UnFug It Up, Brie Larson


I actually kind of like the theory behind this:

It’s kind of like Casual Hayley Mills in The Original Parent Trap, which is one of my favorite looks. It just makes me want to grab a guitar and sing a song pointedly designed to force estranged couples to reunite. I just feel like, for an event where you’re walking the red carpet, it’s maybe a little bit TOO Casual 50s Teen. I just can’t quite decide how to tweak it. Is the color of the skirt too bland?  Should she had sported more interesting flats? Is the top designed to go with an entirely different outfit? Fix this thing!

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  1. Miranda

    Sister wife escapee. Scratch the outfit and start over.

  2. Sophia Loren

    Oh, I love that look from The Parent Trap!

    What kind of red carpet is this? How fancy does she have to be? Because I’d like that top with red cigarette pants and the shoes she’s wearing now.

    • Fawn

      My first thought was white cigarette pants with red shoes. Red pants/same shoes would also be groovy.

    •  Squirrel!

      My first thought was the minimal change of swapping out the blah skirt for black cigarette pants. Obviously we’re working on variations on a theme!

      Oh, and some eye and lip color would not go amiss….

    • BookieBookie

      So much yes.

  3. Karen G

    I used to just love Hayley Mills. The original Parent Trap was awesome!

  4. Sophia Loren

    Let’s get together.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Two is twice as nice as oo-one.
    Let’s get together.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    We could be having twice the fu-un.

    Also, thank you, Jessica, for my afternoon mental soundtrack.

  5. Lynne

    The skirt is entirely the wrong shape for that shirt. If she’s going to go all Hayley Mills, she should be wearing a well-fitted pair of cropped pants. Actually, the skirt should go entirely. It’s dowdy. Also this colour combo, on a fair blonde especially, is washed out.

    She’s lovely though.

  6. Laura

    Too boxy.

    She looks so much like Paris from Gilmore Girls. Makes me long to see that character again!

  7. LoriK

    Being a fellow original Parent Trap fan I’d be fine with this for lunch with the girls or something if it was a different color. If boredom was a color it would be that skirt. It’s not the look for a red carpet though.

  8. Claire1

    Not one of those pieces belong together.
    I like the top but would love to see it paired with some white cropped pants or a slim skirt.
    The skirt is NOT the right length. It needs to be much shorter or a tad longer. I think that with that color it’s important to pair it with something much darker…. a black top….perhaps chocolate…. or oxblood.
    I wear flats, myself, but those do nothing for me…..or her.

  9. Karen

    I actually think she could get away with it if the top were just fitted rather than loose.

  10.  Kate

    Make the blouse fitted and tuckable.

    Tuck it into a skirt with a more structured pleat, in oxblood.

    Belt it with a medium wide dark but not black belt (deep brown? bronze?)

    Wear it with sparkly flats in dark gold or bronze. Or maybe bronze patent leather.


    slim fitted oxblood cigarette pants

    flats, not black.

    She looks like her stylist ran that skirt over from Our Lady of Perpetual Beige Convent or something.

  11. Sandra

    The Appellation d’origine Controlee is gonna be all over her; what with not being from north-central France and all. Seriously, who picks cheese for a stage name?

  12. Anna

    1. The top is not flattering at all, at least with this outfit. While I wish to burn it, I could actually see it with some skinny jeans, perhaps and a nicer pair of flip-flops/flat sandals.
    2. Ditch the shoes! Perhaps a heel would be nice here, maybe a stacked heel?
    3. The skirt is fun, but is a lot of skirt on her and needs an unobtrusive top.

  13. crookedE

    Some red lipstick would improve this look immensely.

  14.  lor

    lipstick, pencil skirt, heels

    And Hayley Mills was so lovely in The Parent Trap! :D

  15. nobody much

    that camera angle is bad! big head, stumpy legs. Probably just changing that would help. And pedal-pushers would work for the vintage look.

  16. Cee

    Princess seaming on the blouse, make the skirt cornflower blue, make the flats pewter-toned, add a charm bracelet. Still vintage Hayley, but brighter and prettier.

  17. Bottle Ginger

    Ugh. That’s the outfit 1960 costume designers put on ingénues so the audience would think “SHE’S A VIRGIN”.

    Why anyone would want her outfit to shout that, in this day and age, I don’t know.

  18. Gary Davidson

    I am, as the name might imply a guy. While I love Haley Mills back then I do not like the look now. Skirt’s proportions are off, I think that MAYBE if it was a bit shorter it might have a moment, the top is just sort of prissy boring, might have made it as irony with different bottom clothing but my advise, lose the outfit.

  19. BeeDreams

    Tuck in top, maybe a belt and for all that is holy, some colour on your face. She’s lovely though…

  20. Sketchy

    Shorter white skirt would change this look completely, the tan is just so drab. Add some cute shoes and I think I’d love it.

  21. Jeanette

    Bin the horrid skirt. Substitute skinny jeans in white or dark navy. Add red shoes and red lipstick. A red or silver bracelet or two and she’s in the correct century.

  22. perletwo

    Skirt needs to be a few inches shorter to hit right at knee length. Top needs better tailoring and a closer fit at the waist. Maaaaaybe a low heel. And there’s the 50s Casual Sportswear Look!

  23. Michelle

    Shorten the skirt and lighter colored pair of shoes, perhaps?

  24. Jimmy

    Let her be her y’all

  25. Elaine

    Skinny black pants, big wrist bangles, hair up. Ah, that’s better!

  26. Sajorina

    I say keep the shirt, put a shorter ivory skirt on, put gold jewelry on, paint her lips and nails red, and put a pair of red flats or stilettos on! She’s soooo cute!

  27.  HelenBackAgain

    Throw it all away and start over. I wouldn’t even donate these clothes; the very poor have enough problems without random actresses foisting terrible clothing choices on them.

    Pretty Brie looks super-cute without any discernible makeup, though. She’s one of those very rare blondes who can get away with that. I am totes jelly! If I skip mascara and a touch of lipcolor, I basically disappear.

  28. Susan

    It seems to me that the quality of many outfits is distorted by tall photographers. I doubt that she actually looked as stumpy as she appears here, but that said I think I might have liked this whole thing more with some heels. And I don’t know who this kid is, so if she’s too young for heels, then I guess I am saying I would have liked it more on someone else, with heels.

  29. Donna

    The shirt should be a hair shorter, so we can tell she has a waist, and the skirt should be swirly magenta silk (skirts should always be swirly magenta silk in my world). Then better shoes — yellow suede with straps, maybe, and some makeup.

  30. Rose

    My first thought was “wow, someone shrunk Mia Wasikowska”.

    Who, on that note, would rock this outfit a lot better than whomever this girl is.

  31. Susan

    The top is too small and ill-fitted. The yellow print is bright and cheerful and could work in a properly-fitted garment. The skirt died in 1983 and no excuse can justify bringing it back as a zombie.

    Re-cut and fit the top, lengthen it a few inches, and add a short skirt or fitted pant in a complementary blue, red, or white. Put more brightly colored lipstick on the woman.