The Pretty Fugless

Whoa. Taylor Momsen’s patented “Someone just decked me in the face. Twice!” eye make-up has reached new heights. (Lows?)

She looks a bit like a panda, and while I am about a month behind on my glossy magazines, I am quite sure none of them are advocating showing up anywhere dressed like an endangered species.

Her outfit is….well, imagine the most Taylor Momsen-y outfit ever, and then remove half of it:

YOU ARE ONLY SIXTEEN. THIS IS SO UNSEEMLY. PLEASE PUT ON SOME CLOTHES. THIS IS NOT SAUCY. IT IS GROSS. Not to sound like a crotchety old lady — I know, I know: too late — but you have THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (or, the whole of your twenties) to dress like you just escaped from a production of Cabaret as costumed by Courtney Love. You need to leave yourself something to look forward to! DO THAT FORWARD LOOKING IN SOME PANTS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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