Unfug It Up: Zosia Mamet


Obviously, she looks glum because she’s bummed to have been knocked out of Fug Madness:

I like the color? I appreciate what she is going for here — kind of a modified sexy 70s career girl thing, which is actually something I really like, when pulled off well. She just kind of looks….unfinished. She had to go one way or the other with this whole thing and as is, this kind of looks like the clothing version of an unhalved sandwich: it looks weird, and I’m not sure where I want to dig into it. What do you think? Is this perfect as-is, or does it just need a little tweaking?

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  1. SharonCville

    It needs accessorizing. An interesting belt and necklace, maybe? A scarf? Something break up the acres of blue (although it is, admittedly, a very pretty blue).

    • Corrine Engelgau

      Definitely a belt. I also think a really amazing, eye catching, brooch would not be out of place here.

      • Bambi Anne Dear

        Yeah, I think a belt, and someone just needs to tell her that her trouser hems aren’t hanging evenly.

        Other than that I’m starting to appreciate her obstinacy in apparently refusing to stand cross-footed. Is she the anti-celebrity?

        • Morris

          I’m just happy she’s wearing makeup. And her hair is done. Yay, Zosia!

          • Emma

            But it’s TERRIBLE makeup! That heavy black liner under the eyes…and I REALLY want to neaten up those brows. She should be able to pull off full, soft Cara Delvigne brows.

  2. Fawn

    First, the waist of those trousers needs to come down a couple of inches. A belt would go a long way here, and a necklace might be a good addition too.

    • TLT

      Absolutely move the slacks down, add the belt and loose the severe hair. Pulled back like that makes the whole thing severe. If her hair was down, and soft, it would change the whole look. She looks like she’s waiting for the firing squad to reload.

      • christine christine

        I actually like the hair and face, I think with the lower rise/belt solution the hairstyle would fit better.

        • Karen G

          Exactly, the pants are too high on her. Add a skinny silver belt, a chunky silver necklace, and you’ve got it.

  3. Ines

    hem the pants and add a biiiig colourful necklace.
    and that eye make up is ugly.

  4. anna s.

    Why is she allergic to smiling for pictures? Her outfits would look 20% better like magic if she’d just bother to seem like she wasn’t contemplating burning them as soon as she stepped off-camera.

  5. Pound Sand

    Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet.

  6. Blair's Head Band

    I think she should roll the sleeves up a bit – it could make the whole thing look a LOT breezier. That and she needs a great belt. Also agree with the comment about letting her hair down (figuratively AND literally).

  7. Danni

    “Softer” hair. Texture on either the blouse or the trousers. Maybe a belt. Maybe some specs?

  8. Meg

    BELT. Dear GOD, a belt.

    Earrings, maybe? Or a statement-y necklace? Would an accessory of any kind killed her?

    Also, boring shoes no. Something flashier would have been more fun. Or maybe even with a pattern!

  9. MKKS

    She blue herself!

    Just a little too much of all the same here. A pattern on the top or bottom would be fun — more of a shoe. A bit more skin — either a shorter-sleeve top or a skirt that shows a little somethin’. And some sass. If you’re going for a “thing” with an outfit (70′s housewife here), you gotta sell that sucker with some sass.

    • Big Noise

      Agreed — a pattern on the blouse, a sassy belt and necklace, and softer hair — maybe a messy up-do? What she has going on now is too severe.

  10. Erin

    I would pull the pants up higher, so it would be under her armpits and add a big ruffled collar, some poofy sleeves, a cape, and a sash. Okay. Really. The only thing going for it is that it is a nice color. She can wear one or the other but not both. Maybe she needs a vest or something.

  11. Cristina

    All she needed to do was not button the blouse up to the top.

  12. amy

    70′s career look calls for a big colorful scarf around the neck, but I am NOT recommending that kind of authenticity.

  13. Freez-N-Shine

    We had a flag corp at my high school, and the uniforms looked exactly like this. I think this should give one pause.

  14. Bella

    Unbutton those top buttons and add a colorful necklace and earrings. Add a belt. Soften the hair – I think she needs a good cut and style. Lipstick and a smile would be good, too. And loosen that stance – she looks like a wooden soldier.

  15. Katharine

    I LOVE a monochromatic, no-accessories outfit, but this… this doesn’t look deliberate, this looks like a seven-year-old who dressed herself and then came down to the living room yelling, “MOM! It MATCHES!”

    With no accessories, I think this could be salvaged, maybe, with a really ferocious, deliberate shoe, and unbuttoning the blouse and rolling the sleeves. And, of course, standing like she means it, and not like she’s posing for an artist who’s designing a new bathroom icon.

    Otherwise, I think the ferocious shoe, and either a large black belt, or a large black necklace.

    The hair could go either way, although I wish she’d make her headpuff look a bit more deliberate too, and not like she stuck it up there thirty seconds before the picture with the elastic on her wrist.

    I dunno. Is she a good actor? She really doesn’t seem to have any sense of style, or care.

  16. Grace Pheiffer

    She looks like the de-juiced Violet Beauregard.

  17. Amy

    This is nearly awesome. NEARLY.

    1) Hem them pants!
    2) Ditch those rings!
    3) Bright red lip!
    4) Cuffs rolled back! (Flash some wrist!)
    5) Big bright necklace!

    BOOM. You’re welcome, Zosia.

  18. nmlhats

    Find some accessories and get a breast reduction, unless you plan to grow into those tatas.

    • Cassandra

      How about we don’t tell people to undergo surgery to “fix” their bodies?

      • Vandalfan

        Or just boringly note they should buy correct sizes. ( It’s hyperbole)

        • Kat

          Her boobs aren’t even that big…? It’s not like she’s hunched over. Put down the haterade.

  19. alice

    i think it would be fine with just a long necklace and subtle belt

  20. cath

    I think the monochromatic look can be sexy-sophisticated if done right, so I don’t agree that she needs to add another colour, or a print, or whatever. BUT, I think she needs to tidy up where she’s sloppy and loosen up where she’s uptight.

    As far as tidying up: As others have said, she needs to hem the pants; I also think the blouse needs to be either untucked, or tucked in properly. It’s sloppy as it is. Perhaps a belt in the same colour as the pants would help with that.

    As far as loosening up: I agree with those who say she should roll the cuffs a bit and open up the neckline.

    Perhaps the blouse would be better suited to this look if it had a pussy bow rather than a collar?

    Hairwise, she should either loosen up the bun or just, you know, let it all down. Right now it kind of has an “it needs to be washed but I’m on my way to the gym” look.

    But most of all, this poor girl needs to SMILE.

  21. Anita

    The first thing I noticed is the blouse and the pants are slightly different shades of a very lovely blue, and that not-quite-match is driving me crazy. Adding a belt would help distract from what looks like a swing and a miss.

    After adding the belt, do nearly everything everyone who posted above me has suggested.

  22. Margot Liggett Nack

    If she’s going for 70′s career girl, she needs long, Breck Girl hair. And she needs gold accessories like a big ol’ necklace and a belt of some kind. Something to break up all that cloth.

  23. crookedE

    I think a cat eye and a bright lip would make this pretty chic. I’m OK with the lack of accessories.

  24. Sajorina

    Start over and put a smile on your face!

  25. Bernzadrine

    You’re all so good at this! I never know how to do this on myself, but, I just think a rolled up sleeve and a looser hair do will do just fine, I like the eye make up too

  26. Robin

    Needs wicked silver sandals and big hoop earrings (and agreed with all above, a belt and a button or two undone) and she’d reach that retro career girl destination.

  27. Donna

    First of all, those pants are not cut for her. The crotch is too long and the waist is too high, and I say that as someone who wears Mom jeans on purpose. Fix the fix of the pants, unbutton a couple of buttons, thin gold belt, thin gold chain, funky shoes.

  28. Helen

    In addition to remarks above, any and/or all of which would help, I also think both pieces are very simply too big.

    It’s kind of fun to want to tell someone to go DOWN a size, or even two, for a change! That does not happen very often.

  29. Charlotte

    Is she not allowed to cut her hair as part of her Girls contract? Because that’s where I would start. How cute would a shoulder-brushing bob with side swept bangs be on her? Esp. with this make-up, which I really like on her, particularly over the distracting red lip she usually wears. (Her eyebrows could maybe use more shaping, though. As a similarly bushy-browed girl, I feel for her on that issue.)

    As for the clothes: unbutton the first button on the blouse, move the waist on the trousers down a few inches, hem the legs, and pair with big gold hoop earrings, a belt with a gold buckle/clasp, and retro wooden wedges.

    • Helen

      Even if she just took off the straggly few bottom inches, it would be a huge improvement. Zosia’s hair itself is glorious; I don’t understand why she punishes it for that.

  30. Alison

    Okay, but let’s consider her previous year — a year well-documented in Fug Madness. I think this is a big improvement from an amazingly talented actress.

  31. Wade's missing shirt

    I hate everything about this look. If I had to fix it as opposed to tossing it into a fire then sprinkling the fire with salt, this is what I’d do:
    a) get pants and a shirt that are the same color and not a shade off;
    b) get pants that fit her properly
    c) Belt – doesn’t need to be a color – I even think a blue (same shade) could work
    c) unbutton at least top button of shirt and roll up shirt sleeves
    d) loosen up hair a little
    d) I’d personally throw a jacket over it – a cool unbuttoned trench would look nice or a blazer.
    e) some sort of jewelry – bracelet, necklace, earrings. Something small and subtle
    f) Some funky shoes – maybe a low boot or sexy pump – she could paint the sole the same blue
    g) wash off the dorrit eye make up, lightly line eye, brighter lippie
    h) a smile. Please?

  32. Vandalfan

    I can only echo the above. Unbutton the collar and roll up the cuffs. Lower the waistband, add a belt. Loosen the hair. Reapply makeup with a lighter hand. Use some other accessories someplace (earrings, necklace, bracelet, scarf, whatever). And for corn’s sake, smile.

  33. Kathleen F.

    No to topknot, yes to accessories (I’m thinking particularly maybe some eye-catching Statement Shoes), tailor those pants! Easy enough. Compared to some of her stuff that was featured in Fug Madness, this outfit even in its pre-unfugging stage is a breath of fresh air.

  34. Liberty

    The outfit itself is fantastic. The color, the 70s Lauren Hutton vibe. This is a styling problem. Hair should be down in big Chloe waves, shirt open, sleeves rolled up, with a burgundy shoulder bag, red lipstick.

  35. CD

    It needs a belt – I’m thinking black patent leather because I love blue and black together. And some sassy mod earrings to brighten up the face. Also a non-surly face would be nice.

  36. Deanna

    She needs (1) a narrow blue snakeskin belt, with a subtle gold buckle, (2) a big-ass eighties style collar necklace in gold with some other colour thrown in (red?). (3) a bold lipstick that coordinates with the necklace.

  37. Jane

    “What she is going for here — kind of a modified sexy 70s career girl thing.” Really? To me, she looks more like Comrade 2039842984 on the assembly line at the USSR National Tank Factory.

    I’ve never seen “Girls”, and Ms. Mamet’s unrelenting dourness saps any interest in me to bother checking it out.

  38. amys

    Yes, I consider us all sapped by her Unrelenting Dourness. Blech.

  39. Sheri Hessing

    She needs to roll up her sleeves, or have shorter sleeves, OR have longer arms. The gathering of material around her wrists looks vaguely like misplaced fat rolls. Also her make-up just looks so done-by-an-unskilled-14-year-old it’s distracting me from everything else! But I really like the concept this outfit, and indeed how she pulls MOST of it off.

  40. Aj

    It reminds me of Krystle Carrington waiting for Alexis Carrington to show up for the pool fight.

  41. AM

    To be fair to her, I saw another picture on IMDB where she is smiling. So I don’t think she’s always dour.

  42. ErinE

    If she worked it (ie: a smile, looking happy and confident) this would be fine. As is, dreadful.

  43. TereLiz

    I don’t think this is that bad… add a metallic sandal, statement necklace (or two), and maybe roll up the sleeves?

  44. Jerika Coleman

    I think she looks good. It just needs some jewelry, and she’d be set.

  45. Emma

    The high waist pants are quite nice. The matchy shirt is awful, especially buttoned right up to the neck and with her hair pulled into a tight bun. It’s a too-literal take on an 80′s secretary. A relaxed white blouse, unbuttoned at the neck with a statement necklace and loose waves would be sooo much better. And she really needs to define those brows and skip the heavy eyeliner. She needs a makeup artist and a stylist, stat!

  46. Samara

    I actually like this. She could be selling it better, and her makeup is confusing to me, but otherwise it’s pretty!

  47. Jo

    I just don’t understand her message. Even if the message is ‘I just cannot be bothered’ I still don’t understand it. I suppose I don’t speak mametian.

    The colour is divine though.

  48. stephasaurus

    all i can think of when i see this is the chorus to that LMFAO song ‘shots’ except substitute the word ‘crotch’ and there’s an animated gif of varying levels of zoom into zosia’s crotch to go along with the music. crotch!, crotch!, crotch!, crotch! crotch!…

  49. steen

    A 70s style gold chain belt and unbutton that shirt to a Lauren Hutton deep v and she woud look much, much better.

  50. Tamburlaine

    I find myself warming to Zosia Mamet, actually, and her style choices. I like this, though I think she looks a tad unfinished – I think she maybe needs a tailored jacket in a contrasting colour, and a necklace.