Unfug It Up: Elisabeth Moss


Weirdly, my brain keeps trying to tell me that Elisabeth Moss looks like Gillian Anderson now that she is blonde. It’s weird because Gillian Anderson has red hair in my head — Scully 4EVA! — but I’m not sure it’s inaccurate. Let’s look at her dress and cross our fingers that no aliens abduct her and stick a chip in her neck.

[Photos: Getty and WENN]

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  1. Danna

    Photos, please?

  2. Hermione

    Now that she’s bleached her hair, it is like she’s invisible.

  3. LisaT

    and I thought it was only me…

  4. Chasmosaur
  5. Stefanie

    Im over the one shouldered look but I suppose I’d put a brooch on the hip.

    The hair and the dress make it seem Elisabeth is having a “Could I have been anyone other than me?” moment. She’s pretty unrecognizable like this. (Not that she looks bad.)

  6. Jennifer E.

    But at least she SMILED! that for me makes up for a lot of ills. :D

  7. Dani

    Although I think the blonde hair makes her look so much more her age (I seriously thought she was a well-preserved 40yo for ages there), I still can’t quite get on board. The dress: I’d have no slit, but a more flared skirt.

  8. Jasmine

    I’d make the bodice a little more fitted, and make the neckline a liiiiiittle bit further down. It seems kind of like a haphazard (albeit elegant, well-executed) toga she threw together in the limo.

    I adore the colour on her though, and the SHOES. MY GOD. THE SHOES.

    • TaraMisu


      And the color is fabulous on her. I’m not warming up to the blonde hair though, it’s rather meh.

      • daisyj

        I actually tried those shoes on in the store and maybe it was just me but they were some of the most epically uncomfortable footwear I have ever encountered. And I have encountered a lot of uncomfortable footwear.

        I know what you mean about the hair, though. Maybe if it wasn’t such a white-blonde?

  9. kickassmomnyc

    The color and style of the dress, although nothing to write home about, is an improvement over her usually bad clothing choices. The hair, however, washes her out completely.

  10. val.

    I like this. Definitely one of her better looks. Maybe some statement earrings, though?

    And she is a dead ringer for Gillian Anderson!

  11. fever

    Her arms and shoulders are nice so I don’t mind the one shoulder, but I think it need more of a defined waist. It looks a little shapeless to me.

    • TereLiz

      That’s the problem exactly! She’s petite, so the drop waist and loose bodice are making her top half look boxier. And I think the hair is a tad too frosty blonde for her complexion. Maybe more of a honey-blonde would be better?

  12. hillary l.

    Hey! At least she’s wearing a dress with a slit and her leg’s not careening out of it. I mean, no dress-with-slit-bent-awkward-leg poses? There’s something to be said for that.

    You know, like “thank you.”

  13. witjunkie

    I still think she looks a thousand times better than before. I also vote for big colorful statement earrings, perfect with that short do.

  14. Gabby

    She looks great! JUST like Skully (but blonde)!

    I also think the idea of a hip brooch is inspired.. God, I need to you be my stylist Jessica.

  15. Heather

    Well, she IS a Scientologist. Isn’t alien abduction part of their thing?

    • PB

      Funny, I was thinking sort of the same thing. I can’t quite accept the fact that she’s supposedly a devoted Scientologist. It’s just so weird – i.e., science fiction cum self-help cum religion.

  16. Shelly

    Fix the slit so her left arm doesn’t function as an accessory.

  17. pantsonfire

    I get the Gillian Anderson vibe. But I oddly get whiffs of Lily Allen, also. No clue as to why. Ok, the look… color is terrific, shoes are cool. Hair is growing on me? Maybe? And she does have great arms. So, in theory, no problem with a one-shouldered dress for her. However, I don’t know that I love this particular cut, what with the bagginess at the waist and the tightness at the hips. It doesn’t look awful…I just don’t know that it’s the best it can be.

    That said, I don’t love the slit. And frankly, my dears, this whole look screams REINVENTION. And I dunno…such a conscious effort sets my teeth on edge …probably because it feels a little inauthentic and trying too hard. But then I’m like, let the girl make her mad dash for mainstream attractiveness…maybe she’ll eventually get where she needs to go. So, I’ll just say that I’m curious as to where this evolution goes next, and I don’t think where she is now is totally right for her, but maybe she’ll get there.

  18. Miranda

    I think the dress was just made for somebody taller, hence the spit and proportion problems. Please say that idea of a brooch at the hip was a lighthearted jest.

  19. Wilsom

    Arm cuff..

  20. Wilsom

    oops, I mean a HIGHER arm cuff… Not a bracelet, a biceplet

  21. Carol

    Trying way too hard … losing her distinctiveness … too bad.

  22. charlie

    The slit is way high, that’s totes obvi. But am I alone in thinking she’s close to veering into cool drink of water territory? As in “cool drink of water Elisabeth Moss…. “

  23. K

    Dress great…hair ridiculously bad. Screaming most for darker hair.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree. I like everything but the hair. The hair is so wrong on her.

  24. April

    I don’t know, I’m pretty impressed considering her previous efforts. I’m still not a huge fan of the blonde, but I understand the need to try it at least once. It doesn’t look bad, just not quite right. Either way, I’d consider it a win.

  25. Hannah

    I still wish her hair were a tiny bit less blond, but I love the short cut and the gold cuff. But mainly I agree with Dani about the slitless, flared skirt. Also, the lipstick isn’t working for me. I can’t decide if it needs to be more dramatic or quieter.

  26. Heather

    The lipstick is killing me… it clashes with the dress.

  27. Mo

    I just had a horrible thought – is Elisabeth being glammed up to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise?

  28. Erin

    WHERE DO I GET THOSE SHOES?!?!? I want to cry they are so beautiful…

  29. Suzanna

    Mo- that is a horrible thought and maybe?

  30. Helen

    I love it. The whole thing, head to toe, I’m sold. I think she looks like a delicious, glamorous dessert. Would not change one thing.

    And while I am another fan of the shoes, what I’m coveting is that bold, simple gold cuff. If I’d seen it by itself, I’d have guessed it would be overwhelming on petite, fair Elisabeth, but no, it’s perfect!

  31. Helen Hayden

    I think those colours look beautiful on her, the hair, lip and dress. Very divine. The outfit is missing some bling though. I’d like it with a Bulgari jewelled bracelet.

  32. Jolene

    She’s lovely, the colour is gorgeous, the SHOES are WONDERFUL, but I still have thoughts.

    1. Her figure is very similar to Gillian Andersons. Particularly the length of the neck, I think. Tyra would have something very deep to say about the difference between actesses and models.
    2. That neckline does not suit her body shape. Once again, it’s the length of the neck. That neckline shortens, rather than lengthens, her proportions and the whole effect lacks grace.

    • sarah

      I agree that the dress needs to be fitted better through the neckline and torso, but I actually like the slit and the satin lining.

  33. vandalfan

    Remove some fabric so the draping does not bulge quite so much around her hips. Sew up leg slit three inches. Add thin black belt. Change that hideous clashy lipstick.

  34. Tamara J

    I feel like the drop waist is throwing off her proportions and it should be like an inch higher…

  35. jenny

    It’s totally working! No changes. Yay for her. This makes me happy.

  36. Chrissy

    I hate to say this but she looks pretty darn good. I really don’t love the bleached hair, but it looks healthy and the colors work pretty well. She looks very different though.

  37. Jules

    She needs diamonds. Real ones.

  38. Louise

    I actually really like the dress on her, and the gold cuff and shoes work really well with it, but she needs some dark glossy nail polish to punch up those hands and feet. Like a deep wine colour or burgundy or something.

  39. Rachael

    I really like all of this. The dress seems perfectly summer-appropriate, the understated accessories are working for me, and those shoes are killer (and likely killing her feet, but I’d suffer some sore arches for those lovely shoes). I like the drape of the dress, and the color. If I have to quibble, maybe the skirt is slit a touch high, but I’m not mad at it. Solid A minus.

  40. Karen

    Those shoes ARE to die for. Which is probably exactly what I’d do, if I had to stand in them.

    The color is terrific on her, and it’s not a color I would have expected for her. I would definitely lower the slit. And I would tighten up the bodice a little–her girls seem a tad too unsupported.

    I don’t think the lipstick exactly clashes with the dress, and I know our Fug Goddesses aren’t huge fans of the matchy-matchy, but I would have liked to have seen a shade slightly closer to that of the dress.

  41. Frances

    I think she looks great! (Although I would prefer a richer hair colour.) In terms of styling here, the only thing I would change is switch to silver/platinum tone accessories and shoes. I feel like the gold/bronze fights with the dress colour a bit.

  42. katkin74

    Just put a waist in the dress so the top blouses out a bit and the bottom is a straight fall of material. Lower the slit by 4 inches, and Bamm-o!
    By the by, I might could be persuaded to do back things to somebody for ownership of those shoes.

  43. kramos

    i think i’d kill the drop waist idea and move it to the natural waist line. then the neckline might not look so funky and she wouldn’t look so… stumpy. remove some of the slit, or maybe move it around to the front of the dress so that it doesn’t flash a butt every time.

  44. Rachel

    It needs to be more fitted around the torso. The way her body is angled in the first picture makes it look like really well fitting with just the right amount of drape. But the full front shots looks a lot looser and sloppier. She also is not wearing it like she owns the look. Maybe channel some high slit mojo from likes of Gwyneth or Jennifer?

  45. kindakute

    Love it. She looks gorgeous.

  46. Kalli

    What’s missing is her brunette hair, which would have made you actually direct your eye up to her face instead of her head blending in with the rest of her skin. The blonde hair isn’t terrible exactly, it just looks like she’s in costume as Renee Zellweger or something. Love that she’s finally wearing a fun color instead of wishy washy neutrals that made her look boring. The dress and lipstick are really flattering with her skin tone and eyes.

  47. Lindy

    If she’d ditch Xenu she’d look SO much better.

    I love her on Mad Men so it breaks my heart that she’s part of an evil cult that sentences people to dig ditches or clean floors with acid simply for not understanding something the tiny terror leader said.

  48. Elaine

    the shoes are absolutely fabulous!!! i’m not wowed by anything else though. i think the color would be nice on her, except that blond hair makes her look seriously unhealthy. even just a more warmed-up blond would be ok, but this shade is killing me. the dress is shapeless and blah, I feel like you could buy it at any mall in america for roughly $50.

  49. MelissaW

    Girlfriend has some fabulous legs on her – I think I’d keep the one shoulder but remove the slit and shorten the skirt to moderately above the knee (not micro-mini, please, since she’s not a teen). The color and styling are great (want. those. shoes)

  50. Dee

    the whole thing says 1993

  51. Sandra

    Did she hang that up on the ceiling fan and forget to take it down before she turned the fan on? That slit is hideous. I’d like to see a lot more shape to this anyway. As it is, all I see is a toga-party outfit made out of salmon-colored sheet. However, that color is legitimately great.

  52. sarah

    i think maybe she just needs a darker eye and this would be utterly gorgeous. as it is it still looks great on her. love the color and she is looking fantastic and happy. yay!

  53. rb

    platinum ex-mrs. armisen = gillian jawline and chin

  54. Emma

    I think she looks pretty awesome. The perfect accessory would be a public renunciation of Scientology.

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  56. Samuel Joesph Donovan

    It’s because she has the trademark Scully hair cut!!!!!

  57. Michelle

    I’m calling it RIGHT NOW: Scientologist + new youthful makeover = auditioning to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise

  58. jean

    She’s always looked liked Gillian Anderson to me, even on Mad Men. They need to work together. It’s the awesome nose. I love her nose. (Elizabeth’s). She doesn’t look confident in this dress and that’s the big problem with it. I do think the slit was too high for her comfort and she thought she could live with it, but couldn’t. I feel for her because haven’t we all made those kinds of misjudgments? Great color however and I love her hair.

    And NO, she’s too bright to get caught up in the whole Cruise universe. Penelope Cruz got out! And hello Javier :^).

  59. Akit

    She looks fantastic. I really like the blonde. Her body language has completely changed since sh hit the bottle I think. Gorgeous.