Unfug It Up: Ashley Williams


This outfit is a study in understanding proportions.

Specifically, that a cropped coat, a tunic, and mid-calf boots ruthlessly chop a girl’s body into unflattering pieces. Self-mutilation through fashion is a pervasive disease. We have to stop it now. Think of the CHILDREN.
For me, the first step is losing the boots; then I’d burn the tunic and stick a nice fitted tee or tank under that coat, because it’s stylish — or at least styled — enough to be the star of the show. It doesn’t need the competition. Slap a cute pair of heels on, and call it a day. But that’s just one option. What would you do to save Ashley from herself?
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Comments (46):

  1. Becaro

    The jeans are too close in color to the jacket. I would maybe do a nice slightly distressed straight leg.

  2. Henriette

    Make the tunic a dress, loose the jeans and boots. Add a couple of heels.

  3. geemee

    I agree with everything Heather said, and I would add to that 1) comb your hair, Ashley, and 2) please take off the black rubber band and put on some *real* bracelets.

  4. Kathy

    I’d get rid of the jacket entirely. The shiny cuff makes it too dressy for those ugly*ss jeans, even though the rest of the jacket fabric is casual. The color of the tunic makes it look like hospital scrubs, and her hair needs brushed. The boots need to be taller…….oh heck, just go back into your bedroom and change everything. How about a nicely fitted wrap dress and some pretty heels?

  5. vandalfan

    Pull the pant legs out of the boots. Then discard boots and try anything else, from flashy pumps to flop-flops. Remove hideous tunic-top and replace with anything tucked in, a T-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, anything, even sequins and/or satin. Comb your hair. Then you can run to the laundromat or go put gas in the car in that outfit.

  6. Charlie T.

    Remove the jacket, pants and boots and add solid leggings and a lower-cut shoe.

  7. TereLiz

    All I know is that jacket would look sweet with this boho maxi dress I have. And hello, it’s April–put the black boots back into the closet unless you’re going out at night somewhere schmancy. Maybe in those jeans and a hip-length jewel-tone silk shirt with some pretty detailing.

    That tunic would look cute with brown leggings and some peep-toe ankle boots/gladiator sandals and this crazy invention they call a belt. And a big chunky bracelet.

  8. Vicky

    I think it’s the skinny jeans that kill it for me. A boot cut jean maybe in black would go a long way to save this outfit.

  9. a

    it’s not so much that she’s cut into weird pieces as she is wearing just a straight up boring AND ugly outfit. go back to your closet and start over!

  10. poltergasm

    i dont know who this is but i know she just came from UCLA, SMC, LACC, Cal State Northridge, or her job at urban outfitters. maybe a mall.

    so help me, i would rather look @ amber rose in her furball pompoms. nothing is salvageable here in the name of glamor.

  11. Sarah Rogers

    Belt the tunic (I know, I know), add cowboy boots, lose the jacket and CHILD GET YOUR ROOTS DONE.

  12. Sarah Rogers

    PS. Lose the jeans, I mean tunic as dress.

  13. Emmy

    Wow. Harsh on the hair in the comments. As someone with straight, baby-fine hair — but a lot of it — which looks mussed with even the hint of air current, I must say: some hair is really hard to keep “brushed” looking. I don’t think her hair looks sloppy at all. It’s shiny and healthy and doesn’t involve extensions. It’s unremarkable, sure, but I can’t believe some people are focusing in on it as outright bad.

    Especially since the rest of the outfit complete and total fail. None of those individual pieces belong with any of those other individual pieces and i’m not sure anyone belong in existence at all.

  14. Fuh Ugh

    This outfit cannot be unfugged. Start over. For what kind of a event was she wearing this sad array of rags? The colors are drab, the jeans too casual and soccer mom, those boots look like pleather, and her hair and makeup don’t appear to be done.

    Wow, that is awful! Perhaps she was celebrating the launch of a Lifetime movie in which she donates her real clothes to orphans of a disaster and this is all the Red Cross has left for her to wear? Or maybe she is just trying to fade into the wall? FUH UGH!

  15. SaraK

    I hate everything here except the girl, and maybe the purse (hard to tell, but it might be a cute little clutch). But she is very pretty, so a hairbrush and a cute outfit would completely unfug her.

    Also, 1992 called and it wants those boots and tucked-in jeans back. Seriously, my best friend wore that exact combo then, although it was about as flattering back in the day as it is now.

  16. Alisa

    Honestly, I’d just chuck the whole outfit and start over. I can’t even begin to salvage this.

  17. Jane

    I don’t think it’s so bad–although it seems awfully casual. She looks very normal to me. It’s the sort of think that (eeps) Hilary Duff could do a lot better

    Tis really the wrinkled tunic that’s killing the outfit for me–the color and shape make her torso look a lot bigger than it is. I’d replace it with something fitted and gray or gray-ish that’s long enough to provide a little coverage. Then replace the boots with something more in tone with the jeans to lengthen the lines (I’m fine with boots and jeans, personally), add a springlike printed scarf that shares the muted palette but incorporates a more vibrant color, and voila, she’ll look like me on a good day:)

  18. Miss Em

    Burn it all and sub in a LBD with a cute denim jacket (this event appears casual)and those CUTE shoes that Emma Stone was wearing here: http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/go_fug_yourself/2010/04/fugbieland040610.html

  19. daryl

    I don’t like the jacket much. i don’t like it with the jeans, the value of the colors compete-you have a warm toned gray and a cool toned gray (bleh)…and it makes her arms look fat, which I’m sure they are not. It doesn’t go with the aqua blouse very well. If she must wear the jacket, wear the warm-toned gray color with a pale pink or peach. and then maybe black or blue skinny jeans and high platform sandals, some statement jewelry.
    Or take off the jacket, wear the aqua thing with an amazing necklace, the current gray skinnies and high heels.
    To sum, the biggest problem in my eye is attempting to match the warm toned gray jacket with the cool toned gray jeans. ick. they dont’ match or “go”….Take it off and top it all with a dark teal wrap or topper. I’m thinking of a great one by “Velvet”….Lightweight, a dusty dark teal color, stretch and it cinches in with a self tie so you don’t have all the volume. Voila!

  20. TonyG

    She needs to go with a darker pair of jeans, as in dark black and unfaded.

    I’d like a deep colorful teal (no pastel color, please!) crisp button-down shirt with no collar and a clunky heel that suggests the color of the teal shirt.

  21. Danielle B

    The jacket is actually kind of cute on its own. I agree that she needs darker, wider leg jeans–maybe a trouser cut? I’m not offended by the shirt’s color, but it should be a regular length instead of tunic.

  22. citizen_cris

    I would:

    1.Shorten the tunic underneath and make it fitted.

    2. I would then lengthen the jacket and bring it up a couple shades to a steel grey.

    3. And how about we make those boots knee height?

    Yep, much better.

  23. Sandra

    A high-waisted, fitted skirt that matches the jacket exactly. Hemmed to just above the knee. A jewel-toned tailored shirt, because the paleness of the gray needs a strong contrast and floaty would look, well, exactly like it does in the picture. Almost anything else on her feet. Except Uggs. Those wouldn’t help.

  24. Peony

    Throw it all away and put on some clothing in a brighter hue. Every single thing she’s wearing looks like it’s got a rampant case of the dirty laundry dinge.

  25. Anonymous

    TonyG… a button down shirt with no collar? I thought button down MEANT the collar?

  26. Lassie

    When will the Biblical plague of skinny jeans disappear, O Lord? Save us!

    Regarding that thing the girl from Bones had on, with the exposed zipper – I’m afraid that’s going to be the next big thing. Just big old metal zippers basted in any old way, look at some of the horrors offered up on Etsy! It’s a trendy plague coming our way.

  27. Alice

    In a situation such as this there is only one thing to be added… HEELS.
    And then all issues are just about sorted…

  28. Annie

    Buy her a new outfit.

    Well, she makes more money than I do, so I’d just help her pick it out and she could pay. Then off to the salon…

  29. Blanche

    Everybody has good suggestions for sprucing up Ms. Williams here. I’m not going to be able to add anything. But I do have something to say:

    Jessica Simpson is wearing some makeup on that Marie Claire cover. Not very much. Certainly she is a beautiful girl. Yes, she is more youthful looking and pretty with less makeup. But come on. Eyes don’t look like that without a little liner and mascara. I object to promotion professionals calling a little makeup “no” makeup. The feminine ideal is flat-out based on artifice, end of story. The only question is whether the lady’s hit a good, clear falsetto.

  30. Laura

    Poor girl, looks like she just figured out how bad the outfit is and doesn’t quite know if she should stay for the pictures, or flee. Although I don’t like each part, it could be more passable with a fitted top.

  31. Bambi Anne Dear


  32. 642-566

    Belt the tunic, add cowboy boots, lose the jacket and CHILD GET YOUR ROOTS DONE.

  33. Stella H

    I like the tunic best of all, lose the rest and pair the top with slightly purply jeans and cute shoes.

  34. Martha

    Oh lord- I can even feel how she feels in the outfit which is horrible. Yeah lose everything, start over….but if you are going to keep the jacket, maxi dress ( someone said that) or boot cut slacks or dark jeans. if you keep the jeans which I don’t recommend- put them with a top not a tunic, a structured blouse and flats. Tunic? make it into a dress somehow and don’t wear until summer time.
    completely lose the boots, take them to Goodwill ASAP! Her hair looks good.

  35. Rita

    I don’t know who this person is, but her outfit doesn’t say red carpet. The outfit is fine, in theory, if she’s just heading out with friends for a casual evening or to a house party. What I would do for that kind of gig is:

    Change the shoe to 1) a boot that matches the color of the pants, or 2) something other than a boot.

    Change the color of the jacket. She has too much gray on in different shades.

  36. Amy

    Boots and skinny jeans are the Devil–ax them for a pair of nice, lean boot-cut and bright pumps. The tunic would be ok if it was fitted, right now it looks like a dress or a maternity shirt and i actually like the blazer. So: fitted tunic, boot-cut jeans, pretty shoes and keep the blazer. Pretty!

  37. titi

    oh dear.
    i would rip up the jeans (she can still wear them), put any sort of even slightly fitted top on, pref. a bright colour to cheer up the sadist colour of the jeans, LOOSE THE SCRUNCHIE ON THE WRIST and that other thing that looks suspiciously like a apple juice popper, swap the things that are ‘sposed to be called boots for some gold dimante studded peep-toe skyscrapers, burn the stupid carki jacket and send her home to do her hair.
    yes thats what i would do.

  38. jennifer

    I dont mind this outfit…until I get to the boots. The jack is cute, i dont even mind it paired with the tunic. But I think it would look much better with a pair of nice bootcut jeans and….any other shoes. But some colorful wedges would look really cute!

  39. ashley

    Don’t like the boots, or the fit of the jeans. Doesn’t look overweight but because there’s so much draped over her mid section, it looks like she’s trying to mask some extra poundage up top.

  40. couture fashion

    That’s simple, get rid of the boots, the pants, the jacket and the tunic, put on a cute dress and high heels, plus a different jacket, do something about the hair. Done.

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