Unfug It Up: Christina Hendricks


I just seriously do not even know what to do with Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks. She looks amazing on the show and then in real life, she looks like this:

Her face, at least, is great — that is, of course, the saving grace of the majority of celebrities featured herein, that even if they’re wearing two potato sacks and a recycling bin, their genetics continue to be kind to them — but hoo boy, what is up with the rest of this? That length is doing her no favors. Maybe if this dress didn’t have long sleeves in addition to the frumpy skirt length it would be a whole different story, but as it is, one of the sexiest women on AMC looks like the major of Dumpsylvania. What would you do to fix her?

Usual commenting requests apply: play nice and share your toys and later we can all have a snack and a nap. 

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  1. Lori-Anne

    Oh, that’s where my Aunt Florence’s favorite funeral dress and hat went! I was wondering.

    The dress makes her look stumpy and judging by how the material looks, she has to be hot in it. It doesn’t look breathable. I’m warm looking at her.

    I don’t even watch Mad Men and I know she’s a total knock out on the show. This is just kind of sad. Nothing will save this. She just needs to change.

  2. Jules

    I’d like to know if it’s the angle of the photo or the cut of the dress giving it a weird perspective.

    Shorten the skirt just a *little*, though, and I’d be tempted to swap my sister to look like that! Skin, hair, figure — all amazing.

  3. WendyPinNJ

    First off, get rid of that gigantic cowl! Luckily, it looks like it might not even be attached to the dress. But one wonders, if it isn’t, why would one add it in the first place?

    Then lose the beret. Lovely red hair shouldn’t be weighed down with an ugly blob of fabric sitting on top. And who wears berets anyway?

    Then, yeah, the length. Above the knee would be SOOOO much better.

    And maybe a sexier pair of shoes? In red?

    But what do I know.

  4. Anne-Kari

    The dress is just wrong, wrong, bad, and wrong. Really, would ANYONE look good in that? It’s a mess, on anyone, any body type.

    Maybe if she kept the beret (yes, I kind of like it), the bag and the shoes and wore…. some kind of cute, fitted skirt suit? Flippy skirt, peek of colorful shirt, nice fitted jacket?

  5. Amy

    First, I remove the hat from her head and, at a safe distance, set fire to it.

    I would actually LENGTHEN the sleeves and then shorten the dress.

    I’m not sure about a big drapey cowly neck on someone with Christina’s, ahem, assets, which leads me to just want her in a different dress altogether.

    LURVE her hair here.

  6. Siercia

    I want it to be some kind of halter-y top instead of long sleeves, maybe ditch the cowl-y part, and then on the bottom, shorten it, continue the shirring, and pull the bottom hem in, so that it honors her beautiful hourglass shape instead of making it weirdly dumpy.

  7. amanda in Austin

    The way to fix it is to wear something else entirely, and ditch the hat, too.

    I’d like my nap now, please.

  8. Jennifer

    For the love of God, lose the beret.

    Definitely lose the sleeves – the draping at the neckline would look super cute with a halter that ran right underneath it.

    Bring the hem up just above her knee.

    I don’t love the shoe – perhaps something a little taller and slimmer with a bolder color?

  9. shayela

    i love all black outfits as much as the next chick, but if she really wanted to pull it off, it shouldn’t have all that random-ass fabric flopping around. and the ruching directly in front of her crotch is just awkward looking. something sleeker, either structured or slightly body-conscious, and if she really wanted to keep the drapey bit, she could have a small drape from the neck in the front. and of course, the length needs to go.

  10. Andrea

    Wow. First, loose the hat. Second, raise the hem so its just at the knee, and make it sleeveless (they look at strange and wrinkly anyway). Third, replace the cowel with a cool statement necklace. I think all of that would be a vast improvement…

  11. Cecily

    Gorgeous woman with fantastic figure ventures out shrouded in enormous amount of black fabric with no shoulders, no waist, and stumpy long. What the…? REDO. ‘Tis not to be saved.

    I like the hat, but only with a sexy french boatneck of some sort!

  12. susanne

    i kind of like the beret.

    i would make the cowl white, ditch the ruching, and bring the bottom of the skirt in. lenghthen the sleeves. make it more of a tailored look. not sure if that would work with that drapey fabric, but i think it would look great with her hair and make up with white accessories.

  13. Caeti

    Actually, I like the hat. She’s sort of rocking it — it’s hard to wear a beret and not look like a total prat (as I have unfortunately demonstrated many times).

    My only real complaint with the dress is that it’s a bit heavy-looking, especially for a summer event. If the sleeves were shorter and slimmer, and the skirt a touch shorter, it would be a not-so-awful variation on the LBD. I’m not sure this is a total fug, y’all.

  14. Jenn

    The outfit is dumpy, TRUE, but considering what most GFY contenders wear, this is great. She is not 1) NOT wearing pants, 2) Sharing her Vijah-jah or lack of undergarments with the world, 3) Dressing as fruit, or 4) wearing a jumpsuit. It’s kind of refreshing to see a celebrity wear something modest for a change.

    Although, as with most celebs, I’m sure she’ll do something outrageous sooner than later.

  15. LoriK

    I agree with Amanda in Austin—-the only thing you can do with this is wear a totally different outfit. If you cover up her face it looks like a picture of a 70 year old woman attending a funeral in Boca. There’s no saving that.

  16. Kelly P

    I think Tori Amos did this look a lot more justice. At least her boobs didn’t look like they had been put in time-out corners on opposite ends of her chest. The middle section of the dress screams “control top” and the way her feet are positioned makes it look as if she has cankles. It seems that her shoes have been bedazzled by a bejeweler.

    All aboard the hot mess express!

  17. dinsdale

    I agree with those who say to just toss the whole thing and start over. Yes, the angle is a little weird, which contributes to her stumpiness, but overall this is horrible. If I had to figure out a way “to make it work,” I’d have the ruching (sp?)be about 4 inches shorter (only have it around her midsection), lose the cowl, make it sleeveless or cap-sleeved, and shorten it. And rip up and stomp on the remains of the hat.

  18. colleen

    i think she’s trying for that 50′s American Girl in Paris thing which i would love her to do but she isn’t doing it here. i’m not sure if the hat is completely wrong or if she’s just wearing it wrong. i’d like to see a huge belt cinch that waist and the skirt to come up quite a few inches. hmmm. maybe the hat must go but what other signifier could we use for her to be the AGIP?

  19. Schadenfreudelicious

    Raise the hem, change the shoes…and totally lose the drapey cowl neck, anyone who has seen one second of her on MadMen knows that area of her body does not require any additional fabric added to it!, rather than playing up her amazing hourglass figure, she looks like the Welcome Wagon lady circa 1962…..her face and hair look stunning as always tho…

  20. la

    I’m just … confused. Are there are other photos that confirm that this is, in fact, a dress? There seems to be some kind of gap at her left shoulder that makes me wonder if this is a jacket or cardigan over a halter top-style dress. If so, I’d just ditch the damn jacket. Get rid of that, and the length becomes less of an issue. And, as others said, she kind of rocks the beret. Insomuch as anyone could.

  21. dinsdale

    ..need to add that I do love hats and berets. I think hers is just too costumey with this outfit.

  22. Vera

    I’d give her a little transistor radio that plays the theme song of the “Miss Marple”-Movies.

  23. Melanie

    Lose the giant cowl, which is stumpify-ing her something fierce. Move the ruching up about 6 inches so it emphasizes her tiny waist, not her hips. Shorten the whole thing to above the knee. Keep the beret, which she is seriously rocking.

  24. Hypatia

    I agree with those who said the angle makes it difficult to pronounce judgement on the length. Personally, I think the sleeves and skirt length seem fine, but would lose the shirring at the waist in favor of a slightly more structured bodice (I’d keep the cowl neck, though).

  25. LLinNYC

    She just needs to turn this into a cocktail look:

    1. Make the dress a halter.
    2. Add a skinny gold belt.
    3. Add a fascinator to the beret.
    4. Shorten the skirt.

    She’d be stopping traffic.

  26. Kate

    I really think the angle makes this worse. Like, the camera was way above her so it makes her look stumpy. Though, she does just look like she’s heading to Draper’s funeral.

  27. Alesia

    Ah, rusching and cowl necks! They can be a friends to the short waisted girl, if applied correctly. My fixes:

    1: Shorten the length of the the cowl so that it hits right below or mid-boobs.

    2: Make the dress either sleeveless or even short sleeved if said short sleeves were the floaty, almost wispy variety

    3: For the love of everything, take the hem up to just above or just below the knee.

    4. Darling, after 5 pm almost everything looks better with a strappy shoe.

    5. Lose the beret. I don’t mind berets in general but it’s a fine line between jaunty insouciance and twee. Hair and makeup are good to go.

    6. Love black but for CH I think I’d change the color to something softer.

  28. KristanC

    Hoist everything UP.

  29. kat

    The cowl neck and the gathering on the bodice are the most offensive parts I think. If you took those two away it would make a world of difference. As someone else said, I don’t think that seemingly-polyester fabric is lending itself to her cause either. All in all, it would be much easier to just change, and maybe peek in a mirror before you leave the house.

  30. Leslie in Toronto

    Hoo boy is right!
    First, get rid of the cowl neck thingamajiggy and the hat. Then, make it sleeveless and add a killer slingback.
    Ta-da! Hotness off the charts.

  31. TryScience

    I would lose the beret and hire her Mad Men costumer to be her full time stylist. It’s almost frickin’ impossible to look anything but dumpy and lumpy these days if you have a Hendricks-ian big bust and tiny waist. Everything is t-shirt fabric and empire waists which makes the busty, curvaceous ladies look A MESS.

    If we’re fixing this trainwreck of a dress, shorten the sleeves to three quarters (the best length for busty ladies, sleeveless is unpleasant at the armpits), shorten to knee length, give her a better bra and more open neckline (sweetheart perhaps),and add some bright turquoise accessories.

  32. Munkeyhed

    I honestly don’t think this look is salvageable. Other than that, she needs to call a good stylist. She has SO much going for her, hair, skin, bod, etc., but doesn’t seem to know what to do with it all!

  33. Faith

    I’d put her in a different dress altogether. That cowl neck mixed with the weird ruching (I haveno idea how to spell that, btw) at the hips, bottomed off with the Length from Hell is awful.

    A nice skirt that hits at the knee, and a tight fitting top with the proper accessories would make me soooo much happier…

    Oh yeah, and throw that hat back in the box it came in. Blech.

  34. Sarah

    DEFINITELY lose the cowl. It takes her frankly amazing curves and makes them look… well, sorta droopy. I don’t think the sleeves need to be shorter, necessarily, but snugger would help. And, for the love of god, lose the black. I think this would look (if not GOOD, necessarily) a lot better in, say, a peacock blue.

  35. Goil

    Whoo, where to start. Bring the hemline to the knee. Ditch the cheap-looking ruching. Adjust the bra straps. Open up the neckline. As a busty woman myself, I know that a close neckline will actually accentuate your boobs. On top of that, she has rounded shoulders. We need to see more skin on the shoulders and above the boobs so she doesn’t looks so dumpy. Maybe the ruching could be replaced with a surplice or something. Or you could just burn the whole thing, because I think it would be easier to start from scratch.

  36. Celia

    It looks like her stomach is some kind of black hole that is sucking her dress in.

    The hem needs to come up, the hat needs to GO, andmaybe a metallic bag to compliment the shoes, but the main problem seems to be that she is not wearing the right bra. Either that or the cut of the neckline combined with the cowl neck is making some terrible optical illusion wherein she is around thirty and her boobs are seventy.

  37. Alexa

    The beret is adorable. The shoes are fab. Face is gorgeous.

    Everything between her neck and her feet is a disaster.

  38. altodiva

    Amanda and Lorik are spot on – there is no saving this whatsoever. It looks like one of those horrible shiny polyester choir uniform dresses that you can never manage to find in a size that quite fits, but you’re required to wear it anyway. (Although if it were floor-length like choir dresses, it MIGHT be a little better, but still hideous). Even if you lose the sleeves and the cowl, there’s all that bunchy-bunch stuff in the front that’s terribly unflattering. The shoes might be sorta cute if she didn’t look so uncomfortable in them (squished toes, anyone?), and the beret, oh God, no, just no. I don’t even think the makeup is good – shiny forehead, over-kohl-ed eyes. Yeesh.

  39. Jess

    Put the dress on backwards, lose the sleeves and the ruching, and raise the hem about 6 inches. The hat is fine but not with the outfit. Either make the dress a color (green would be my pick) or choose more interesting shoes and clutch.

  40. testington

    There’s really no way to “unfug” this, it’s not a bad dress, it’s just a dress that’s meant for a woman 10 years older than Christian to wear to a funeral. It’s boring, unflattering and somber…why even try to fix it, scrap it all and start new

  41. Sweetie Dahling

    The cowl…um, waist? needs to be higher. Otherwise, it’s just fine. Also? Her coloring is gorgeous.

  42. Marph

    Her face and body look amah-zing. Ditch the beret and put on a simple black dress that’s shorter and better emphasizes or assets and her clothes would look amah-zing too.

  43. victoria

    1. Change the color from black to deep royal blue or bright navy (I like the contrast of dark color against her ivory skin, but I like jewel tones on her better than black).
    2. I like draping/ruching on a gal with curves, but here, I’d make it a fitted faux-wrap top with strategically placed ruching around the bosom to emphasize her hourglass figure.
    3. Take the sleeves to 3/4 length.
    4. A line skirt hitting at the bottom of her knee.
    5. Faux-wrap top terminates in an inset wide faux self-belt with a large tortoise shell buckler (again, to emphasie her hourglass curves).
    6. Peep-toe pums.
    7. No hat, but possibly a jewelled barrete in her hair.

  44. lelo

    WTF that hat is KILLING ME. I don’t even care about the dress (it sucks, but whatever) because the hat the HAT THE HAT.

  45. rockwren

    Ditch the cowl and give us some skin (tasteful skin, obviously, but she obviously has that lovely white red head skin). While you are at it, reign in the boobs. They are wandering off to the side and it is making her look wide and droopy. The runching at the waist can go in favor of a colorful belt. Make the thing sleeveless or tight three-quarter length. shorten it just a bit to a long but flattering length (the old thinnest part of the thigh rule). Get rid of the hat, and make the shoes and bag fun and colorful. Yellow belt with blue bag and shoes?
    Oh, and the fabric is awful. Find something less shiny!

  46. Delphina

    I think that the sleeves either have to go a wee bit longer or become shorter. They’re not even three-quarters length (which I wouldn’t recommend, my mother and her book club are the only people I ever see wearing three-quarters length sleeves), they’re like seven-eighth length sleeves, which is weird. They’re like the arms equivalent of that time I wore pants that were an inch too short in middle school and everyone asked me if I was expecting a flood (middle school kids are so clever).

    The ruching makes it look like a cheap, crappy dress from Forever 21 (no attitude about Forever 21, I’m there all the time, but some of their things look like things from a dollar bin at Walmart or something), so I’d take that right out. Also, the cowl neck either needs to commit to the dress and stop looking like a scarf thrown on as some kind of afterthought or go.

    The hat makes her look like a joke, she needs to ditch it.

    Finally, the length of the dress makes her look short. Is she? That might explain why the dress is a weird length on her, it might look a lot better on someone taller, at least as far as the length goes.

    Oh, and not to be too picky, but do the sleeves look like they fit weirdly? They look rather loose and drapey and wrinkly at the top and then just quickly narrow down. I mean, it’s not terrible, but I’d tailor the sleeves a bit more.

  47. Kate

    I like LLINYC’s corrections. My take was going to be 1) tell her La Vie En Rose wrapped filming long ago and doesn’t need extras; 2) march her to Mad Men’s wardrobe and put on anything selected from Joan’s closet at random.

  48. Anonymous

    I would use the material from that cowl next to make her skirt wider, then give her a big ol’ crinoline to pouf out the skirt more, and then shorten the sleeves to either 3/4 length or maybe a cap sleeve. That’s the only way I will allow the hat to stay.

  49. Anonymous

    Agh! Shorten everything! The ruching should end higher on her torso, the cowl neck shouldn’t droop past the sternum, the skirt should hit at the knees and the sleeves should be three-quarters.

    And lose the beret. They’re never a good idea. Not even for the French.

  50. Andrea

    Discard the cowl neck, rouching, and about 7 inches of hem, add a snazzier bag or a less funereal color, and I’m sold.

  51. qwertygirl

    Start over and find something that doesn’t look like a pair of curtains mated with the wardrobe department from a sitcom c. 1975. She’s a pretty girl, but this whole outfit is doing her no favors.

  52. Jenn

    Get rid of the following:
    stupid hat
    cowl neck

    Alter the following:
    shirring- it either needs to end higher or go the length of the dress. As it is, it’s rather, um, suggestive…
    shorten the hem 3-4 inches
    Make the neck a nice (classy) deep-V

    Otherwise, LOVE the hair and makeup (go redheads!) And I think the people of Dumpsylvania are owed an apology for being attached to that dress as it is.

  53. Kat

    She needs to ditch the dress and the beret, (what, is she in some French movie about a frumpy Parisian woman looking for love in the cold, cruel world?), and wear something with: a) more color (black is not doing her fair skin and red hair ANY favors); b) a better fit to accentuate her curves, and something not tea-length; and c) a little more flair, or something, because aside from being drab and loosey-goosey, it’s also boring.

  54. Danielle

    I actually don’t mind the cowl perhaps as much as I should, but I would like to hack several inches off the bottom and vacuum seal the dress so it looks like it properly fits her. I suppose it’d be best for us all if the sleeves went as well. And that hat… Well, we all know what should happen to that hat.

  55. Elaine

    Since her dress looks like a coat, she should go home and put on a (better) dress under this dress and when she re-arrives, she can take off her outer dress, revealing a nicer dress underneath. If it’s a much nicer dress then then can keep the hat on, otherwise she should give it to the coat check girl along with the outer dress.

  56. Adrian

    Lose the sleeves and about 6 inches of length on the skirt. And then remove the hat, throw it into the nearest trash can and then set trash can on fire, so as to relieve the world of its hideousness. That oughta do it

  57. Helen

    Little black dresses should be *little*.
    If this one were, I might let her keep the beret. And she can wear the shoes, but only if she gives them to me afterwards…

  58. Leslie

    It would have to be shorter, have a different neck, and different sleeves (or maybe no cowl?) and possibly a different color – she’d look smashing in green. And get rid of the ruching pointing to her vajayjay. Or make it an entirely different dress, that would work too. My 68-year-old mother would wear this to a funeral.

  59. Molly

    I agree with you Jess, flip the cowl neck to the back of the dress.

    2. take away the weird fabric gathering and the sleeves.

    3. add a simple belt, perhaps even in black. (clearly that is a comfort level for her).

    4. new shoes and not to beat a dead horse, but very prive loubs in any primary color would kick.

    I do not feel strongly about the beret- but I will say, if my hair looked like that EVER– I would never cover any section of it.

  60. Suzy

    I don’t mind the hat at all! Neck up she looks cute. She just needs a totally different dress. There’s no saving that one. Begin anew.

  61. Arundel

    Unfixable, unsaveable, alas. This is the outfit the Queen Mother wore to the funeral of her dear dear friend the Dowager Marchioness of Fugsburyshire in 1959. The best thing for Christina here? Get her back on the set, we need our Joanie styles to adore.

  62. mjschicago

    She can keep the shoes. Everything else must go. Immediately.

  63. KLB

    I don’t want her to change a thing. Seriously. Seeing that someone so gorgeous and with such a great figure can look so dowdy gives me a ridiculous amount of hope.

  64. Anonymous

    I think a huge amount of fixing could be accomplished simply by removing that long dangly cowl, which is visually pulling everything downwards. I’m not sure the skirt length is really a problem; I’d want to see the whole thing from a more flattering camera angle before raising the hemline.

  65. Anonymous

    “When a lady has a piazza” then the limp, thin, gathered and flowing neckline and bodice treatments of the late fashion are never kind to her: they make even the most wasp-waisted look dumpy. Instead of taking off the sleeves, get rid of that droopy swag of doom around her neck (which looks rather like a Camelback bike water holder slung inexplicably halter-style) and the messy, bulk adding front ruching.

    And possibly the whole damed heavy drooping 1978 Quiana double-knit mess, and start with something less a victim to gravity.

  66. Meredith

    Rip off the sleeves, shorten the skirt, lose the hat and give her some accessories with color.

  67. Emily

    I think the most egregious problem with this dress is the droopy “collar” that has her breasts separated like Mel and Robin across the lawyers’ table.

  68. emily

    her makeup/hair/haat (yes i like the kicky beret) is divine, especially since as a redhead i really hate it when hollywood celebs try to bleach away their color (yes i’m look at you, nicole kidman, and you, lilo) but i’d have to agree with the sleeveless verdict. and i feel like this should probably be shorter. that’s where i’d start anyway.

    (yay for comments! i love you gals)

  69. Winona

    The Cowl that ate Manhattan is making her breasts look like they’re a foot apart. Lose that, create a flattering neckline, shorten the hem and you’re good to go.

  70. Liza Jane

    Shorten it, make it sleeveless and square-necked, get rid of that hideously unflattering rouching, and take off the stupid hat.

  71. Kris

    I would keep the hat, kill the cowl and make it a boatneck, and either lengthen or shorten the sleeves – full length or sleeveless. Then I would shorten the hem to knee-length, at the max. The shoes are just fine.

  72. Carolina Girl

    Christina should:
    1. Lose the hat;
    2. Put on a sparkly necklace;
    3. Get rid of the cowl and make the dress a wrap;
    4. Shorten the length of the skirt;
    5. Wear some sexier shoes.

  73. Naz

    Lose the sleeves, and the cowl, and shorten the hem.
    Maybe make the dress a wrap? She has such a kickass figure, but this dress is doing NOTHING for it. A think a wrap would be much more flattering.

  74. maria

    Um, yeah, I think it has to be a whole different dress. Different fabric, less shiny, seasonally appropriate. Then a different cut. Get rid of that shirring in the front - how the heck could that make ANYONE look good? Change the length - longer, shorter, whatever, just not the worst possible length for anyone. Different sleeves without the bagging in the upper arm (I mean, it’s bad enough when our skin does it – sleeves are supposed to camouflage that!). And most of all: Get rid of the atrocious cowl neck that looks like it weighs about 40 pounds!

  75. katie

    now i think im getting the look shes going for but i hate hate the dress. the material makes me feel itchy and she shape is doing nothing for her. the beret i find cute and dare i say, jaunty?

    slingback shoes, pencil skirt and a cure blouse. possibly a nice fitted balzer. ive never seen her before but the hair, makeup, body and face are rocking and deserve more than this

    loving winona ‘ 11.56am and her “cowl that ate mahattan” comment

  76. annie

    change the color, shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length, take the hem up to slightly above the knees. oh, and nix the awkward ruching.

  77. Pat

    I promise I’ve tried really hard to think of something which might make the dress better, but I just can’t figure it out. It is that bad. She needs a different dress. In a color. Maybe green. It would look great with her eyes and her hair. A shorter, more season-appropriate dress. And she also needs to lose the hat. And sexier shoes. She could look SO good

  78. Amy

    Oh, Saffron, no!

    As a Curvy Girl, I have learned one thing (well, more than one, but for our purposes here today…carry on): simple lines are our friends. No cowls. No crazy ruching. Get yourself a basic, black, just-above-the-knee dress with some good definition at the waistline, and I’ll let you keep your cute shoes and kicky little beret. Because then they would be adorable. And not part of a Tragic Incident.

  79. Alyxherself

    I love comments soooooomuch. These people are the funniest blog posters on the Internet.

    I can truthfully say that with her rack we’d kinda look like sisters physically. I don’t have the rack but I’ve sure got the rest. So I can be trusted when I tell you none of it because
    a) the fit is dependant on the fabric and the fabric is all wrong for that cut which is all wrong for her (or anybody’s)body.
    b) black belongs in summer only as a pattern accent. Period. Even at night. Seriously, unless you have a floaty LBD and some kickin accessories.

  80. Sharon

    All she needs to do is take off her Aunt Beulah’s winter coat. I know the air conditioner in church is always tooo low, but REALLY!!!!! It is JUNE and it is no longer THAT cold, and besides Aunt Beulah is a size XXX-Large and Maria cannot keep borrowing from her closet. Give Auntie back those shoes and the hat… you

    Just take off the coat, Maria. I am sure you have a nice dress on under it that fits. We can knock down some unsuspecting YOUNG woman and steal her shoes… OKAY????

  81. cammie

    Lose the shirring and make it a pencil skirt hemmed at the knee and with a modest slit up one side. Burn the noose, is there a v-neck up under there? Cap the sleeves, add a wide belt and matching peep-toe pumps, maybe in light pink, and I think she can even keep the beret. Ooh-la-la.

  82. Meg

    First of all, the hast must go. More importantly though, I feel like she just doesn’t know how to dress her body, which she should because the stylists on Med Men do it impeccably. I think she just need ti realize the form fitted and tailored garments are what works for her. Also something simple, less is more and she often goes over the top.

  83. poltergasm aka vintageofthedamned

    give it a more a-line shape. hem it knee length.

    dump the cowl neck hood thingy to the back & make it wider, more off the shoulder than down the neck.

    replace front collar w/ a v-neck or sweetheart or round neckline–particularly if the rejected front thingy has become an attractive off the shoulder thingy that accompanies a deep cut back.

    ditch the stupid hat. replace w/ better hat. i say: bes-ben. bes-ben’s THE BEST & she can afford it; it’s ten–>twenty years too early, say, for the way the dress is styled but most people wont know & bes-ben canNOT be beaten. for anyone who does not know, the multi-owls & swirled dalmations worn by greta garbo [et al] are SO worth a look heres a link:
    [that's seahorses & frogs but there are at ton of them to see from that old auction. seahorses & frogs, btw, went for $1400.]

    HOW could ANYone wear that dress w/ those shoes? again, if you wanna go vintage you can do BETTER. how do i know? i’m a vintage dealer. she can afford the best, or close, so howsabouta pair o’ Paradise Bootery ankle strap platforms? Scarce as a hen’s tooth in a haystack, or close, but worth the looksee. @the very least a pair of herbert levine spikes would work So.Much.Better.

  84. momtrolfreak

    Please to be taking away this ahn-sahm-BLEH. Necklines that mimic double chins: no.
    Bodices that mimic old-school c-section scars? double no.
    To make us not look at this dress she’s gonna need a much bigger, shinier hat.

  85. sara

    this whole thing is awful. i wouldnt look at this and think theres some way it can be salvaged. look at that scarf thing i think it might actually be unnatached to the dress! (check the neck on her left side)

    anyway. to make it easier i just say chop the whole top of the dress off – just underneath the boobs. then pull the whole thing up, voila, strapless dress.

    it would make it the right length and as long as she got a well structured strapless bra she should be ok in the boob department.

    the whole top half of the dress is evil.
    the beret isnt great either.

  86. Amy

    This is surely a costume. Return the entire thing to wardrobe and start over. Remember that it’s June, hot as hell, and that we aren’t living in the 1950′s.

  87. Miss Dove

    Joanie, Joanie, Joanie. You are a magnificent ship and you’re dressing like a sad little paddle boat for a funeral at sea.
    I would start with a serious foundation garment in black with garters and stockings. Lose the dress. Keep the hat.

  88. Kaitlen

    I like the hat…and possibly the shoes. But I don’t think there’s a way to salvage the dress. The length is stumpifying, the cowl is bad, her boobs look too widely spaced, and the shirring makes the material look cheap (even if it most likely isn’t). Scrap it and start over, hon.

  89. Gina

    First off, she’s soooooo pretty. What a stunning face. Also, I want her hair.

    But on to the outfit. It just feels too heavy. That huge cowl might be okay on wintery outfit, but on this poly-blend number, it’s just overwhelming.

    Otherwise, shorten the hem and the sleeves a bit, and give it a deep V neck (maybe on both the front and the back) and it might look really pretty.

  90. Carina

    Oh honey. I also have ownership of a chest. Here’s a tip from me to you: no more cowl necks.

    I know, they look so chic on the A and B cups, but they are not for us. Mourn this fact and move on. Once that cowl neck is gone, and your skirt is 4 inches shorter–at your knee–and you’re wearing better shoes (something with color?) then things will be better.

    Oh, and I love a hat, I really do, but perhaps a little cheetah pillbox would be more appropriate than a black beret. It’s all so Mortician Addams, and you’re JOAN HOLLOWAY for goodness’ sake. You should be able to walk into a room and kill seven men dead, outright.

  91. Anne B

    I am merely sailing in the wake of the lovely Miss Dove above, who clearly watches “Mad Men” and knows whereof she speaks.

    That said, I am not entirely sure I would lose the dress. I would instead take it to Rami Kashou, who knows how to drape a lady within an inch of her life. I suspect he’d follow the advice of other posters: whack off the sleeves and the cowl, as well as a good part of the hem.

    Now, to the rest of you: know that our Miss Hendricks would be just about the best place any garment would have the good fortune to find itself. Better make that, the best two places.

    And I’m a straight girl. So, you know, THERE.

  92. jessica

    I love the beret (sorry). I remember reading an interview where she referred to pencil skirts as “sexcretary” skirts, and its true, she looks hot in them. So I’d just little black dress it up — knee length fitted skirt, no sleeves, no cowl.

  93. Mellie

    First of all, get a decent bra. Those girls need some serious support. Second, lose the vajayjay-esque neckline & go for something not so… old & floppy. Then, shorten the sleeves & skirt, ditch those ghastly shoes for some cuter, more colorful ones, and lose the clutch. I’m so over the clutch. Meh.

    I vote for a two-hour nappy-poo and pudding cups for snacky-poos.

  94. KPod

    Take. It. Off.

  95. rosarita

    Oh, Christina, honey. Stand up straight and never let yourself be photographed from above. Your skin and figure are amazing, so let’s see some more – barer neckline, shorter hem, strappy shoe. And do yourself a favor – burn that beret. Now then, that’s better! You’re welcome.

  96. Vandalfan

    This could only be helped with Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. It is irredeemable.

  97. Anonymous

    I think this would be rather easy to fix.
    Just get rid of the ruching and make the dress knee-length. Maybe shorten the cowl neck some.
    I don’t even really mind the beret; she seems to be pulling it off well.

    Add a pop of color in her bag or her shoes and it could definitely cross into fab territory.

  98. BJA

    Mrs. Holycross! There you are! The Thursday Women’s Circle was expecting you to pour. You do remember how to get to the church basement, don’t you dear? Well, with lent coming up, you can make it up to us with that delicious mincemeat pie of yours. What an unusual hat, dear.

  99. Paloma Pigeon

    Here is my theory about Christina Hendricks.

    She knows she is sexy and hot, and she certainly looks it on the show. But take her out of period clothing and she is floundering. The problem is most modern clothes are not cut for a girl like her. So she finds outfits that remind her of the way the clothes feel on the show, but they don’t flatter her at all.

    Someone said it above: Hire the stylist from the show and go vintage or reconstruct vintage. And jewel tones. With that hair you can pull of all kinds of great saturated colors.

  100. Sarah

    I think the reason she is so amazingly gorgeous on Mad Men (I mean in addition to her obvious natural beauty) is that she has a body *meant* for that era; curvy and delicious. The kind of high waisted, pencil skirts and little twin-set sweaters that they wore work so well on her.

    With that in mind, to “fix” this I would shorten the skirt up and tighten it in to give it that pencil skirt silouette. I would actually keep the rouching as I think it might not look too bad in a sleeker shape. Make the top part red, lose the cowl neck and some length on the sleeves (but I wouldn’t do halter – a girl with such an ample bosom can’t really do that as well as smaller chested women). Instead, turn it into a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve fitted top with a scoop neck. The bottom black skirt part should end high — around where it looks like that rouching begins…a little below her breasts and a little above where that cowel ends. Finally, swap those shoes out for some sexy peep toe black pumps. I also kind of think she’s rocking that beret!

  101. Amy

    so stumpy! D:
    she is such a pretty lady, this does NOTHING for her

  102. Beth

    Easy. Lose the beret, lose the droopy cowl/scarf, hem it to just above her knees, and ease up on the crotch ruching.

  103. Randy

    1. Get rid of the cowl. Not sexy on the red carpet.
    2. Lose the ruche, it does no favours to her figure.
    3. Hike the skirt up just a bit so the dress doesn’t look so matronly.
    4. I find it ironic that directly below the picture there’s an ad for Louboutin pumps. Because that would greatly aid her.
    5. Lose the sleeves…but at this point just get a new dress.

  104. Jess

    As someone who can empathize with Christina’s mammarial dilemma, it’s still not OK to do that to your girls, Joan.

    Get some boning or some kind of better support under those puppies.

    FIX THE PLEATING disaster around your hips that is making you look 25 pounds heavier. Sweet jeezus, we’ve all seen you looking great on TV, where you have an extra 10 pounds. TAKE NOTES.

    I think a fabric change could help everything. I don’t know what material that is, but from here, it looks like stretch polyester, and it’s doing no one any favors.

    Then, shorten it, because AS YOU WOULD KNOW if you had been reading the Fug Girls, you have been stumpified.

  105. Sweetsinger

    That this dress is unsalvageable is highlighted by the use of the wide angle camera lens that makes her top look larger than her bottom and totally skews what are otherwise womanly proportions.
    And too, too, too much black for Spring.

  106. PAB

    My monitor is so crappy that I thought she was wearing a three-quarters length pea coat, even though it’s June. This is a DRESS?!? Christina, please channel Joan a little and stop covering up your best, um, assets.

  107. Anne B

    BJA, you merry soul. You crack me up!

    Now say ten Hail Marys and three Our Fathers and we’ll call it even. Bless you, my child.

  108. Jael Paris

    I love the beret.

    Shorten the dress. It hits her in her dowdy place. Then, have the cowl lay over her breasts instead of squeezing through them. Cleavage and calves are a good combo.

  109. Delta Sierra

    Someone introduce her to Queen Elizabeth and they can go to a nice funeral together.

  110. La Seditiosa

    Wow. What can I say? Um… her hair and makeup are nice.

    I don’t think this dress can be salvaged, and the more I look at her accessories the less I like them. Hiding an awesome bod like that has to be a crime.

  111. Catherine

    Christina is a beautiful woman with amazing curves; IMO, she should just not be wearing this. Something else, please.

  112. Sara

    Amen WendyPinNJ!

    Also, a busty woman needs to take care with wearing slinky fabrics with sheen. They may look great in the mirror, but a photographer with a crappy flash attachment will make your boobs look scary-big rather than hot-voluptuous. Perhaps the cowl was intended to minimize that problem, but it fails, and then adds its own misery to the party.

    She is beautiful.

  113. Edel

    Lose the cowl, the sleeves, the beret. Shorten the dress to above the knee. Strappy shoes. And definitely a different colour for the dress. Black does nothing for redheads, it washes them out. As one myself, I know it’s way too easy for me to look like I’ve got some wasting disease when I’ve got a black dress on. At the least, colourful accessories.

  114. Ducki

    The worst part of it is the way the cinching draws attention to the widest part of her torso. I’ve never seen Mad Men and I’m not familiar with this actress, but if you look closely then it’s clear she’s got a nice figure. But the cinching makes her look fat instead of curvy. If the cowl didn’t cover up how great her breasts are, the cinching wouldn’t be as bad, but the cinching is the worst part. The cowl is a close second. The length is terrible too, but I could live with it if the waist just weren’t so darn terrible.

  115. Chasmosaur

    I love Christina Hendricks from her time on “Firefly” as YoSaffBridge. But here’s the thing – when you work on a TV show, your clothes are cut to be absolutely fabulous (my family used to own a costuming company – I say this with a certain amount of certainty).

    For a woman with a figure like CH, that is a godsend. She is curvy and exceptionally well-endowed. This is not a figure that is well represented in modern fashion houses, so I doubt she can take advantage of any houses or stylists throwing clothes at her.

    The dress is, to put it bluntly, NOT Unfuggable. Start to finish, it’s just not right for her figure. She needs to talk to whoever styles Queen Latifah for red carpet appearances. While she is not as heavy as Queen L, she does have an abundantly curvy figure that poses similar problems.

    She CAN look fabulous, she just has to be very carefully dressed to minimize the girls (which I think is why this dress was chosen – the neckline is good for that but nothing else) AND not make her look chunky (which she’s not).

  116. coexxi

    This outfit does her no favors. NO. FAVORS. NO. NO. NO.

    Even “Saffron” could dress better than this. It is frumpy and dumpy and lumpy. The only thing nice is the hat. And CH herself obviously.

  117. erin

    it makes me sad you guys are jumping on the twitter bandwagon, I think I made the exact same face as poor intern George while I was reading it. :(

  118. lakin

    It’t too bad that the technology does not exist (on this blog) that each poster could immediately alter the original outfit with their suggestions. That would make it so much easier to imagine what the outfit would look like, say … in green without the cowl, beret, or ruching, with strappy shoes, a shorter length, and different shoes.

    It could be a visual fashion show with each one of us the ultimate designer!

  119. Lindsey

    The most important takeaway for Our Mrs. Reynolds: Just because the pieces are all the same color doesn’t mean they go together. The hat? Perfect with a more casual outfit. The Shoes? They would look great with dressy slacks or a less weighty dress with more color. The dress? It just cries out for orthopedic shoes and a wadded tissue up the sleeve.

  120. apricotmuffins

    personally, I feel like getting rid of everything. Birthday suit all the way! Christina hendricks can certainly rock that one.

  121. amalo

    Lose that cowl neck post-haste. And a couple inches of ruching. Ruching is not our friend, fellow lady who weighs over 110lb.

  122. cate

    wearing a decent bra underneath would make a world of difference! Get those puppies up and out instead of down and droopy.

  123. bealeejeene

    This girl is all boobs and hips. She should keep this locked up tight without embellishments that act as neon roadway signs defaming the beauty of her curves. The cowl and runching drag the viewer’s eye to the midline and somehow this makes her look wider than necessary. The shiny fabric makes her boobs stand out too. If you stare long enough it looks like Mickey Mouse with wrinkles.
    I love that the size of her hips matches her top half; wonderful feat in Hollywood. She should glorify her figure with something in the corset family. Christina, go jump on the ScarJo train and play-up the pin-up!

  124. Anonymous

    I like the beret. I hate the shoes. The dress is awful.

    I think I get what she’s trying to do, but maybe it would be better done with a knee-length dress with cap sleeves, a peplum, and a flirty slit at the back? Possibly in a nice dark green instead of black to make it a bit less… funereal.

    But… it’s summer. That would be a cute outfit for autumn, but almost certainly a bit too prim and starchy and, erm, librarian-chic for now? Maybe it should be red or navy with large white polka-dots and a sweetheart neckline… kind of a pinup rockabilly thing…

    Yeah, I think I’m talking myself into a “she needs to completely redo it” corner. Except I still like the beret.

  125. rlr260

    Just get rid of the dress, and start over. I kind of like the beret, in a costume-y kind of way. The shoes are OK, but kind of boring. Wait, get rid of the hat and shoes, too and start from scratch. She needs something fitted to show her curves, and a bolder color.

  126. Jessica

    “it makes me sad you guys are jumping on the twitter bandwagon, I think I made the exact same face as poor intern George while I was reading it. :(

    Don’t worry; the Twitter will definitely not take away from whatever’s happening here. It’s a way for those of our readers who use Twitter to easily know what’s happening here, but for the rest of y’all, just pretend it’s not happening, because nothing will change on the site.


  127. Ling

    The cowl neck is the first thing that needs to go. With that material, it looks like it was transplanted off a club dress I bought for $20. I also hate the way it separates her rack.

    Next is the length. I say, make it a mini. leave the sleeves; minis with sleeves are intriguing.

    The ruching also looks terrible with that material, again the vestiges of a club dress designed to withstand spilled beer and perspiration.

    The shoes are a bit old-womanly. Perhaps jut throw those out and start again.

    On the whole, the dress looks heavy, hot and uncomfortable. It’s merciful that it’s black, because once she gets inside she’s going to have lovely armpit ponds to deal with.

    I like the idea of the hat; I just don’t like the execution. Maybe with less dress, the hat might look less dour?

    She’s got an awesome feminine figure that could carry off a more risqué dress with all sorts of aplomb, but a conservative style just looks old-lady on her. I have the same problem; I can’t really do old-lady chic.

  128. frifri

    Oh Xtina. =(

  129. allweatherheather

    I actually do not hate this other than the awkward photo angle(and the beret). The dress looks too long here, but I think it’s just the angle.

    Other posters seem to think she is going for a later decade, but to me it seems like a very 20′s or 30′s inspired ensemble. The 20′s and 30′s were all about the hips and the drapery. I think her hips look great and appropriately period in the rouching.

    However, those sleeves are all wrong. I say lost the sleeves and make the cowl draping thing a back detail (also period) rather than a front thing.

  130. Mel

    I’d do a cap sleeve instead of long, make the skirt closer to the body (more of a pencil silhouette), lose the hat entirely (why hide that face and that hair?), undo some of the ruching because it looks like it’s trying to pull up her lady bits, and do a red or purple shoe instead.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with getting rid of what looks like a detached cowl neck, because it looks like I can see some skin between the cowl and the dress).

    I might also do the dress in a different color. A rockin blue or green would be gorgeous.

  131. Luanna

    Take off the hat, make it just over knee length, and get rid of that drapey thing over the neckline, and make it a simple jewel or V neck

  132. Mary Beth

    From one big busted girl to another, please avoid large amounts of excess fabric dangling in the bust area. It does your girls NO justice. Hike up the skirt and chop off the sleeves. Also, can I get a pop of color somewhere? Anywhere?

  133. meganfay

    I’m sure that this has been said and said, but the bra’s the thing–bring em closer together. That and shortening the skirt and you have a not bad mourning dress.

  134. Krista

    I can’t tell if she looks more like the Beav’s mom at a funeral in Paris, the Golden Girls’ Blanche’s sexy Parisian cousin, or an elderly Elvira Mystress of the Old, Saggy, and Frumpy! The length of the sleeves and dress make her look short and the shoes look like something my grandmother in Florida would wear! And while I appreciate that a rouched bodice is supposed to hide our feminine “curves” it adds about 20 pounds to her! Speaking of her curves, the cowl neck hangs so low that it actually creates the optical illusion that her god-given-gifts on either side of said cowl are dangling low as well. Warning to other ladies- if you try to hide your beautiful curves in shame, the fashion gods will smite you with THIS!

  135. Melissa

    Something is telling me that the particular angle of this shot is exerting an especially frumping downward pressure on her whole silhouette, but nevertheless I hold out little hope for any of this dress. As you say, the length is wrong, her breasts look SPLAYED, the sleeves are baggy, the fabric reminds me of my mother’s yuk 70s thick polyester pantsuits…

    If forced to name ONE thing that would improve this look 100%, I’d say the remove the ruching. Take away that nasty puckering of her lower trunk and she’s almost elegant.

    And for god’s sake give the girl a raspberry beret.

  136. *Jacob*

    To save her look, I say hire a stylist. :(

    I adore her, and she makes me sad.

  137. punxxi

    She needs to return that dress to her Granmere and get something above the knee ,lose the sleeves and that cowl thingie, and get it in a living colour!

  138. dj.pomegranate

    I actually love the hat. Especially with her eye makeup. I am on Team Hat.

    Everything else, though, needs to be severely cropped. Shorter skirt, shorter sleeves, lose the cowl, lighter fabric (jersey! Try jersey!), sleeker shoes. I’d say she can even keep the ruching if she’s attached to it, but ruching + cowl = SAGGY. Get a better bra, and by “better,” I mean, “industrial.” Push ‘em in and out, honey. Show off that bosom.

    Edit the fuss and what you have is a chic, French-y look. With the fuss, you have a look that resembles the costume for “French woman” that we pulled together from hand-me-downs for our 6th grade play.

  139. zora

    It’s not a bad dress at all. The problem with this dress is that it’s matronly and she’s at least 20 years too young to wear it.

  140. patrice

    make the bottom just below the knee and very tight. that is all.

  141. Commanda Amanda

    Shorten the sleeves to elbow length or take them off altogether. Shorten the skirt to knee length and make it just a touch tighter. Lose the drapy fabric and leave the neckline as a simple V. Is she wearing a bra? The ladies look like they’re drooping and heading in opposite directions.

  142. Pearl


    1. Ditch the dress entirely. It cannot be saved. (Why would you want to?)

    2. Ditch the beret because… obvious.

    3. Choose a youthful, sexy dress in turquoise, amber, or another flattering color in a style that flatters her curvy body and gorgeous skin and hits at a length somewhere above Frowsyville and below Skank Hollow. (Christina: note the adjective “flattering.” Apply vigorously to your entire wardrobe.) Make us proud.

  143. Ranee

    She looks like a flight attendant on Grim Reaper Airlines.

  144. AnnaN

    She has amazing natural coloring and black does nothing for her. She needs a deep red or green. And really, with her curves, a dress with a boob hugging bodice and shorter skirt with a well-defined waist would do wonders.

  145. Beth

    Kudos to her – she’s carried off the “1945 Widowed Grandmother” look very well!

    What? That’s not what she was going for? Oh… Then there’s no way this can be fixed except to burn it and start from scratch.

  146. jaedalaurez

    continue all the ruching down to the bottom of the dress to tighten it up- that weird a-line thing mixed with the draping looks awful. Make the sleeves bracelet or 3/4 length and throw on some cuter shoes.

    And make her stand up properly.

  147. katinka

    i think it’s mostly the sleeves that are the problem. they seem sort of baggy near the upper arms which adds alot of visual heaviness. other than that, i rather like this look.

  148. Cidnie

    We can fix this look with a pair of scissors, a match and two accessories.

    Keep the cowl. It distracts from the horrible ruching which makes her look 6 months gone. Grasp scissors.Lose the sleeves and the back of the dress, turning it into a halter top dress. Yes, the ugly ass ruching will still be there but her shoulders will distract. Shorten hem to 2 inches above the knee. Not 6, we don’t need to see her crotch, 2 inches.

    Light match. Remove beret. Burn it.
    Take scissors to hair and crop it into a pixie-ish close crop. She has the facial features to pull off really short hair.

    Add mid sized dangle earrings. No chandelier drops please, but a nice pair of dangle earrings that are no longer than chin length. Blue would be good to set off her eyes.

    Add a pair of killer blue strappy heels to coordinate with earrings.

    Go eat a Pop-Tart. Our work here is done, time for a reward.

  149. allison

    if I had to fix this in 5 minutes with 5 dollars and a pocketknife:

    Cowl: OFF!

    Sleeves: OFF!

    Cinch the rest of the mess in with a bitchin belt (of contrasting hue) and voila, my eyes hurt less.

  150. lisa b.

    I too adore Christina H. and especially I love her big, curvaceous body. So: I would end the skirt just below the knee. Either no sleeves or a three-quarter sleeve. Make the cowl of horror go away away away. I agree with the belt suggestion. And better shoes.

    And why black? There is just no reason. This woman was born to wear color.

  151. Tarn

    She can fix this by taking it all off, burning it, and stealing her entire wardrobe from Mad Men – so we never have to witness another tragedy like this!

    OK, she can also wear The Amazing Curve-Displaying Green Dress, too. I lurves that dress on her.

  152. Valerie

    Eesh, burn that sad sack. I’ll admit though, I kind of like the hat on her. At least it’s not a fedora…

  153. Anonymous

    The only things that succeed at all about this is her neckline, and her hair and makeup. Other than that she looks like she can’t decide between wearing a 1940s/1950s evening gown or a judge’s or choir robe.

  154. Elissa Jean

    Get rid of the gathered thing on the front and change those horrid tapered sleeves. Then we can talk

  155. Cynthia

    I agree with most posters that Christina needs a stylist. When she is acting, whether on “Kevin Hill” where I first saw her or on “Mad Men”, she is dressed well. On her own, not so well. Maybe she is uncomfortable with her va-va-voom figure, but when you see others like Kim Kardashian and JLO dressed better, outfits like this are just a shame.

  156. Stephanie

    Christina Hendricks is so beautiful but she cannot dress herself to save her fucking life.
    She has really big breasts and either wears high necks that make her look like she’s smuggling balloons, or strapless numbers that either make her look like they’re going to fall out or are hidden by a shelf. Queen Latifah’s stylist could maybe help her.

  157. Over Educated Nympho

    Dip her in chocolate and sprinkles! Then you can call it the Christina cupcake and sell them at a gourmet bakery for five bucks each. Brilliant!

  158. OJ

    She is beautiful and rocking the hat so I didn’t even look at the dress.

    Perhaps she’s just trying to give the rest of us a chance by covering up a little.

  159. Penny D.

    I would take off everything she’s wearing. Then I would stop right there. PERFECT.

  160. tigerstripes

    Loved Christina Hendricks since her two eps of Firefly. She’s a tall gal and all curves; it’s shocking how dowdy this getup makes her look. So, here goes nothin’:
    Ditch the cowl, beret, clutch and the dangly bobbles on her shoes, lose three inches off the cuffs and hem. The horizontal pleat/ruching across the hips isn’t helpful on a curvy girl, but seems integral to the dress, so that’s the best I can manage.

  161. Fiendish

    The… um…

    Okay. Let’s breathe.

    The cowl is hideous. The sleeves don’t even seem to fit that well, and if they did, I’d still be reminding myself that she is not attending a soap-opera funeral in 1993. The ruching on the actual dress creates pouches where no woman should have pouches.

    The –

    No. I’m sorry. This cannot be fixed. She is enviably gorgeous, highly talented and presumably wealthy enough to own more than one dress. Go home and change, Christina Hendrick.

  162. RenaissanceGrrl

    Shorten the skirt to the knee, lose the sleeves and the gathers up the front, and a big gold necklace. I kind of like the 40′s glamor vibe she was going for here but feel like she missed the mark. Love the shoes and beret though!

    And does anyone else think she kinda-sorta resembles Cate Blanchett here? Maybe just a little?

  163. Anonymous

    This is what happens sometimes when curvy women wear modern clothing. Things can go horribly awry.

  164. Nadia

    I personally think that she looks gorgeous. The length of the dress is fitting for the 1930s thing she is trying to go for. It’s a little bit of a shock because her body is a little voluptuous for wearing that time period but I think she makes it work.

    Personally, I absolutely love what she is doing and the fact that her, everything about her, is so different from the standard blase actresses right now– even the seemingly stylish ones.

  165. Emily

    I liked her better in the weird peasant dress on Firefly.

  166. Anonymous

    Ditch that silly hat and lose the cowl immediately. Large breasts need no adornment: why accentuate the obvious? Shorten the dress a TAD, lose the it’s-PMS-day-2-ruching around the tummy. Next on the chopping block, those sleeves. Instead of 3/4 sleeves, how about wide shoulder straps softly gathered with sparkly beaded clips in the top, drawing the eye up to balance out the breasteses. Red satin peeptoe shoes. …
    Or, you know, just fire the stylist and start over. That sounds easier.

  167. Redblues

    I didn’t know they made formal shrouds. And I thought shoes were not generally worn in coffins. Maybe the funeral director found them in a closet somewhere and decided it would be too dangerous to just throw them out. They need to be cremated and then buried so that no-one will ever look at them again. She does look remarkably pretty and lifelike for a corpse. But she CAN’T be alive. What sane living woman would agree to a dress/shroud with a ruched waistline designed to make her look at least 20 years older and 30 pounds heavier than she is?
    Burn this and BURY the ashes. But save the cowl neck first. There’s enough fabric in it to make another dress that would actually flatter her lovely figure.

  168. Joker

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)