Unfug It Up: Jennifer Love Hewitt


If we’ve learned anything from the Emmys, it’s that this is a tough color to wear correctly.

And this is not the way to do it — it’s the wrong combination of consumptive makeup and a whole lot of dress. We here at GFY HQ have a major soft spot for J.Lo.Hew and she’s had a tough year, so we don’t blame her for trying to inject a little sunshine via a day-glo demi-caftan. In fact, we applaud her for resisting the urge to go full caftan and bunny slippers. But, in the Fantasy Stylist spirit: I think I’d fix this by snipping either the sleeves or the skirt, just so there’s less of all the glaring yellow, then prescribe a red lip. But really, it probably needs to be a richer, gentler yellow — more dijon than canary. What would you do, Fug Nation? Embrace her with your tender healing aura.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. kickassmomnyc

    Wealthy Palm Springs dowager serves rumaki at weekly backgammon game with friends.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I can’t understand why there’s so much fabric. That is hella sisterwifely.
    my fixes–lop off three feet from the hem, put a lace inset in the neckline (how has she resisted the power of cleavage? is the Kind Toucher becoming a nun?) and sprinkle her with tons of chunky turquoise jewelry. Oh, and change those f*cking shoes, because they make me angry.

  3. Laucie

    Make the bodice a high-necked halter, add some sparkle to the belt, switch out the bag and shoes to something silver, and (please GFY girls, don’t shoot me) add some bangs. And yes, red lips or rosier cheeks would liven up her somewhat washed-out look.

    • Eliza Bennett

      yes! if it has to be long, a halter’s the way to go.

      • Heather

        Hah! It’s not true that we don’t like bangs! We just only like them when they’re flattering.

  4. Baileyswedishfish

    Now I want Kraft Mac and Cheese.

  5. margaret

    I think there is a secret financial agreement between the designer of this dress and the cloth manufacturer….”use more, use more!”

  6. Dazie

    Ditch the sleeves and go for the Grecian Goddess Look ™ with an updo and a shiny belt.


    Cut about 3 feet off the hem and go for the 1960′s party girl look with a quasi-beehive ponytail and some white boots.

  7. Kelly Lambert

    My kids’ reaction to this was: “Mom, she looks like a Marshmallow Peep!”

  8. Art Eclectic

    A different neckline would go a long way to taking this out of nightgown territory.

  9. Evalyn

    I agree, toga or halter neckline, better makeup and less yellow. I think this shade is making her eyes water.

  10. Bella

    Hang this back on the window where it belongs and start over.

  11. Stefanie

    I do not like this color on her. It makes her look sicky.

    I’d make it Grecian like. Maybe one shouldered and drapey. I guess we should be glad this isnt a banana yellow bandage dress.

  12. Erin

    it isnt the dress or the color of the dress, her face looks horrible because theres no color in it. It wouldnt matter what sh had put on. Her face needed way more make up.

  13. Laura

    She looks like she’s in the last stages of consumption. Try emerald green, jlohew.

    • youknowwho

      I literally laughed out loud at “the last stages of consumption”. Holy shite. Keen observation, jedi.

  14. TonyG

    I don’t like the theater curtain affect up top. I would get rid of that by changing how the dress collects at the neck and tailoring it so the effect up top is a bit sleeker. As others have mentioned, less material would help.

    • TonyG

      both should be “effect”…oops…lol…I hear my english teacher is scolding me…

  15. amys

    I am also afraid of the shoes. The shoes!!!

  16. H.C.

    looks like the canary in the coal mine went kaput; time to evacuate immediately!

  17. Mo

    Was very much hoping for a mini before I scrolled which I think would have worked wonders….that and some better lips and we’d be in good shape. Many of the recent red carpet stars have needed better lips (see Julia Louis Dreyfuss for Exhibit B)

  18. Kyasarin

    Yeah, cut either the skirt or the sleeves and it’d improve 100% with just that. I’d also add a bit more structure to the bodice (it looks too big) and lighten the yellow a bit. I think that would fix it.

  19. Helen

    Hang the yellow drapery in the kitchen window where it belongs, wash off that terrible makeup, and start over.

  20. Joan Louise

    The shoes make me angry too! Dress is hopeless. ,

  21. Claire1

    Short, sleeveless and a belt…

  22. DanerKebab

    I’d cut the skirt to just above the knees, add a rich red lip, and maybe put her hair up.

  23. Eli

    She needs to be showing some skin, somewhere. It’s way too much colour for so much coverage. But when I try to imagine chopping it off somewhere, it strikes me as just how cheap and nasty the fabric looks. It looks like polyester high school choir material.

    My first impulse was to want to cut off the sleeves and the neckline and go strapless, but that just takes it into $30 K-Mart beach cover-up territory. I just want to kill it with fire.

    Her hair and make up ages her terribly and she just looks washed out and tired. Which is a shame, because she really is an attractive woman. This outfit’s just letting her down.

  24. Timothy

    She just arrived from preaching a sermon at an old fashioned tent revival ca. 1920

  25. Vandalfan

    She’s about as big as a minute, and this is downright matronly. The color is gorgeous, the skirt is good. The only thing that would save the yooge sleeves might be a slit from shoulder to wrist, but that would give her canary wings. The shoes are so very wrongful. Gladiator sandals, stat. In metallic. With blue pedi and turquoise earrings.

  26. Chrissy

    My two cents is that the neckline is too high, the sleeves are too long and billowy and the skirt is too long. The whole look (except perhaps the color) is what is often referred to on GFY as “Sister wife.”

  27. Clarence Beeks

    She looks like she is wearing a bedspread.

  28. ccm800

    Put your damn hair up – add a stronger lip – some kind of interesting ring or something and for GOODNESS SAKE – some interesting shoes!!!!!!!! Maybe strappy deep purple sandals.

  29. Miss Louise

    After numerous attempts at being more creative and contructive, I’m reduced to saying: go home, take it off, throw it in the pedal bin, and get on the phone to a new stylist. If a girl this good-looking is tempted to go out lin a get-up like this, she should stay in for the night.

  30. Jeanette

    I hate to say it but even a yellow bandage dress would be better – bandage dresses have structure and show off Jennifer’s best assets (provided they cover them properly!) Maybe a less agressive yellow dress in a simple shift with a sweetheart or v neckline paired with interesting red wedges and red lipstick and ruby jewellery?Or a princess line dress – but not too long lest it swamp her proportions?

  31. Eli

    She looks like a character who is dying of consumption on a turn-of-the-20th-century show. Like she could be Ruby Gillis if she were blonde.

  32. Wendy

    This color makes her face look exactly like my sister’s did when she had mono in college.

  33. tagatha

    *sigh* I used to have a yellow couch JUST like that. Now I know what happened to it.

  34. mikey c.

    Hepatitis Hotline Fund Raiser Frock.

  35. CranAppleSnapple

    That dress doesn’t even deserve to be called a design. But I would slash it’s hem to the thigh, and get her to wear a red stiletto shoe and red lippy. Then I would throw the top part out completely because it’s disgusting and put her in that Gap t-shirt Sharon Stone wore to the Oscars.

  36. Meg

    I have concerns…she looks SO sickly here. I hope it’s just bad makeup. The yellow near her face is NOT helping. I’d lop off the top and make this a cheerful maxi-skirt, then pair it with a tailored top in white or something less consumptive.

  37. Lynne

    Use the 50 yards of fabric from this dress to make an entirely new, less horrible dress. And I’m guessing JLove’s got the flu or something. This appearance definitely looks like she showed up only because she was contractually obligated to. She usually looks so much smilier and much less consumptive.

  38. Sandra

    I’ve never used any illicit substances, much less dropped acid. Nonetheless, I’m flashing back to 1972. Uggggghhhhh!

  39. AM

    I think the major problem is that is a VERY hard color to wear. You need a certain skin tone to wear it, and I don’t think JLove has it. So I would change the color first of all. If that was the only dress left in the universe and she had to wear it, I would shorten it and add a belt and boots to make it less nightgowny.

  40. Anonymo Polis

    Cut the sleeves. Add chunky gold jewelry, more bronzer, and crimson lipstick. Throw away weird white purse.

  41. Meh

    it looks home-made.
    She should always wear fitted things – look how va va voom she is in that blue bandage dress from before…She has the rare ability to work sexy-cute…don’t waste it !!

  42. Ann

    It needs to be made of something more floaty. The fabric here looks like someone scored a bargain on several bolts of athletic uniform material.

  43. Ine

    I think she can actually carry this off as a colour, but I would definitely go a bit heavier on the make-up, especially the eyes and cheeks. I think the nude lip kind of works, it makes it all a bit more innocent. But the clutch is just horrid. Maybe if she used the dark red she has on her nails as well, that is a fantastic colour. And add big chandelier earrings, in that dark red. I think what would definitely spruce up the dress and emphasise her curvy figure is if the belt bit was a slightly darker yellow. Just a few tweaks here and there, but overall I don’t think she looks all that bad.

  44. mcmarty

    Not sure why you Fug Girls have a soft spot for her since this is yet more proof that both her girlfriends and the people she employs don’t like her very much. Otherwise why would they let her out of the house looking like this, for an event no less? This isn’t a “candid” shot of Love on a coffee run. This is her, a girlfriend or two, a stylist and an assistant and a hair and make-up person all bearing witness to this look before it steps in front of a camera. And since they all can’t be blind, the natural conclusion to make is that she is a bitch of a friend and employer and they are more than happy to see her less than her best.

    So before Love goes out to buy another self-help love book in an effort to find the love of her life, she might want finding a book about how to make real friends…friends who would not let her leave the house looking like that when we know she can look great.

  45. Miranda

    This looks like drapes. Don’t mind the color, actually, but the style is sooooooo blah. There needs to be *less* of this dress. Either shorter skirt or shorter sleeves.

  46. Peachsiki

    I would make the neck a little wider leave the sleeves and take up the hem to about 3-5 inches above the knee. Give her an orangey based red lip and probably keep the nude shoes.

  47. Lily1214

    kickassmomnyc is absolutely right.

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  49. Nancy

    She could use some eye make-up. And less fabric.

  50. ChristieLea

    I actually like the billowy sleeves. It’s a nice change from her rotating roster of bandage dresses. Slice the skirt to just above the knee, turn the neckline into a v-neck, add a red lip et VOILA!

  51. Shoeniverse

    So ugly, the dress that is, and girl has aged some…