Unfug It Up: Evangeline Lilly at Cannes


All righty, this one is a bit trickier from a Fantasy Makeover standpoint than the first time we tried this feature, when it generally just involved swapping out some of Rihanna’s separates. But to shake things up from the usual “Fug or Fab” approach, we’re going to noodle with this one anyway. Ready? OK.

From one angle, I thought maybe I liked Evangeline’s outfit:

The top color is quite fetching, and on first glance this seems sleek and streamlined.

But then I saw her strike a pose in it from another angle:

From this side I notice more that her boobs seem strapped down so tightly that they’re in danger of inverting. Her insanely buff shoulders seem rather threatening next to that severe neckline and the pulled-taut hair. The makeup suddenly seems too aggressive. Also, I’m not averse to ombre, but the color drops so quickly from light to dark on this dress that — when paired with those clunky sandals — the entire bottom of it just looks heavy.

Not to mention how from yet ANOTHER angle, the cut makes Evangeline seem weirdly hippy, which anyone who watches Lost can attest is not the case:

Like, from full-on, it almost feels like she put on a caftan and then had her As Seen On TV vacuum sealer suck the top half to her torso.

I think I’d like to see it with softer hair hanging loose to minimize her muscles against the severity of that bodice. And/or cut a sexier neckline, and pair it with a more delicate shoe. I don’t know how to cure the hippy thing except maybe to tell her not to walk, and instead have Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway wheel her around the venue. Maybe dropping the waistline would help?

But I’d like to hear what you’d do to it, to try and make it more flattering — assuming, of course, you think anything needs to be done at all. The usual commenting rules apply; last time it went so well — excepting one totally unnecessary Chris Brown joke and a few potential trolls pimping other boards — that we’re excited to read your discourse on this one. Bonus points if you can do it without resorting to a HUGELY tempting (if also confusing and maybe a little nonsensical) Lost-related time-travel joke.

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Comments (211):

  1. Abigail

    I would close the skirt- just make it long and flowing and a bit narrower and skip the weird flap- which would eliminate the hippiness. I’d change up the shoes for a light, strappy sandal- (maybe gunmetal?) and soften up the hair. I like the rest of it- if I had guns like that I’d show them off!

  2. Liza

    I think something with a v-neck that’s not so tight that her breasts seem bandaged would help a lot. And get rid of the slit, which makes it seem much less streamlined and instead makes her look weirdly pear-shaped. Then, give her some less clunky shoes, and I think she’d look great.

  3. Gena

    I’d put her in neutral shoes or shoes that match the lighter color of the dress, take her hair down, let her twins swing free instead of holding them in, and drop the neckline to a V. I think with all that the makeup and dress are doable.

  4. Karen

    I think the major problem here is the slit. Get rid of that and you lose the wrap look on the bottom which in the second picture makes her look preggers. I love the shoes and the arms. The hair could definitely be less severe…

  5. Susanna

    Get rid of the slit. That would make it hang nicer. I actually really like the top. Change the shoes, soften the hair, but keep it up. And she needs some earrings to draw attention up from the bodice and those guns – to frame her face.

  6. nj

    i loved it from the first angle…so i think i like it if there wasn’t that thigh slit in it…also less clunky shoes would help
    she’s so gorgeous she doesn’t need anything else :)

  7. Elizabeth

    This could be improved by either raising the waist to full fledged empire or keeping it slim to her torso down to her natural waist. This is one of those semi-empire waist things, which are attractive on no one. The intermediate waist is just making her look dumpy.
    On the plus, the color is gorgeous.

  8. Kate

    Definitely lose the slit; the first picture made the dress look so flowy in the skirt, and the other two reveal that without the flow, it just doesn’t work. I like the bodice- the lack of in-your-face cleavage is refreshing. Different shoes are a MUST.

  9. Dan

    Make the whole thing the color of the top, and streamline the skirt.

  10. ProudMary

    More fabric on top, less down below, scoop the neckline a bit, sexier shoes.

  11. Zoe

    Seriously, change the neckline. This is basically a mock turtleneck on an evening gown, and that’s just wrong. A moderate v-neck would be so much prettier. Then lose the awkward slit so the bottom would stay nice and flowy, and add some loose, tousled curls. I say keep the color of the dress as is, though, because it’s lovely.

  12. Loren

    Let’s start with the positive: Keep the glorious color, just transition the ombre better. I think the shoes make the outfit edgy which is also a plus. I’m hoping the back is amazingly low or something to compensate for the front but regardless, the neckline has to go. The whole cut of the bust, shoulders and neck is making her awesome arms look awesomely large, definitely need a V or halter. The waist would benefit from a lower neckline as well, I can take it or leave it. Get rid of the Lisa Rinna leg cleavage. Ta-da! Beauteous.

  13. Wendy

    Make the skirt straight and fitted, and perhaps shorten. Otherwise she looks fabulous, and she’s entitled to show off her buff shoulders!

  14. a third laura

    the colour is so pretty…
    quite honestly this would almost look better UPSIDE DOWN.
    the slit would become an asymmetrical V-neckline, with dramatic colour contrast, and move into a nicely fitted waist where her real waist is,
    and conclude in a fitted short skirt to show off those gams.

    she is always stunning though. it’s crazy.

  15. Laurie

    I would drop the neckline to a deep V, drop the waist, and pair it with a strappy gunmetal heel. I think I would also like it better if it didn’t fade from light to dark; I prefer the light. Her hair needs to be softened a bit, but she’s a beautiful girl. This outfit just does nothing for her ‘as is.’

  16. victoria

    You’re right, Fug Girls, some stylist took a really pretty girl and butched her up until she looked ready to play the Demi Moore role in G.I. Jane. Or maybe G.I. Janes’s hippier mother in law.

    As it is, the “tight on top/ big on the bottom” fit of the dress makes her look not only weirdly masculine, but also pear shaped. To remedy the pear effect, the dress should either be very fitted all over, with no slit (to show off her rockin’ bod), or it should be looser and flowier on the top (maybe a wrap bodice with a deep vee neckline) to match the flowier, open skirt.

    To de-butchify her, the hair and makeup should be softer. I like her with her hair up, but a loose chignon would look better.

  17. Hester

    I’m just scared of her arms, and the equally scary calf muscle peeping out there. The flap makes me nervous that she’s about to whip the whole thing off over her head to reveal Spandex short-shorts, then attack another celebrity Gladiator with a giant Q-Tip. Madonna, maybe. The Maternitator.

  18. Kismitten

    Keep the neckline but loosen up the hair. A more delicate heel (love the idea of gunmetal) is definitely in order.

    It gets tricky when you look at the skirt, which seems like two layers: looks like chiffon over satin, and the chiffon flows, but the satin doesn’t. I think you’ve got to close the slit on the satin and mirror the cut of the chiffon so they work together for the right kind of sweep.

    As it is, nowhere close to a fug.

  19. Reba

    I swear a friend of mine made this dress for his girlfriend in 1986. He wrapped her up and then secured the end with a hot glue gun. She danced all night and it looked great. So, based on that model, I would make this strapless – only because I’m tired of the one-shoulder look. That would give her room for a nice necklace, which could soften the look a bit. I would also make the slit just a little less severe, to eliminate the chances of folks taking a tour of lady town.

  20. Sara

    The dress needs a V-neck or boat neckline, and the skirt should be slim & closed (no slit). Any delicate shoes would be fine. Chandelier earrings would also be nice.

  21. Matt

    I agree with previous comments: close the slit to make the dress more a streamlined sheath, and change the shoe into a lighter strappier sandal. I love the color and i thought I’d hate the color change but it works for me here.

  22. franky

    i think i’d pair it with a black strappy shoe, lower the neckline so there’s SOME cleavage (just to lessen the severity) and bring the waist down a bit. essentially lower the whole dress.

  23. Annie

    I like all the wrappings – it looks planned – the bandage-y top and the wrapped skirt. The shoes are too heavy and the slicked back hair is too severe. Those are the only changes I would make!

  24. Melanie Madird

    I agree with most readers. The slit needs to go. I don’t have a problem with the top, I just don’t think it fits her. One size bigger and her bust would look natural and I wouldn’t be worried about the circulation in her arms!

  25. kelley

    I agree with closing the skirt. I think because it’s open it catches the wind and can make her look hippy.

    And her shoes make me sad.

  26. EmilyKennedy

    I think a consensus has been reached regarding the slit. The hideous slit. It’s a technique that really doesn’t work on something halfway between flowy and fitted. Fitted it would have been HOT. Flowy, it would have looked JLo, but decent.

    So once you sew the slit closed, and let this be the semi-blousson bell-shaped skirt it was meant to be, you definitely want to add the scoop neck that some have been advocating. That would balance the shape nicely.

    Then it’s GORGEOUS!

  27. IseultTheIdle

    Soften the neckline, either a slight scoop or even a boat neck. It wouldn’t hurt to east the wrap on top a tiny bit. I’d close the slit as well, I think; wrap skirts tend to do that unfortunate flap thing. I’d like to see some more delicate sandals as well. I don’t mind her hair but her makeup is a bit harsh with it; soften one or the other.

  28. jeremy

    Boatneck. Closed skirt. Done.

  29. nina

    i would go up a size, lose the slit and either cut off the dress where it gets darker and leave it that short, or make it strapless …

  30. DM

    I agree with the other posters — she mainly needs to close that slit and pick a more delicate shoe. I’d also add keep the top tight a little further down the body, and soften the makeup for a fresher, more natural look.

  31. Christy

    I actually like the shoes and would keep them with the outfit.

    I love love LOVE the color of the dress. I think if the top wasn’t so tight looking the whole thing would be fine. Therefore, switch out the top part of the dress for a completely different dress, keep the skirt part long and flowy, same color, same shoes, less tight hair, and we all win!

    And her shoulders, and calves, are awesome and I covet them.

  32. AC

    I love the bodice, I think it’s unusual and refreshing. I would just drop it to waist-level, and fit the skirt closer to the body possibly by elimination of the slit. Without the slit the shoes can stay. A thin bracelet (or a small pile of them) would soften the arms–naturally at that point the ring would go.

  33. Kate

    Sew up the slit, drop the neckline a bit and go backless. I like the gun metal shoe suggestion in something less clunky.

  34. srebra

    She is hot and she is very active girl and I like her, but she need some help with her clothes, also the blue color is awesome but the shoes and the design of the dress not..

  35. Leslie

    I’m in the “get rid of the slit” camp. Also, how on earth is this the same person in all three pictures? She should only stand in orientation #1, all the time.

  36. evalyn

    Leave the dress alone – perhaps the “bound breast” look is what was intended. Nothing wrong with that. Loosen the hair, lighten the makeup and get some pretty strappy sandals.

  37. tigerstripes

    Close the slit. (Gawdess, what a straight line. But the Fug Girls said I had to behave.) It is time-warp nosebleed weird how the dress is quite nice in the first photo and then goes all to hell in the second and third. I think it’s because the line of the drape is broken with that slit.
    Those shoes are ubiquitious, aren’t they? I’ve seen them or a close variation on at least three other actress in just the past week and they’re not helping anybody.
    That kohl eyeliner is hiding the color of her eyes – and I’d have thought this pretty teal would’ve make their color pop, so, yes, too heavy.
    Why does anyone, anywhere, anytime, wear their hair like this — It’s never flattering. Not even on Rudolph Valentino was it flattering.

  38. Melanie

    Lose the mock turtleneck – go with a simple crewneck. Silver strappy shoe. like the idea of an updo, but something less severe, maybe with some wisps. she needs earrings, maybe a small bracelet.

    love the dress though (outside of the neckline), especially the colors.

  39. Bubba

    the color is amazing on her, but I agree with many of the above – sew up that slit and pick a more delicate shoe in a metallic. I love all the bandage-y wrappings on the dress.

  40. Maria

    A nice swooping v-neck, no slit - make the skirt flowy and sleekly full as it appears in the top photo. And softer hair.

  41. Molly

    It’s all wrong.
    Hair, shoes and dress.
    The top of that dress looks as though her breasts have been “banded” to keep them from growing.
    She has great legs, she needs a lighter, strappier shoe.
    Not those clunky, gladiator looking things.
    She has gorgeous hair, why pull it back in a spinster bun?
    The dress has no redeeming value for me at all, and it doesn’t flatter her one bit.
    An entire makeover is in order.

  42. Amy

    I would have moved the slit over the side of the leg and have chosen less clunky shoes. I probably could have forgiven the entire dress as just being depicted at a bad angle (which is what some of those photogs go for, I’m sure of it,), but those shoes paired with the dress just makes her boxy.

  43. CF

    It looks like there are two types of fabric in the skirt, a flowy one on top and a heavy satin on the bottom. I think it would look better, slit and all, if the bottom layer was the same flowy fabric. It would hang better and just be more flattering. And I agree that a more relaxed hair style would better compliment the top of the dress. And maybe a lighter color of shoes, like a soft gold. She also needs some bling, like a sparkly bracelet and earrings.

  44. Jenn

    If her hair was down, I think the entire thing would look different. She (sadly) probably needs those clunky sandals to maneuver a dress like that, which I don’t entirely hate, so I don’t have the heart to nix her zapatas.

    And if my arms looked that good, trust me when I say there would be a billboard on the 405 advertising for ‘em. You betcha.

  45. Serenity

    Drop the waist, put the hair down and add waves, remove slit and make the skirt end a few inches above the knee. For added fun, throw in a mock bustle train.

  46. Anna

    Gosh, the color and fabric of this dress are just gorgeous! It’s not terrible as is, but I think it would look a lot better with a different neckline (deep V, probably), a lower waist and a less aggressive slit.

  47. Anonymous

    LOVE the color at the top. The end. Make it all bandage, drop the neckline a smidge and cut it off just above the knee with a slight slit up the back. And please lose those shoes! A delicate metallic strappy number could work…

    Last, let down the hair, perhaps with just one side pinned back.

  48. Naz

    Maybe make the colour gradient softer, so it’s not as severe and dark at the bottom.
    I think a sexier neckline, like a deep-v, would help too. I think this outfit would benefit greatly from cleavage.

  49. Elin

    It’s giving me Angelina Jolie-flash-backs – it kind of looks like it’s on backwards. I really like the bodice, but it looks a bit strange on her. And we all know what to do with that slit.
    Maybe it would be better if it wasn’t full length.
    I would love this dress just as it is, if Cate Blanchett wore it. This Lily person isn’t charismatic enough, and basically, the dress and hair is wearing her instead of the other way around.
    Close the slit, put on some lipstick, remove some of the kohl, loosen the hair up, put on a cuter shoe, make the skirt fuller and chop it off and the knee – Winner!

  50. kmckeand

    i concur. the problem here is the opening (i won’t call it a slit b/c it feels more like an unfinished, unsewn part of the dress).

    it causes some odd shaping to an otherwise slim and fit (if not a wee small) body.

  51. testington

    I like the top color, it looks nice with her skin and eye color but everything else is beyond repair in my opinion.

    I saw scrap the whole thing and start over, but with the same color

  52. Jennifer

    I agree about softening the hair. Lose the slit in the skirt, and maybe even cut the skirt to just above the knee (thus eliminating the darkest part of the ombre). Make the skirt more a-line – I think the wrap aspect of it is making her look hippy.

    With those changes I think I’d be OK with keeping the neckline/bodice – I think it makes the neckline/bodice more of the focal point and the unique, stand-out part of the dress.

    Add silver strappy sandals.

  53. Amanda in Austin

    Change the shoe to something more delicate. And make it a v-neck top. The rest is awesome.

  54. patrice

    this may be a repeat because I haven’t read the other comments, but I would guess that her stylist put her in that kind of top because people are reacting well to her in the T shirts she’s been wearing lately. they could have let a little of her neck breathe, I think. I’m not sure what would make this dress better, actually. I think I’d make sure that people could only see me from that first angle and call it a day.

  55. Jacquilynne

    I’d go up a size in the top, and sew that slit in the bottom shut. I think that’s likely all it really needs.

    Softer hair might be a nice to have, but I don’t think it needs to detract from her shoulders. I think it’s wonderful that she looks healthy and fit, instead of anorexic like so many actresses.

  56. ac

    Upon further consideration, I would like to see this skirt fitted to her body and ending just above the knee (no slit of course) with a gloriously low back and maybe the waist a little bit lower. Of course a shorter skirt would pull it from evening-wear into cocktail-wear, and perhaps make it inappropriate for the event, not to mention that i would venture into Herve Leger territory, but at least she would have a cute dress for another occasion.

  57. sarah ashley

    just burn the whole thing, and go back to the drawing board. i hate it all.

  58. crackjob

    Someone as lithe and lean as Freckles here would look gorgeous in a simple sheath, with her hair down and really natural makeup – take a page out of Jen Aniston’s book.

  59. Alex

    Definitely drop the waist! Otherwise it looks like it was designed to hide a baby bump she doesn’t have. Extending the wrapping down will turn it slightly more Grecian, which will also make the the hair and makeup make more sense.

    And I agree with CF above – up the flowiness of the fabric and the slit won’t be so weird. Fixing the fabric would also solve the awkward pulling at the hem in the first picture (if this was on PR, Kors would surely have words with the designer over the piece’s sloppy construction).

    The color is gorgeous with her eyes though – not many could pull that off!

  60. Jennaratrix

    Close the skirt, loosen the bodice, soften the neckline and pair it with lighter shoes and it’s gorgeous. I like the color shift, and the first picture is beautiful. Fix it so it looks like that from all angles, and voila!

  61. Shanghaishrimpo

    Soften the hairdo (let it down, for goodness sake), lose the slit in the front of the dress and lighten up on that clunkified shoe.

  62. Marph

    Soften the hair and neckline, add some earrings and ditch the clunky shoes, and Ms. Lilly would look mega-awesome instead of OK awesome from one angle.

    Oops, the ‘OK awesome’ is from the wrong TV show…

  63. Miss Fern

    NECKLINE. Lower it. And drop the clunkster shoes. As a sign of thanks for my suggestions, Kate, I’d like Sawyer’s number. Thanks.

  64. Mel

    I actually did like the first picture, so… to achieve that I guess I’d take out the slit (NOT necessary on this dress AT ALL), and change the fabric to more of a chiffon-like texture so it would fall smoothly – the second picture makes the dress look more like a stiff satin – and cut the volume a little so it draped straight instead of full (that would cut out the hippy factor of the third picture).
    If you did that I think the neckline might be okay.

  65. TaraMisu

    Sew up the slit, and get rid of those fugly shoes. The make-up is kind of harsh but not a deal breaker…. I like the idea of dropping the waist.

  66. heatha

    i like the ombre, i love the color, but i want to make this strapless (sweetheart neckline, ‘natch) and bring the bodice down a bit to her natural waist so that the slit and flowiness are minimized. as for the shoe, i would de-clunk and strappify those puppies.
    now THAT would be something to wear to a dharma initiative reunion with sawyer/lafleur on your arm!

  67. jessica

    I can deal with everything except the slit. It’s weird. it would probably look better without the mock turtle, also.

  68. Nichole

    Get rid of the slit and seal the top with a sweetheart neckline a la natalie portman at the oscars and you’re good to go.

  69. ht

    I think the bodice is really pretty and that even that plus the severe hair would be passable if it weren’t for everything below the boob. I’m fine with the ombre idea, but the whole bottom of this makes her look so podgy and oddly proportioned. I think that hacking off the flowy, overly long skirt and trading it for a sleek, knee-length pencil skirt type bottom with the color fade would be fine (but I would pair it with a strappy, open, metallic heel and a cotton ball to take off about 90% of that eyeliner). That’s all I’ve got.

  70. rimesparse

    May I ask a different but related question: WHAT IS EVANGELINE LILLY DOING AT CANNES?!?!?!?!?!?!

  71. Francesca

    I also liked the 1st picture – so again I agree get rid of the slit, make it a little more flowy so it’s not too constricting. But that top half; strapless is the way foward, a nice bodice which fits her properly, and a bit of detail on the waist.

  72. Jen

    I LOVE it from the first angle – I think a delicate tiny sandal would go a long way. Leave the hair the way it is; otherwise it will hide the bodice, which is obviously the important part in the designer’s mind. If the shoe doesn’t fix the weirdness of the bottom, sew up the split so the skirt is not like something that she tied together from Dharma parachute material. Zing! (Or not.)

  73. Kristin

    Lose the slit, cut the dress to just above the knee, and make it more streamlined around the hips.

  74. LeeAnn

    1. Loosen up the top bondage a little
    2. Have the wrapping continue to her waist.
    3. Close up the slit by at least 6 inches.
    4. Have the whole dress be that great blue.
    5. Get new shoes.
    6. Leave her hair and make-up as is.
    7. Put her next to Jack (and don’t let her near Sawyer because he is Juliet’s!!!!!).

  75. Leens

    Get rid of that damn slit in the skirt. This is not try-outs for the Rockettes and she ain’t here to audition for Dancing With the Stars so unless she plans on doing high kicks at this movie premiere, its really just unnecessary and makes this rather lovely dress look cheapo scankerific.

    Oh and definitely ditch the Taylor Momsen inspired eye make-up. You are not a teenager homegirl, you do not need that whole angsty my-eye-makeup-is-as-black-as-my-soul look … and really, does anyone?

  76. Karen G

    1. Neckline is too severe. I agree with the posters who recommended a boatneck. That would be just right.
    2. The armholes look too tight. Have you ever worn a dress where the armholes are too small? Very uncomfortable, and this looks that way, so I would make the armholes a bit larger.
    3. The color’s fine, but the shoes are a bit clunky. I’d wear more delicate shoes.
    4. As everyone else noted – close the slit. It’s too much.
    5. The bodice is neither empire nor at her waist, so it makes her look hippy. Lower or higher.
    6. Make the other changes and the hair would be okay, as long as you add some chandelier earrings.

    Then she’d be perfection.

  77. Sharon

    Love the color and I even like the graduation of the color. Neckline is definitely too severe, but her boobs aren’t strapped down – they really are that small. Lose the slit, or at least make it much, much less of one. Slits on loose, flowy skirts look a bit odd. Hair should definitely be back from the face, but a little less severe would have been good.

  78. Anonymous

    Different hair would help a lot.

    I love the color and high neckline, she just needs to do something to make it look less severe!

  79. Wes

    Just get rid of the slit.

  80. Kate

    Make it looser in the boobs so that they can breathe.

    Love the colour — the slit is fine.

    But the shoes ARE too clunky. One strap with a thinner heel would have been perfect.

    And as much as I hate her character on Lost, I do have to admit that she has such lovely hair both on and off the show. And why she would slick it all back to make it the crappiest part of theis look is beyond all reason to me.

  81. MJ

    I’d wear it. I think the ombre is really stunning, like she’s in a spotlight. I also think it looks hippy b/c she is standing in a weird way, like who stands like that??? Also, I’d argue that only someone with those arms can pull off that kind of neck (or no-neck) line.

  82. palesunflower

    V-neck to help release the girls a bit – poor things can’t breathe! Not a big fan of the slit – just get rid of it. I would also drop the waste a bit, I think that will help with the hippy-ness.

    Softer hair does seem to be more her style, but her hair doesn’t offend me here, so I keep that optional.

  83. June

    THANK YOU, Jennatrix, for stating the obvious.

    When I first saw this in a thumbnail, I thought “Who chooses to announce that they are preggers at Cannes film festival?” Then I started debating in my head the pros and cons and timing and locale of such announcements.
    I mean, announcing one’s pregnancy by baring the baby bump in Cannes is classier than, say, posting ultra-sound pictures on Facebook. And it certainly will catch the media’s eye and that is what every aspiring actress wants, no?

    And then I saw the other pictures and realized my folly.

    Maybe it’s the slit or maybe it’s that her top actually *has* inverted her boobs/ribcage. Whatever it is, it’s fug. Maybe she should stick to more uniformly tight or uniformly flowing outfits in the future.

  84. melissa

    I would sew up the slit and chop off most of the skirt, hemming it mid-thigh. I think the hippiness would work at that length. I´d give the bodice some breathing room and put her in lighter, more delicate shoes, maybe silver. I like the severe hair and makeup.

  85. alison

    I have to agree – it looks like the twins are being suffocated/smooshed in the mummy wrappings. Please loosen that up a bit. She needs to sew shut the slit in the skirt, change her shoes, and ditch the ombre (I hate, hate, hate that trend).

  86. Annalyn


    This picture almost makes the slit look decent.
    But I agree that the slit must go, as well as the clunky shoes. Opt for a lighter and strappier sandal. It’s summertime, dress your feet like it is.

    I actually like the neckline because it’s unique. Evangeline usually does a v-neck or something, so this is a different look on her that works for the most part. One thing about the top that should change is to counteract the high neckline is to do an open back. Instead, the dress has a high back too which seems to add more severity to the dress.

    Her makeup looks ok, maybe lighter on the eyes.
    Her hair should still be up but make it looser and softer. That way it’ll be less severe overall.

    And if you still hate it…think about the other dress she wore to Cannes…So elegant!

  87. Lula

    I’m with everyone on changing the slit and the shoes. She looks like she is about to walk a red carpet on the Island. She could easily stomp through the jungle in those chunky hiking stilettos and the slit is obviously so she doesn’t soil the gown on the journey back to the future. It’s good for marching through the jungle on her way to Jacob. However, she should consider feminizing those shoulders….I’m just saying Juliet would have worn something more delicate.

  88. ames

    Streamline the skirt, CLOSE IT UP (or at least move the slit to the side or back), a nice V-neck, and teach her how to stand properly. (Yes, I am the person who e-mailed in extreme angst about the way people stand on the red carpet these days.) She’s got a strange hip-cock thing going on in the last picture, and I think that’s what is making her look hippy; the dress is falling straight down, but her body is canted to the side, and that makes for a wide flat front.

    Actually, with a little jiggering up top, I’d like this better as a strapless dress. And I keep thinking she’s got just the sides of her hair up, which I like, but no – it’s a bun, which I don’t care for here, so apparently I would redo her hair as well.

    I’d love to make a LOST joke, but I’ve never even seen an episode.

  89. Patti

    I have no problem with her muscular arms/shoulders but she has no hips so there’s a serious problem with the bottom of the dress.

    My general problem with Evangeline Lilly is her make-up in real life. She looks stunning on Lost with her “no make-up” look. When she lines her eyes so heavily in real life, her eyes look tiny and her whole face looks different (not in a better way).

  90. Laurie

    Forget it…now all I can think about is Sawyer.

  91. Deb

    I would get rid of the slit, and lower the neckline until you could see a hint of tasteful cleavage. I would make the color change less abrupt, going through several color changes. I would also pair it with strappier shoes and a sapphire bracelet.

  92. JESR

    Lose the slit, loosen the hair, maybe less Payless Summer Collection looking shoes: everyone can see this, so why didn’t she, or her stylist?

    I’m getting fed up with all the ombre fabrics this summer; it’s a hard technique to master, and too often ends up distorting the profile, making it bottom-heavy, as here, or erasing the waist.

  93. lauren

    Make it a mini. add chandelier earrings with a side ponytail a la Amy Adams. add a more elegant stiletto and show off those legs. the girl is FIT so WORK IT.

  94. amazingal

    Lose the shoes. That’s it. Looks faboo.

    Brunettes and mujeres of color should always wear bright jewel colors. They always look stunning in them.

  95. Anonymous

    Can’t fix it, the whole thing is fug. The bodice is too tight and bright blue, the neck is way too high, the arm holes are cut for a racerback for some reason, the dark blue at the bottom is way too dark, the shoes are too dark and heavy-looking, and the slit is ugh. Hair scraped back is never flattering on anyone, and her makeup is weird.

    Dress her in Rhianna’s outfit and let’s start talking!

  96. Anonymous

    Speaking as one also carrying not a gun rack but guns and a rack: I think she should continue to show off her guns, but not punish her rack in the mean time. I think a properly aggressive bra and slight tailoring on the bodice would have helped immensely.

    Also, an addendum to the legs or cleavage rule… open neck line or hair. Neither looks severe. Both looks pageanty. One looks cute.

  97. Lily

    It’s hard to make an evening gown look man-ish (unless you’re in “To Wong Foo”). Maybe it’s cause she so fit that she ends up looking so Tomboy in this? Anyway, I would drop everything an inch or three: the neckline, the waist, the color fade. Then go with a more delicate shoe and looser hair. She’s so cute, she just needs to loosen it all up a little.

  98. Sylvia

    i’d lower the waist, get rid of the slit, and lower the neckline into a V or widen it into a boatneck. I like the color, but i would do a more delicate shoe in a light gold and her hair in loose waves. I might lighten up the eye but other than that i think the makeup is fine.

  99. Michelle

    I’d loosen it up around the bust, so she doesn’t look like her breasts are squished to her waist. And I’d take out the slit, which I think is why the dress splays open around the hips. And change up the shoes for something strapier and delicate. Maybe sweep the ponytail to the side to soften the top.

  100. Wendy

    I, too, vote for a boatneck. And no slit (to beat a dead a horse). I agree with Ames that it’s probably just her bizarre posture that’s making her look hippy in pic 3. Then again, I don’t see how it’s possible to avoid a few awkward poses when there is a small army of photographers lined up in front of you.

  101. Allie

    I actually kind of like the way the neckline accentuates her shoulders. But, in order to make the rest of it look okay (without having to switch the shoes or anything), it should all be that light blue, and it should be short — maybe a couple inches above her knees. And not poofy. Just streamlined all the way down.

  102. Mouse

    I’d call up Dominic Monaghan and ask him to throw a pair of her jeans in the car on the way over to pick her up. She could change in the back seat, and they could just go out for beers and darts.

    Alternatively, she could sew that slit up, shorten the dress to, oh, say, knee level (which could go one of two ways: body-hugging bandage style, which is so overdone, or just a simple a-line hem in that nice floaty material that it’s already made out of, which would be soft and dreamy), take down the hair, and get some softer eyemakeup. A pair of non-blah shoes would be nice, too.

  103. amalo

    Ugh, those shoes. They are 80% of the problem right there.

  104. Kitty

    I think her hair needs to be down. And the slit is unnecessary. I think removing the slit will help the hippy problem. I think the top needs to be less stifling as well…a lower neckline.

  105. Lia

    I think the color is pretty, but there is a lot of unfugging that needs to happen. First, i wish the neckline was more romantic. Second, the skirt needs to be closed up. Third, the skirt should also be tighter around the hips or something, she looks awkward. Fourth, I hate the shoes. They are hellacious. Also her hair could be a little less severe. Phew, the end.

  106. tamster

    It needs throwing away and starting all over. Bodice is interesting, but too tight. It needs to be a little longer to show off her fab torso, and a slit is ok, just not THAT slit that originates from the base of the bodice, distorting the whole look.

  107. tamster

    It needs throwing away and starting all over. Bodice is interesting, but too tight. It needs to be a little longer to show off her fab torso, and a slit is ok, just not THAT slit that originates from the base of the bodice, distorting the whole look.

  108. Chaser

    I think Laurie said it first-you have to drop and define the waist on this thing or it will never look ok, no matter how much you shorten it or close the skirt, which I also agree should happen. Think about another bit of the pleated fabric going straight across her dainty waist. Then lose the acres of fabric at the bottom. I don’t even hate the shoes, though I would go something other than black here.

  109. CeeCee

    I was just saying this during the season finale last week…EV is so gorgeous naturally, seeing her with pimped out make-up is weird and jarring, like seeing the friend we all have that never wears a speck of make suddenly get all dolled up: clown make up results. Take her hair down, give her her curls back, and wipe off half of the eye make-up; she can keep the top half of the dress, but let’s give her, say, another half inch of wiggle room (let’s face it, she’s a hottie, but she’s not particularly well endowed).

    As for the dress, with added room, I actually LOVE the top half, and the color on her; can’t we continue the color and style as-is, to the knee, and give her a pair of fab silver heels?

  110. redshoeson

    I would also close the skirt – that slit throws things all out of proportion. Re: her hair – yes, I’d like to see it down as well, as she looks like SrsBiznezz at the moment, not an event attendee.

  111. Anonymous

    i don’t really mind the slit, or the dramatic color change. Just drop the waist and loosen the hair.

  112. grete

    I say cut the skirt off mid-thigh (not too short) where it just starts to go dark, and let it curl out a little- with no slit. add shoes that don’t stripe but still have attitude, and it’s cute. even with the bondage top and tight hair.

  113. Levedi

    This really is a lovely dress. It just needs some tweaking. 1) lose the almost mock turtle neck – it makes the whole top look too tight. 2) adjust the lay of the top strapping so it’s supporting her, not squishing her flat. 3) make the color change just a bit more gradual or make the whole thing the top color. Viola – from okay dress to fantastic dress.

  114. Catherine

    If it was a softer material and not a bandage-like dress, and it was more open on the top, it would be much better. Also, strappier shoes might help, but I’m not sure.

  115. Cecily

    I can add nothing that hasn’t already been said, only concur: looser in the bodice, lower in the neck; maybe a slight slit but definitely a silver strappy sandal; and I love the color on the top but the bottom looks like an optical illusion or old school camera when you forget to turn the button on the flash attachment to the right aperture. In short, REDO!

  116. Sara

    Change the neckline, take it right away from her neck, maybe a sweetheart? Shorten the slit, swap the shoes for some delicate black slingbacks with a sort of white jewel crustation at the front. Take the hair down, loosely curled.

  117. kary

    make it a v-neck and skip the slit and the foofy stuff at the hem. ditch the shoes — what is this, 1996? — for something strappier and possibly more neutral. also, the makeup..cannes is hot, no? so, i’d go with a lighter hand on her eyes and give her hair a good shake out. overall, it just needs to be LOOSER. good god, girl. wear ace bandages on your own time.

  118. Carina

    Oh, Evangeline.

    Put down that H bomb of a dress and come over here.

    This is what you do:
    *Sew up the slit
    *Turn the neckline into AT LEAST a jewel neck
    *Soften your hair
    *Tailor the sides of the gown to take out the silly volume at your hips
    *Find Danial Farraday to bring you some AWESOME Egyptian style earrings from 2,000 BC, because you KNOW he can.
    *Metallic strappy sandals. I’m thinking copper to offset the blue dress.

  119. Lee

    The top of this dress looks like it came with a built-in sports bra and has a racer back. For someone with such defined arms and shoulders, I think it’s just a bit much and makes her look body-builderish. However I love the color and the bandage look, so I think making it a strapless with a sweetheart neckline and dropping the waistline to her (tiny) natural waist is a great idea. Hair, makeup, and shoes are way too severe, go with a softer updo and strappy silver sandals. As for the bottom half, I keep mentally turning this into the same cut as Reese Witherspoon’s famous canary yellow cocktail dress, but with the bandage material…

  120. Mrs O

    How about a new dress? That one is BAD. One from the 70′s Dharma folks would be preferable!

  121. kait

    romantic, twisty hair; not an updo…delicate shoes and make the bottom more flowy, and get rid of that slit. i do like the color, even the dramatic change.

    and SQUEEEE COMMENTS!!!!! see i actually participated before getting all excited again.

  122. Sherri

    Maybe the problem with the bondage bodice is the bra underneath it — the idea of the bodice appeals to me, but the shape is not working, and I tend to blame underpinnings because, face it, the woman has an enviable body, even if her breasts are not plastic inflatables.

    I’m with the crowd — close up the slit. Those aren’t hips under there, just bunchy fabric, so maybe closing the skirt will pull it in the right directions.

    Not crazed with the shoes, either. Too heavy, like hooves.

    What IS it with the dark circles around the eyes? Aren’t they selling a million different products now to eliminate dark eye circles? Why draw them on?

  123. Izzy

    The makeup is way to harsh, especially combined with the hair. I think the hair with softer makeup, the neckline more of a deep v instead of that weird swaddling and a soft gold shoe, something with a delicate heel and more straps would’ve made it a better look. The color is gorgeous on her and would’ve worked without those hideous shoes.

  124. Thomas

    Close the skirt. That slit is horrible.

    And I prefer the top color to the bottom color. So maybe make the entire thing the top color.

    Which of course means that you HAVE to change the shoes. Although I would want them gone in the first place.

  125. Scobes

    1. Needs a less severe neckline
    3. Easy up a teensy bit on the kohl

    She is but a few steps away from perfection. In contrast to a lot of others here, I heart those shoes.

  126. erin

    I think the problem is that Evangeline Lilly is mixing up the slick hair and hide-and-reveal dress with a warm tan and a sunny smile and fresh, glowy makeup. She looks like a sweet, fun girl who stepped into a dress that is all about mixed messages – like the dress is too complicated for the body it’s clothing.

    Maybe Lilly could pull this off if she naturally projected a confusing mix of soft/hard, tight-laced/exhibitionist, aggressive/receptive. That is a pretty compelling concoction, if it seems real (Lilly doesn’t even come close). Or, alternatively, if she just went all-out for the night, treated the dress a bit like a costume, and really committed to it. But she’s not even trying.

    Maybe the dress still wouldn’t work, but I’d want to see it on someone who can do it justice before judging.

  127. Legallyblondemel

    I adored this look in the first photo & would actually keep the severe hair / makeup. That & the neckline of the dress show off her enviable shoulders so well.

    As others have mentioned, the slit & bias cut appear to be causing le hips. I’d skip the slit & turn this into a cheongsam-like fit. You could also hack the shirt shorter & turn it into a form-fitting mini (sans slit), which would play nicely off of the covered up shoulders.

    In the accessories department, let’s swap out those clunky heels for Matthew Fox, shall we?

  128. Edel

    Make it strapless, anyway. Neckline as is has left her with no neck. Sew up the slit or move it to the side. Perhaps make it all the one brighter colour? I’m not sure about the darker half of it. Looser, if not down hair. Way less severe eye make up. Maybe a large bracelet to set off what would be a very simple look. I mean, look at her on Lost. She’s been in overalls half the season and looked better than this simply because all you need to see is her face and that wasn’t hidden.

  129. Kaitlen

    Hm. I don’t feel like this one’s at all tricky. Can be solved in four simple steps: 1. Lower the neckline. 2. Lower the waist. 3. Seal up that godawful slit. 4. Replace the vaguely orthopedic clunkers with something lighter and strappy. For bonus fabulosity points, add a pair of delicate dangle earrings, which will look lovely with the now-lowered neckline.

  130. Randy

    I’m ever so confused by this dress. In the first picture it looks as though it’s long enough to have a mini train and that extra bit of fabric gives it enough flow for the bottom half to fall beautifully on her body. But then in the next pictures suddenly that extra fabric is non-existent and she has gone from looking slim and chic to looking like the lower half of her body is about to pull a Violet Beauregard and plump up like a blueberry and she’ll need a team of oompa loompas to get her down the rest of the red carpet.

  131. Alesia

    Ugh. The one day I check GFY in the afternoon and look what I missed. My suggestions, which are not unique but I wanted to get in on the party:

    1. As stated, change the neckline. Boatneck or an even wider ballerina neck would be a fabulous showcase for her shoulders and guns.

    2. Sew up that God-forsaken slit.

    2. Drop the bodice a little, as it seems to end in a weird place that’s not empire yet not enveloping her entire torso.

    3. Loosen the hair, but keep it up. Maybe a loose chignon at the base of her neck with some tendrils, take advatage of ELs natural wave.

    4. Soften the makeup entirely. Lightly shadowed eyes but lots of mascare (or fake lashes), maybe a slightly dramatic lip. Add simple but nicely sized earrings.

    5. Since the slit is closed the shoes aren’t as much of an issue, but I’d still swap them out for a muted metallic strappy sttiletto.

  132. therese

    give that dress a v-neck to relax that severe shoulder line and i’ll take it

  133. Taylor

    Chains and a magnet pit. All I’m saying.

  134. BB

    definitely rehash the neckline and the hair, but also ditch the shoes… and I think if the waist and hips were more streamlined, the slit could be a lot smaller and the dress would still be striking. It’s like the tightness of the torso and the looseness of the skirt need to be averaged…

  135. Lil Charlie

    If we were to travel back in time and let her know how awful that neckline is, her stylist would never put that dress on such a purty lady. But then she’d never hear us complain about how that slit is doing her no favors, and the stylist would send her off to France in that disaster. Mobius strip? You betcha.

    Where’s my Dharma Rum?

  136. Anonymous

    I really like the first picture. I think the problem might be that she does not know how to walk and stand in the dress. So let’s slap her on a Segway and she can motor around maintaining the flattering pose from the first picture.

  137. poltergasm

    why does everyone on here understand immediately & instinctively whats wrong w/ this dress while its wearer & everyone responsible for its wearer’s wearing it missed it?

    ditch the slit, it makes her legs look like they are on backwards.

    one cant look a whole lot more peculiar than one does when one looks as if one is made incorrectly when one isnt.

    it wouldve looked a whole lot better if it actually looked like the first pic & its subtly gradated color was just that—-& it was closed all the way down. its ding an sich/thing in itself as a dress wouldve looked a whole lot better & so would the thing in the dress. the person, i mean. her.

    oh heavens, plus the same problem w/ todays elsenoted pewter business: the shoes are all wrong. nice shoes, all wrong for a boatneck mock turtle that looks as if it could be worn in the fall & is instead put on w/ summer’s black strappy sandals.

    also: push up t-shirt bra wouldve ended the sag & squish compromise once & for all. all of this, the shoe mismatch, the s & s couldve been ended if she had just changed the collar accordingly.

    added to the obvious un-split split.

    otoh, then all any of us would have would be a different dress entirely, albeit one in a =very= good color.

    even still, w/ all that remake, other than the overuse of semi-bizarre blusher nobody would find this cosmetology’s cosmology offensive @all.

    boring, maybe.

  138. Laura

    Dude, the dress falls too full at the hips and I don’t enjoy the mummy wrap effect of the top. It reminds me of how breast enhancement patients are wrapped. The shoes are also too heavy for such a whimsically flowing fabric.

  139. Anonymous

    Segway! Oh, that cracked me up. I agree with everyone above about the slit, the waistline, the neckline (although I like a boatneck-y cut rather than a V-neck). I *love* the color of this, but I think the fabric could be a little flow-ier or softer somehow. I think the dress looks beautiful and flowy in the first picture, but then the fabric looks a little stiff and wrinkly in the other pictures, which seems to accentuate the problems with the cut.

  140. Warwick

    She’s got that sacrificed, mummified Amazonian Swamp Princess emerges victorious, if rather shrunken, sort of look.

    The dress hasn’t dried out yet, but has clearly shrunk from eons in the swamp. Weighted down by suicide sandals our Princess is working hard.

    Sometimes it’s better just to start again, but if you insist:

    Loosen up the hair. Lighten up the eyes and define some mouth.
    Wear some jewellery. Loosen slightly the bodice and extend it down a bit. Put a bit more fabric into the under skirt. It’s all a bit, well shrunken.

    But really, it would be easier to start again, throw it back into the swamp.

  141. doozie

    I think she would simply look best without it. Without anything on including makeup, actually. And the dress itself would look fabulous in a crumpled pile on the floor of my bedroom or flung across my dresser…

  142. brista

    I agree with everything you said, Heather. I think it looks really nice in the first photo but as I scrolled down it just got uglier.

  143. Tonya

    I love the color, but the cut is fug. The mummy tank/bandages/seatbelts on top are fitted all wrong, making the girls flop and flatten and aggressively pressing on her windpipe. The bottom half of a satin dressing gown was sacrificed to make the skirt… the high waist and slit are hideous. Is it supposed to be an homage to a kimono? Wait a minute – did Katie Holmes design this?

    Drop the waist and cut off the skirt at knee length or sew up the slit. Please.

    I can’t even talk about the shoes.

  144. Mommica

    It looks great in the first picture because it looks LONGER. How did the dress get SHORTER in subsequent photos? Also, the shoes suck.

  145. Lainie

    More skin up top (lower neckline) less skin below (not such a high slit). I think the hippy thing might be caused by the wind catching and blowing the bottom out or something. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around the physics of this dress from the various angles. It reminds me to check more than one angle in my own mirror before I leave the house (though as I’m pregnant I usually don’t want to check many angles).

  146. Molly

    Who cares? You can parade me around with Josh Holloway and Mathew Fox and I will forget all about Evangeline’s wierd dress.

  147. Eloise Hope

    Its amazing what a good angle can do a fugly dress! It needs to be strapless, empire waistline, closed slit, more graded colour! Keep the hair and add some BIG BOLD earings. HOT!

  148. Anna

    Someone needs to remind girlfriend of the simple rule to dressing broad shoulders – no high necklines! Drop the neckline, unskankify the slit and add some daintier shoes and you have one hot look. The colour and the girl are gorgeous.

  149. autumnpearl

    I’d lower the waist line a bit, make it not so tight and do a boat neck. I’d also remove the slit and ease up on the ombre. Oh, and losen up her hair a bit, she needs that Grecian bun look with this dress.

  150. elise

    First of all, she is stunning. I love women with athletic bodies!
    I’m with most of the posters about getting rid of the slit and making the shoes more delicate. I’d also like to see a lower neckline to help balance the shoulders. But as it stands now, I wouldn’t call it a fug.

  151. Sandy

    Like others, I’d close the skirt and make it more flowing. I love the color transition, so keep that. I’d drop the waist a teensy bit, change the neckline to something more flattering to her face, and add some breast support to get the girls up and out.

    Maybe not so severe on the hair. Up, but not as OMGITSSOTIGHTMYEYESAREPULLEDOUTTOMYEARS.

  152. Missy

    she has a great body, but the bodice is eating her top half….it is cut like a work-out shirt. something needs to be done with the neckline to make it less severe on top.

  153. Heather

    Just wanted to drop by and say that even though most of you are in agreement, all the comments have been unique and interesting, and it’s been a really fun thread to read. So thank you!

    Okay, that is all. Continue as you were. :)

  154. Liz

    After spending longer than I should have scrutinizing the two dresses, I think that this dress and the one that Rachel Weisz looks stunning in a few posts up in are the same dress, but with the changes I’d advise Evangeline to make: loose, flowy, pretty hair; a less severe neckline; and either a yank downwards or sideways to fix the hippy issues. Seriously though, am I hallucinating or are they the same dress?

  155. Jen K.

    I’m biased against shoes that look like that in general, so I would always advocate swapping them out regardless of the outfit.

    I had problems with the hair even in the first shot. Something less severe would help a lot.

    Color is awesome, though. :)

  156. Anonymous

    The shoes make all the difference. These are far too big and clunky for such a delicate dress. I’d go with silver, with slimmer straps….

  157. hlp

    I like the color gradation. I LOVE the color at the top, and the darkness at the bottom is dramatic. I would make the top looser and change the neckline and drop the waist. And I definitely agree about looser hair.

  158. Neelie

    It looks like she pulled an Angelina and wore the dress backwards. I’m imagining a nice low v-neck (which she’s wasted on her scapulae) and a waistband that actually falls at her waist.

  159. Christy

    The skirt of the dress is too stiff. It wouldn’t stand out in that bulky-looking way if the material were floatier. The shoes should be gold and more delicate. I like the bound look up top, and the color.

  160. Deb

    I think she needs to find/hire/double the pay of Rachel Weisz’s stylist. What a siren in that picture! The comeback girl!

    This girl, needs to start over.

    Yippee, Fug Girl comments rule!

  161. Anonymous

    I would love it with a simpler skirt, because its weird shape is making her hips look big.

  162. Ruby

    I’d tear it to shreds, and use the lovely fabric to create a very nice short dress.

    The porportions are terrible, they make her look dwarfish. The combination of the high neck, high waist, and wide skirt maker her torso look tiny, her head huge, and her hips hippy. There’s really nothing to be done but start over, which is a pity because the fabric and some of the detailing is lovely.

  163. aylaanne

    I would like this dress much more if her boobs were hiked up a little higher and the neckline was a little lower. Maybe if the waistline was dropped, too, to reduce the hippiness, or if the ombre started higher or lower to help that highlight effect on her hips.

    Overall, it’s a win, but it does need some help to be a WIN.

  164. Kim

    Aargh, that third photo makes me upset. I really like the color and effect of the dress, but it does look like the waist should be lower. And those shoes are awful–their combination with the slit in the second photo make her legs look massive. I don’t mind the slit in theory, with better shoes and a lower waist. Her hair definitely could be down. The top, meh, I like the effect and the neckline and girl’s got some arms, no point being ashamed of that (as long as they’re not Madonna scary). This could easily be salvaged; it’s a shame it went as wrong as it did.

  165. dannabase

    I love the top of this dress! It makes it unique and I think changing the top would be like making into a whole different dress. I suppose it could be a tad looser on top though. Clearly the slit is unnecessary out of place here, but the SHOES are what really kills me!

    Does anyone else think this dress seems similar to Rachel Weisz’s green dress posted later? Same designer perhaps?

  166. Miss A

    Stylishly tussled hair and better sandals. We’re good to go. I love the dress.

  167. Elena

    @Reba: ‘Taking a tour of lady town’ is my new favourite phrase ever, EVER.

    I’m unconvinced about everything on this dress except the colour (at the top). The fit’s weird, the slit’s weird, and I reckon she’s one bad seating assignment away from Hulking through the bodice. And don’t even get me STARTED on the shoes, which I saw a 55-year-old woman trying on at K-Mart just yesterday. Evangeline, you are a beautiful woman with a body I personally would surrender a couple of major organs for. You have money and fame enough to access the best stylists around. Do better. Try harder.

  168. jody

    Crop it to mid thigh and you’ve got an awesome party dress.

  169. alex

    She looks like a half-done mummy.
    There is no way of saving this – in parts or whole. Love the top color and fabric. Start fresh to produce a classy, clissic gown (read Audry Hepbrurn) – the color is bold enough – keep it simple.

  170. Spivette

    Short skirt. Would counteract the bandaged-boob-effect.

  171. Emily

    I don’t mind the mock turtleneck too much but I would extend the wrapping lower to avoid looking pregnant from the wrong angles, and then spice the whole thing up by making it backless. Sort-of similar to the dress Hilary Swank wore when she picked up that Oscar for Million Dollar Baby? The colour however is brilliant. I don’t mind the darkening at the base but I would make it less drastic.

    The slit obviously has to go.

    The shoes are also unsalvageable, I would trade them for something a lot more delicate, loving the idea of gunmetal as a colour.

  172. Anonymous

    cut it off above the knee and have it more tighter around her (probably) nice figure. like a pencil skirt.

  173. Nathalie

    I would keep the dress exactly as is. What can I say, when I first saw pictures of this earlier today I fell in love.

    But I would switch out those clunkers on her feet for silver strappy shoes. And I would loosen the hair and make the makeup more subtle.

  174. Ally

    I would say bring the hair down and see what it looks like curly, but I have a feeling with the high neckline it might make her look like she has no neck. So, then maybe a less severe updo.

    Close up the slit some, it is going into Lisa Rinna territory.

    Put on some less severe shoes. I could deal with a thinner black, but silver might be perfect.

  175. Miss Mama

    Yes, close the hem up PRONTO! Then the dress is FINE… add one big, smooth bracelet… a cuff in dark red, I think, and fashioned out of bakelite or wood (but not with the grain showing) and delicate strappy shoes in dark yellow satin… not greenish, but almost mustard… sounds kooky, but I think it would be fun. Silver is too “prom” for me with this. (Though I do love a silver shoe!) I like her hair back, but it should be in a low pony… some pretty curls down her back. Neckline IS severe… hair should not match!

  176. Anonymous

    I think if you lovered the waistline, the rest of the problems would take care of themselves.
    Love you guys

  177. lc

    Put the hair down, cut that dress at about mid-thigh, and trade in those clunky shoes for something light and strappy. Ta-da – HOT!

  178. lmommy

    ditch the dress and the horrible eye shadow. while i can’t stand when guys say inane things like “you look so much prettier without makeup” to ME, e. lilly here is an exception. she is more stunning with the basics: mascara, liner, blush, and gloss, than with her almay contouring compact for blue eyes. the shoes are 80s. the only thing sort of redeeming about them is the almost sexy back strap part. i’m pretty sure i saw the dress dragging on a floor at my local tj maxx. it’s bad too. she should be in anything else–but it should be a simple, short sheath if it’s going to be high-necked. otherwise, she should stick to the v and scoop necks they don her in on lost (just ditch the pit and wild boar blood stains).

  179. Anna

    The #1 problem: the neckline. It skews everything. Her shoulders look thin which make her waist look huge, her chest is wonking out of its confines and her neck is trying to escape. Make this a super flattering V-neck and all her problems would be solved.

  180. julia

    The bodice definitely doesn’t fit, but the wrap isn’t bad. I don’t understand the decision to have a wrap on top and draping on the bottom and a straight line bisecting the body between the two, particularly when the straight line doesn’t extend across the front (which makes her look shortwaisted).

    I think, though, my response may be colored by the fact that I loathe wrap skirts with the burning fire of a thousand blazing suns (the seventies did that to a lot of us), and the idea of taking a heavily-tailored dress, adding fabric and putting a graceless slit down the front to turn it into a faux-wrap feels like a crime to me. YMMV.

  181. Lynn

    I actually sort of like the bandage-like style at the top. I say take that lower, so the whole thing hugs her torso, down to right about where that slit starts. Ditch the slit, add just a little flounce to the skirt and (like everyone else has said) change the footwear. This should change the essence back to the silhouette of picture #1. I love it.

  182. leah

    so simple! cocktail length! no slit, a touch softer on the hair and more delicate footwear (maybe nude…or…gold birdcage???).

    voila! perfection.

  183. maria

    this is one of the few occasions where i can say that a larger chest would probably fill the dress out better. it looks much too flat and strapped away up top.

  184. Sarah

    Yep, just shorten it up. Oh, and the shoes are hideous. How about some of those trendy super strappies if she wants a chunkier heel? I’m sorry but the wide straps are about 95% grandma.

    Also, to emphathize, last weekend I wore a very bright emerald green dress to a wedding and bright colors in shifty fabrics tend to move and hang strange when we are not posing in our bathroom mirror.

  185. Stephsteph

    I can’t deal with the dress– horrid. Or the shoes– horrid.

    but if you MUST wear those shoes… GIRL, GET A PEDI! I mean, damn. You ARE wealthy, no?

  186. Danny D

    The hair: soften and shorten. It would be nice if it did not look greasy, which, I am sure, is a styling, not hygeine issue. The shoes should be burned and replaced with something strappy and fun. The make up could be softer on the eyes. And, earrings of an appropriate size would not kill her.

  187. Lydia

    Those shoes are hideous.

  188. Sarah

    The waistline needs to drop which would most likely take care of the polter-hippy issue. Also, can we allow the girls to breathe a little by letting some space in there? Then the shoes need to be lighter, I agree! You could still go with the ultra-trendy cage shoes but with small, delicate straps. And softer hair, softer hair, softer hair, please!!!

  189. Annika

    definitely needs to lose the slit, and better hair to balance the flowy skirt. as it is she’s kind of a giant turquoise hershey’s kiss.

  190. Sanne

    I’m not really sure whether this dress can be saved. I think it should totally have a v-neck, it should at least show a little bit more than just her neck. Then, I would take away the slit which is awful, I hate slits on basically any dress, they totally tramp it up. Make the dress knee-length, the waistline of the dress should go up a little and from there, the dress should be a little flowy.

    This dress makes her look really shapeless which I bet she is not. I think I would like a totally different colour on her though, like mint-green. And a whole new dress as well.

  191. Suzy

    1) Cut out all that awful fabric around the neck and collarbone. Substitute spaghetti straps and a v-neck at the top of those criss-crossed bands of fabric.

    2) Lower the bodice about three inches.

    3) Keep the skirt tight around the waist and hips, but then increase the fabric from hip to hem so that the skirt flows and drapes loosely. Keep the slit–once the skirt can move, it will be okay.

    4) Subsitute heeled sandals with thin, sparkly straps.

  192. Hannah

    Like a gymnast, crossed with a mermaid styling herself on a circa ’92 Spicegirl, with just ahint of oddly clunky stripper shoe. Poor form Lily.

  193. apricotmuffins

    RAISE the neckline a little. it looks like a stunted polo-neck right now. a bit more fabric and it might work better.

    then, drop the bottom of the bodice so it hugs her better near to her waist, and close the slit.make the gradiation more gradual, give her some delicate strappy shoes and some softer hair, and we have a winner.

  194. BastDawn

    I love the color, and I love the ombre, even if it is rather abrupt. I wonder if this dress could be saved just by going up a size — the slit wouldn’t gape so wide, and she’d have more breathing room in the chest. I suspect it needs a lighter fabric, though. Something floaty would be so beautiful.

  195. cuddlebunny

    1- get rid of the empire waist and make it fitted through the natural waist. Possibly add a belt of the same fabric/color to offset the severe neckline.

    2- close up the slit entirely or make it a little more modest.

    3- add some understated earrings-diamond studs might be nice.

    But I really love the color on her. It’s so close to being perfect, except it’s just not.

  196. Society Style Kate

    Just go up an inch in the bust and shorten in to above the knee and it would a killer! Also style is with loose curls and a statement bracelet and more delicate shoes. I love the color on her, that dress is worth re-working!

  197. Anonymous

    i don’t think she looks masculine at all!! I think she looks aggressive, strong and fabulous. I am of course a former gymnast, who spent the first 13 years of her life looking exclusively at other women with giant ripped shoulders in tight fitting tops with hair pulled back severely, but still.

    No, I think she looks fantastic on top. With a floatier bottom — no ombre, no slit, sleeker shoes — i think this would be really striking, because say what you will about the top, at least it’s different.

  198. Anonymous

    Give her Greek goddess hair, drop in a modest v neck, keep the slit, the chiffon layer which is adding girth should be relegated to only the back of the dress, add metallic barely-there strappy shoes in gunmetal, add a pavé diamond encrusted platinum cuff (two cuffs? one per wrist?) along with simple diamond and platinum drops for earrings. Ta-Daaa.

  199. Ally

    Lose the ombre (that color is gorgeous!), more delicate shoes in a lighter color, some volume to her hair (she’s already got ’60s glam with the neckline and makeup–why no big hair?) and either a) a completely-wrapped skirt draped more diagonally across her hips, or b) a fuller skirt in a light fabric. Or c), pencil skirt, knee-length. I really like the neckline; I don’t think it makes her boobs look squished, and I wouldn’t have noticed her arms.

  200. shugee

    Slits on red carpet dresses seem to bring out bizarre wide-legged stances so as to show off legs. Maybe if EL stood with legs together the dress would look leaner – model stance of yore, girlfriend. No leg splaying.

  201. Icy

    Those arn’t muscles, these are muscles! You go girl, show us what some excerise can do!

  202. Alice

    I would:
    1. Stitch the slit closed. I think someone thought it was boring and sliced the skirt open, even though it would have been tall-ifying and pretty without. (In Ms. Lilly’s defense, it would be a shame not to show off her legs.)
    2. Re-cut the neckline so it becomes a wrap/v-neck. The way that bodice is constructed, it would look as though it was wrapping around the curves of her chest, not strapping it down. The high neck is what’s making it look restrictive; it makes her head look attached to her dress, and if she wants to milk the tall drink of water effect of the dress, she needs a bit of decolletage. (Be prepared: high necks are all over the Fall runways, so we’re going to see a lot of trendy people getting eaten or strangled by their clothes for the next year or so.)

  203. Joanie

    If only she’d stop wading in the water trying to save one of her “friends”, the dress wouldn’t have shrunk and it wouldn’t have stained so badly. That blue at the top? Really pretty on her.

    As for that posture, I’d be clutching at my back, begging for Flexeril and a personal masseur, and hoping that the nice people who rescued us all from the island could somehow clean up and stretch the dress a bit.

    On the plus side, her makeup looks nice and she’s not covered in fake dirt and sand.

  204. amanda

    I actually like the shoes! But instead of them being so boring maybe something sparkly across the toe strap. I think a v neck would help soften the look and close the slit. She looks so lovely in the first shot, the rest are rather unfortunate.

  205. Lizzie

    Oy. Okay – the color is nice.

    Her boobs (does she have any boobs?) need to be freed from that painful looking prison.

    The shoes might be cute with something else but not an evening gown.

    There is something about the cut of the skirt that not only makes her look hippy, as you rightly pointed out, but also gives her a faux baby bump.

    I look forward to the “LOST BABY!” headlines in certain tabloid magazines that shall remain nameless.

  206. Renny

    Okay, that thing seriously needs a new neckline, her poor chest must be in pain. I’m always a fan of a nice wide V. And get rid of that slit, its what is making her hips look so enormous, plus, its a little too high for my liking. I like the color, keep that, tis lovely, but someone should also maybe warn her that that pose in that second picture is not doing her ANY favors.

  207. Chrisitna

    Burn the dress.
    Donate the shoes to a reputable camping facility to be used to bang in tent pegs – that’s all they are good for.

  208. Another Christina

    I actually dig the bound-boob top part and risk flaming pitchforks by saying I’m also okay with the leg-crotch slit.
    - I’d rather see more of that chiffon fabric floating lovingly over the leg slit which would both minimize the ick of the clunky shoes as well as comfortingly assure us we’re not soon to be privvy to her shaving preferences.
    - I like the ombre but it needs to arrive at full black only a few inches off the floor; keep the lovely blue trailing color at least to her knees.
    - Add more of the chiffon in little tiny cap sleeve tops (extending maybe 2 inches from the armhole top) ending flush before the armhole curves under the arm. It would seriously soften the look, tie in the floaty chiffon from the skirt portion, and with just a smidge of fabric still show off her impressive shoulders.
    - Take the undefined neckline and leave it high, but morph it into something more ‘modified Mandarin with a narrow slit.’
    - As others have said, lower the waistline to her natural waist.
    - Loosen the hair but keep it up.
    - Remove 75% of the eyeliner from her lower eye area, replace the 25% that remains with something softer than black. As it stands, her eyes are looking even more constrained than her boobs.

  209. Darkhorse

    1. Boatneck instead of mock turtleneck (boatneck would suit the lines of the top better than a v-neck).

    2. Reduce slit to just above knee.

    3. Loose hair (hers is so pretty!) instead of scraped-back look.

    4. Less-clunky shoes in blue or a medium gray.

    5. Add accessory: Jack. I still love him better than Sawyer.

  210. SmR

    Well, I’ve got nothing original, but I agree with:
    Closing the slit, loosening her hair a bit (not taking it down necessarily, but loosen the updo), dangly earrings, strappy shoes, and possibly making the whole dress the color of the top. I do like the bodice though, and the makeup.
    P.S. Yay, comments!

  211. Heather

    Awesome, guys! I love reading what you have to say. We’re going to close up comments on this entry, but we’ll have another one up soon for you to debate. Happy Memorial Day!