Unfug It Up: Ke$ha

You could’ve told me this was Lady Gaga, and it might’ve taken a couple moments for me to question it.

But the thing is, that suit might be fun. It’s CRAZY, and it’s a hell brothel’s powder-room wallpaper, and Elton John probably has a version of it in bellbottoms, but it’s fun. Ke$ha usually hollows out my soul with a blunt spoon, so “fun” is really quite exciting here. HOWEVER: She punted on the shoes, and the shirt is a drag, and the heavy chains, and the sunglasses… Let’s brainstorm a way to sell that suit better. How would you style it so that it sings, rather than screeches? And no, putting it on someone else doesn’t count. Although if GOOP ran into frame and ripped it off Ke$ha’s body and ran into the ladies’ W.C., I’d stick around to see her come out of that bathroom.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    All I can see is a hand-amputee !??!

    • Jeanie

      I know!! WHAT IS GOING ON?

      • Kate

        I think her hand is in her pocket.

        As far as the rest, I’d get rid of everything but the suit and add a black or gray blouse and black pumps or sandals. I think hair up is probably the right move.

  2. Ailatan

    Fitted Metallica t-shirt and better jacket, possible a cute, fun, black leather with spikes or something like that.

  3. ErinB

    Other than the fact the suit looks really uncomfortable, it’s far from the worst we’ve seen Ke$ha look. To change this would be to un-Ke$ha it, but here it goes:

    - nix those particular sunglasses and replace with simple, classic Ray-Bans
    - exchange t-shirt for plain black tank top (heck, it doesn’t even have to be plain — it could be a slinky, sequined black tank top and it would be awesome with this suit)
    - remove necklaces
    - either take hair out of ponytail and let it be free OR put hair in higher ponytail
    - patent black heels (NO SHOOVES)
    - a tiny bit more blush

    Too boring?

    • Kate S

      You read my mind. There needs to be a bit of slink to balance out the camp.

  4. Mair Mair

    I like the suit. Swap out t-shirt for crisp white button down, one chain, strappy black shoes and done.

  5. Maddy

    I feel like you’re missing the point of what Ke$ha’s brand is. Of COURSE she would wear it with that shirt and those chains (chainz?) and those shades. The shoes are more of a mystery.

  6. Sian

    Simple black top, black pointy shoes and no accessories — let the pink suit do the talking. But maybe keep the glasses?

  7. Sandra

    Hey, she showered and brushed her hair. I’m just going to celebrate the incremental improvement here.

  8. Hannah

    because it’s Ke$ha, I’d do a solid color blouse tucked in (teal or purple maybe), and metallic shoes of some kind.

    Or maybe the fitted rocker tee that Ailatan said tucked in and grey suede booties? hmmmmmm

    I wouldn’t do black because I’m concerned it would weigh down the rest of the look. A grey would be nicer,

  9. Sigivald

    The main problem is that I find it impossible to believe she actually likes Justice-era Metallica that much, which makes the shirt stupid posing rather than being a fan.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Making pop music doesn’t mean you don’t like other genres as well.

  10. witjunkie

    This is reminiscent of Kanye’s WORDSMITHING jacket.

  11. sarah

    Replace the t shirt with a feminine top in a neutral add a statement shoe (sparkly or something) and exchange the jewelry for something delicate. I wouldn’t wear the suit but I like it for her.

  12. Lynne

    The shoe choice is weird. How does one put together that ensemble and then think, “You know? This needs a neutral shoe to balance the look.” Because the brightly coloured suit plus Metallica t-shirt plus jewelry was fine but wearing an interesting shoe would be a bridge too far?

    I very much agree that I’d like to see what Goop could do with this.

  13. luvthefuggers

    take it off of her completely and put it on someone else.

  14. Lucille Austero

    I always try to comply with the dictates of my heroes, the Fug Girls. But putting it on someone else is all I’ve got. It’s a very cool suit and it belongs on someone who isn’t … not cool.

  15. Courtney

    “Ke$ha usually hollows out my soul with a blunt spoon” – I could never find a way to articulate this feeling, so thank you.

  16. Vanessa

    Just because it’s not her worst doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

  17. Tiffany

    I think that you can’t tone down that color…so why try?
    Pair it with a bright royal blue t or tank, silver strappy shoes.

  18. MegoPachego

    I can’t. I mean, it’s fun in that the pattern is how I imagine Barney getting a nasty case of ringworm.

  19.  princessricky

    you guys seem to be ignoring the glorious fact that homegirl is wearing pants

  20. Elizabeth Gorman

    Solid black T-shirt and black shoes of some sort…maybe sneakers, maybe heels. Lose the jewelry because fabric that bold doesn’t need it. I’d keep the sunglasses but loosen her slicked-back hair.

  21.  jay

    I want the pants to be huge and wide-legged but I always want this. And better shoes.

    Otherwise, I love this woman and I hope she never changes.

  22. Cassie

    Four steps:
    1. Loosen the hair
    2. Bright, electric blue heels – hear me out. There’s the tinge of purple pattern that it would pick up and make more prominent. It would also be a fun, bold contrast – that is what Ke$ha wants us to think about her, yes? Fun, and bold! So. Bright blue shoes.
    3. Either classic Ray-Ban aviators, or no sunglasses at all. Those are just . . . blah.
    4. Do something different with the makeup. I get that you’re just going somewhere, but you put on THAT SUIT. Do it up with your face.

    Optional: change the shirt for something a little more fitted, but still graphic.

  23. Lily1214

    Are you sure this is Ke$ha in this photo? I thought she was Gaga.

  24. Izzyb

    Ditto on the: “Ke$ha usually hollows out my soul with a blunt spoon”. I don’t like her and I resent the fact that people give her a “not bad…for Ke$ha” pass. Fug is fug. And this is fug.