Fugs or Fabs: Olivia Wilde


This is so distracting to me. No matter how many times I see the picture, and no matter how many times I have told myself it’s part of the dress, I ALWAYS stop for a second and wonder if Olivia Wilde is trying to abscond with somebody’s linen napkin. It’s like she got tagged by somebody’s renegade bridal shower — a roving group of ladies, bored of toilet paper gowns, making outfits out of household items and then stapling them to people’s torsos. But what of the other stuff she sported this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival? For me, I think it was a miss, a hit, and then somewhere in between. Which seems to average to a C grade, but maybe Fug Nation grades on a curve.

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  1. Dazie

    Ick, meh, surprise ick. I give her a D+

    I saw a photo of the last one somewhere else and thought it looked pretty. Now that I see it full on- not so much. And the SHOES. blech.

    I kind of like the blonde hair though, but she really needs the bangs or something wooshy like in the last photo.

    So ok- the hair brings it up to a C-

  2. CJ

    The only dress I really like here is number three. Actually, I think I kind of love that dress. With a little less eyeliner, some less distracting shoes, and a smile, #3 would be utterly fab.

  3. Jill

    Those shoes in last picture kind of, sort of remind me of toilet bowl brush cleaners. Just the shape or something. And the top does seem too small but her face looks great.

    Like the animal dress as well.

    The first one….just no.

    • jerkygirl

      “Toilet brush” was also my first thought at seeing those dumb shoes. I like the dress on #3 though. First dress is so crappy looking I can’t believe anyone who wasn’t under the heavy influence of something illegal would ever put it on (did she wear it on 4/20?), and the second dress is “eh.” She really needs a better stylist, or “a” stylist for that matter, because she could look 100x better than she usually does with a gorgeous face like hers.

  4. neiges

    She could be a very subtle contestant for Fug Madness ’12.
    Everything she wears could be good but turns out awful.

  5. LoriK

    I just can’t get passed the hair color. The fact that I don’t like any of the dresses is not helping.

    • steen

      Why don’t brunettes in Hollywood stick with their natural color? As a brunette, her eyes pop, her skin is lovely and she can wear most colors. As a blond, she looks tired and wan and kind of harsh.

      • ok

        Absolutely. The hair color is the worst offender here.

      • V

        Yes! The darker her hair the better; her gorgeous features can stand out. She looks so blah as a blonde!

  6. vandalfan

    Horrid heavy eye liner. She’s pretty enough not to need that (also see: Olsens). The animal print muu-muu should be shorter, the yellow on the first dress is to voluminous and starts too low on her bodice, making her Ladypillows look like they’re down to her waist, and the third look just shouldn’t exist.

  7. Katharine

    Fug. Fugly all the way. And I am not a fan of the blonde hair; sure, she looks very pretty, because she IS very pretty, but at least with the dark hair she wasn’t quite so generic.

    • Katharine

      (Although, to be fair, I think I might like the general flow of look number two, except that my full-body aversion to animal print prevents me from getting a good eyeful of it, especially in that amount.)

  8. na

    The hair is awful, it really ages her and makes her look like any other blonde dyed starlet.

  9. Elizabeth

    I just can’t get past how much I hate her hair.

  10. Lina

    #1 TERRIBLE.
    #2 It may be (bad) leopard print, but the shape is ALL sister-wife/pioneer housewife…which she keeps defaulting to for some insane reason.
    #3 The peplum, shoes, and hair ruin a perfectly good dress.

    She’s so pretty; why does she aspire to the worst-dressed list?

  11. llism

    Abhor, detest, DESPISE her hair, which makes it dang near impossible for me to be objective about anything else.

  12. C-No

    Yeah, I just popped by to say I wish she wasn’t blonde, but I see y’all have that covered. Carry on.

  13. Dana

    With the blonde hair she is a caftan away from being a Nicole Richie doppleganger.

  14. ?MySanity

    The only thing salvageable are the shoes in #1. Otherwise, blech.

    • Katie Lynn

      YES! Those shoes are gorgeous! Now if only she had built her outfit around THOSE instead of the dress…

  15. Amy D

    Ok so, I might be alone here on this one, but I actually really like the first dress. YES the hanky has to go, but something about it makes me want to play the Like A Virgin cd really loud, dance around my room and sing into a hairbrush. Is that so wrong?

  16. mary lou bethune

    Why is she everywhere?

  17. Gigi

    I will never understand Jason Sudeikis’s taste in women.

  18. Shiitake

    Whoever is styling her needs a stake in the heart.

  19. TonyG

    Wow, when I clicked from the 2nd slide to the 3rd one, it looked like she lost 10 inches in height.

    But, to answer your question in the 3rd slide, “What do her shoes remind you of?”: I swear that the top of each shoe reminded me of black-colored full lower dentures. How is that for crazy? I don’t even how my mind conjured that, but that is what I saw.

  20. Sandra

    She’s earned an F. As in F.U.G. All three of them are awful and the hair, makeup, and accessories just make it worse. Is there any such thing as an F-minus?

  21. Talley

    #3 is stumpifying.

  22. qwertygirl

    The first thing that popped into my head at the sight of those shoes was, “fuzzy donuts.” Then I looked at the clock and realized it was past 1 and I should have a sandwich. But even if I have a sandwich, it’s not going to make those shoes any better. Ugh.

  23. Edith

    The blond hair is atrocious. Dresses 2 and 3 benefit mightily from not being Dress 1, which is HIDEOUS.

  24. Sara B.

    Soap dishes. Very fancy soap dishes.

    I love the animal print dress.

    • qwertygirl

      Soap dishes in a very carefully appointed funeral parlor/bordello!

  25. Chrissy

    I like the second dress. I almost like the third dress, Unfortunately, her hair doesn’t look good blonde as it washes her out and makes her hair look kind of thin or flat or maybe damaged.

  26. Claire L1

    The skirt on #1 makes me so happy… …but then they ripped it off whatever perfectly acceptable dress it had been on and attached it to that awful yellow 2970′s Chemise and tied the bottom of said chemise into some kind of hip widener device.

    I think the fit if dress #2 is fabulous. I’m not fond of the print, but it works on her.

    Dress #3 is an “eh” for me…it fits well, though ( I refuse to address the shoes…I hope if we ignore them they will end their temper tantrum and just go away)….

    The hair. makes. me. sad.

  27. Ms.A

    All three looks are god awful.
    And why is she blonde?!
    No, girl. No.

  28. Heta

    She’s wearing those fancy 1920s-1930s velvet rope handles that you yank on to summon your butler.

    I agree: there is nothing good about any of these looks except the red shoes. Maybe dress #2 would get a free pass if it were shorter. And the hair has to go!

  29. Nancy

    She pulls off the blonde – in these pics, at least – but yawn…

    I really like the animal one – the cut? the big print instead of too much little print?

    The length on the last one is school marm city.

  30. Nancy

    Oh, and she could pass for Nicole Richie in the picture with her hair down. Again, yawn…

  31. NYCGirl

    1) I like the idea of yellow with black floral, but the dress is so sloppy-looking, and the shoes are cheap-looking.
    2) Looks kind of matronly, and I’ve never been an animal-print fan.
    3) Eh. It’s kind of stumpifying, and the shoes make me think of horseshoes.

  32. Molly

    I hate her blonde. And the shoes look like the pull tabs on Diet Coke.

  33. yeahandalso

    Pic 3 scared me because that is the same hair and make-up as sported by Jenny Humphrey at the Momsen tipping point