Unfug the What?: Sandra Bullock


I’m not sure if this is a jumpsuit, or pants and a vest-y thing, or what. But decoding it is making me all wrinkly.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    Yes, I see what you mean about her look. But I really can’t come up with anything mostly because I just love Sandra no matter what. Melissa too. And they’re having fun … so what?

  2. LoriK

    It’s a jumpsuit. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Zed

    It doesn’t really fit very well, does it?

    • Helen

      No. It’s too tight on the chest and in the midsection, causing flattening in one area and wrinkling in the other.

      Fix that, and change the part on the side that sticks out, and I’d like it fine.

      I think. Depends what the back looks like.

  4. Morgan

    It’s weird and confusing, but I don’t care because she looks fan-freakin-tastic. Her arms and shoulders…. damn. Plus, she’s pretty and fun.

    • steen

      I think it looks incredible on her and love it. She normally doesn’t go edgy, but this looks great on her. Those arms can only help.

  5. I

    Well, Melissa looks cute at least.

    • lilywise

      I agree! Melissa looks great. Love the fun top and shoes, and her hair looks better than Sandra’s. Can she give out her skin-care secrets??

  6. mary lou bethune

    Is it me or is Sandra’s face a bit tight ?

    • Sajorina

      I think is just you!

    • Gabi

      I def. think she’s had some work done, her face looks much more stiff than normal. She’s actually starting to remind me of Heather Dubrow (from the Real Housewives of OC) a bit. That’s not an insult, as Heather is pretty as well, but it’s weird that Sandra’s starting to look much less like herself, if that makes sense.

  7. Kat

    Change the fit so it’s not so tight on one side and sticking out on the other and give it a back like a regular halterneck top. Make the trousers fit like regular skinny jeans would, and I think we’re in business.

  8. goldfish

    …didn’t we just see this yesterday, a black dress with this napkin-hang at the hem? Now it’s pants, move the napkin-hang around? There better not be a whole line of this shizz.

  9. Laura

    Aw, in the third photo, if I squint I can almost pretend it’s old school Sookie St. James and Lorelei Gilmore hanging together again. WHERE IS THAT MOVIE.

  10. Sajorina

    WHAT is a good way to describe this, but I must say I don’t hate it! It’s weird and I don’t like it from the front, but she looks so happy that I feel like giving it a pass, especially after seeing the last 2 pictures! Her head looks GREAT and the shoes are FAB! I just love me some Sandy & Sookie!

  11. Lee-Lee

    This fashion crime was designed by Roland Mouret.

  12. Maya Neff

    Let’s just ask ourselves, why have Sandra and Melissa not been in a movie together? I want this to happen

    • Trace

      They ARE in a movie together – it’s called The Heat and I’m guessing these photos were taken at an event to promote it.

  13. Lily1214

    This doesn’t seem to fit right. I’ve seen her look a LOT better.

  14. Emma

    Melissa McCarthy looks prettier here in a dressy/casual ensemble with sneakers than she does on the red carpet all dolled up. Her stylists should take note, and dress her less elaborately next awards season! HER HAIR DOES NOT WANT TO BE A BOUFFANT!

  15. Elle

    The outfit is too snug and her face/neck is too tight.

  16. Moi

    Holy moly! That’s a lot of dinero for a couple of dinner napkins sewn together.

    Obviously, I am in the WRONG business.