Unfug or Fab It Up: Reese Witherspoon


This has a much edgier cut to it than Reese Witherspoon’s dresses usually do. And I’m thrilled that she’s not wearing the exact same shoe she always does — you know, strip across the toes, slingback.

But I can’t decide if I think all that is flattering on Reese, or so overly designed that it looks constrictive. Particularly the giant arrow up the middle that’s chopping her groin into thirds. Would this look better without that detail? Or is it the bodice that’s wonking up my brain? Those darts look like inverted nipples and I swear that thing is taking her down at least one cup size.

Or am I the nutjob and she actually looks profoundly awesome? Either fix it in the comments, Fug Nation, or fix me. Except you should know I probably am irreparably broken, and also this dress probably got forgotten the second her new husband removed it with his teeth. But the trying will be fun.

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  1. Sarah

    I am not sure where but I also saw a bit of “side boob” on Reese whilst in this dress. I believe on of the pictures where she is arms around Kate Hudson? Seemed a bit non-Reesey to me although I did think other angles of this dress were quite flattering to her. Something different, for sure.

  2. Miranda

    Bodice: lovely. Skirt: questionable but not terrible. Shoes: could have been better (more interesting, that is–and I’m not sure the platform plus super-skinny ankle strap is all that flattering on anyone shorter than a giraffe), but not totally ruining anything. Hair: ALL WRONG. I think if they’d made it a ponytail, possibly with some sort of bangs action (heh heh) and given her a little more color in the face (maybe some earrings, too?), the overall effect would have been much nicer.

  3. TereLiz

    I would like it better with edgier shoes (maybe in a COLOR?!1!) and less formal hair. I get that maybe she didn’t want to distract from the dress, but I think everything together conspires to make her look older than she is and is frankly kind of boring.

  4. marcia

    It’s a scroll down unfug for me: hate the hair, meh on the dress, love the shoes. Oh, and covet the legs.

  5. Sush

    Because of where the dress cuts under the arms, you’d have to be bone-protruding thin to wear that bodice without looking like you have an unpleasantly fat upper body. The boobs definitely need to be un-squished. The shoes are terrible ith it, they need to be like a closed toe stiletto with a bit of platform to complement the aggressiveness of the dress. That hair is not at all good on anyone ever outside of a spring cleaning outfit. Her amazing bone structure means she diesn’t have to have stuff happening around her face and could easily do a pulled back straight pony with a single curl at the end of the tail – very stylish and model-like.

    • Annie

      I agree – I like the dress, but it does something weird to her chest that succeeds in making her look pudgy in the boob region, and the hair is just plain dumb. Like her stylist took a scrubby thing from the kitchen and used it as a chignon form or something.

  6. annie

    You’re right on. The bodice is incredibly unflattering, flattens her out and the entire look is just incredibly stiff and uncomfortable looking.

    • ChristopherD

      I agree annie, this one is broken and can’t be fixed. It’s overdesigner and too tight.

  7. Lynne

    @Miranda, exactly what I was going to say. I’d tweak the skirt a little but on the whole, the problem is that crappy maid-of-honour hair she’s sporting. Awful.

  8. MelissaW

    I think if it didn’t have the cut-out and was a bit better fitted in the chest (she looks a bit squished and she’s not flat-chested) this would be PERFECT.

    • Geemee

      Agreed. The cutout is distracting and unnecessary, considering everything else that’s going on.

  9. Sandra

    I just hate the whole one-strap look, so I’m predisposed to fug this. Which I do. There’s nothing special about it at all.

  10. Molly

    I’m with Marcia. I covet those shoes, but the bodice, darts, and hair make me cry. It’s a scroll-UP fug for me.

  11. Caroleena Stantonova

    This woman and her attitude make this fugless for me!

  12. LoriK

    The triangles that make up the skirt aren’t working on her. They’re making her look wide and she really is not. The pointiness on the girls is not good (what is up with that?) and the hair is bad. I would also have gone with a more interesting purse. In short, close but no cigar. It’s too bad, because I like the idea of her going a bit edgier than she usually does. This just needed to be done better.

  13. Linney

    Pull the dress up under her armpits, lose the weird dart part and the stupid hole. A low cut dress can be really sexy because it follows a line whereas a hole is just that-a hole. Putting it there is no better than putting it on her shoulder blade in my book.

  14. Blanche

    It’s a bit pedantic and disingenuous, how the stacked triumvirate of arrows is lecturing us to look up past the shiny, protruding boob darts, but at least it’s done in sober black, and her legs and hair are fantastic.

  15. Susan

    I think
    SHE is adorable but this is not the very best dress she has worn. I absolutely love her as an actress. In fact she is definately my favorite actress. She is so much more down to earth then the others. She is far more talented also IMO!!!!!!

  16. Shannon

    Her hair is pulled back WAY too tightly. Less severe hair and better shoes (can I get a color, or a metallic at least? something?) would really help. As for the dress, I’d get rid of that stupid cut out and adjust the fit in the bodice.

  17. Jasmine

    I love the idea of this dress, but H you hit the nail(s) right on the head. The bodice is giving her weird boob action due to the darting and the skirt is cutting her very strangely, making her look way wider than we all know her to be. In theory this dress is beautiful, but in reality it’s just kind of unflattering.

    I do love the shoes and hair with it, though. The dress is interesting and the hair does a great job of not stealing attention from it.

  18. bravoerunway

    This dress would have been a knock-out if it didn’t have that tiny cut out thing…otherwise i like it! The shoes are ok and her hair…I am not digging it. Personally, reading Reese’s face, it doesn’t look like she’s digging this look….

  19. vandalfan

    She can keep the earrings and bracelet, and maybe the clutch, and go change everything else. The dress is plain horrid. The fabric looks like thick wetsuit material; it minimizes her breasts and maximizes her hips, the wee cutout reveals squashed underboob, the asymmetrical strap is at odds with the uber symmetrical upward pointing arrows, the otherwise nice shoes are spoiled with the two inch thick platform, all topped with that wretched trailer hitch hair. Fug, cap-a-pe’. (yes, I’m rereading Hamlet before I go to sleep at night)

  20. Moi

    One more strap would do the trick. I, too, do not understand the love for one shouldered anything.

  21. Mrs. M

    I think the whole look is unflattering on her. She’s so slender, but the whole thing makes her look thick, stumpy, and bound.

  22. Diana

    The bodice looks bandage-y to me. The only women who can pull off the bandage bodice are those as thin as Milla Jovovich, circa The Fifth Element.

    I want to like this look, I really do. I give her points for trying something completely different. It would be nice to see her pull off an edgy look.

  23. Elizabeth

    The boobs are a serous problem. They look bound, as if that were her undergear for dressing as a man, a la Yentl.

  24. Kate

    Tracy Flick is all grown up : this is scary power dressing, with the tight hair and truss dress …

    I love Election, and think Reese was great in it, but this look is so off-putting that for the first time I understand why she had trouble getting cast after playing the role.

  25. anny

    Yeah, it’s a little bodice-squishy and the hair’s kind of a skreek, but page back and scroll up and let’s count the blessings: No leg curtains, no boy shorts, no sheer lace. I’m putting it in the “win” column.

  26. G

    The dress makes her look flat-chested and broad in the beam and the all-black look is too much. This really calls for some dramatic dangly earrings and a flashier purse to make the look less severe.

  27. Deb Tysick-Haw

    I like the shoes, and if the bodice of the dress was lowered somewhat and the arrow thing disposed of that’s dissecting her midsection, I think we’d be in business!

  28. jen

    I think this is an unflattering, ugly boring dress. So what I’m saying is, I’m not a fan.

  29. Maria

    Her face looks fabulous and the shoes are fantastic but the dress is Not So Good. Too bandagey and the weird crotch arrow and nipple divots bother me too. What bothers me more though is how it manages to make the ever-svelte Reese look like a pear. A pear with squished boobs. Her hips look low and wide and her chest and shoulders look narrow narrow narrow. You can do better, Reese, you’re awesome!

  30. witjunkie

    It just looks so THICK. Like it’s made from a black satin quilt.

  31. NYCGirl

    The bodice makes me think of a mask.

  32. Michele

    The hair is too severe and emphasizes her pointy chin even more. The bodice of the dress is smashing down her boobs. The shoes should have been a different color. I saw a photo of her husband carrying her wrap. It was black also. Way too much black for my liking.

  33. Edith

    This is not a horrible dress. For fashion-challenged starlets, this would be a solid “win.” Also, Reese’s legs are amazing, and her father is one hell of an otolaryngologyst (thanks for the septoplasty, Dr. Witherspoon!). BUT – Reese is not a fashion-challenged starlet. She consistently does better than this. She has a square face and a strong jaw and thank god for that because she’s beautiful and not even a tiny bit generic… but this is too severe for her. She can experiment with different silhouettes and still find something flattering, I think. I appreciate what she was going for here, but it’s just to harsh for her features, especially with the hair.

  34. Sajorina

    It is FABULOUS overall, but I would tweak a few things to make it AWESOME: I would eliminate the triangle cutout between her boobs and fill it in with the same fabric as the rest of the dress; and I would do another strap on her right side to make it even, instead of a one shoulder dress… Then it would be PERFECT, like the makeup, the clutch, the shoes, the jewelry and the red nailpolish! I like her hair down better, though!

  35. Caitriona

    I love this. The only thing I would change is that, as some people have already pointed out, you can see underboob in some photos. Fix that and it’s perfect!

  36. Alix

    Those seams! The triangle of fabric on the front gives the impression that her hips and thighs have stretched the skirt all out of proportion. I’d say it’s pretty hard to make this girl look bad, but this dress turns her into a satiny black sack of potatoes.

  37. Philippa

    This is like when they put Britney in the bandage-type dresses to make her look literally and metaphorically ‘pulled together’ but on Reece she looks like she’s about to give a really peppy speech.

  38. Katharine

    This seems disconcertingly similar to a couple of dresses Stacy Keibler’s worn – who also wore her hair up in a (much messier) updo on one of her jaunts with Intern George. I think Stacy “wore it better” because that’s her chosen aesthetic – it’s just not becoming on Reese.

    It’s not apocalyptically bad (in the way that Kate Winslet’s Stella McCartney illusion dress was at the Venice Film Festival), but it’s an unflattering choice, trying too hard to be sexy.

  39. yoyoblack

    looks good from the hem down

  40. Fuh Ugh

    It’s like the “ladies who lunch” version of a synchronized swimming costume, including the gelatin hair. Perhaps if she were in a pool with 7 other similarly outfitted gals, this would work.

  41. Heather

    I’m too distracted by the woman in the background that’s throwing stinkface Reese’s way. I love when people in the background are giving a celeb the evil eye, because I always imagine that once said celeb gets an eyeful of Background Nobody’s facial expression they will not sleep until their identity is known and then Background Nobody will “never eat lunch” in Hollywood again.

    • DrM

      HA! good call Heather…I didn’t notice this until you brought it up but you are So right…stinkyface is most certainly is….LOL

  42. DrM

    I LOVE this! Best look I have seen on Reece period…her new marriage and all that goes with it is definitely agreeing with her ;)

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