Unfug or Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


It’s really hard to be whimsical about Amy Adams’ outfits, because something about her and her wardrobe and whatnot does not invite whimsy. For a lady who was so bubbly and cute in Enchanted, a movie that could’ve swerved into annoying in anyone else’s hands, she herself doesn’t give you much to latch onto. Y’all, there’s a reason J.Lo is more fun to talk about, so clearly, Amy Adams needs to run off with somebody’s back-up dancer and then start performing dance music and wearing shiny sweatpants whose crotch flirts with her knees. This is tremendous life advice. And it’s FREE. You’re welcome, Amy.

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  1. Edith

    There’s nothing to see here. Quite literally.

  2. Kit

    No pic-y no vote-y.

  3. v

    i am so jealous! while i continue to wait for my letter from Hogwards, Amy, it seems, got her (gruby) hands on an invisibility cloak.

    • v

      ack! Hogwarts (plainly it is my spelling that is keeping me from casting spells)…

      • vandalfan

        Wingarium leviosa letter “T”!

        Amy is not well dressed here, but I’m most concerned about her pretty face. Her forehead is looking as frozen, expressionless, and vaguely angry-looking as Nichole Kidman’s .

        • Emma

          Funny, I was just thinking she looks like Nicole Kidman in a couple of these shots. I hope she doesn’t go too far in that direction.

  4. Stefanie

    All the second dress is missing is a black birdcage veil and she has the part of “Grieving Mistress Attends her Lover’s Funeral and May or May Not Have a Drink Thrown At Her Later” down pat. And for the drama alone: I LOVE IT.

  5. lindsay

    you guys are so good. that first dress does need to be shorter. if i ever become famous (note: NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN), i am seriously going to hire you guys as my stylists.

    as for the second number, i actually think it’s the most flattering of the bunch and if only it had some other detail, i would be totally on board. also, face = gorgeous. number three is my least favorite by a mile. she somehow managed to gain 20 pounds from slide 2 to slide 4.

    lastly, enough of those shoes, hollywood. you look like horses from the metacarpals down!

  6. Shiitake

    Tired of color-blocking, ruching and hooves. Too much foliage on number 2, but the dress on it’s own looks fabluous.

  7. Jules

    These are all so blah. Girlfriend needs to step it up – she has a lot of movies coming out.

  8. pantsonfire

    I think her hair and face in outfit #1 are such an improvement over what we’ve seen from her lately. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Amy Adams needs brighter, softer hair for her face. I agree that the dress needs to be shorter and I wish the middle print was something else. It looks like animal print and/or abstract popcorn kernels? How about some color, Amy dear.

    I’m with the camp that is almost sold on dress #2 (the black one), even though it is slightly ridiculous, just because it’s intense and maybe structural in a way that suits AA.

  9. Clara

    She has beautiful hair!

    • mary lou bethune

      She does have beautiful hair and eyes- she is quite fetching and needs to choose something pretty and fanciful. Why don’t these accomplish ladies just go with pretty?

  10. Tamburlaine

    I love that second dress, it fits her so beautifully, and her shoes are divine! The first one is not as exciting, but it looks comfortable and appropriate.

  11. Nina

    All I see now when I look at her is Isla Fisher.

    • Leelee

      I absolutely cannot tell them apart any more. And the hell of it is, I irrationally dislike one of them for some reason that I can’t recall but I don’t know WHICH ONE IT IS.
      So now one innocent woman is getting my ire for no reason other than being a petite redhead. BUT WHICH ONE?!

  12. Claire L1

    What’s with the “I just ate a lemon and I liked it” face???

    She’s so pretty…and she has good teeth…. for goodness sakes SMILE! Make those of us who couldn’t afford braces jealous!

  13. Carol

    I like the first dress … although I agree it should be shorter … second dress looks like a gift wrapped for a bridal shower in Hades … third dress, meh.

  14. Sandra

    She’s way too pretty to go around dressed like this. I can understand wanting to be experimental and fashion-forward, but sometimes the experiment tells us that our ideas were wrong.

  15. FiestaGirl

    The top of Amy’s first outfit reminds me of a scrub top with a belt thrown on. She must be moonlighting at a medical clinic. I totally agree with Leelee, I have such a hard time telling Amy/Isla apart. The other 2 looks are really a snore. Amy is a terrific actress but booooring on the red carpet.

  16. crystal

    Total zzzzzz.

    But I do wonder if I’d like that first dress more if the white and black were reversed. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so heavy and weird? I think the proportions would still be wrong for her body, though.

  17. Jodi

    She’s not the most experimental of dressers, but I don’t think the fact that sometimes she is on the conservative side deserves a call for shiny crotchless jumpsuit or whatever. She’s pretty, she dresses nicely. She can highlight her beauty more – what a good problem to have! Maybe she’s ready to graduate from GoFugYourself, into the world of the normal.

  18. Guerra

    Wow these we’re so boring!

  19. Emma

    So no one is commenting on the weird patterned bit of the first dress? It looks like she’s wearing a black skirt with a white blouse and a patterned bustier over the top of everything that’s slipped down about 6 inches. Weird. Weird! Weird.

  20. Sajorina

    I love Amy! She’s the cutest, most adorable thing and she always looks fine… Not FUG, not FAB, just FINE! And, I can live with that!

  21. Rachell

    I think these three need to be combined into a meta-look. Take the hair and the print from look one (which is at least interesting, even if it’s kind of popcorn-looking), the silhouette from look two (a below-knee pencil skirt done properly), and the face from look three (she’s so much cuter when she’s smiling!).

    As for the enduring popularity of hoof-heels: I think it’s for the height factor. I’m 5’1″-ish, and I plead guilty to owning a *lot* of platforms. It’s amazing what even a couple of inches of extra height will do for the figure, even if it’s all shoe.