Unfug or Fug or Fab It Up: Naya Rivera


First of all, in case you think, “she looks awfully cheery considering the recent death of one of her castmates,” this is one of the cheeriest-looking pictures of her available from our photo service (and the best shot of her dress, which is why I used it). In most of the shots, she looks totally professional, and like she’s putting on a happy face to do her job, but also tired and shell-shocked. I feel really bad for all the Glee cast (not to mention Cory Monteith’s family and other loved ones, obviously). I cannot imagine what they’re going through; it’s all tremendously sad. But there is something to be said for the restorative power of work, and I hope that’s helping them get through what has to be a terrible, terrible time. Monteith always seemed so extraordinarily amiable, and I’m sure his loss casts a very long shadow. Addiction is an awful thing.

ANYWAY. Not to be all Debbie Downer on you, it just seemed inappropriate to launch into a convo about her outfit right off the bat. But let’s make that right turn now:

I’m not wild about the shoes in this instance, but I have to say, I think this is one of my favorites of her looks. (Are we grading on a curve? Perhaps. But still.) What say you?

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. googler

    NAB. I actually really like the dress on her, don’t love the shoes, but don’t hate them, either.

    It’s got to be so rough right now on the Glee set. When you work in an environment like that for so long you become like family.

  2. ok


  3. bebe balocca

    She looks lovely, great color, great fit. I hate it so much for the cast (and family and friends, of course) as well, and I agree that distraction and busy-ness can be helpful during terrible times.

  4.  TaraMisu

    Hmmmmmm I’m thinking the dress is too long. Chop some inches off the bottom and it’s a win.

    I can’t imagine how hard it will be for the cast to go on…. :(

  5. emster

    Length would be better shorter, but less surprising. If longer, than needs different shoes without an ankle strap. Overall though, she looks great.

    Poor things.

    • Amber

      I was just about to say the exact same thing – same shoes, if the dress were shorter, or same dress, and a shoe without an ankle strap.

      A bracelet wouldn’t hurt, either.

  6. Props

    I like the look a lot. I am however disconcerted over whatever she’s done to her face. That is undeniably plastic surgery face. Also, not a fan of the matchy matchy lipstick.

    • bebe balocca

      I was thinking it looked Botox-y, which isn’t permanent, or as if she weren’t smiling with her eyes, which… :(

      • Fawn

        I think it’s actually just that terrible lipstick on her that is making her face look wonky.

        • Other Emily

          I also hate the lipstick. That’s my biggest problem here. The shoes I don’t like, but can live with. The dress is very cute. The lipstick is disgusting. It looks like the Hello Kitty lipstick my four year old puts on.

      • ¬†JayBee

        bebe – I totally agree about ‘not smiling with her eyes.’ That was the first thing I thought, actually. It’s a bit startling (though, of course, understandable).

    • E

      Looks like recent over use of fillers. She was just in London & she seems to have work done like clockwork whenever she is there. Its highlighted by her foundation color being off (its too light & too cool toned), & the weird lipstick shade.

  7. Jasmine

    Love it. She looks beautiful. That colour is fabulous, and the dress itself makes her look a thousand feet tall. I agree with emster about the longer length not necessitating an ankle strap. Different shoes and I’d be entirely win-win-win.

    I watched the MJ Glee episode last night, the episode after Finn proposes to Rachel. Monteith is going to leave a huge void on that show, and seeing their chemistry made me even more sad for Lea Michele than I already was.

    • Sajorina

      I agree with you, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch any episodes of Glee right now!

  8. Mongerel

    Nothing to unfug here.

  9. filmcricket

    Needs different makeup & hair, I think. Her head looks very plastic. Also agreed that a bracelet might be good. The dress and shoes are perfect.

    A lot of the Glee cast had summer projects to promote and I give all of them props for getting on with it, since I’m sure they’d much rather hide under a blanket with a tub of ice cream. But as we all learned from “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,” when the star doesn’t work, no one does. Other people are counting on them, so they’re showing up.

  10. Cris

    I keep trying to decide whether that fabric is really lazy “digital camoflauge” in two tones of pink or oddly dull sequins.The dress doesn’t look bad, but I feel like it could look a lot better.
    - More saturated or brighter lipstick – it looks so same-y same with the lighter pink of her dress, and I feel like it’s not the best shade for her.
    - Different fabric? I kind of love the idea of this dress done in large-scale pinks-on-white floral. Or maybe dupioni in the darker pink from this fabric? Really, I like the cut and love the fit, but the fabric is kinda meh
    - I’m torn between lopping 3 inches off the bottom of this and leaving it as is. It’s surprisingly not stumpifying for the length that it is, but I wonder if she’d look more balanced if the dress were a touch shorter.

    There’s a lot of upsides to celebrity, but having to mourn your loved ones in the public eye? The worst. She’s doing a good job putting on a brave face, but it sucks that she has to.

  11. HelenBackAgain

    Needs jewelry (at least she’s wearing earrings, but still), and about two to three inches off the hem, so it’d be just at the bottom of the knee.

    But that’s really nitpicking. Rivera looks good in this. Great fit on the bodice! Nice to see that rarity in a strapless. Love the color on her, too.

    My sympathies to her, and to everyone who knew Monteith or was a fan.

  12. Cat

    Like the dress, but I think it needs different shoes or shorter hemline. Also not a huge fan of the matchy-matchy lipstick, but my nitpicks are really minor. Considering the emotional upheaval she (and the rest of her Glee cast mates) is going through, she’s put together and professional and doing her job, so good on her. I would definitely wouldn’t want to be making any public appearances.

  13. Claire1

    I like all of it.
    Not a fan of her mani ( just the wrong red with the wrong pink)….but then I don’t even do my fingernails….so who am I to judge?

    can’t even with the loss of Cory.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I like the contrasting mani!

      • Claire1

        I’m telling you….
        If it were to be matching shoe/handbags/gloves time again I would be SOOOO happy.

        I love matchy matchy…
        also straight corners, labeled boxes and Manhattans…..

        A-type to a Madmen extreme

        • HelenBackAgain

          I like matching shoes and bags, too! And gloves if called for by the occasion. Or, heck, even if not, dressy gloves just look nice.

          But I only WISH I were organized enough for straight corners and labeled boxes…

          *still unpacking books, and oh dear God, what have I done*

        • Sajorina

          Woman, you are going to make my OCD tendencies start to act up! I just spent the last 2 hrs cleaning and I now I’m starting to feel the itch to organize… But I refuse! Leave me alone… ;)

  14. Sajorina

    R.I.P. Cory Monteith!

    I like it! She looks beautiful and radiant! But, if that’s tweed in the summer… Why? If not, BRAVO! Anyway, the dress is great, the color is wonderful and it fits her perfectly! The shoes, which I love, are too formal daytime! And I would’ve added some statement rings, but I like her hair & makeup! FAB!

  15. Brenna

    If it was knee-length, it’d be perfect. The calf length, mixed with ankle strap shoes are giving a stumpifying look to her legs. But the color is FAB!

  16. Lynne

    Gorgeous. Only nitpicky thing is the colour of her lipstick. That 1984 candy pink lip colour trend needs to die. It’s flattering on exactly no one.

  17. Big Noise

    I dunno, it’s kind of summer bridesmaid-like to me (especially the shoes).

  18. Goldfish

    She’s standing funny.

    She’s not slouching, and I’m fine with her hand on her hip (well, it’s a little awkward, but fine) but there is something about how she’s holding herself that is making the lines of everything just…wrong. And that dress is unforgiving. Too much to the side, something. Her mom is somewhere yelling at Getty Images, “Naya! How many times do I have to tell you about the leaning?!”

    She needs to straighten up her posture issues, and then I’m good with this. Good color on her, and not many can wear that kind of in your face pink. Oh, speaking of face and pink, the lipstick is too matchy-matchy.

  19. Robyn V

    She’s a stunningly beautiful person, but I’m not a fan of this look. However, If they ever decide to make a Santana Lopez-Prom Night Barbie, they should dress it like this.

  20. witjunkie

    I love the dress. It’s supposed to be exactly as long as it is. But, what with the length and the strapless, it’s a dress best left to the professionals, I think.

  21. Jules

    I think she looks great. But something about those shoes – which I actually like – make it look like her feet are on backwards or something.

  22. One of the Leahs

    The ONLY thing I don’t completely endorse in this look is the shoes. I love everything about the dress….

  23. Aj

    Hate the shoes and matchy-matchy lip color, but she looks great and I like the cut and length of the dress on her.

  24. Steph

    I love the dress and I love the shoes, just not together.

    I was lucky enough to have met Cory once. He was a genuine soul and incredible sweet and charming. Everyone who was at work that day has spoken at length about what good memories we have, and how he will be missed.