Unfug It Up: Kate Beckinsale


Dear Kate Beckinsale:

You’re gorgeous, and in great shape. You’re not, however, Boobs Legsley. Maybe give yourself another inch or two at the bottom of that skirt, and allow yourself to sit down on chairs in public places without wondering what sticky item, exactly, is directly under your bum.

At least, that’s my advice. Fug Nation may disagree.

Good luck in the short program,


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  1. Jill

    That’s not a skirt, it’s a handkerchief. That she can use when she gets nauseous after realizing she sat in something sticky.

  2. Libby

    This is not a dress, it a blouse that is tapered at the bottom so she can tuck in into a skirt. Right??? Was Stella McCartney involved with this travesty?

  3. Geemee

    God, her legs are gorgeous. That skirt still needs another two inches, tho. And would a sidepart hurt? She’s had that ‘do for ages.

  4. Alison

    Your wonderful compatriots Tom and Lorenzo posted the runway version of Kate’s dress, which wasn’t hiked up to the model’s hoo-ha. It looked more casual and chic and less hooker-out-on-the-town.

    • Mockingbird

      I’m glad it’s not just me who goes back and forth between these two sites. :)Seriously, it’s a crime what Kate (or her people) did to the runway version of this dress. I’m debating whether it’s a felony or just a misdemeanor ….

    • Lindy

      I checked out Tom and Lorenzo after your heads up and she just ruined that dress! It was so much nicer on the runway. It just looks cheap and sleazy now, instead of floaty and romantic like on the runway.

      • Blanche

        Yeah, well, since she is so uber-pretty, I’d normally feel it was balancing–that she has such wretched taste, and would be willing to ruin a dress if it made her look like a big-haired tart desperate for work. But I regret that all the vampire parts have gone to the teenagers, putting this beautiful woman out of work. I know some folks here don’t like it when others of us insist that top-notch limbs are not just bones wrapped in a sheath of skin, they have curve–calf muscles; but I’m still going to say it: Boobs L.’s shapeless sticks have nothing on Beckinsale’s perfect legs. There must be some dignified screen role for these legs.

      • Christine

        The link! Won’t one of you please share the link? Thanks!!

  5. Sam

    This dress was knee length on the runway apparently.

    The lace combined with the handkerchief just makes it look like granny panties. Very expensive granny panties, but granny panties.
    Even out the hemline, bring it down to knee length and maybe make it deep blue and cut off the lace altogether.

  6. Heironyms.

    Beckinsale ladies: if you like ‘em then you shoulda put a skirt on ‘em. :)

  7. laziza

    It looks like a blouse tucked into granny panties. A combination of length and the weird hemline. Add a couple of inches and a hemline that runs straight across, and this would be gorgeous.

  8. Visiteuse Random

    Make the skirt a long one and the top more tank-top like. Keep the texture and the waist part as they are and you’ll have a gorgeous, retro feeling gown.

  9. Jen S 2.0

    “Good luck in the short program” may need to become my new email signoff. Also now in the running: “Be careful of flutzing” and “Pay close attention to your extension in the spiral.”

  10. Jacq

    She is absolutely stunning and her legs are incredible: she’s worked hard for them and I can understand, to an extent, why she wants to show them off. However (and forgive me if I sound 102 here), I think a skirt that short looks a bit desperate when your 30s are marching on, particularly with bare legs. If that skirt had been even a couple of inches longer she would have still looked amazing, but a little less like she’s trying to compete with the cast of Gossip Girl.

  11. Karen

    I actually had a dress very similar to that in the 1980s. I wore it with thick tights, however.

    It is embarrassingly, gynecologically short, that’s for sure–but GEEZ, does she have amazing legs. And she seems to be even younger and glowier and healthier looking than she was fifteen years ago when she made the divine “Cold Comfort Farm.” How does she work that??

  12. Kit

    when I saw it I said to myself “Just no”. I stand by my original opinion.

  13. vandalfan

    I sweartagawd she’s got it on sideways and her legs are sticking out an arm hole.

  14. Sandra

    Another one who got all her clothes stolen. This time, the victim improvised with the tablecloth that room service provided with breakfast.

  15. Travis Harrison Lafferty


    But girl can rock a doily like no other. Just sayin’.

  16. TaraMisu

    Oh dear, no. Too short, it ruins the whole look…. she IS gorgeous tho!

  17. Lynne

    @Travis, yes! My thoughts exactly.

    Also, Jacq, you don’t sound 102. That was my take too. You’re 38, hon. Add a few inches to the skirt. Something about the way she presents herself comes off as a little desperate. Also, while I agree she is physically stunning, she has always seemed a bit vacant to me.

    Whew! I’m not a Beckinsale fan, clearly.

  18. becs

    Whoever made those alterations should be forced to pick needles out of a shag carpet while blindfolded. Not only have they totally ruined the dress, it doesn’t even fit properly. If I was the designer I would put her on the “no more dresses for you” list. The unfugging is simple: wear it the way the designer intended.

  19. anne p.

    “Younger and glowier and healthier” indeed, Karen (11:02) . . . .
    My eyes may have deceived me, but in a few photos not too long ago, she looked like she had just joined the filler crowd. Her face wasn’t quite as wait-what? as Stefani’s, but I did have to check the caption to make sure it was KB. (Not that there’s anything wrong etc.etc. …. but I wish they wouldn’t – one’s original face is irretrievable.)

  20. Anne B

    Now what the hell is this? Post-surgery wear from Victoria’s Press Release?

    Kate, you’re a woman who evidently stopped aging right around “Laurel Canyon”; you can wear anything. WHY THIS?

  21. Lauren

    Kate is my girl celeb crush and this pic is why. She is so HOT!!! I wish I looked this good EVER, let alone at her age. She is practically flawless. If I had legs like that I’d sure show them off too. I’ve seen so much worse.

  22. Amber

    Yes, it’s short. Yes, it has to virtually impossible to sit down. But, and I find myself saying this a lot lately,it my legs looked like that, I might venture out on the town in glorified granny panties, too.
    Fortunately (for the world-unfortunately for me), my legs will never look like that in a billion years. I love carbs and hate lunges/squats/etc/etc/etc far too much to ever try.

  23. JanetP

    Good god! That is not a skirt, it is a slip and clearly she has left her miniskirt in the car. I don’t even want to imagine how that happened.

  24. chacha

    her hair is so shiny!!

  25. Jane

    She has the legs to wear a skirt that short but the dress wasn’t designed for it. The proportions are wrong. The waist needs to be at or near her actual waist for it not to look terrible. And I’m glad the designer didn’t do that because the runway version still would have been prettier.

  26. Lina

    I am fond of her and I envy the hell out of her legs…but goodness, this is not a good dress. I want her to look totally fierce AND show off the gams AND wear anything else in the world as long as it doesn’t remind me of tatted antimacassars or throw pillows in my long-deceased great-aunt’s parlor.

  27. anny
  28. anny

    And you may think you’re clever now, missy, but just wait until Sister Mary Josepha comes around with her ruler and you have to unroll that thing.

  29. CJ

    Looks silly so obviously hiked up. She is incredibly pretty, but this was far lovelier on the runway.

  30. Michelle

    I actually don’t hate this. She looks gorgeous and somehow, someway, is making this work.

    I also fully acknowledge I may need to be slapped…hard.

  31. Beth

    Um. I think she looks amazing. Congrats to her for being able to pull it off!

  32. anonymoose

    she’s so gorgeous i didn’t even notice what she is wearing!

  33. Fiona

    skirt/napkin, whatever. All I know is, when I hear “Kate Beckinsdale” I think Underworld (that vampire movie?) and she looked so different in that than she does IRL that I always do a double-take. Every. time.

  34. PeachSiki

    But isn’t Blake Lively Boobs Legsly because she does both at once and overkill?

    Yeah it’s short but still cute, though I would say it would look a bit better with another inch or two.

  35. Jo

    38 isn’t old! FFS! 68 is! THEN some of you can huff and puff how miraculous it is too look good ‘at her age’! Jeez! Life doesn’t stop at 25 you know! On another note, Skirt is too short.

  36. Christine

    Just have to say (again) how much I adore this site, truly my favorite stop on the internets. Heather and Jessica are always hysterically funny – and so are the comments! One of the only sites I see where there are very few, if any, trolls, and no spam – and nearly everyone who comments says something intelligent and witty. What more could anyone hope for in a site?? Much love to all, I desperately needed the laugh tonight!

  37. Christine

    PS. Kate dear, you are drop-dead gorgeous and can probably wear just about anything. This, however, screams DESPERATE! Wreaks of Lilo or Hilton. Please take a thorough shower, donate this to a friend (and include the link to show them how it’s supposed to fit and be worn), and start over. And yeah, it could def be time for a change up with the hair too! <3

  38. NYCGirl

    Apply the excess fabric from the neck and sleeves to the skirt.