Venice Film Festival Fug or Fab: Scarlett Johansson


Here’s hoping ScarJo’s press rounds for this movie are more interesting than the one she did for The Avengers, which was weirdly sort of bland.  Basic black is basic, but at least she’s bringing the bling.

This post was brought to you by the letter B. Which is actually the grade I’d give her. What about you?

[Photos: Getty and WENN]

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Comments (33):

  1. Karen

    Her face has never looked better. Love the black dress and jewels. Black pants are fug city.

  2. qwertygirl

    In pictures 1-3, someone get that poor woman a hairbrush, stat. I know the messy bun is a thing, but that doesn’t make it attractive. I am never a fan of the gym-hair-with-an-evening-gown look.

  3. Mouse

    Really!? I LOVE the black pants on her!

    The first dress is really just a showcase for the fantastic sparklies – and for that, I love it.

  4. Roser

    Love the dress, but her hair is a mess in the closeup.

  5. Jill

    Her black pants are a pass for me…they fit better than Emma Watson’s in previous post.

    But I love the black dress! I can’t really pinpoint why…’s the whole package. It just really looks good on her figure.

    • julyol1972

      Agree! I saw pics from different angles and her body is SICK!!! She totally had a Sophie Loren-level bodaciousness happening in the dress. I love everything about it, including the messy bun!

      The photocall look was okay! The top was cute, the pants need to be burned. Peep toes, Eh!

  6. Jennifer Groves

    Everything but the fit of those pants is a total fab for me. That gown is gorgeous and doing wonderful things for her figure. I love the black paired with the colorful jewels. She’s stunning.

  7.  jay

    those pants literally look like that time in high school where I thought it would be really cool, as a sixteen-year-old girl, to wear my dad’s trousers. (I can’t explain it either.) The giant thighs are seriously Proper Middle-Aged Businessman.

  8. Deborah

    When people say “that is a lovely dress” instead of “you look lovely”, then something is wrong with the total look. The dress is gorgeous, her face is gorgeous, the jewels are gorgeous….and yet, that messy bun, oy.

  9. anne p.

    Gorgeous necklace, but seems a random choice for the gown (does black–merely the color–mean anything goes in the accessories dept.?).

    And messy/romantic hairstyles can be lovely, but this one (esp. the side view) seems a little underwhelming paired with such an elegant gown – especially with the jewelled drama at her neck.

    Kinda quibbly, though, considering how fabulous she looks, front and back, in the gown proper. (Whatever criticisms may show up here, I can’t imagine anyone minding looking like that from time to time!)

  10. Sajorina

    I’m IN LOVE with the black dress… Its simple elegance and perfect fit are amazing! And the jewels are TO DIE FOR! Plus, her hair and makeup are great! The 2nd outfit is lovely, except for the pants! Love the sunglasses!

    • Tiffany

      I agree, I love the black dress. I think it is doing the best thing that an outfit could ever do: Make the wearer look STUNNING. It is the perfect backdrop for her face, back and cleavage. It is like the black display racks for jewelry at Tiffanys. She looks gorgeous 360 degress around.

  11. AM

    I’m wondering if it might be better to have the black and white top untucked. Sometimes I have to try both ways.

  12. Notfanbuneitherhater

    C’mon guys, this both are Scarjocking fantastic. she looks perfect and weather/time of day/ age appropiate… And the morning outfit, with those pants, makes her very thin, forget about her cleavage and focus on her face, wich is a great option. I know they fit weird, but they do the trick on her.

  13. Maria L.

    I’ll give her a win from the waist up on the stripey outfit, because I have rarely met a stripe I did not like. I am a stripeaholic.

    I feel like I should like the first better than I do. Her hair is a mess and the jewels just don’t seem to go with that dress for some reason. I’d actually give her a B-.

  14. ringthing

    I’m probably in the minority, but I’ll go on record as saying high waisted pants really don’t look good on anybody. I follow a lot of vintage boards on Pinterest, and high waisted pants were fugly in Olden Tymes, too. She looks great in the black gown w/that sparkly necklace, though.

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    When I saw this photo last night (before you posted) I may have audibly gasped from the sheer movie-stariness of her formal look. love Love L.O.V.E. !!!!!!! It’s classic, it’s womanly (seriously cheesy word, but just look at her!?!!?) it’s becoming, she pops it with her fabulous rack and the gorgeous jewels. Hadn’t seen the back view but yes: she looks good coming and going. OK, so she gets some demerits for the sloppy doo. But makes up for with her face and makeup and look! she’s smiling! Take that, KStew.

    The day look is OK. I may have worn that to work in 1988.

  16. HKS

    I think she looks gorgeous in the black dress and amazing jewels – I am even good with the hair. Normally messy hair looks bad to me, but this does not. So…A+ for look 1. For look 2: I hate those pants, but from stripes up, she looks gorgeous. Her face and hair are kind of perfect, and the top is cute. The entire look is wavering at C+ for me.

  17. greatwhitenorthchick

    I think she looks great in both. The pants don’t look baggy to me; they look just loose enough to actually be comfortable.

  18. Sandra

    But look at her hair, Louisa! Over-processed, under-washed, and completely un-brushed. As for the dress, I don’t love the arm-shackle look, but fine in an aggressive sort of way.

  19. Pouncer

    I’m flashing back to Lady Diana Spencer’s black gown at her first formal event, post-engagement to the Prince of Wales. That dress had much more volume in the skirt, though.

    See also: Madame X, by John Singer Sargent.

    Some things are classics for a reason.

  20.  Snowedintoday

    I am clearly in the minority here but I give the dress a letter zzzzzzzzzz and the striped pants and trousers an A+. Plus, she looks bored in the dress and happy wearing the lovely pants!

  21. Beachlibrarian

    And apparently that is her engagement ring. Vintage art-deco. I think it’s interesting.

  22. Claire1

    If those pants were a full leg (not wide) or a cigarette silhouette I would be lusting after that outfit hard…..That said, I think she looks great in spite of the wonky fit.

  23. witjunkie

    The fit (of the dress) is perfect. Seriously, that is the difference between stunning and dear god no in way too many examples. For example, the example right after the dress.

    Those pants look ancient, like she found them on the floor of the closet after 2, or 10 years.

  24. Melissa

    I’m actually okay on the pants outfit, or maybe I just love the whole top half so much it balances out.

    I’m meh on the dress, I don’t like how it’s handling her cleavage and I so wish it were a colour.

  25. Cathy Brenes

    can we talk a little bit of her face?, looks so strange, like she suddenly has 10 more years, or maybe she loss too much weight?
    something happen!

  26. Lux

    Have you guys seen that trailer for the upcoming movie she’s going to be in? It looks incredibly weird and she wears this awful curly brown wig. Someone told me it’s about a prostitute who kills and eats her clients or something…? Well, we shall see.

  27.  HelenBackAgain

    She’s gorgeous in that dress, but I hope she didn’t sneeze while wearing it… I’d feel more comfortable with just a little more fabric over the boobs, and I think Johansson would too. But the classic, elegant lines are loveliness personified. Pity about the hair.

    SO coveting that necklace. I have no events to attend that would call for something so formal and showy, but I would seriously wear it around the house just to feel beautiful!

    • Heather G

      Yes, this! It’s hard to say the look of the dress is elegant when all it would take is a sneeze for her to pop completely out of it.

      I’ve never really understood the intensity of the swooning/fuss/whatever-it-is about ScarJo, but she’s prettier here than I normally think she is. (I mean that in a nice way! I just can’t seem to word it any better.) There is a picture of her in one of the daily photo galleries on People’s website that shows her in the second outfit, but the weird pants are cropped out. She looks even better in that photo. Different in the face/hair somehow, but very good. :)

      • Kristin

        Perhaps it’s just that she’s now pushing thirty and her face is a bit thinner? For whatever reason, it suits her.