatever happened to her, by the way? She fugged so bright and then she was gone).

    That said, if that’s how Amber is choosing to gestate, then I’m girding my loins in anticipation for the next couple of months. We may have a repeat champion in 2013.