The A-Team: Der Fug

Other than the weird hanks of hair here, I saw this from the Berlin junket and thought, “Okay, Biel. I’m game.”

[Photos: Splash News]

Casual shirt, summery yellow blazer… for a middle-of-the-day photocall for her movie, especially after she’s already hopscotched the rest of Europe doing about ninety other events for The A-Team: Der Film, this could just be a nice, relaxing outfit, maybe paired with a little skirt or jeans….

… or she’s borrowed exactly what somebody’s Granny Mabel wears to Mass and then Sunday brunch, where she eats six packets of oyster crackers, some sort of boiled chicken draped in limp leeks and date sauce, and complains that the priest isn’t clear enough on just how hot the fires of hell will lick the ankles of any whippersnappers who don’t understand the value of of a quarter. It’s not often you see a girl who’s climbed Kilimanjaro tottering around in a nonagenarian’s formal slacks, so I’m wondering if she’s been possessed. So, America and Europe, if you see Jessica Biel trying to offer small children anything involving prunes or made in a Jell-O mold that is not the color of normal Jell-O, please alert her loved ones that there’s an exorcism to schedule.