The Secret Fug of Walter Mitty

Did you know that Kristen Wiig is actually attempting to break the Guinness Book World Record for Most Dresses That Look Like Boring White Envelopes?

I wasn’t that surprised either.

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  1. Trace

    I don’t even want to *think* about what’ll happen to that dress when she sits down…

  2. Gail

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler need to run an intervention.

  3.  KLeewrite

    I could have forgiven her for the dress — I think the structure is somewhat interesting — if she could have, for the love of God, worn interesting shoes.

    • Kate

      I agree! Those shoes are hideous, and in this instance nude does not go with the rest of the outfit! You deserve better shoes, Kristen.

    • duchess

      I think this dress would be way more interesting if it was any other color besides white (or black). Sometimes I feel like K.Wigg goes out of her way to dress as blah as she can muster. I also think she sometimes looks weirdly too old to dress the way she does. I think she a potential fug champion.

    •  Steph

      Totally agree! I think the shape is interesting and actually would look good on her if she styled it differently. I’m thinking a bold teal shoe and some better lipstick!

  4. Cat

    I’m concerned that she’s on the run from her OB/Gyn, yikes! A stiff breeze and we’d all know her business.

  5. Mair Mair

    Kristen Kristen Kristen. Kristen. Why?

  6.  Elizabeth

    I really like this! I think she looks crisp and interesting.

    I think this is an example of when a celebrity’s past sartorial choices are coloring our perception of the outfit at hand. I do see how this blends in with all her other non-color choices, but I think if this were the first picture we were seeing of Kristen, it would get a different reaction.

    The shoes are pretty bad, though. I’ll grant you that.

    • Katie

      If it were a couple inches longer, I would agree that, even though it is a bland colour, the structure makes it interesting. However, as it is, the structure amplifies the lack of length and makes me hope she brought a napkin to sit on. And the shoes must burn.

  7. Rachael

    Girl loves a neutral dress. That’s fine. We all like what we like. But if that’s what you like, Kristen, then what the hell are those shoes? And you’re going to need to amp up the accessories, too, I think. Also, this is a smidge too short. But I could get on board with the dress, because the structure is interesting at least, with some improvements as suggested above.

  8. ObliviouslyObservant

    I like the idea of the dress but it doesn’t quite work…maybe it would on someone else.
    None of it is helped by the shoes, which need to be burned.

  9. Mifty

    It looks like the wee paper cups that some water coolers have in little dispensers.

    • Christy

      Exactly what I was going to post!
      A friend once thought she had a UTI while we were studying abroad. The school nurse gave her one of those PAPER cups to capture her sample and then sent her out into the restroom in the main hallway of the university. Now imagine that dress filled with a urine sample and being paraded through a hallway of college students. Yep. That’s how I feel about that dress.

  10. Tamarin

    I wish the back was normal and didn’t look like a cone =/
    I also think she’s allergic to color at this point

  11.  TaraMisu

    This is like some “sexy space girl” gone wrong. No.

    And the shoes need to be burned.

  12.  Rowynn

    Remember how Emeril says “BAM!” when he throws some seasoning into a dish? I just want to throw some bright chunky jewelry (BAM!) and some colorful shoes (BAM!) on her. The dress could be cute if it was kicked up a couple of notches.

  13.  laucie

    It’s a Rooney Mara dress, incongrously worn with a half-smile.

  14. Daenerys

    I think that is the worst I have ever seen her look.
    There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this outfit.

    • Stephanie

      I agree, even with past choices, I have seen her look TONS better
      AND atleast usually she doesn’t appear to have left home without pants.

  15. maryse

    i kind of like this dress but she’s standing like she knows it’s too short, and that is the true crime. wear the dress with confidence or don’t wear it.

  16. Anna Svahn

    WAAAAY too short. Just saying.

  17. Sharon

    This reminds me of the dresses Lucy and Ethel were tricked into wearing by Ricky and Fred when they all went to Paris.
    Of course, Lucy had the good taste to wear the bottom half of her outfit… AND, Miss Wiig needs the horse’s feed bag hat to make it complete.

  18. kickassmomnyc

    So she looked in the mirror and thought she was dressed?

  19. Mina

    Is there some sort of hoop keeping the hem in that shape? And if so how is she suppose to sit down?

    • Mikki

      No sitting allowed…just stand and pretend that you look fabulous, even if no one else agrees with that premise.

  20. Elizabeth

    I see Spaceley Sprockets has branched out into women’s wear.

  21. AM

    I think this is sort of cute, but it needs pants/leggings! Because it’s a top.

  22. Donna

    A red lip and some hot pink or forest green shoes and we’d be in business!

  23. Snarkypants

    I could see Michelle Williams pulling this off, maybe with a fun brightly colored clutch and any other shoes in the world but those.

  24. Snarkypants

    OK, I just took a good look at it again, and never mind, it’s just bad.

  25.  Vi

    Well she got the ‘legs or boobs, but not both’ rule down pat. But, for the love of all that should be private, we don’t need to see, should there be even a slight breeze, her privates.

    The rule is not ‘legs or boobs, AND ladybits’….nope, just no

    And the shoes should just go far, far away and sacrifice themselves in the burning, fiery heat of an exploding volcano. Ok, maybe a bit much, but I’m wearing my cranky-shorts this am. And, these shoes are making me cranky.

  26. Lucille Austero

    She matched her lipstick to her shoes. This is truly a top to bottom fug.

  27.  Louise

    Girl, you better have a pair of bloomers under there, otherwise the world is going to see your lady business.

  28. CopyChic

    Whatever. The dress looks like what happens when you try to start a new roll of toilet paper and things just don’t work out.

  29. veronica

    She needs to, like Cher in “Clueless”, not trust mirrors. That thing might have looked OK if she were looking straight at it.


    Oh well, God seldom gives with both hands. ;0)

  30. Squirrel!

    I just showed this to my husband, who is NOT a follower of fashion. He started with “What is she wearing? A Dixie cup?”, muttered several more sentences, and ended with “Whoever made that dress should not be allowed to make any more dresses. I could make a better dress.”