Unfug It Up: Christina Hendricks


I’d say Christina Hendricks looks much improved since the last couple of times we’ve seen her, but I have a SERIOUS BIRD PHOBIA and I really can’t even examine this too long:

From staring down here at her feet — WHERE IT’S SAFE — I would argue that she could maybe use a marginally higher heel, but what do I know? I’m in the fetal position over here. I need the visual equivalent of a mega-dose of Xanax. I know I’ve got something for that…where is it….?

Ahhh, yes. That’s the stuff. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I’ll take one of each. And you? You let me know the scoop on Ms. Hendricks’s ensemble. Is it as weird yet essentially flattering as I thought when I saw it for one brief second before I burst into tears and started screaming like the lambs? If not, how would you fix it? Remember: play nice!
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  1. tatiana.larina

    It IS weird. Reminds me of these bird silhouettes that are put in some buildings on the windows to prevent birds from flying into them.

  2. Squeeziee

    Hmm. Hem up an inch or two, heels up an inch or two, and let her hair down – it currently appears like she’s just popped out of the shower and tied it back.
    Other than that though, I really do like the dress – it’s different, but not overwhelmingly so.

  3. In my bunk

    Christina Hendricks can do no wrong.

  4. Erin

    I think it’s pretty, but she is REALLY covered-up. Combined with the stumpy heel and we have something a bit too close to schoolmarm for my comfort.

  5. Hillary

    Lose the sleeve, looks too imbalanced as is, add four-inch open toe shoes (mind you, no ankle strap, it’ll just cut her legs in half), shorten hem by two inches.

    I really like the bodice and she pulls off the shape of the dress nicely.

  6. Jennifer

    I like the idea of the pattern, but the bird definitely has to go. Maybe make it more of a belt around the waist and that would be cool.

    Higher (and more interesting) heels would be good too, but I’m not one to judge, as I refuse to wear anything much higher than kitten myself.

  7. Penny D.

    Definitely a higher heel, those make her legs look stumpy and that is NOT OKAY. And I’d give her a more elegant updo. I’m actually fond of the dress, bird boob or no. Then again, she’s smokin’ hot, so I may be biased in my opinion of her wardrobe.

  8. Tricia

    Higher heels fo sho. And I’d like to see the hem a touch higher too. Otherwise I think it’s awesome. I don’t even mind her hair. Good Gravy, what a stunning woman she is.

  9. Kates

    Scrape off the bird, lop off the sleeve, crank up the heel. And why black in August? Though the hair and makeup – flawless. She’s gorgeous.

    I like the bird in theory, but it’s just too literal. All I can think is how much it must have hurt when the crow flew smack into her left boob.

  10. Erin

    See’s just so pretty and she has so much great stuff going on (hair, body, etc.) and she DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRESS HERSELF.

    She should take a page from the Dita Von Teese playbook and vamp it up more. And try a little harder with the hair.

  11. Kates

    Oh, and Christina – a hearty thanks from all of us pale-skinned girls for sticking with your natural color. RESIST THE TANNING SPRAYS. Stand firm. Hire a stylist, but if he or she suggests just a little bit of color – run. RUN FAST.

  12. iolarah

    I love that dress. It flatters her figure nicely. I agree with your thought that it could use a higher heel and I would also add a glossy, chunky black bangle on her left wrist. And maybe a black feathered clutch.

  13. Natalie

    It’s unusual, but she’s working it. What a lovely girl.

  14. Kate

    Make it strapless, hem it up an inch or two, & a higher, brightly colored heel. That would be perfection!

  15. Rebel Rabble

    Christian Hendricks is perfect and I love her. End of story.

    That said, rip that sleeve off at the seam, add a couple inches to the bottom of the dress to get it just past her knees, and yeah I think a slightly higher heel couldn’t hurt either.

  16. Jen

    I LOVE the dress. And I love her. I wouldn’t change anything about the dress, but she REALLY needs more fabulous shoes. Higher heel definitely, but also more style. While the bird is a bit big, the dark color means that a fancy shoe (maybe a little peep toe) would not be too much.

  17. Alisha

    She looks fabulous, interesting, and completely at home in both her outfit and skin. I love the kitten heel–she’d rather be comfortably chic than a fashion slave.

  18. Bubba

    Make it sleeveless and add a higher open toe shoe in a metallic or color. She looks hot. I love the bird on the dress. Jessica, you’d have nightmares in my bathroom/bedroom. Birds everywhere!

  19. Marph

    A three-inch shorter hem, lose the bird et voila – fabulosity. The shorter hem would even de-stumpify her legs and she wouldn’t have to change the shoes.

    And I’ll add my huzzahs to the ‘yay she doesn’t tan’ throng…

  20. Paige

    That dress is awesome! Wouldn’t change a thing. However, the heels could go an inch higher, and maybe have a peep toe. It’s still summer, after all. (My husband has a bird phobia, too, so he feels your pain.)

  21. Robert M.

    There’s really not much to be done here; she’s one of those people who would pretty much look good in a sack. Move the hemline up a few inches, add heels (something black and strappy, with a bit less shine), and chop that right sleeve off either just above or just below the elbow.

    The feathered clutch is a great idea, too.

  22. Winona

    I love the dress (and pale skin) – would perhaps add a higher heel, but otherwise the look is great.

  23. Ali

    I actually like the bird, but I agree that there’s something wrong with the length of the dress – it needs to be a smidge shorter with different shoes – either higher or open toe. Maybe some bright color in the shoes? The current pair looks like she grabbed ‘em out of her sensible grandmother’s closet.
    The asymetric sleeve isn’t quite working either – maybe make the single sleeve shorter (more of a tank) and/or add on another sleeve.
    I’d like to see more color though – it’s summer, brighten things up! Maybe make the dress green or add on some colored accessories…
    Lots to work with, but all in all, it could be tons worse.

  24. Victoria

    Well, that bird does look a bit scary. And dead. And scary.

    But nevertheless, make it one-shoulder not one-sleeve, change the shoes to 4″ open-toes as was propose before, and we’re good.

  25. Mara

    Add a higher heel, maybe in a grey or pop of yellow rather than black, and make the dress sleeveless with a sweetheart neck. Possibly an inch or two shorter. Keep the bird. It’s different and interesting, and the dress does flatter her figure.

  26. mar

    omg! my mom has a serious bird phobia too. she went to therapy for that, but on her last session the therapist took her to a bird store and, of course, she ran away and never went back.

    anyway, on the topic of the dress, i like it and i think it flatters her. i would have worn it with bright or metallic peep toe pumps

  27. ames

    It’s off-beat, but so is she. I love it in its entirety. <3

  28. yosafbridge

    I think this dress is fabulous and wouldn’t change anything except give her a better shoe. And Wow is that beautiful!

  29. loonytick

    She’s a gorgeous woman, but this outfit is dragging her down a touch.

    I actually almost like the bird. I feel like it would work a lot better if the bird were flying up rather than down. I know, I know, those who don’t like the bird at all must think I’m rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic here, but I do think it would make a positive difference-a little less like an avian attack and more like an interesting style choice.

    It also needs a few little tailoring tweaks: it could fit her better through the boobs and the hem would look better if it were hit either just above or just below her knee rather than slicing right across the middle.

    And yeah, a slightly higher heel would serve her well here.

  30. Zoe

    Love the dress, wouldn’t change a thing. But the shoes are too bland and a bit stumpifying. Something higher and more avant garde would play up the drama of the dress.

  31. Jess

    Ditch the bird and go for mega-high heels, in some crazy colour.

  32. rmd

    Hmmm…for as totally smokin’ hot as this lady is, that is one matronly ensemble. The bird and long sleeve are both very Eau de Weird Grandma, and I think the shoe needs to be hotter. Like, the heel height would be okay if it was a color, but in black with the black dress and the boring hair and the matronly sleeve and the terrifying bird, it’s a weird combination of “huh?” and “blaaaah…”

    Can I cut off the sleeve, make the bird into more of an all-over, suggestion-of-bird subtly metallic pattern, and make the shoe gold? Then I think the boring hair might work.

  33. wtfnyc

    She does love her jersey, doesn’t she? I actually like the one sleeve — I find it oddly slimming. Unlike the shoes, which, unless she has some kind of orthopoedic issue, HAVE to go. High, strappy, open-toed platform, maybe even in an emerald or burgundy. And bring the skirt in around her lower thighs a little — there’s too much fabric there. Hair is fine, and make-up is gorgeous. As is the face and body. HUBBA.

  34. Peony

    I feed a couple of wild ravens in my neighbourhood by HAND so there! Okay, the heel could be higher. Maybe a nice 3.5″ inch square heel. And maybe a peep toe?

  35. camille

    Ok, cooler shoes (someone else said not just higher but also more interesting, and I agree) would be a plus, but she does look great. My one problem with the bird situation isn’t that there IS a bird, per se, but that it looks so much like it splatted into her midsection. Maybe if the bird design wasn’t quite so… literal? Or maybe if the whole shootin’ match wasn’t black and gold? Not in love with that colour combo – it looks like snazzy grandma time at the casino – but like I said, she makes it look good, so I’m not too bothered either way.

  36. Becca

    The bird is a little weird and I would never aspire to pull it off, however I think she pushes it into the “weird-interesting” rather than the “weird-unfortunate” category. I like the one shoulder look, but (especially since it is black) the long sleeve and awkward hemline are a little over-powering, given her lighter complexion. I think I would like this whole look better if it were in color….something that would show off her hair or her eyes. and someone should definitely get that woman some bigger heels! strappy or peeptoe, I think.

  37. Salvatore

    A sexier shoe in a bold color (red satin d’orsay?) would liven it up a bit. A gorgeous earring wouldn’t hurt, either. But otherwise, I am on board with her smirk to Hitchcock (something they also do remarkably well on the show; it’s never overt, but it’s certainly present).

  38. Vandalfan, North Idaho

    Did anyone else think of “The Story of O”?

    This might be OK in black or royal blue, with peacock feathers, possibly, if avian reference is necessary, not an entire bird. Gladiator sandals or nice strappy heels. I’d keep her nice coloration and coif, but maybe add a subtle earring or bracelet.

  39. Anonymous

    I think it’s lovely! I’m not completely crazy about the fabric, and I think maybe something with just a little bit of a sheen (not satin, though) would have been nicer, but the overall design is great. I don’t share your fear of birds. :)

    And, no, SHE DOES NOT NEED A HIGHER HEEL. Good lord. What is with the obsession with teetering around on stilts? I would have thought you guys were immune to that. This looks like a solid three inches, and it is FINE. I agree that the shoes could have something more interesting going on–maybe some strappiness or color–so that the whole outfit is not entirely about the bird, but yeesh. Rampant foot abuse is not a style upgrade.

  40. Mei

    I think it would work better if the bird were more of an abstract shape. I’m also not crazy about that amount of black, especially on a redhead. Especially at this time of year. We have 8 months to dress for Dracula’s birthday. How about one of those great colors that redheads can wear, like a deep green? True, the shoes would look better with a higher heel, but I also admire the instinct to be comfortable without doing something awful and Birkenstock-ish. A different cut of the shoe’s upper, perhaps with a peep toe, would have flattered her legs without forcing her into a high heel.

  41. manscaper

    Personally I really kind of love this. The hem does need to be fixed, maybe raised and inch and some of the stiching around the bird at her waist looks a little off but over all I think it is a great look.

    I think its hard for her because she doesn’t want to seem like she is dressing in character as Joan all the time, but really Joan’s wardrobe is so fantastic and flattering on her.

    I read an interview once where somebody asked her if she has trouble finding comteporary roles because she is such a classic beauty…she just replied: I also have a reoccuring role on “Life” LOL

  42. Robin

    The worst thing about that outfit is her hair. She needs a sleeker updo, or styled hair let down. NOT a sweaty bun as if she overslept, didn’t have time for a shower, and had to pull her hair into a bun in order to hide the greasy bangs.

    As for the dress, I think giving it a cap sleeve, instead of a long-sleeve, would make it much less severe. Also, she needs a high pump in some sort of color, red, gold, I dunno. She just looks a bit like what you’re crazy aunt would wear to a funeral.


  43. Amy

    Tuesday Weld did it soooo much better. Next!

  44. Katy

    Hem either up or down…it’s cutting her right off and SO unflattering. Heels UP. And even out the sleeves. Boom! You’re there.

  45. Miss Fern

    PERFECT as is.

  46. Suzy

    I can’t help finding it weird, and not in a good way. Honestly, let’s start over with a whole new dress, shoe, hair, and makeup.

  47. MAmanda

    It is interesting, like something Cate Blanchett would wear and totally rock. I was all, “She is fierce,” right until I scrolled down to the shoes. She needs a higher heel to make her bottom half look less matronly.

    But her hair and makeup – stunning! It’s not fair how gorgeous this woman is!

  48. anonyme

    I love the bodice – I think she’s REALLY making it work with her body, face, and hair. The skirt, I believe, could do with being fitted in a pencil style and the shoe being either raised and/or made a bit more delicate (the ‘or’ factor being if she has any physical problems preventing 4″ heels). Otherwise, I adore this. Bravo for not going with something like every other woman and yet maintaining class and decorum.

  49. Mrs. Midatlantic

    Mmmm… Don Draper…

  50. Natalie

    The length is wrong, the shoes are wrong and the colour is wrong for a red head. She is a siren gone flat in this dress…whoopmpf

  51. amry

    hmmm…. her complexion seems a bit wan to pull off that much black, and the shoes aren’t my fav – but I love the dress!

  52. becca

    I just can’t stand it!!!! She is one of the most wholly beautiful actresses performing today and she is so bad at dressing herself! Yes, those shoes are too low – they stumpify her lovely petite frame. Yes, that dress sucks – there’s just no fixing it. AARRRGGGGHHH! And her face and skin are so so so beautiful, and I know she has an amazing figure under that bird/funeral dress. Why, why can’t she dress herself even half as well as they dress her on Mad Men??!!!

    P.S. A picture of Don Draper yesterday, a picture of Don Draper today. Truly wonderful. Fug Girls, don’t ever change.

  53. Miss Dove

    The dress is this close to being worthy of her. Very dramatic, but if anyone should be able to pull it off, it’s our Joanie. I’d lose the sleeve and find a more supportive bra to bring the eye up. I think the length would be fine if she were wearing a higher heel and/or an open toe. The hair is also too messy and undone. Practically anything would be an improvement, including just letting it down and brushing it.

  54. Sherri

    I’m in the pro-bird camp — it’s really just an applique with feathers (and compared to Cher’s avian romps, hardly counts). It’s complex and interesting and I suspect the photo does not do it justice. Those feathers are probably a feast of iridescent sheen and sparkle.

    Why, yes, I do keep birds as pets. Scary birds that keep the cats at bay with beady eyed glares.

    Shoes — meh. Heel height is fine, but the shoe itself says “I go with a pants suit and a court date”. It wouldn’t take much to jazz that up a notch. Hemline could be higher because she has good legs and they don’t need to hide. The asymmetrical sleeve makes the bodice wonky, so get rid of that, either a little flutter of sleeve or completely strapless.

    Also in the Pale Girl camp and like her lovely Irish look. All Hail Sun Screen SPF 75!

  55. Jacquilynne

    I think the main problem with the dress is the fit of the skirt — I don’t really object to the bird part. The skirt, though, needs to be shorter and slimmer.

    And maybe some heels with heels on them.

  56. Maggie

    Actually, I think it’s gorgeous. Higher heels would have made a difference in the stumpy department, but I love the dress.

  57. Carrie

    Foundation, blush and nix the slingbacks. I’m sorry, but those shoes look a lot more offensive than the dress to me.

  58. Anonymous

    The shoes, the shoes! They are just a little too Hush Puppy/Naturalizer for the dress. They don’t need to be higher persay – just sexier. Not so business casual.

  59. Jan

    With all due respect to the patience and creativity of you all: Have you lost your minds??? The bird is truly fug–and by fug I mean in the non-Bai Ling way, which is to say in the totally boring, totally frumpy, and OMG why can’t someone who works in television find a stylist kind of way. Yikes, people. You can’t fix this.
    Get real.
    Thank you for listening. I feel better now.

  60. Emily

    I actually dig the bird and she is so gorgeous she’s pretty much pulling it off as is, but I think it would be even BETTER is she “summerized” it by:

    *Swapping out the blocky black heel for a nude or tan strappy sandal to balance the black and add a little length to her legs.

    *Punch up the color with a boldly colored clutch or even get adventurous with her eye make up (like a smoky eye effect with purple or jade)and a pretty pink lip gloss. And definitely lkeep that great alabaster complexion spray tan free!

    *Give the hair a more toussled up do or leave it down with beachy waves.

  61. faeriemelie

    I have to say that I actually like it. Yes, it looks a bit like a bird is launching itself out of her stomach, but if every dress was decorated with the same boring rhinestones and whatnot, there would be no interest in fashion any more. I applaud Christina for taking such a bold choice, and looking sexy as all get out to boot.

  62. Jeni

    I think her legs do look a bit stumpy, which could be fixed by a shorter hemline and/or a higher heel. However I will overlook that since the dress minimizes her breasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with large breasts, but sometimes they can be a little overwhelming.

  63. Brenda

    I agree that the dress fits her very well, even if the bird is not to everyone’s taste.

    That being said – does she ALWAYS need to wear black? She has such beautiful coloring (and please do continue to stay far away from any form of Mystic Tan), and I would love to see her in a chocolate brown, or perhaps a nice shade of green to really pop that pretty hair color.

    And the shoes are a bit too ‘brunch with the girls’ – doesn’t necessarily need a higher heel but does needs a sexier shoe; maybe something in a nice metallic.

  64. Arundel

    The thing is, this is the Mad Men premiere- as much as we in 2009 would like a higher hem and heels, she’s subtly being Joan here, too. Notice how Hammsome is dressed as Don Draper? So the skirt length and kitten heels make sense. Promoting the show, she has to look a little like Joan (who we love). And i don’t mind the bird, at least it’s not dull.

  65. Amy

    Perhaps Ms. Hendricks has a bird phobia as well, and is simply taking a tip from various windows and attempting to stave them off by adhering one to herself.

    I don’t think it’s that she needs a higher heel, just a more delicate shoe. Those come off as a little frumpy with this particular look. Get rid of the rounded toe and the slightly chunky heel and she’s in serious business.

  66. andrea

    Shoes: Not higher heels, necessarily, but either POINTY TOED or OPEN TOED. And definitely funkier/sexier. I agree that they look too business casual.

    Dress: the color is all wrong. Pale-skinned redheads should not wear black. Ever. If the color were a smoky gray, or really dark green, or a rich aubergine–that would be awesome. Black, especially on someone as pale as Christina, is just so…. undead.

    Also, just the teeniest bit shorter, to clear her knees.

    The bird–I can take it or leave it, though I do agree with the commenter who suggested it would work better pointing up rather than down.

  67. Carey

    It appears the bird flew smack into her window, dripped downwards and died in that position on her porch. She found it that morning, and something about the beautiful plumage inspired her to staple the dead corpse onto her dress, perhaps in the belief it gives her special super powers.

    Instead, the angry spirit of the beautiful bird turned her dress black, removed the heel from her shoes, and made her look like a slumpy school ma’arm time shifted from early January to sweat it out in the August heat.

  68. Valerie

    It’s just so odd… but in a boring way. I would trash it and start again (but not before I burned those shoes)

  69. Miss Heather

    I love her as Joan Holloway. I can take or leave the dress. What I don’t understand is why CH always has a dazed, glassy-eyed stare in photographs. Seriously, look at the ‘Mad Men’ tags. She looks like she just downed a bottle of Quaaludes in each one.

  70. Kat

    The bird boob looks like either an eagle, protecting her freedom, or a raven… acting as a seat belt or something. I love birds in fashion, but this bird is doing her no favors. And since the raven is associated with death, (or it should be), I think that it’s more appropos, since the dress is unflattering and makes her legs look stumpy. Also, her skin is so lovely and milky white and the black is doing her NO favors. To unfug, I’d say she needs a total overhaul – a dress that’s slightly shorter, and of a color that suits her complexion. And no bird-boob-seat-belt-strap.

  71. Karen

    Shorten it a couple of inches, make it either completely strapless or minimize the existing sleeve down to a strap. Put on higher heels, like a peeptoe with a little more sparkle or design and it will be worlds better.

  72. Renny

    What is with the one sleeve? That has got to go, along with the bird. A higher heel would do her legs wonders, right now her ankles look swollen, which is unfortunate.
    Actually, she looks pregnant, she should wear a different dress. Unless she IS pregnant, then… never mind.

  73. Ali B

    Take away the sleeve sleeveless on both sides, a big ring, higher heels, knee length and let her hair down although I definitely think a bob would work best with this outfit.

  74. Janet

    I would love to know what the bird is made out of. It looks very stiff, rather than feathery. How about a similar dress in silk and then a feathery, more delicate bird boob? Rianna could probably carry that off (okay, her dress would be leather, which also might be interesting). Not so sure about this one, though.

    But overall, it’s creepy.

  75. Sage

    Color too stark, lines too lopsided, bird too gropey.

    She herself is beautiful, always, but she does better in nearly any other color than black. I don’t even know what to make of the dress’ drape, though.

    The bird is disturbing. Who glues a dead falcon to their bodice?? But maybe it’s a statement on Hitchcock? Or David Lynch? Maybe she’s trying to get cast in something creepily gothic on her next hiatus? But it’s especially disturbing in the way it’s grasping her breasts. What kind of message is that?

    OTOH, a brilliant ploy to get noticed at an otherwise dark and crowded-looking party. Someone knows how to play the game.

  76. Tracy

    Take off the sleeve, up the hem a couple of inches, and let the hair down! Her makeup is beautiful, but the outfit + hair combo is making me think of Passions and that’s just not something I think she should be aiming for.

    The bird is strange, definitely, but it’s kind of nice to see something that’s kind of unusual while still basically working. She’s got a great curvy shape with that dress, and I think the bird actually adds a lot of definition to her waist, which should rightfully be defined because she’s GORGEOUS. Something plain black would be attractive, but really bland. At least the weird-ass bird adds some interest.

  77. LLinNYC

    Both the bird and she are perfection, but like all the ladies here are saying: she needs a higher/evening shoe and probably could have done with a more dramatic updo.

  78. Julia

    Leave the dress, leave the hair, but change the shoes for a slightly-higher-but-still-sensible heel in a nice coppery shade to accent her hair and gorgeous skin tone.

  79. Jael Paris

    I love it and would wear it (if I could afford it).

  80. Sara

    I like it.

    I think she just needs to hitch up the skirt an inch or two and then higher up the heels.

    Maybe, shorten that long sleeve a bit.

    But I dont mind the sleeves too much the way they are.

  81. DJ

    I actually love it. I think it’s unique and fabulous, but I agree that it would look better with higher heels.

    My father had a severe bird phobia too. Once a bird flew into our house. Anyone walking by would have thought a small hysterical girl was screaming nonstop. But it was my dad.

  82. Dee

    No. No ma’am. Not even in pitch black darkness.

  83. Anonymous

    ill start with the shoes…
    too practical for this dress for sure…
    and for some reason they look cheap.
    she should definitely do something strappy and sexy…or a sleek peep toed platform.
    too fussy for her curvacous figure… (believe me…im a 32F and i would never try to support my girls with a symbol of our nations freedom!)and the top is way unbalanced! i get the one shoulder thing…but the one long sleeve and one off the shoulder….well, its just hard to pull off
    so my recommendations:
    (a)get rid of the bird
    (b) get rid of the sleeve. leave it as a one shoulder drape
    (c)simplify with a fabric twist or knot under her bosom that skims and drapes to flair a bit at the knee.
    (d)metallic high heeled sandals

  84. rosarita

    This woman is so gorgeous that she truly can do no wrong, but I’d like to see her in different shoes. They don’t especially need to be higher, I just think an open sandal in a color would be an improvement. That said, with that face and figure, who cares about shoes?

  85. Leah

    higher heels. maybe in a different color? bronze perhaps. but black’s okay too, just as long as they’re much higher. otherwise she looks fantastic.

  86. apricotmuffins

    Rock chick black smudgy eyeshadow is needed with the hair like that. At the moment, her whole head is rather bland, and even though she’s enormously pretty and I would kill to look like her, she’s managed to make herself look plain.

    So give her some awesome eye makeup. oooh, perhaps with antique gold. some strappy sandals in a similar antique goldness, and then lose the sleeve of the dress to make it strapless.

    The fit of the dress seems off, maybe it would work if it conformed to her awesome curves a bit more.

  87. Ivy

    She looks good. She needs heels, yes, but the dress is not a problem for me.

  88. KPod

    Ick. No. Ugh.

    It’s too dark, too lopsided, too stumpifying, too “look at MEEEEE!!” to be salvageable.

    Although…if she were to wear Courtney’s shoes from the post above, that may improve this to the level of “meh.”

  89. Emily

    Sadly, I am now envisioning Don with this bird emblazoned across his suit. And with Don Henley’s hair.

  90. Sarah

    Oh my god it IS weird! I can’t stop staring at the bird feather thing with this screwed up look on my face.

  91. Kyra

    It’s weird…but I think it’s weird in a good way. I’d lose the sleeve, and I would definitely swap out the shoes for something with a heel because right now her legs look stumpy to the point of chubbiness, but overall I do like the dress.

  92. sz

    What happened to her?? She used to be curvy, like a normal person…did she succumb to the Hollywood pressure lose weight? I barely recognized her…in fact, I’m still not convinced it IS her. But I do like the dress.
    Oh, and Jon Hamm: droooool.

  93. amalo

    I think it’s actually kind of great.

  94. Sweetsinger

    The bird is out of proportion with the dress, but a fun concept (your phobias notwithstanding, Jess).
    This be awesome as a strapless dress that shows some cleavage (not too much), some kickass stilettos, and a way dangly set of earrings.
    Top it off with a more interesting ‘do and she’d be rockin’.

  95. Janelle

    you know, i think you just post pictures of GQMF Jon Hamm and John Slattery after ever fugging just to make it all better.

  96. evalyn

    Bad. Bad. Bad. Color, length, style, shoes, pose, fit, hair. Sorry. Start over.

    Why do all the backdrops for events look like a house under-construction, with the TYVEK insulation showing, just before the siding goes on? Imagine something else, people!

  97. La Seditiosa

    I love this dress, though I’d like to take the hem up 2 – 3 inches. I’d also like to see sexier shoes and some fancy stockings in a cream colour.

    Damn this lady is hot!

  98. Julianne

    First of all, birds are terrifying. All of them. And they should never, EVER be incorporated on or near the LBD or any other garment. Sans bird I think she looks quite good. At first I thought she needed more polish – higher shoes, sleeker hair, maybe an earring. But I sort of like that she’s not too slick. And let’s not forget ALT had declared the stiletto is over.

    PS Thanks for the photo of my personal “dynamic duo”. Swoon!

  99. B

    I think the dress is interesting, and she pulls it off well. Her makeup and hair look lovely.
    Higher heel shoe is all that is needed to make it super hot. Perhaps even a colour – but get rid of the flats.

  100. G

    I actually kind of like this. I would give her sexier shoes though.

  101. Nora

    The shoes don’t necessarily need to be higher, they just need to be better. They’d be less stumpifying if the dress were 2-3 inches shorter, though. Also, the sleeve has to go. One single tank sleeve and a better bra would take the dress from old to glam. The bird not my favorite but it keeps the dress from being 100 other black dresses and therefore out of the feh category. It’s actually pretty interesting-good and not interesting-OMG what was she thinking/did someone make this for her and she didn’t have enough time to change.

  102. RenaissanceGrrl

    Actually, I LOVE this dress–it is incredibly figure-flattering (as I got to reading the comments people kept referencing her big boobs and I didn’t even notice they were big until it was pointed out to me). I like the one sleeve look (in general, not just here), the coverage is nice, and her figure just looks amazing. The bird is interesting but not made of crazy.

    Her left leg DOES look a bit stumpy, but since the other one looks fine I’m going to assume that’s the fault of the photo angle rather than the shoes, which look plenty high to me. A bit boring, but with THAT much of a statement on her dress I don’t think she needs a super-elaborate shoe.

    My only nitpick here is the makeup. While I LOVE her pale skin (I don’t spend time outside from March to September, either), I feel like her eyes could be more defined. I’m with apricotmuffins–black smudgy eyeshadow! And something MORE to the lips–either a bit bolder color, or more shine.

  103. Katie

    I really like it – I’ve seen wear things that don’t flatter her at all, but the shape of this does. I think most of the problem is the terrible lighting on this picture. Get in front of those ubiquitous white advertisements that the starlets always use and see how the details look then, I say.

  104. pelijenn

    Hem up over the knee, maybe a little flare at the new flirty hem length, peep toes, higher heel, maybe a shorter sleeve. I don’t normally enjoy (or tolerate) the kooky asymetrical sleeve lengths, but this one seems balanced by the fowl. The solo sleeve should be three-quarter length though. The neckline as such needs to move closer to her shoulder and away from her pretty neck, which would then alleviate her stumpification issue a wee bit. She could also stand to nix the possibility of this particular camera angle; it’s not doing her calves any favors. Love the nip at the waist, but would a tiny smattering of jewelry kill her?

  105. Ramonana

    She’s no Bjork. In a good way. It would look even better with bigger heels, though.

  106. Saffron

    Love the fit and draping of the dress. Even the color is kind of nice.
    But the bird does very unkind things to her chest and gives her what appear to be uneven breasts with her left one looking like it is getting pulled out by a giant wing. Gah! Even my cats are running away from the bird.

    …and then there is Jon.


    *sigh* He is dreamy. Bird? What?
    Oh, Jon.

  107. Maria

    You’re like Holly Hunter’s partner on that show where she’s a screwed up cop with a heart of gold. A show to which I am completely addicted. Anyway, he’s got a bird phobia too. What do you people do when you go outside for God’s sake??

    Anyway, about the outfit, it’s either too short or too long, makes her look stumpy. And I don’t like one-shoulder dresses, they look too campy to me. On the other hand she has a giant bird motif on her dress, so maybe campy’s the way to go. I don’t think it’s too bad.

  108. Wendy

    Hmm. Well, if I can tear my eyes away from the hotness of Jon Hamm for just a few seconds, I’d say higher heels and lose the bird. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Jon Hamm…..

  109. Anonymous

    Its odd and I love it, want it, need it!
    Yes, the heel could be higher.
    But, comfort over height and skinny legs, I say.

  110. Deborah Lipp

    I love the dress, love the way the bird shape serves as a kind of corset. Shoes are too low. Eye makeup too dark.

    And darling, you have the most gorgeous hair in Hollywood; let it out!

  111. juliet

    Love her. As a busty girl with curves, I know it’s tough to find a dress that fits that doesn’t make you look like a whore or a matron. She is stunning and talented and I just don’t have it in me to pick her apart in any way.

    Can we please, please please have a full length view of Mr. Hamm? THAT is something I could study for hours and hours and hours.

  112. Filmcricket

    With the shape of the dress and the sleek hair she seems to have been going for a kind of 70s look but didn’t go all the way. I’d say:

    Lose the sleeve, for sure, turn the neckline into a one-shoulder halter (…is that what I mean? I hope so) and get a better bra or fix the support inside the dress. Hike up the hem a good two inches. Put on a pair of sassy black knee-high boots. If the shape and material of the boots is fierce enough (pointy toe, patent leather or snakeskin, maybe?) she doesn’t need a really high heel. Add a cuff or thick bangle in bronze, to match the bronzy bits in the bird, and I might add earrings in a similar metal, too.

  113. Katie

    She needs to remove the bird corpse from her torso, pronto.

    It looks at if the bird’s bird-dar was off and he died during torso impact. Poor Christina’s in mourning and she must be Jewish because she’s rent her garments, tearing that left sleeve right off. And then she was so sad and blinded by her tears that she mistakenly put on the pumps her Bubbe left on her last visit. Oy.

  114. Ellen

    Remove bird, add awesome earrings and change the heals to something strappy and unusual and you’ve got the perfect outfit on a gorgeous girl. I want her hair and her figure.

  115. Jolene

    That dress is flattering.

    But I don’t think that I’d like my left breast mistaken for the head of Screech Owl…

  116. eek

    i think this dress is outrageous and she wears it gorgeously. i do agree though, it should be a rocking mini (2 inches above the knee) and those mom pumps are wrong–stilletos honey!

    va va voom!

  117. Livia

    She needs to raise the heels, lose the bird, and turn this into a chic wrap dress with a splash of color around her waist and a great clutch. The dress is also at least an inch and a half too long. As long as the excess bulk in the front is tailored away, she would then look not fugly.

  118. Deb

    Change the color to a beautiful emerald green, raise the hem a hint above the knee, sexier higher shoe in gold, loosen up those gorgeous locks, golden ear bob of some kind on the simple side. I believe if you have the bird going in a upward position it would be gobling up her nip, scary! I’m glad she stayed away from SJP’s milliner.

  119. Heathe

    The dress is awesome, almost as awesome as SJP’s snake dress that you trashed. So there.

  120. Elaine

    The only part I like is her face and hair. Lose the dress and shoes and start over. How about Courtney’s dress done with the sleeves even and three-quarter? Make it in an interesting color like cobalt blue or a nice green (not lime, not kelly, but kind of bright to set off her hair). Throw in some slightly splashy earrings and a nice pair of heels, and VOILA! She’s gorgeous.

  121. Robin

    There was a scene from the movie on Coco Channel’s life where Shirley Maclaine (playing the older Coco Channel) took a pair of scissors to her friend’s Dior dress to remove all the extraneous “stuff”. By the time she had finished ripping and tearing, the dress actually looked better. Maybe that would work here?

  122. Jody

    The bird is too predatory….and somehow too possessive of her right boob, which makes me squirm. Soften the bird thing (without going all Holly Hobbie on us), hem above the knees, and maybe cut off the sleeve. Higher shoes would probably look better, but I just can’t bring myself to resign her to foot and ankle hell in 4 inch heels.

  123. Erin

    I love it. I’m a crazy bird lady though.


    Shorter hemline
    Higher heels
    A good pressing

  124. nmlhats

    I spent 24 years as a milliner so I do love feathers and birds…and really dig this bird on her dress. She needs some dangerously high heels, two-inch hem and she’d be good to go.

  125. Rose Courteau

    It’s so ALMOST there, but the fabric looks like a weird spandex material (although it’s probably just the picture), and the bird embellishment isn’t wrong in itself, but it seems off in its placement. Plus, perhaps it’s just the photo, but the black dress and her makeup aren’t doing her any favors.


    The long-sleeve/short-sleeve combo
    Those horrible patent leather shoes that totally don’t go with the outfit, no matter how tall they are (although yes, they do need to be taller).


  126. jen310

    Oooohhh! That photo of Hamm and Slattery up there – well I just want to be the meat in that Mad Men sandwich. Cheesy saying – yes (and an unintended pun) – but the heart wants what the heart wants. Oh, I was supposed to comment on the dress, no? After seeing that picture of Jon and John, Hendricks could be dressed like Lady Gaga and I don’t think I would care. I would suggest a higher heel though.

  127. Carol

    Please don’t ask for comments. It is SO MUCH EASIER (yes, I know I’m shouting) to do the poll. Where are the polls today?
    Love You!
    And I think I wore that to my ex-husband’s 10 year reunion in 1985…
    Those men? 1 or 2 of each. I tend to go through them quickly…

  128. Tam

    I am so distracted by her thick, stubby, white legs that I cannot even focus on her utterly ridiculous dress. Higher heels, maybe? A little spray tan? A higher hemline? Redhead + black clothing = bad idea. I don’t think this can be unfugged without just starting over.

  129. Melissa

    She is gorgeous, but this outfit is funereal. She wears too much black generally, the shoes are too sensible to lift the black and the dead crow is really rubbing the message in (quoth Wikipedia: “Crows, and especially ravens, often feature in European legends or mythology as portents or harbingers of doom or death, because of their dark plumage, unnerving calls, and tendency to eat carrion.” TENDENCY TO EAT CARRION!).

    The shape of the dress is nice: if it were notched up the shade spectrum even just to charcoal, with some really mean shoes, 100% better.

  130. JESR

    The bird is cool and different; the sleeve, though, is a bit much and would be better gone. The skirt is either two to four inches too long or five to seven inches too short. The shoes are just tragicly unhip; they need some sort of detail to reflect the openwork in the bodice, or a different toe; anything but banker’s wife patent pointy pumps!

  131. Christina

    Just how low can you go…? Is bird phobia really a good reason to dislike a dress? Well, I surely hope it was only a joke, but still… sometimes your fugs just suck!

    To the outfit, then… The dress is JUST FINE!!! It is unusual and interesting, and should be paired with less granny-ish shoes (= higher heels) and probably with earrings/bracelet/both.

  132. Julia

    I just LOVE the dress. Full stop.

  133. elle

    First off, those are some yummy men, and I would like one of each, with a side of Intern George, svp.

    And Christina.

    Shoes: I get the lower heel, but black pumps in August? If it were a sandal or peep toe, I’d love it.

    Dress: I actually really like it. It’s very unusual. But I’d loose the sleeve. One shouldered asymmetrical? That would be cute.

    Rest of her: Love it. I think the subtle makeup is good. Also, I covet her hair color. I’ve been wishing my hair were that red (instead of auburn) for ever. Also also, I love her un-fake-tanned skin.

  134. Dianne

    I think she looks fine. Her dress is unique without wandering into weird territory, and it flatters her.

  135. Ellie

    I think she looks great, though if she could stand next to don draper i’m sure it would look even better!

  136. Jena

    Let’s hope her date wasn’t Bruce Patman.

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  138. C

    I want her hair in curls. That’s it.

  139. Megan

    A higher heel might have helped

    I dislike the one shouldered trend, but with the bird thingy, it seems … ok.

    What I really wanted to ask though … What’s up with the banners today!!! choking out the site!! Stop crowding the Fug!


  140. kerry

    I love it! She’s gorgeous, so maybe I’m biased, but I love the dress. I don’t even mind the boob-bird.

    Potentially lose the sleeve, make it one-shoulder, but it’s not bad as is. This is the right way to do asymmetrical.

    Shoes? Maybe something more fun, sure.

    Makeup? Maybe better lipstick. Love that pale skin.

  141. butcherbaby

    i really like the dress and i like how she’s kept the hair & accessories simple with it. personally the only thing that bothers me is the shoes, and the bare legs. i get wanting to be comfy, but the pumps look a little staid for such a chic dress. pumps *could* look awesome, if they were a little sexier (pointy toe, higher heel, hidden platform) and she had black tights or stockings for a more uniform look. for bare legs, a strappy sandal would be great, or if she wanted to wear a high heel, i’m thinking a subtle metallic (bronze, pewter) open toe with a platform. i think the length is fine as is, but it’d also be stunning as a floor length gown (and the shoe issue would be moot.)

  142. Gigi

    I think she looks gorgeous, hate the bird and the shoes are kind of frumpy librarian out on the town for the night, but without the bird on it, the dress looks fabulous on her. I love how stunning she is without being one of these disturbing hollywood stick figures. Thank you Mad Men!!
    Oh and I will have a double scoop of the Hamm please, with jimmies on a sugar cone.

  143. Peggasus

    Yeah, that’s what we all need, a pleat over the belly. In a knit fabric no less? I think not. Also, the last time I wore shoes like that was at my father’s funeral.

  144. Vicki

    She is way too hot to dress like this. It smacks of “desperate lonely divorcee” with a podiatric problem.

    …and I don’t even mind the bird so much, but it’s so… big, I guess, and plasticky.

  145. jannette

    It’s mostly awesome. I actually love the bird, and think the outfit would be totally acceptable if she just lost the sleeve.

    It would be even better if she wore some slightly-pinup-y higher-heeled bronze sandals.

    I think it might be even BETTER if the bird were still muted but more peacock-colored; it would play to her coloring really well.

  146. hitchcockheroine

    I think the dress looks cool. The shoes could be a bit better though.

  147. pamby

    Seriously, no. It’s too long, it’s too one-sleeved, and it has a giant appliqued bird made from feathers all over it. NO.

  148. sybann

    It’s gorgeous – she’s gorgeous – the shoes are a refreshing change from the apparently crippling vomitous heels starlets usually wear.

    You my dear – and I love I do – need therapy. Birds are NOT scary.

  149. Anonymous

    I like it! I think it’s sort of weird in a good way, and it really looks rather nice on her. The only thing I might do to it is shorten it up just two or three inches(maaaaaaaaaybe four, but no higher than that) and give her a bit of a taller heel with a pointed toe instead of a rounded one. Those shoes, as they are, are nice but they are a bit too dour for that dress. They clash oddly with the funkiness of it.

  150. Anonymous

    I’m just glad to know that someone else is as birdphobic as I am.

  151. christie

    I too have a bird phobia and it is scary!

  152. Anne B.

    Did somebody bring up “The Birds”? Ohhhh no. Here she comes … wacky old lady in man’s suit in bar …

    “Birds are not aggressive creatures, Miss. They bring beauty to the world. It is mankind, rather, who…”

    Shut up, Old Lady In Man’s Suit! We are discussing couture here!

    “…insist on making it difficult for life to survive on this planet. If it weren’t for birds…”

    (slamming door)

    Okay. I think she’s gone.

    Count me among those who sort of love this dress, especially on Our Christina, about whom I find I can’t easily be objective. She is soooo pretty. Also, I’m kind of a Peggy, and next to a Joan a Peggy more or less wilts.

    That bird and whatever she’s doing to her eyes work nicely together. I don’t hate the shoes (though I don’t love them). An open toe may have worked for me. But mostly, I do not want Miss Hendricks looking like anyone else at all. Hollywood is so one-note. I love this woman for every one of her differences.

    I’ll take the medicine anyway. But as it is only the shoes that nag me, I’ll cut that dose in half and take just a Hamm, thanks very much.

    Please do not expect a call in the morning.

  153. Anonymous

    oh, she is such a goddess. But I’d get rid of that sleeve – there’s plenty of coverage without it. And give her a much higher heel – those shoes are frumpy and seem to give her cankles, which I’m almost POSITIVE she doesn’t have (although if she does have cankles, that would be so refreshingly normal that I’d love her even more)

  154. Mystiria

    To start with, TAKE OFF THE BIRD!!! It probably seemed cool in the designer’s head, but in fact looks like it’s taking flight to escape the horror that is the dress.

    2. The skirt part doesn’t look entirely well-fitting (thanks in part to the bird) so I would tighten things up, just to show off Hendricks’ sexy curves better.

    3. Better heels. Hendricks’ black pumps are boring and don’t show her legs off to the fullest advantage. With a simple black dress, go funky with the heels. Strappy gold heels woud be nice.

    4. Some nice drop earrings. Not big enough to take away from Hendricks’ beautiful face, but enough to accentuate it. Again, color would be nice.

    5. Take off the sleeve as needed. It would probably look stunning as a one-shoulder dress.

    And voila! Now Hendricks looks as beautiful as she actually is.

    P.S.- Who is her stylist? Because that person CLEARLY hates Hendricks. S/he should be fired PRONTO.

  155. imxio

    Shorten the skirt 2 inches. Higher, sexier shoes. That’s all.

    I like birds.

  156. Colleen

    Higher heels, red lipstick and she’s good to go. I think the dress is original and interesting without wandering into Bjork swan territory.

  157. Molly

    A higher heel would solve all. I love the bird. I’m getting distracted by the fact that the photo is making her look tired (read: wasted).

  158. Althea

    I actually *like* the slightly sinister — and very figure-flattering — way that the bird is groping her bosom, and I think the otherwise risky asymmetry in the sleeves really works with the rhythm of the bird’s, er, flight across her midriff.

    But I do think that the combination of the dress’s hem and the shoes has to change: Either make the skirt shorter and maybe slimmer and pair it with some kinky stilettos, or have the courage to let the hemline fall *all* the way down to the floor, maybe even with a train.

    With a bird embracing you like that, you can’t mess with Mr In-Between: You either have to go for the Dungeon Mistress or the Cruella-de-Ville look. With either technique, I believe you could surpass all fug and head straight for a dark side of the Secretly Awesome the likes of which we rarely get to see. (Her pale complexion, hair color, and makeup are perfect for playing the part of the elegantly sinister Dark Lady.)

    But she has chosen to embrace a hemline neither naughtily short nor mysteriously long, with shoes so plain that they look like they’re apologizing for the dress. She has messed with Mr In-Between, and he done her wrong.

    Ah, what might have been…

  159. Anna B

    her dress is gorgeous, so forget your phobia, and give her some higher colorful strappy heels, maybe golden… basically, any color, except black…
    and accessorize a little more, i’d say some kind of earrings and some nice watch on her uncovered arm…. and possibly, a clutch, matching with the shoes!

  160. Izzy

    Remove that sleeve and make the bird wings higher so it’s strapless all together and a higher, slinkier heel and that outfit would be awesomely BIG drama.

  161. lani

    i actually totally love this. :/ but i liked bjork’s swan dress too.

  162. Nichole

    I’m usually not a fan of fowl on clothing. However you are right, it is unusually flattering on her, but wouldn’t the same thing had been accomplished with a nice non bird type design in the same spot? And then maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as disturbing. Also, as per usual, you are right, the heel needs to be a little higher, and maybe a flirty shoe, something with straps?

  163. Angela Wilson Gyetvan

    Who cares? More John Hamm, please.

  164. Erin

    Raise hem 2″, metallic open-toed shoes with higher heel (strappy sandals?), and RIP OFF THAT SLEEVE. It appears to be hitting her above the wrist instead of at, which is the arm equivalent of ankle pants, i.e., morally offensive. I might do some minimal metallic jewelry–gold hoop earrings or a silver bangle, depending on the shoe choice.

  165. betty

    Looks like Harley Davidson is now designing evening wear and what is with the sensible corporate executive (for tall women shy about their height) shoes?

  166. Regency

    Hmm,I like this dress actually. She has the rack for it. She needs higher shoes though, definitely open-toed. I nice bracelet would go far and maybe some more of fringe. Her hair is her second best accessory, she should work it.

  167. Anne

    The dress is unique and fits her well… but both the dress and the one sleeve are too long. I think a higher heel in a neutral tone would be much more flattering and leg lengthening than what she has going on right now.

    She needs to let that hair loose in cascading waves, and add a subtle but rosy pink blush to her cheeks…

    Make those changes, and she’ll be flawless.

    Seriously though, are the two hottest people on that show (Joan and Don) ever getting together!?

  168. SolitaryAngel

    I’m happy she isn’t ‘Lindsay Lohan orange’, but Jesus Christ—she glows in the dark! I agree with lots of the girls too; add a sleeve, shorten them both + raise the hem, add a higher, sexier heel and tousel the hair a little. Good to go! I will not comment on the bird.

  169. Gina

    I think she looks smashing and the dress is unique and flattering on her, however, a pair of red heels would make the outfit.

  170. Kristen

    Lose the bird and the sleeve, and apply a splash of self tanner (just a little, not Lindsay Lohan style). Voila, fixed.

  171. jade

    i kind of like the out-there coolness of the dress, but if you’re gonna go out with a bird on the front of your dress, you might as well go all the way: it needs more contrast. make the bird a bright color like green, complementary-colored (i think – not positive. cant be black though.) heels, and raise the hem just a tad. the sleeve might be fine if you did that.

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  174. DD

    OMG yer crazy, J. there’s no need to project (otherwise admissable) phobias onto this gorgeousness. i’ll take all three, please.

  175. DD

    OMG yer crazy, J. there’s no need to project (otherwise admissable) phobias onto this gorgeousness. i’ll take all three, please.

  176. Kat

    Either make it long sleeved with a shorter hem or get rid of the sleeves entirely and go strapless. And YES HIGHER (AND BETTER) HEELS PLEASE.

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  178. MadMooby

    Hmmmmm….she is so beautiful, and yet, the shoes make her look frumpy. I think this might have worked in a more flowy fabric, and shorter or longer. She can deffo do better than this!

  179. Kathleen

    I’m just really jazzed that someone out there is bird phobic on the same level as I am! I can’t even drive with the car windows down because I’m afraid of getting one of those little buggers trapped in my car or worse yet, I could get stabbed in the ear by one with a long beak… Aaarrgh! I couldn’t wear this dress, but she seems to carry it off nicely… as long as she is always on the other side of a plate glass window from me we’ll be ok…