Unfug or Fab: Diane Kruger


On a lot of people this would’ve been an outright fug. And maybe it is on Diane, too, but she tends to look less ridiculous in things than, say, the Miley Cyruses of the world. So let’s see how she’s faring.

Wait… does Pacey have a wan blackĀ boutonniereĀ on his lapel? It is hard to ruin a classic tux, but that might be a start.

As for the Krug: I think… hmm. There is just so much happening. I want to hack away the snowy floral slug on her shoulder, which reminds me of the strange swim-cap-like hats that my great-grandmothers both wore at my parents’ wedding. Then let’s see where we are. The long skirt could go, too, but I don’t understand why anyone with her face would want a feathery predator threatening it. Maybe it’s so Pacey can sweep in and rescue her from it later, further enflaming the loins of his champions.

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Oh, but this isn’t all she’s worn lately. It’s been a busy season:

I think my druthers would be to mash up these two dresses into one megagown, because I think if you borrowed a little from Column A and a little from Column B, you’d get a lot more magic than either is able to conjure on its own. Especially because right now, the bodice is making me think of those foil-covered candy coins I used to get in my Christmas stocking, and fun though they are, they were never made of actual good chocolate, and I also never realized that until I’d scarfed down about four too many of them. So perhaps my reticence on this outfit is that it reminds me of regret, and also stomachache.

This, though, I love. No regrets. Well, partial ones: Her pinky toes look like they’re having homicidal thoughts. And Pacey might not be wearing socks. This feels like something he’s twenty years too young to do, and/or I am twenty years too young to find saucy.

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  1. mara

    Is it just me or is she looking extra thin? She’s always been thin but the look of her arm and hip in this outfit is a little disturbing. Her arms look like blades.

    I feel like I should hate this outfit…but I just can’t. She’s still pulling it off.

    • Amanda

      I was just thinking that she looks SO TINY in that first white dress! Almost a little too tiny, but I’m always afraid that’s the jealous bitch part of my brain talking when I think that.

      Still, I actually *like* the first dress even though it’s made up of parts I usually hate. The others I’m less enthusiastic about. The third, in particular, reminds me of an outfit I used to wear ALL THE TIME in the late 80s/early 90s. I loved it then, but I was 5 so I find it kinda weird that the Krug is busting out that pattern/style in 2012 at 35.

      • crystal

        She’s always been wee, but she looks a little ill in that first photo. I think it’s the dress? She looks much healthier in the other two. I hope it’s the dress. :(

    • Libby

      Her knees are not the largest part of her legs, so I vote for not a little thin. Thinner than I necessarily like to see women, but that doesn’t mean unhealthy, so I don’t really mind. What worries me is when it looks like the woman has just escaped Auschwitz.

    • Ellen

      I agree – I hope she’s healthy, but it hurts me to look at her, especially having gone through an eating disorder myself.

    • Sylvia

      She is thin, but the angle of the main picture makes it look worse than I think it is. The dress design and that angle should never meet again.

      Pacey, black flowers, no. Black flowers on a tux…who did you let talk you into that?

      The second dress is meh. If sequences had Hulk-like tendencies, that bodice is what would happen. That and it’s just so…incomplete. I feel it should cover the entire bodice because it’s not fetching enough to be in the center like it is. Also, no flowers this time Pacey “Charlie” Whitter.

      I love the third dress, I fear for her pinky toe.

    • Amanda Also

      That was actually the first thing I noticed. She seems very thin, but she seems to look very thin at these types of events. I don’t know her or her life, maybe she is the type that gets stressed and loses weight. But, if she does this on purpose I hope that one day she will realize she is just as beautiful, if not more so with a few extra pounds on her.

      More to the topic, I actually love all the looks. Maybe just because of her though.

    • annie

      I too think she is too thin. I couldn’t even see the dress I was so distracted by how tiny she’s become.

  2. Gina

    Without the huge flower slug thing, I would like the first dress quite a lot. Hate dress two, meh on dress three (which just seems overall too short, like she bought it in the petite department and it all needs to be extended a little to fit better).

  3. becca

    Re: first dress
    I think I would actually really like without the little hanging lacy bit hanging off her hips. Ruins the silhouette.
    Re: the second
    Don’t like at all. Looks like an ostrich with delusions of peacockdom.

  4. Kit

    Hate the first dress, loathe the second (although I loved her shoes in the second look) and am “meh” about the third look. I don’t mind the shoes, actually – I just don’t like them with that dress!

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I lovelovelove the first dress. Pinning it to http://pinterest.com/insolent/retro-rock-and-roll/ right now!

  6. Rosa

    Don’t like the first dress at all. Although I can’t really see the dress b/c I’m so overwhelmed by the prominence of her hip bones. Like the second dress ok and the 3rd one kind of put me to sleep. Mostly, I just want to make her a big plate of pasta and get some serious carbs into her.

  7. Mara

    Pointy shoes. Ugh. They are never attractive to me, at all. The dress paired with them, however, I love. I’m trying to forget the other two dresses happened.

  8. Katharine

    That second dress is quite something, but I can’t believe you haven’t shared that glorious purple thing with the decolletage in which her boobs are taped to kingdom come. I like the third one on a general level, but most dresses I’ve seen with cutouts like that have them on the back, so this not only looks as though it’s on backwards, but really makes me THINK about how lacking in chest she is… which probably is not her goal.

  9. cathy

    pacey <3

    that's all i wanted to say

  10. M.Amanda

    I love when she wears her hair like in the first and second pictures. The dresses miss that point where I say, “I want that!” by just a tiny bit. But as far as I’m concerned, Diane wears them as gorgeously as she ever wears anything. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?

  11. Gigi

    You crack me up. My great-grandmothers also wore strange swim-cap-like hats at my parents’ wedding.

    1 1/2 out of 3 on Diane’s outfits for me.

  12. Stefanie

    Prune the flower off her shoulder, pluck the bird around the thighs, dye it a deep purple and extend the lacey pattern to just above the knee and we’re in business.

    I sorta like the second. Ok, I DO like the second. Am I drunk already?!

  13. Libby

    See, I’m a minority. I love the first dress, and am mostly good with the second (Although, once you put the idea of those chocolate gold pieces in my head, that’s all I can see, and I wish the bodice were different for that reason), and hate the cutouts on the third.

    • Jasmine

      Oh my god, my thoughts exactly. The third one makes her look like a twee little girl, which is never what anyone should think when looking at Diane Kruger. The first is interesting and flowy (though I could lose the flower– it doesn’t kill it for me) and the second one is straight up cramazing… though it feels a touch too long.

  14. Amber

    I’m not really on board with any of these dresses, but, of the 3, the 3rd one is by far the best. Too much foof on the other two.
    She looks super, super skinny in that first picture. And I realize that she IS thin, particularly compared with real humans (she’s just too pretty to be real!), but that dress makes her look extra-thin. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing, or a bad thing. Just an observation.
    Also, I hate those white shoes and GROSS on Pacey’s no socks look! Ack.

  15. Carolina Girl

    I like the first dress with perhaps a bit less shoulder foliage, the second dress is OK but I covet those gold shoes, and the third dress is a bit too twee for someone of DKrug’s sophistication.

    • Katie Lynn

      I was looking to see if someone had mentioned those gold shoes! I didn’t think fug nation would disappoint. I’m actually surprised Heather didn’t mention them.

  16. TaraMisu

    First dress – remove shoulder slug
    Second dress – I actually love. Shoes too!
    Third dress – Cute!

    Pacey <3 *whimpers*

  17. Julie

    You know what I love about him? Aside from his general cuteness, that is? He always looks like he enjoys being with her. So many celebrity couples look annoyed in press photos, and maybe they’re just bored of the whole red carpet thing, but he always looks happy when they’re together.

  18. D

    First dress needs to lose the shoulder loofahs and the fuzzy part below the hips. Other than that, really pretty. The other two dresses I don’t care for at all.

    Pacey looks like he needs a shower, a shave and a nap.

    • Mo

      If Pacey needs a shower, a shave, and a nap, he can come right on over to my place for them.

  19. Cat

    I should hate the first dress, but I don’t and she’s working it. Same goes for the second dress. I should hate (well, I will say I’m not a fan of skirt) but I love the bodice and the shoes. I love the pattern on the third dress, but hate the cut-outs. And the shoes, ouch! No wonder her pinky toes are making a run for it.

    Also, I love Pacey. I want to see his suit in the last pic. However, I do feel like his hair could use some brushing.

  20. Shiitake

    Diane looks like Skeletor in the print dress.

  21. Minerva Orduno

    Please give this beautiful woman a sammich.

  22. lakin1013

    I enlarged the image of the first dress and she is wearing it, not the other way round. This woman can wear just about anything and look great. Her body proportions must be just right for designers or all these dresses are made for her. I love the white dress just as much as the pale aqua gown that she wore earlier. However, her gold dress was just extraordinary, on an entirely different fashion level, nearing perfection. Frankly, I just like to see what she is wearing and of course, Peter from Fringe.

    • Issie

      I agree with all of this. The aqua dress was stunning, but my favorite was that gold column. It was perfect and so was her styling of it.

      And you’re right about the dresses being made for her. I think three of her gowns have been custom made for her so far: the first white one above by Nina Ricci, the aqua was custom Valli, and the gold one by Vivienne Westwood. She must just twirl around her closet Tangled style because of all the pretties.

  23. Trace

    Diane, its never a good idea to cover your chest with pirate doubloons. Cool shoes, though!

  24. Cranky Old Batt

    Peter Bishop looks good. His suit fits well and his smile says all is grand in his land. But that lad is not Olivia Dunham and that dress should be outlawed for crimes against Victorian lamp shade doilies. LOVE her tiny little waistline however, if by love you mean seething with jealousy.

  25. Sonya Simpkins

    The white dress looks like a silk sheet was sown to a doily – not good. The second dress looks like a bird threw up on her, but the third, the third is alright, not good, but better considering the first two. Phew.

  26. Cranky Old Batt

    sigh. lady. not lad, lady.

    what a dork.

  27. Kim

    for crying out loud, how skinny do you have to be!!? You always talk about how beautiful she is, but I’m not seeing it anymore. In that first picture, looks like you could snap her arm at the elbow like a twig. in the 3rd picture, she just looks ill. Jeez.

  28. Sonya

    She is one of the most pretty fair-haired and fair-skinned people. I never feel like she is wearing a TON of makeup, yet she rarely looks washed out. The last picture is kind of an exception to this rule but I am letting it slide since she is looking down.

  29. Diana

    Y’ALL, WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GOLD SHOES IN PICTURE #2. That deserves all caps because look at those shoes. Look at them.

    • Claire L1

      THANK YOU DIANA!!!! I was thinking the same thing…. my inner green seeing demon actually looked away from Pacey and zeroed in on those FABULOUS GOLD SHOES!!!

  30. vandalfan

    I could do without all the feathers, in both 1 and 2. #3 is too childlike. It makes Pacey seem like Pedobear.

  31. YDM

    Those shoes are calling out to me too. Pacey needs to shave though.

  32. guerra

    even if I dont 100% love her clothes she totally pulls them off and looks so confident it makes me like them!

  33. Bottle Ginger

    In the first picture, the exaggerated shoulder line and the man’s hand pulling in her waist make it look like she’s even thinner than she is. She’s always been extremly slender, although so well-porportioned she photographs with curves, but I think this is a bad picture and not sudden weight loss.

    But she’s always been very, very thin. So thin that she can still look skinny in a fluffy white dress with horizontal strips on the torso, and that’s WITH the camera adding 20 pounds!

  34. kiki

    she is so frickin beautiful. I love all of these outfits, she can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned…between her cheekbones, her closet and her Pacey man-candy, I would hate her if she didn’t seem like such a cool chick.

  35. SaraK

    The first dress is lovely, although admittedly also a wee bit weird, but they look like they came straight from their wedding to the red carpet. Which…no. This is not good. Skip work, Pacey, and whisk her away to someplace romantic with seaside villas and then ride around in a convertible with her hair tied in a scarf like Audrey Hepburn.

    The second dress is what happens when you accidentally pack your Christmas decorations instead of the gown you meant to wear and then decide to make the best of it. I can’t fathom how that could happen unless you keep your all your holiday deco in garment bags (how lucky she didn’t grab the Halloween one!). At least she remembered to pack the fab shoes.

    And the third one is a Kindergartener’s favorite summer dress. I don’t even want to talk about her hair here, it pains me. Oh, Diane, you are pretty no matter what, but I do love it when your clothes are as good-looking as you are. At least you are never boring.

  36. Sajorina

    ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE… with all of it! Especially, with the 1st dress, the gold heels in the 2nd pic, the 3rd dress and Pacey! FAB!!!!!!!

  37. Chrissy

    My first thought when I saw the last picture was that she looked scary-skinny. I know that being very slender is part of her being kind of a fashion icon type of gal, but she’s going a bit too far and I’m a little worried about her. I liked the first dress, even though it is a lot going on, she did pull it off. The second one I want to like, but all the gold coin things hanging off the boobs bothers me. I like the print of the last dress, but it looks like a little girls dress, despite the cutouts on the front.

  38. Rachael

    I’m not crazy about any of these dresses, but they aren’t horrible. The shoes with the last dress are ugly though. I just don’t think them, and they don’t look like they fit right. I feel terribly for her pinky toes, and I bet the rest of her toes aren’t feeling all that great, either. I don’t hate a pointy toe shoe — but those are not sending me.

    As a side note, I love them together (who doesn’t!?!), and my favorite thing is that they both look just a touch smug. Like they have a secret and it amuses them greatly. I love that.

  39. PennyP

    I think she looks awesome in all three. I don’t think she looks too thin at all, I think she has a lovely figure and can pull off so many looks that others can’t. I don’t know why so many commentators feel the need to tell her to ‘eat a sandwich’ – imagine the outrage if people were making ‘cut down on the burgers’ comments about some of the larger figured ladies.

    Oh and the gold shoes – fabulous!

  40. Robertina

    LOOOOVE the last dress!!! me-want-now.