Theatrically Played, Sharon Stone

You have to love this woman’s adherence to a theme. If it calls for glamour she brings glamour. If it calls for sensible polo-wear, she goes full-on British Boarding School Headmistress.

But seriously, every time I see the ladies at these things tottering around in the thinnest of stiletto heels, I think, “Those are going to have mud ALL OVER THEM because of how often they sink into the grass.” So as much as I would’ve loved her swanning into this in a bejewelled ball gown, all SHARON STONE’d up to the all-caps nines, this is actually… practical. Maybe even admirably so. Who knew?

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  1. Other Emily

    If she had put a bra under that sweater, I would be fully on board with this. I DO like her shoes, though, and I completely agree that I just shake my head when I see ladies stomping around on the grass in spiky heels. Silly. Sharon here has the shoes just right for the occasion.

  2. Miranda

    Talk about aging well. She is still really beautiful. If she’s had anything done, it’s been done well because you don’t notice it. Other ladies need to take note!

  3.  Alayne

    Yes, a bra would help. Plus I think a black lace skirt in the daytime is a bit much…

  4. Anita

    Once I scrolled down, I thought the outfit was fine. Before scrolling, however, the hat/glasses/nearly invisible hair combo made me think Truman Capote had been reanimated and was out for a stroll.

  5. Gigi

    My head is exploding with the clash between seasons: argyle sweater, white bucks, panama hat, black skirt with lace flounce, coat, sunnies. I get that England in June is a meteorological Pandora’s box, but hey, if the 87 year old queen can do it, then La Stone can tap into some of that royal sartorial flavor, too, n’est-ce pas?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      This is also my only issue with it. She’s simultaneously dressed for winter (sweater), spring (coat and purse), and summer (hat, shoes, and skirt).

      I’m kinda left wondering, Does she just hate fall?

    • Julie

      To be fair, if she’s in England, the weather’s been crazily unpredictable.

  6. Stefanie

    Oh Sharon. Never change.

    Polo is pretty big where I live – when it gets too hot for the pro players down south and in South America they come up here to play in the cool mountain air. Hopefully the celebs will follow some day! Picture it: cocktails with Sharon while we watch Harry play. Sounds pretty good to me!

  7. qwertygirl

    I really don’t care for this. The skirt looks like a slip, and she appears to have picked up a side gig working at Disneyland. I’m sure that’s some sort of entrance sticker or pass of some kind, but it looks like she’s about to check my lap bar and urge me to have a magical day.

  8. jean

    She looks a good twenty years younger than she should. I love it, although I didn’t notice the skirt was lace at first. That gives me pause. And I didn’t detect a lack of bra. How do you people see these things? (said with love!)

    • Other Emily

      Well, there’s nip. And they seem…low. I’m sure they’re fabulous, because the rest of her certainly is. But I just think they could use a bit of lift here.

  9. AM

    I love the shoes! I do agree that’s she’s mixed some seasons, but argyle and spiky sandals don’t seem to go together in any season.

    • formerlawyer

      Are they untied? They remind me of nurse’s shoes pre-Croc. Not getting it.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    Nice idea and all – but that sweater has her going “Full TrunchBull” .

  11. Kate

    I love that she looks like she’s having a crazy good time at every event she’s attending, because, to me, that makes her look great no matter what she’s wearing!

  12. Val

    ?? . . . I went to a public school in the U.S. so I don’t know much about headmistresses. Still, I really doubt any headmistress worth her salt would appear in public without having donned a skirt over her lace trimmed slip.

  13.  vandalfan

    Everything but the slip as a skirt.

  14. Chasmosaur

    A few years ago, I went to a wedding at a fancy-shmancy country club in NJ, where the wedding ceremony itself was held in a tent on the grass.

    I have joint problems in my hips, so my default heels are square, chunky, sorta-Spanish heel things, no taller than 1-1/2″ inches. Not sexy, I miss my stiletto collection, but they are stable and comfortable.

    As we were all on the patio, all the NYC women were giving me side-eye for wearing such unfashionable heels. Until we all moved to the tent. I easily walked on the grass to my seat – they all had to clutch the arms of their dates as their heels nicely aerated the grass.

    One of them looked at me with a bemused grin on her face and said – “Those were the intelligent shoes.” I just smiled politely.