Venice Fug-or-Fine Festival: A Random Assortment of Dudes

Yes, Fug Nation, that IS a collection of stains on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s shirt. Somebody get him a Shout wipe endorsement deal, stat.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Lauren

    You guys, has Jason Lewis done… something… to his face? It’s just not looking right to me.

    • Ruth

      I agree. Has he had Botox? An eye lift? He looks like he’s trying to arrest his aging somehow.

      • Leelee

        This was my first thought as well. I think something’s definitely been tightened and pulled up a bit around the eye area. Maybe he’ll look normal again once it’s settled, and I’ll stop being afraid that he wants to eat my soul.

  2. Levels

    I guess stains are the new Rodarte..

  3. Kristan

    Oh thank GOD. From just the thumbnail, I though Joaquin (in the glasses) was Fassbender, and I was HUGELY concerned.

    Zac looks great, and I think Smith Jerrod looks fine. (Also: FOINE.) But yes, zomg, this Maika girl totally looks like a Boobs Legsly wannabe in that pic! Sad part is, she’s gorgeous all on her own, and that dress could have been too, if the random peekaboo midriff had just been filled in like the rest.

  4. Donna

    Is PSH just too much of a ‘serious actor’ to be groomed? Dude, we’d still think you had acting chops if you scrubbed up a bit. On a double-standard note, if there was a female equivalent of him traipsing around looking like that on a regular basis, she would not get a look-in in Hollywood for the quality kind of projects he does, let alone be shipped off to the Venice Film Festival to represent something.

    • Sandra

      The guys who service my car dress better than this for work.

    • elvis

      He goes to my gym. He kinda looks like this all the time.

      • cham

        Yep, I’ve had more PSH spottings than any other actor/celeb since I started living in NYC; he generally looks pretty homeless.

        Sidenote: recently re-watched Twister and realized that was HIM in it – such an amazing discovery.

  5. that girl

    You wouldn’t think Willem Dafoe’s mouth could look any wider than it does normally… Amazingly, he doesn’t even look creepy with that ‘stache, just like a nice man with creative facial hair.

    I am delighted to see Joaquin Phoenix grow out of his homeless period and return to acting, which he *IS* good at!

  6. Christian

    Joaquin Phoenix is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt. But I think he and PSH were hittin’ the open bar before this photocall.

    • PB

      PSH doesn’t drink. He’s an alcoholic and he gave up the drink years ago. I think PSH is in fact just a slob.

      • McLisa

        Whoa! So much for the Anonymous part!

        My first thought on PSH is that he’s sweating or has been sweating and is desperately in need of a fresh shirt (among other things), a towel and some air conditioning.

  7. anny

    Willem Dafoe is really aging nicely, isn’t he?

    • Candy

      I was just thinking a very similar thought! It’s like he appeared looking this age & hasn’t changed a bit. Weird.

    • Gauthier

      The more I see of him, the more I think he’s creepily handsome. That handlebar on him is surprisingly arousing.

      • Jen

        I agree! He’s working it.

        • Evalyn

          Dafoe just gets better as he ages. But seriously, how can that Fu-Manchu be sexy? And yet it is. I’m sure it’s the Dafoe factor.

  8. Caroleena Stantonova

    Gosh, I can hardly wait to fall asleep tonight–I’m sure I won’t be having any bad dreams about Jason ACK Lewis. What IS he?? I mean, aside from the obvious.

  9. Shanti

    OMG Pierce Brosnan!!!

    That is all. Thank you.

  10. Lynne

    Jason Lewis is scaring the crap out of me.

    Can we start a petition to demand that Zac rid himself of all facial hair? I know he’s desperate to be taken seriously but damn that boy needs to be clean-shaven.

  11. ccm800

    Jason Lewis is crizing – it’s like smizing but craycray

    • witjunkie

      Totally. He’s got Winona Ryder on a Red Carpet eyes going on here.

  12. kickassmomnyc

    There is no excuse for PSH’s appearance. He should have been sent home with a note. An embarrassment to all Americans.
    Thank you for Pierce Brosnan. What a beautiful man, always classy.
    The rest, I don’t care.

    • Cecilia

      Agree 100%. Pierce is showing PSH and Joaquin how it’s done. The latter two look like horses’ backsides. If you aren’t going to respect the fans (who put you in the financial position to look homeless inside your multi-million dollar mansion) then have some self respect and at least wipe off the drool.

      • Anita

        “Brosnan” should totally be a verb.

        And Willem Dafoe has an extraordinary hair. (Andrew Garfield, behold your future!)

  13. deee

    When PSH is in a movie I want to jump through the screen and bask in his acting aura. Sadly, I think we need to start a celebrity rehab/grotesque sexual scandal/arrest clock for him.

  14. MG

    Whoa Jason Lewis. Holster that Blue Steel and stick with what you’re good at. Which is removing your shirt.

    And Pierce. Good to know we can always count on Pierce.

  15. Suzie

    Squeee! Remington Steele!

  16. Carol

    PSH! Holy smokes, dude. Wow. This is a cry for help…..and for someone to show him how to do laundry.

    Smith Jerrod. I have one word: botox. I really feel like his face is frozen and still settling in.

    Joaquin Phoenix…..good grief, lad. At this point…..I feel like he’s just asking for attention……he’s a good actor so what’s with all the shenanigans????

    William Dafoe’s mustache is practically a force of evil. That thing is creeping me the hell out!

    Pierce… are my one consolation in this slideshow. Thanks for being still oh so handsome!

  17. Amalia

    You guys, I think that’s just how J.Lew’s face IS. It’s odd, for sure, which maybe is why he’s not the superstar you’d expect with those components. But I don’t think he’s had work done, the dude can’t help it. He is the living personification of Blue Steel.

  18. amys

    PSH’s expression is so great. It completely matches my second-hand embarrassment for him although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a flip. He doesn’t just looked rumpled and charming, he actually looks dirty. Yuck. And this is coming from a huge fan of his.

  19. Claire Marie

    I weirdly think that mustache is very flattering on Willem Dafoe. Handsome!

  20. Sajorina

    So, Zac Efron was there with a date… That explains why The Fugdgens was there looking all well put together! She’ll be back to her fugly shenanigans when he’s not around!

  21. Molly

    Young Efron must be the long lost son of Rob Lowe! Uncanny likeness.

  22. Diana

    I think they all look pretty good. Love the writing on this blog – but a few low blows in this post maybe (Paul Thomas’s hair….)?

    That said, maybe botox would explain Jason Lewis’s expresssion….

  23. Erika

    Ahh…Pierce Brosnan. Much better.

  24. flitzy

    Hoffman gets a pass. I’d trade 99% of the pretty with 10% talent, for his 100% stained talent any day.

  25. yvetterene

    There is no legit excuse for PSH to be looking the way he looks. None. Even if he didn’t have a stain on his shirt, that “outfit” would still be unacceptable on the red carpet!!!

    • Mary

      PHS looks like I looked when I stayed home from work with the stomach flu.

  26. Franziska

    Talent doesn’t make up for manners. It’s simply good manners to wear clean clothes to any event really. And it’s not difficult either.

  27. PB

    If this series of photos doesn’t perfectly capture the difference between men and women in Hollywood I don’t know what does.

  28. Tina

    My immediate reaction to that second photo of Jason Lewis was to burst out laughing.