Unfug It Up: Jennifer Aniston


HOLY COW. Would someone go outside and check the trees to make sure there are no pigs stuck in them? Because Jennifer Aniston not only ISN’T wearing black, she is wearing PINK:

I am THRILLED she’s branching out. I’m sure right now someone is writing an article in which Jennifer’s transition into color is being ballyhooed as proof that she is: (a) in love with Gerard Butler and feeling alive for the first time since the advent of Brangelina, (b) is in stage 73 of a very, very, very long-range and highly amorphous revenge plan vis a via Brangelina, (c) is knocked up.

Option C will be bolstered by the following:

I think we’ve all read enough articles about Aniston’s eight-hour-long, tear-soaked yoga workouts to know that she has a GREAT body. And if all this excess fabric is doing HER no favors, I shudder to think how it would look on someone else. That being said, there’s a lot I like about this dress, especially the color. So I feel like it can be fixed: in other words, please put on your Rachel Zoe hat and get to work!

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  1. Soph

    Take the extra fabric in the front and either use it for a train in the back, or shear it all off and go with a knee-length look and more interesting shoes. It’s not like this is the Oscars, so I’m leaning towards knee-length on this one.

  2. Daniel

    The color, yes. Everything else about this dress, not so much.

  3. Amy!

    I HATE the shoes! I would like maybe a gold shoe, strappy like they are now.

    I also really like the idea of moving the stuff on the front to the back, because I do think it adds something interesting to a pretty basic dress,

  4. Deirdre

    Definitely knee-length, and maybe two fewer ruffles on the front?

    I was hoping to see a “Well-Played” here for Jen for that silver mini she wore to another premiere. Maybe it wasn’t something you guys could get legally.

  5. Drie

    Drop the gathers from her torso so that it just hugs her bust and has more of a train.

    Those sandals need to go! I’d go for a kicky red or hot pink, silver might be nice. The black is just too heavy with such a lovely coral-y color. My eyes went there first.

  6. dodiekex

    Could she STOP with the tanning? UGH

  7. geemee

    LOVE the color! Leave all the tied-up hoohah at the boobs, then make it a straight, body-skimming sheath from the boobs down to an inch or so above the knee. Change the boring black shoes to silver. Different earrings. (Are those … green?)

  8. Jess Graham

    As far as all the gathers at the front go, I like the concept, but it looks like there was some trouble with the execution – like you said, excess fabric. The previous comments have great solutions for that.


    Praps a more matte fabric might have worked better than the shininess? Then the pink would have been super lovely and soft.

  9. KarenG

    Previous commenters are spot on about the sandals; the same sandal but in nude, silver or gold would be so much better.

    The color is lovely, but the dress is hideous. Take off all the front ruffles and make it knee length, and you just might have something there.

  10. christine christine

    I’m so happy about the color that I’m willing to overlook that it only looks good from the front! That’s why they have 3-way mirrors Jen. Seriously though…if that color was a food, it would be a sweetly juicy Tropical Sorbet. If it were body lotion, it would be Mango Madness. If it were a vacation, it would be Fiji. I love love LOVE the color on her!

  11. vandalfan

    Love the color, and find the hemline interesting in a formal-casual kind of way. Remove about 15% of the front gathered excess fabric, prune the roses and big bow over her bosom. I’m not feeling the snippet of purple handkerchief in front, either. Finally, switch to gold, silver, or lighter colored shoes.

  12. gin_in_teacups

    This is like 80′s Prom Barbie. The material looks stiff and rubbery. Flowy material would help. And definitely less bunching. Also it should be either shorter or longer – but all one length. I don’t like the asymmetry here. It’s…off. Basically, I’m saying she should get herself a whole different pink dress.

  13. SusieQ

    Hey, NOT ONLY is she not wearing black, but she has her hair pulled back. She needs to do this more. She looks great. Is the dress a slam-dunk? No. But she still looks fabulous. Love her.

  14. Annie M

    Oh for god’s sake, you all got carried away with the colour. If it was anyone else you’d say she looks like she wrapped a bedsheet from the Honeymoon Haven in Niagara Falls around herself on the way to the minibar after a hot night of … well, you know. And she used really great knots because she’s modest and doesn’t want the whole thing to fall on the pink shag carpet when she bends over to reach for the last mini bottle of pink champagne, and also because she did really well in knots in Girl Guides.

  15. Cecily

    How does a dress look so flattering from the front and so bulky from the side? I would agree fewer layers, perhaps knee length, but absolutely adore the color!

  16. christine christine

    Annie: I think Fug is relative, that’s why we got so excited.

    In my earlier post I forgot about the unfugging part. So, I’d keep the same wrap concept, except only half of it. Less fabric overall would move it out of bedsheet territory, doncha think?

  17. IseultTheIdle

    I’m with Drie, exactly. I don’t even mind the extra fabric in the front, although the fit would be more flattering if it were… well, flatter.

    But the shoes have to go, and let’s see some gams.

  18. jennie-Suz

    That hemline is atrocious. SOMETHING needs to be done to fix that.

    I like the suggestion someone had to make it knee-length. Lose everything about the ruffles except for that top-most one above her waist, and for God’s sake put on a sexy metallic shoe! Gold, silver, I don’t care, just PLEASE not BLACK!

  19. Anika

    Shorter and therefore showing off her legs would make this so much fabber. And her hair, it’s like she’s not even trying — though with the dress shorter that look could work. And I agree with Amy that the shoes are the most egregious.

    But I gotta say I have never found Jen interesting and this stands out!

  20. val.

    I actually love the cut of the dress but what’s up with all those weird knots down the front? That part is kind of bulky and not flattering. (Along with the shoes).

  21. arolem

    I like each of the pieces, but the whole ensemble is kinda random. Geemee’s right about the earrings–so pretty, so wrong with this dress. Ditto the shoes.

    I love the color and the hemline, and even don’t mind the sheen. But Jen, sweetie, you’re all grown up now. You won’t get in trouble for cutting the extra fabric off the bedsheets when you play dress-up.

    The whole dress needs to be turned inside out, pinned against her body, seamed, trimmed of all the extra, and flipped back around. A lot of gorgeous 50s dresses had that kind of structure.

  22. Rebecca

    She looks simply radiant! That color is killer on her. I love this look.

  23. Janice Marie

    The dress is WAY to hideous. The color cannot even rescue it. Burn it and start over.

  24. Nariya

    I wore those shoes to my tenth-grade homecoming. Ew. On an aside, I learned years later that my date of that year was in jail for drug trafficking.

    Nice color, though.

  25. The Other Molly

    Add the color of this dress to the tapered, fitting look of one of her black dresses and you have a big winner.
    No black shoes with that color.
    Silver or gold would be much better.

  26. Ashleigh

    Make it knee length, and maybe a more swingy skirt. Silver shoes. And some kind of interesting earring.

  27. Liddy

    if only she could have worn something like she usually does but in this color…

  28. Shan Shortcut

    I only love the colour of the dress, the rest of the dress is just meh.
    No idea what to do with the rest of the dress.

    Also, HATE THE SHOES. They are making her feet look all veiny and weird, and no design at all.

  29. jenjen

    Turn the dress around so that the front is now the back? Chop off to make it knee-length?

    Eh, I got nothing. Dress looks like Pepto-Bismol puke.

  30. Carissa

    I feel like she is wearing it backwards. Flip it around and it would be adorable. I love the color though. Also, I’m not loving the shoes. They’re kind of boring to be paired with a dress in such a fun color.

  31. qwertygirl

    Two words: START OVER.

  32. Evalyn

    What does this gorgeious, talented woman have to do before the world sees that shedding Brad Pitt was one of the best things that ever happened to her? Have you seen him lately? She has remained lovely, svelt and tanned while he turns into an extra from the cast of “The Fisher King.” Go, Jennifer. Wear bright colors.

  33. H. Johnson

    Um…are you kidding me? I will give you the color, but other than that, it is a big “NO!” It is a shiny sarong that does nothing for her. C’mon! The only thing that plastic-y looking piece of fabric has going for it is that Jennifer looks cute popping out of it. She is perfectly tan and her skin is dewey and she has a great shape–but, a bed sheet would have the same effect here, guys.

  34. JanetP

    Am I the only one not loving the color? Very nice that she’s not wearing black, but I think this shade makes her look ruddy. A richer, deeper pink would be better against her current skin tone, IMO. (This color might brighten up Nicole Kidman, on the other hand.)

    And yikes, that side profile is awful. Ruffles at the bust if you must, but maybe sleeker from there down? More shaping so it doesn’t make her look like her butt is huge, which obviously is not truly the case.

    Ok, I’d just prefer a different dress.

  35. Mary

    Option D.
    She is wearing this dress in the hopes that Gerard or Vince or John or the Brangelinas will come and grab fistful of all that extra fabric in the front of it and carry her off! HA!!

  36. Jessica

    I love the top of this. It would be pretty much perfect if the length was around mid thigh and the whole thing, instead of draping from the front, had a bit more structure and fitted much closer to the body. And lose the ruffly tentacle that the interesting top turns into.

  37. crookedE

    I’m not crazy about the floofiness of the front, but I’m just so thrilled she is wearing a color that I’m finding it difficult to criticize. Just shorten it to knee length and add gold sandals.

  38. Lizzie

    Holy smokes! That pink really brings out the blue in her eyes. Personally, I think she looks fabulous and wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe she skipped a workout or two (or ate carb–gasp!) and just felt like a little extra room would be nice.

  39. Mirror

    Wow. This many comments and NO ONE HAS MENTIONED THAT THIS DRESS LOOKS LIKE A GIANT VAGINA? Ahem. Sorry for the shouting. I couldn’t hear myself over the sound of that dress flapping its lips at me. Geez.

    What’s so wrong with black, anyway?

  40. marcia

    @Nariya: hahahahaha!!

    And the color is beautiful on her!

  41. Mirror

    Oops, got so carried away I used the wrong damn word. Vulva. It looks like a vulva. Sorry.

  42. Morgan

    Mostly in love with this dress, except I agree with a lot of comments that it should be shorter. With gold strappy heels.

    I love wispy pink, bunchy, flowery dresses. Super beautiful on Jen.

    AND perfect for hiding a little 1st trimester bump…..??

  43. sol

    @janetp: you’re not alone! I haaate this pink- varnished-pepto-bismol colour. The fact that it is, technically, a “colour” doesn’t make it GOOD.
    This entire outfit needs to vanish off the planet.

  44. guest

    ick. go back to black.

  45. jojo

    1. I think part of the issue is that the gathers at the front are drawn from fabric at the bottom of the dress but the fabric isn’t light an airy enough–it’s stiff, so that makes the whole thing look like a bulky, hiked up bridesmaid dress.
    2. A more gossamer, matt fabric would be better.
    3. A nude but edgy pump or a much strappier mettalic sandal would be better.
    4. I think I would have worn my hair down, if I were here.
    5. Mirror–totally shades of Georgia O’keefe.

  46. Emma

    I love the color, but the side view is disappointing. Not as disappointed as Jen is going to be, however, if she’s pinned her hopes on Gerry!

  47. victoria

    Just a little less bulk in the fron, a lighter, more delicate show, and possible a paler shade to the fabric for more contrast with her skin?

  48. rosarita

    Ok, same color in a different dress. Strappier shoes. Less tan, for the love, and some prettier makeup.

  49. FreckleFace

    Nope, looks to bridesmaidsy.
    Chop it off about 2 inches above the knee, lose some of the froufrou, then we are in business. The color is great.
    Agree with others, ditch the shoes.
    Oh, her hair does look good, I’d like to see how she finished it back there.
    Why does she want to cover up those legs or even that yoga body?
    If you’ve got it, flaunt it, tastefully.

  50. Celina

    I would just smooth out that crap up front; make the gown a more classic shape, but keep the color and we’re in business.

  51. Kate

    Nothing can be done. Throw it in the trash – it’s hideous.

  52. azu

    I LOVE the shiny, flower-petally aspect of the fabric (and the color is divine) and also the detailing in the bust area. As for the side view, I feel like once she is in movement it would look less like maternity wear. At first I though it should be shorter, but I kind of like how she is swathed in the loveliness of it all…it looks quite comfortable!

    Definitely would like to see a different pair of shoes with this though~! As well as some slightly shimmery makeup…

  53. Lori Magno

    There is nothing that can save this dress.

    She looks like she’s going to a toga party wearing a shower curtain.

    Go to the closet and pull out something else.

    Love the earrings though!

  54. kanderso

    I L-O-V-E that color on her. I think it’s very pretty from the front; a disaster from the side. I’d love to see her in a short version of this, maybe with a similar neckline and drapey-feel to the chest, but more fitted in the waist and thighs. Also, black shoes with this are ICK. I agree with whomever suggested gold strappy things, with maybe then interesting gold dangling earrings. Or, alternatively, she could go with a bold shoe too – - maybe bright yellow or a lime green? Something fun.

    As for jewelry…I don’t like her silver rhinestone earrings. Again, I would go with either gold dangling earrings in an interesting shape, or something jewel-toned.

  55. Pumpkin3.14

    That’s what I look like after I get out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel.

    How to unfug: wear a dress. Make it black. Stop being adventurous, because you’ve wore black for so long and you look ridiculous otherwise.

    Own the black, like Liza owns sparkles and shoulder pads.

  56. lou

    Um, no. The fabric looks like a dollar store table cloth, the kind you buy for that potluck office party or bridal shower. And the cut is too bulky and shapeless. The shoes somehow don’t quite go with the dress and, again, too much toe cleavage.

    On the plus side, she looks great in no sleeves and her hair and make-up are very nice.

    Mostly, I can’t believe she’s wearing this. It’s so completely out of her ballpark. Bring back the black! Posthaste!

  57. Gabby

    Noooooooooo. None of it except the shoes and earrings work. WTF is happening in the front? It looks like a child tried to fasten the whole thing closed with rubberbands & clothespins or something.


  58. Girlnone

    Change the shoes to something more exciting and then give the dress to Zoe Saldana.

  59. mar

    is she wearing a toe ring? that’s just wrong.

  60. Angie

    No other explanation for this exuberant, labial anamoly from La Aniston. She’s in love with Butler. AND it explains how she lost her shoe mojo. That or lost luggage.

  61. MN

    Surely she had a better pair of shoes to go with this dress. It’s not even the color so much that bothers me, but rather, the style. Those shoes are too casual for that dress, and in the second picture, they make her feet look like she could sleep standing up. She could have gone with a contrasting closed toe shoe and it would have been fine.

    While the hair is a somewhat refreshing change, even as much as the fact that she is wearing pink, like the shoes, it’s too casual for the outfit. She could have put some effort into the rare updo. She pays her hair stylist enough.

    The dress – okay, yay, she’s not in black, but what is this garbage on the front? It looks awful. What are those? Mangled muppets? A simple, straight sheath would have been better, or a minor embellishment down that same line, but this is atrocious.

  62. Sherri

    Hedge clippers to trim back the ragged foliage that’s giving her extra helpings of belly while somehow flattening out her boobs. The color is lovely on her. Shoes need help, but she could have done worse.

  63. Cassie

    THANK GOD someone else noticed that this dress looks like a vagina. Thank you, Mirror, for reassuring me that I am not some sick pervert but this dress is an homage to womanhood. Someone might wear this to actually perform the Vagina Monologues because of just how suggestive it is.

    That being said: keep it all to the natural waist then have a knee length skirt draped in the same fabric(s?)with a better silver sandal. bam. done.

  64. yankintex

    Awful color, awful dress. Sorry.

  65. RedPoppyFashion

    FUG. Absolutely Fug. Hate the black shoes, and though I’m a huge fan of Lacroix, this dress looks cheap and altogether it screams I have no style. Also, she has GOT to stop petting Gerry Butler at every premiere, she looks desperate…

  66. Kate

    Keep the color, ditch the dress. Also ditch the black sandal for a gold sandal or a nude pump. Look into loose curls, for pete’s sake. That straight hair, tanned, uber-fit thing is starting to look really dated and suburban.

  67. Liz

    Buy another dress in the same color. That’s all I got. I don’t know that this one can be saved from its bunchy, bridesmaid-y self.

  68. Pam

    Turn it sideways so that the cascades come down the side…that way she doesn’t look like she has pink chest hair. lol

  69. Sara

    The gathers are fine, the top bow thing is fine, and if she loses the knot (flowers?) on her belly, she’ll look a lot less knocked up. Although with all the touch-y feel-y that her and Gerard have been shoving down our throats, maybe she wants us to think she’s expecting? Ew gross, by the way. He’s dirty, and not in the Johnny Depp hot kind of dirty either.

    Also, that dress needs some gold shoes, and a big gold bracelet. And she has nice shoulders.

  70. Courtney Brisbane

    I can think of a lot of couples that soon seem to be an unbalanced match once you take a look. Not those two. I can see them leading a caravan of chuckwagons heading west to settle in western Colorado, talking visions of peace with the aboriginals, waving fields of grain as far as the teeth can chew, really strong whiskey and algae-powered trucks built tough. Offspring, bringing back the wild roaming buffalo and informed democracy. This is the final piece of the puzzle !

  71. caveprincess

    there is a reason she always wears black. she looks hot in black. she looks like a pageant reject in coral satin. plus, i hate the shoes, but worse than the shoes is the maaaassssive amount of toe overhang. what is up with that???

    but, i have to say, wearing the dress for a few hours is not as great a crime as designing that dress. what was lacroix thinking?

  72. Anonymous

    dude, she is so knocked up or if not, she’s pretending to be. just look at that facial expression in the second photo. it tells all . . .

  73. RAVEN

    This could’ve worked if the dress wasn’t overworked in the first place. The front is way to busy but I love that she nots wearing black or a business style suit or anything remotely Rachel Green *except the hair!

  74. RAVEN

    This could’ve worked if the dress wasn’t overworked in the first place. The front is way to busy but I love that she nots wearing black or a business style suit or anything remotely Rachel Green *except the hair!

  75. RAVEN

    This could’ve worked if the dress wasn’t overworked in the first place. The front is way to busy but I love that she nots wearing black or a business style suit or anything remotely Rachel Green *except the hair!

  76. RAVEN

    This could’ve worked if the dress wasn’t overworked in the first place. The front is way to busy but I love that she nots wearing black or a business style suit or anything remotely Rachel Green *except the hair!

  77. sapphiregirl

    If she is knocked up, then that is great for her….

    But the outfit? That’s a big NO GO!!

  78. Cassie

    I’d turn it around. As a back detail, that ruffle is . . . kinda cute. The top of the back would have to come up a bit (we don’t need to see all of Jen’s goodies), but that would fix about 75% of the problem right there.

    I’d also swap the shoes out for something lighter – gold seems to be the consensus, but I’d say silver would work as well. And some bold accessories – a chunky bracelet or a statement necklace.

  79. Louise Salinger

    The dress looks like a giant Ve-jay-jay swallowed her whole and hasn’t finished digesting her head and legs. Bad fit, too tan, dated shoes. Like the hair.

  80. Louise Salinger

    The dress looks like a giant Ve-jay-jay swallowed her whole and hasn’t finished digesting her head and legs. Bad fit, too tan, dated shoes. Like the hair.

  81. flory

    Take the very pretty pink fabric and make another dress out of it.

  82. Julie

    Why is she wearing black sandals? Wouldn’t a metallic be better?

  83. Sam

    I hate it. Sorry. It looks like someone pulled and twisted cherry Taffy around her body.

    She’s too tan, her hair is too bland, her makeup is bland, and the shoes are hideous. Aniston is always, at best, mediocre to me.

  84. Henri

    Love the color. The cut is awful. The shoes, no, not with that dress. It almost looks like she might have left home in an entirely different dress that went with the earrings and shoes and some awful tragedy befell the original dress, requiring her to run into a maternity boutique and put on the first thing she saw. Obviously, they had nothing in black.

  85. Christine

    Keep the color. Lose the hooha. Looks like she was over at Gerry B’s and realized that he didn’t have any clean towels in the bath so she just wrapped herself in the shower curtain when she was finished. I agree with previous comments about metallic shoes. Add a cuff bracelet or statement necklace.

  86. Catherine

    Love the color, but that’s it. Different cut, different shoes, and we could talk.

  87. brianinsanfran

    I agree with everyone about the shoes. They’re a downer. And I’m afraid this is one of those dresses that only looks good in a size zero. Anyone larger makes it look like a big ole mess.
    And is it just me or does she look super uncomfortable in it?

  88. maria

    Way too shiny! Great color, she’s gorgeous, of COURSE. Get rid of the weird cut and keep the color.

  89. Maria L.

    Nope. Can’t be fixed. And in the photos it looks like it’s made out of pleather. Good color, bad dress. Next.

  90. Fiona K.

    Way too much fabric.

  91. Maria L.

    Nope. Can’t be fixed. And in the photos it looks like it’s made out of pleather. Good color, bad dress. Next.

  92. RenaissanceGrrl

    Hm. Looks HAWT from the front, so-so from the side. But you know what? I’m giving her a pass. It’s not black, and it’s not terrible. I’ll give her a couple of tries with this “color” thing before I come down on her too hard.

  93. billiijin

    Um, bad color, ugly dress. I think that if you rubbed off the shiny and made the dress white, it might look more elegant, from the front. From the side…I look like this in all dresses, which is why I don’t wear them. Surely someone who spends as much money to look wonderful as Aniston-Butler does, can afford a better looking profile.

  94. TonyG

    @Gin_in_TeaCups. I agree about the rubbery look to the dress.

    Indeed, that rubbery sheen to the dress caused me to have a flash back to a gay bar where a guy walked in with a salmon pink rubber top. I was naive then and didn’t know that meant he was into…

    Well…I won’t finish that last sentence, but the look of the material is just strange and oddly colorized like a Turner classic movie.

    I imagine this is what a polyester/pleather raincoat hybrid material might look like.

  95. LizeCK

    Take any of the black dresses she’s looked great in, and change the color to this pink. She’s one of the few people I’ve ever seen who can really pull off this shade, and should wear it more often. Just not in this dress.

  96. Mirror

    @tonyg, I realize this is a teeny off topic, but…you cannot say *that* and then not tell us what this color means one is into!

  97. Chickenstick

    I think someone wrapped her tightly in a bolt of cloth, staple-gunned it down the front, and then hot-glue gunned the flappy folds into place. She’ll remove the whole thing later with a snip and a tug.
    I made the exact same dress for one of my Barbies when I was six. I felt very innovative but knew nothing about patterns. Just like here.

  98. Chickenstick

    I think someone wrapped her tightly in a bolt of cloth, staple-gunned it down the front, and then hot-glue gunned the flappy folds into place. She’ll remove the whole thing later with a snip and a tug.
    I made the exact same dress for one of my Barbies when I was six. I felt very innovative but knew nothing about patterns. Just like here.

  99. sema4dogz

    Oh thank god , I’ m not the only one who doen’t know what the salmon pink rubber top signified please Tonyg enlighten us!

    I must be the only one who quite likes the shoes though ….

  100. NYCGirl

    I could do without the ruffles by her stomach. And the shoes.

  101. Kat

    It looks like fish guts.

  102. Kim Dougherty

    For the color alone I’m happy. Yes, the dress if fug but I don’t care. At least she doesn’t look like she’s at a funeral for a change!

  103. Bambi Anne Dear

    I hope no one was getting their knickers in a knot because of the colour. It’s fine. Possibly lovely. Unfortunately the organisers have designed the backdrop in the same colour so it looks like overkill. How was poor Jen supposed to know?
    THEN, I saw the side view. Yuck. All bunched up. Surely it felt awful to wear.
    THEEEEEEN, I was scrolling down the comments page very very quickly and a glimpsed, ever so briefly, VAGINA. And I cracked up. Yes indeedy. My mind is reeling.
    And the shoes need a lot more thought.

  104. Anonymous

    From the front it looks nice aside from the colour, but from the side it looks like she had to answer the door in a hurry when she was in the middle of sex so she clutched a sheet around herself.

  105. Diana

    She looks fantastic, though the dress could lose some of the ruffles in the front.

    How does she not damage her skin with years and years of tanning? Maybe it’s the Greek genes.

  106. Julia

    Does anyone else think that this dress looks EXACTLY the same colour as the bridesmaid dress she had to wear for her character’s sisters wedding in He’s Just Not that Into You?

    She must have rewatched that movie and decided to recreate it- cause she looked awesome in it!

  107. danielle

    This dress looks like someone found a large swathe of this pink material, didn’t have time to make it into a dress for her and just bunched it up at the front and tied it interestingly. Still, nice to see her trying anything different. I just don’t know why she can’t go for colour and stick to her normally beautifully elegant shapes? I think having to hang around with GB for so long is melting her brain.

  108. joy

    shut up guys…if JEN wears her traditional elegant black & white attire,people keep criticizing that they`re bored of her dress color codes etc..now, she wears another color, still people wonder why this & that…c`mon, as we know, we can`t pleased everyone..YOU are absolutely jealous with JEN`s style `coz whatever she dressed up, everything turns out fabolous, elegant & sexy. Admit it guys, JEN is the best dressers of Hollywood & seldom could do it.

  109. TonyG

    @mirror + @sema4dogz:

    So sorry, for the suspense…(to everyone else, I know this is a bit off-topic, but I thought it impolite not to respond)…

    How impolite of me indeed not to reveal what the salmon/dark pink color meant in the language of the old gaybar hanky color code of yesteryear. It’s just that it involved the mixing of a little pain with your pleasure. I was barely old enough drink! Who knew about such things! (okay, as I said, I was a bit naive).

    The salmon/dark pink code involves clamps on body parts; The rubber material involves enough body fluids to have to do it in a bathtub. Just a mess I tell ya, just a mess! Now, aren’t you sorry you asked! LOL. Luckily, he told me before I left the bar with him. (God, was he hot!)

    Anyway, back on topic…

    @mirror: Loved the comment about the dress looking like a big old lip flapping vagina; almost choked on my breakfast this morning.

  110. evapeva

    With that much floofiness it needs to be a LOT shorter. Then it would be acceptable – but not great.
    I don’t like the construction, especially seen from the side: it sags in the back and looks pulled up in the front. Kind of like a bath towel. Hey, maybe the fix should be to change the fabric into terry cloth! But keep the color. Watermelon, yum.

  111. KeziaAnastasia

    Well, first of all kudos to Jen for finally trying on some colour (although I gotta say neutral hues and black look great on her – oh, and red as well!) but this colour is juicy. However, can’t say that I feel the same affection for the shape of the dress – it does nothing to her figure.

    Perhaps if we cinch it with a thick black suede belt-like stuff (without the buckle though) and the ruffles could be gathered in an artistic like shape on her back (around the waist area) and definitely cut the length of the dress to her knee.

    and please change her strappy sandals to hot louboutin pumps – in black of course :-)

  112. Alyxmyself

    Trying to hide a 5 mo preg tummy is the only excuse for this dress. And how telling is it that here is excitement purely because she wore fabic that has color? even if the fabric/style/shoes/execution is turgid?
    Jen Aniston needs a stylist, period. Bring back Jen circa Academy awards with Brad. There ya go.

  113. Anonymous

    i like the dress, even the bunch of fabric in front, think it’s cute. especially on jen. don’t like the black shoes (are they the extra pair she carries in her car?) Like the matte and shine, like the hemline, like the knots and ruffles. Adorable. (hey, I’m bucking every trend on Fug Madness today, might as well continue….) Laugh!

  114. Sooz

    Orange skin clashes with Hot Mondo Pinkish, McPinky Pinkerson color. But still, the entire thing makes me feel unuuuuusual…which I enjoy.

  115. Miriam

    I confess, I like JA. I like this colour on her very much. Not much of a seamstress myself, I think with a few nips and tucks and maybe less fabric in the front, this dress can be made more presentable quickly.

  116. Debbie

    She’s not pregnant nor will she ever be because she is way too vain for that. why do you think Brad is still with Angie…she’s not too vain to have kids with him…i dont think Jennifer is in the least bit pretty with that stringy hair always hanging straight like a bad curtain and all the yoga she does still doesnt change her one bit…she cant act her way out of a bag and will forver remain “Rachel”

  117. sarah ashley

    In the same vein as Kelly Cutrone, I only wear black (I also edit obituaries for a profession, so it sort of works … and on my days off I do wear jeans with my black shirts, heh). I’ve never had a problem with Jen sporting black ALL. THE. TIME. And here is proof that she should stick with that formula. Or, at least find a pink dress that looks hot….

  118. Chloe

    She’s made high fashion look like a bridesmaid dress.

  119. luxsword

    The front looked so great, it’s such a shame !

  120. CampCounsellor

    I’m convinced she’s actually smuggling ex-boyfriend and right-wing-penis guy John Mayer into the party cleverly concealed under the front of her dress.

  121. Brie

    I don’t like the color either, Janet. I’m all for her getting out of black, but this doesn’t work because Jennifer is too tan. It’s a shame, because it’s a beautiful color.

    Someone mentioned Zoe Saldana and it’s true; this dress (in a tighter fit) would look gorgeous on her.

    I don’t know if Jennifer can’t pull off pink, or if a lighter shade would have worked on her. Either way, this one doesn’t. There’s no contrast.

    The shape and flow are another problem entirely. Does NOTHING for her figure and she has a great one to work with.

    This dress makes me crave bubblegum. Like, a huge wad of it.

  122. gigi

    diaphanous my a**, and speaking of, has anyone taken a gander– no pun intended– at the lovely & revealing photo of Ms. Aniston, Mr. Butler & somebody else [from the back] during some fan photo? oh my, how scandalous yet uninteresting…

  123. La Zuzu

    On anyone else, FUG.

    On Ms. Aniston, FAB. Because everything else she wears is sooooooooooooooo BORING. In this, I could almost imagine liking her.

  124. La Zuzu

    On the other hand, SHE IS WEARING A BLANKET.

  125. lucysuede

    that shit is HEINOUS. TAKE IT OFF! damn, i’m all shouty now.

  126. hayley ness

    Call me crazy, but is it possible that a dress which biggens your tummy can be kinda cool? I think that this colour pops on Jen, but the style is wrong for her. It would look awesome and high fashion on Natalie Portman or Drew Barrymore, and they would accessorise it with some kind of crazy geisha themed heels and a structured up-do, plus a slightly more formal makeup that features colour without being overdone. Whereas Jen kinda poos on the dress by pairing it with the sandals, the beachy unstructured hair, and the same damn makeup she ALWAYS wears. Je despaire :(

  127. Anonymous

    I like the idea that she should wear brilliant colour, but I think even the colour of this dress is bad on her. It’s Barbie Pink, and shiny, and it’s basically a wrapped bed sheet with geegaws holding it in place–and therefore not too far from what I’d have made for my Malibu Barbie using a piece of remnant polyester crimpolene and a stapler, lo those many years ago.

    It’s really time for Jen to have a make-over. Hair, Makeup, clothes, the whole thing.

  128. Kara

    Imma leave her alone or she’ll never leave the house in anything light and bright again.

  129. CMurda

    Dude, my niece tried this dress on at Deb.

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