Unfug or Fab, and also, Amusingly Played: Kristen Stewart


I love the look Kristen Stewart is giving Thor in this moment — like, “We shot a movie together, we’ve done a bunch of premieres together, and I STILL kind of can’t believe this person exists in nature. I wonder if he can hold himself sideways from a flagpole.” Spoiler: We don’t learn the answer within, but I assume it’s “yes.”

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  1. Beth

    I’m just glad to see her displaying a sense of humor.

  2. Linney

    Hmm…it kind of looks like a couple pieces of oriental rug wrapped around her body.

  3. Chrissy Cunningham

    I saw pics of her walking in it. it does get wonky. it’s a neat idea, but it just didn’t work for me. Plus I’m over two-piece formal wear. reminds me of prom dresses from the late 90s

  4. qwertygirl

    It’s two pieces. It was inspired by a very fancy Victorian garden ornament. Ick.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    noooooo the hair is from hell and so are crop top prom dresses. BURN.

    • ortenzia

      i know, i hate her hair. i don’t even know what they were going for…

      chris hemsworth (however you spell it), wow. the only time i’ve been all-for the lack of buttoning on the shirt. he’s just that hot.

      • Other Emily

        On any other guy, the unbuttoning would look douchey. And yet, Thor makes me not hate it. I don’t even hate that necklace he wears all the time, and I should.

        I like K.Stew. I like her posing and see it as a sign that she’s trying her best to lighten up. Girl, you are lovely, talented, and famous. Try to enjoy yourself!

  6. Chasmosaur

    If it was a single dress, knee length and with good chunky straps, I would covet this relentlessly. I have a feeling that might have been where she was with it – it’s so close to awesome, so she just went with it anyway. In particular, that green is a smashing color on her – I’ve been known to buy dresses that needed heavy alteration, simply because they were on sale and in a great color.

    I am pleased to see that if she’s not super-comfortable on the red carpet, at least she’s loosening up about it. I think that’s what I would do – make a huge joke out of it.

    • gladly

      This little vignette of photos actually made me like her more–and I generally have a reflexive dislike of her that’s totally baseless. Seeing her sort of goof around in her fancywear is cute.

      This color and the fit of the bodice half are perfect for her.

  7. Dani

    I barely even noticed her in the first photo for Chris Hemsworth. I want to kiss him right on the mouth.

    • Stefanie

      I appreciate your specificness about where it is you want to kiss him! :)

  8. Big Noise

    I’d be on board if it were one piece and not two, and not that awkward length. And also if she had accessorized with a necklace or something — all I see are acres of skin.

    • Mikki

      I agree with you – and that hair looks too Bride of Frankensteinish!

    • Leslie

      I totally agree. It’s almost right, but not quite. Still, she looks pretty.

  9. amys

    Kristen’s makeup looks gorgeous with the dress. The belly baring two-piece aspect reminds me of Gwynneth’s, but I think Kristen is working it. Thor needs to button up a bit. Can’t believe I’m typing that.

  10. TaraMisu

    I guess I’m in the monority, I love this. But then I have that girl crush on KStew so I’m not really biased…. and her arm candy is sponge-worthy.

    • TaraMisu


      • Jen

        haha sponge-worthy! haha

        I like it on her too. She looks tres cool.

        And I’m not going to complain about the unbuttoned shirt on the Hems, seeing as how I came out of The Avengers and Snow White bitching and moaning that they took a perfectly beautiful chest and covered it up THE WHOLE TIME! He obviously knows what’s up. Thank you, Thor.

  11. Stefanie

    I like this but I wish it was shorter.

    I miss Top Model’s earlier seasons. Ya know, when Tyra wasnt bat shit crazy and it was actually about the “models”.

  12. TereLiz

    I feel like this is a case of something that would be better as separates. I’d really love to see her rocking this top and heels with tight pants and a jacket.

    The skirt could be amazeballs with a sheer, sleeveless ivory pussybow blouse (as plain and unfussy as possible. It might lengthen her out enough that she doesn’t feel the need to make her hair into a conehead. It’s still far too long on her, though. She ought to keep the top and send the skirt off to Swinton.

  13. Billie

    If it were one piece and knee length, we’d be in business.

    As it is, it’s very refreshing to see her much more comfortable on the red carpet and playing with looks. She has come a long, long way.

    • Sabina

      Agreed. I loved this unreservedly until I saw the length and noticed that it is two pieces. The length bothers me more than the two piece issue. But I LOVE the colour and the detail, and the bodice fits her perfectly.

  14. themis

    Her skirt has a pattern of a baseball on it -! Cannot unsee. Do not want.

  15. Ms. A.

    Her outfit is kinda cool, even though it looks Faberge egg-ish.
    Fug her hair though!

  16. Talley Lach

    Running a brush through her hair would have left me feeling much less itchy!

  17. Willow

    That Top Model judging challenge was amazing. “Box Joyfully” will forever be one of the greatest ANTM moments of all time. And “Hide Dizzily”.

  18. maryse

    i like this dress. would like it a hell of a lot more if it were shorter though.

  19. CJ

    I actually like this! I’d like it if her hair was a little neater and polished but I like her make up. I like the outfit as well, I don’t mind that it is two pieces, I do agree that I’d like it below the knee.

  20. roser


    Sorry to get all Kanye on you, Fug Girls – K Stew just makes me, as you so brilliantly say, stabby.

  21. foo

    If it was shorter by an inch or two or knee length and one-piece, I would really like it.

    Her hair looks like she just put it in a bun after getting off Val Kilmer’s motorcycle in Top Secret, though. (It may be Hemsworth’s proximate hotness causing that frizz, to give her the benefit of the doubt. My hair just exploded into something resembling a 750 year old unpruned fern thinking about standing that close to him)

  22. Jonesy

    I feel like I would like these pieces separately and with different styling. Her hair looks like an unearthed onion.

  23. lakin1013

    Hate this unreservedly. I thought it was a homage to Mayan ancient writings and pyramids. The skirt has what seems to be a Mayan worship circle around her lady parts and if I can escape that, the top has a heart around her …..well, her heart (didn’t the Mayans rip hearts out??? or was that the Mel Gibson movie?) and finally, her hair brings me to the Mayan pyramids! Just cannot like this dress.

  24. vandalfan

    Nice fabric- for a throw pillow, or fancy motorcycle gear. It’s too much here, although I rue to encourage her to wear a shorter skirt, given her proclivities. Her hair is ridiculous, her shoes are shamefully dull, her eyemakeup too heavy. And I’m not charmed by her posing antics, any more than I was charmed by Jolie’s leg thrust.

  25. Sandra

    Love the attitude, hate the hair, wouldn’t mind the dress if it was all one piece.

  26. jerkygirl

    If you cut the skirt a few inches shorter, and let someone other than a sugared-up toddler brush her hair, she’d look great. The 2 piece-ity of it doesn’t bother me since it only looks like about 3mm of skin is actually showing, so I don’t think it’s bad looking. Her arm candy is dashing in his suit, and for some reason I get a “nice guy who speaks respectfully to old ladies” vibe from his pictures. I know nothing about him except that he’s been in a few movies and for all I know he might be a total d-bag jerkhole, but he doesn’t LOOK like one, if that makes any sense at all. :)

  27. ariel


  28. Tracey

    I have not liked the stuff you’ve liked Kristen wearing lately, but I really like this. I even like that its two pieces – I think it has an East Asian influence in that way so it works. I also think she has the figure to pull it off (no pudge sneaking out there). I’m not even that angry at the length because I find when you have a bit of a bare midriff, you are better off with a longer skirt or it seems a bit tarty…. but the hair.

    And yes, really, none of this matters, because the God of Thunder is next to her.

  29. val.

    I like the two piece look here, even if it is a little retro.

    I even don’t mind the length but the shoes just ruin the look. Maybe something strappier would have worked.

    The hair is horrible, too. Horrible.

  30. marcia

    Objectively speaking, Chris Hemsworth’s suit is ugly ugly ugly. It’s all baggy and weird in the crotch, and has peg legs, and he’s wearing light colored socks and the suit and the socks and the shoes and the shirt are all a big fat ball of NO.

    The solution, of course, is that he should just show up everywhere naked or, as ariel so perfectly put it: GOOD GOD, HEMSWORTH.

  31. Dazie

    Picture #1: “Hmmm. I play a vampire in those other movies, I wonder if I could use that as an excuse to nibble on that spot, right there, on his neck?”

  32. malie

    My hair literally looks better than that when I leave the gym. Come on.

  33. Shiitake

    The dress looks like parade costume for the Queen’s Jubilee.

  34. Bree

    I agree about the length, although it is a stunning dress. But that hair… it was way too “Uggs with Juicy Couture sweatpants”

  35. pantsonfire

    I like it! It has an exotic feeling to it…sort of Indian, no? I like that it’s not one piece. I don’t love the exact spot it’s hitting her on the ankles, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Probably better to go an inch or two up, but I would be vehemently opposed to knee-length, which I think would turn this into the 90s-era prom dresses that people are referencing. It would cheapen the whole look. Don’t mind her hair and she gives great face. Love that she always takes risks and wears edgy, interesting stuff.

    So, in conclusion, Hemsworth.

    • pantsonfire

      I forgot to mention the shoes. I actually think that they’re the main reason that the length is not working perfectly here. They optically cut off the line of the ankle/foot. She needs less shoe here…a strappy shoe or something. Personally, I would go with a very minimal, flat sandal, but I know flats are verboten on the red carpet.

  36. TonyG

    I like the dress and it’s Southeast Asian flavor (thus, I believe, accounting for its length, which actually looks great on her). I like it on Kirsten. And I love her display of humor.

  37. TonyG

    Oops…”Kirsten” is my niece’s name…mean Kristen.

  38. Elbyem

    Speaking of Top Model – I sense the fine but over-elaborate hand of Andre Leon Talley in this outfit!

  39. Mahastee

    Fix the length, the shoes and the hair and it would work for me.

    BTW, where did her tan come from?.

  40. Claire L1

    I think she’s just messing with us. She always manages to do something completely fug ( shoes, hair or dress) even when she nails the rest of it…..

    I would love the dress ( skirt?) if it were to the knee….. in fact I loved it till I saw the length. Hate the shoes.

  41. Cassidy

    You missed the bit where her minders took her out of her Louboutins and put her into her Chuck Taylors, and she walked the red carpet in them. Girl after my own heart!

  42. marykate

    I hooted over the comment ‘Her hair looks like an unearthed onion’ – no truer words Jonesy

  43. The Lamb

    I’m sorry, there’s another person in that picture of Chris Hemsworth? Are you sure?

    As for the later pictures: carpet outfit and hair that looks like it might’ve been a bun before she got in a cat fight on the way to the red carpet.

    And why does that girl have so much trouble CLOSING HER MOUTH? In the trailer for Snow White & the Huntsman, she just has this slack open-mouthed look (see slide 2) in most shots that makes her look like there’s a light on in the attic but no one is home.

  44. Nancy

    I wish it were a dress. And I wish it were shorter. That second sentence is something that I’ve never thought about her before.

  45. Alli

    I was going to love it unreservedly until I found out it was two pieces. I don’t even mind the length. The hair is a little too crazy though.

  46. Evalyn

    I like the dress. It’s retro-hippy in pattern, shows just a peep of midriff, it’s a good color and it fits her. The hair could be better, but it’s not really bad. And she seems to be having a good time. In all, it beats the vampire-enui rff she’s been playing for so long.

  47. jasmine

    I’m honestly just so tired of her. I’m not even going to pretend it’s rational, but I’m sick of her 5000 appearances and every single one getting a gfy column and then seeing her on the cover of every fashion magazine. I don’t get her at all these days. I think she genuinely hates this stuff and always looks like her clothes are wearing her, yet someone has told her this is necessary for her career.

    I’m also way over the grody sneakers she changes into 10 minutes after she arrives on a red carpet. I’d actually respect it more if she wore them the whole time. As is, it’s like she wants a rep for being some edgy, bad ass, can’t be tamed chick, but she’s still too much a part of the establishment to not make sure she gets all of the pics of her looking appropriate out there for the press to use.

  48. bluminutz

    Finally, something that looks stiffer that KStew’s acting – her two-piece garden gate inspired thingy.

  49. jlj

    Knee length and it would be fine.

    But, frankly, it’s hard to look away from HIM. He is amazingly attractive. Even though his shirt unbuttoning has that horrible 1970s feel.

  50. ML

    I guess she’s doing her hair Human Torch style to complement his being Thor.

  51. MK

    Did no one else think that K’s hair styling makes her look like a Conehead? Ah well, perhaps it’s my age.

  52. ronnie

    Who’s looking at her?!?!?!

  53. ck76

    She irritates the hell out of me

  54. esther

    lol i agree with the following comments


    who’s looking at her!?!?

    in conclusion, HEMSWORTH.

    he IS amazingly attractive. and unfortunately, happily married with a baby on the way. but somehow, that just makes him even more amazing and beautiful.

  55. Mitch Watt

    This screams ” i’m only here because my agent told me I have to”