The Recent Fugs and Fines of Vanessa Hudgens

Yesterday, I actually said to Heather, “Wait. Who’s the reigning Fug Madness champion?” Because the truth is that it’s always Vanessa Hudgens where it’s important: in my heart. And possibly next year again.

[Photos: PacCoastNews]

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  1. Sandra

    The first outfit is a bit too much of a lovely thing. Pair that jacket with slim black trousers and I’m a fan for life. The Electric Polar Bear ‘Tween Cub outfit looks like it would be fun for Halloween but murderous for any sort of exertion in LA in July.

    • Maria L.

      I feel we should give her props for outfits #1 #2. While not perfect, they are certainly constructive steps in the right direction – away from the cheap, tacky and/or disheveled road she generally takes.

  2. Rowynn

    I kinda like the things she wears that are a throwback to hippie days, like that last outfit. For some reason, that look works on her.

    • TiaChocolate

      I am so glad to see this…I love the pants in the last photo. It is so what I adore. I wish I had a pair on like that right now. It looks so loungy, casual and comfy. Hell, I am wearing shorts and flip flops and a tank top at work (please don’t hate me). Wearing THOSE pants would be like a business suit. heh. :D

    • Ericajeanine

      I agree. Her style works for her. I love all the boho stuff she wears. I absolutely love that first suit. I actually all of these are well played.

  3. qwertygirl

    I actually don’t hate that last pair of pants. Not with that shirt, perhaps, but they look sort of like what Anne Hathaway had on the other day, except that where Anne’s just looked shapeless and drab, these actually have some visual interest and look comfy and breezy. Am I rushing out to buy myself a similar pair? No, but neither am I reaching for the air sick bag looking at them.

  4. Danielle

    I give her a lot of credit for wearing those pants in the last slide. If I were in them, all you’d see would be pictures of me stumbling, tripping, falling, and getting them snagged on stuff.

  5.  Lucille Austero

    Love love love the brocade suit. I think the pieces look fab together, but agree either would look good with a black piece. The white pants are also great. The white top, not so much, there’s a distinct JLo vibe for me here and no one but JLo is allowed to give off that vibe.

    • Esme

      At this point, even JLo needs to retire that look, but knowing her, she’ll be trying to rock it when she’s 90.

  6. Stefanie

    I have one of those animal hats she’s wearing – only mine is a snow leopard. I casually mentioned I wanted one to my sister and she tracked one down for me. It’s insanely warm and snuggly and the “paws” are perfect for chapstick and a cell phone. Which is perfect for me because I live where winter happens unlike Vanessa here.

  7. Esme

    Everything she wears looks so cheap for some reason (including that brocade horror), and those last pants are just ridonkulous.

  8. Tess 

    Yes, I think we’re all doing our best to ignore the fact that Bieber won & are missing a Fug Madness Champion whose fug we can truly celebrate.

  9. Carol

    She looks best when she is out of the country … the minute she stepped back into LA, it was back to the same, mostly unfortunate, choices.

  10. Sabrina

    But the most important question- Is she still dating Wilke?

  11.  Carolina Girl

    That first photo is a red version of the gold and black brocade suit that Halle Berry wore in 2010 — the one that made her look like a low-rent Prince wannabe.

  12.  Courtney

    I think she looks adorable in the first two slides, and I’m not sure why she reverted back to disheveled hippie in the last one. When you can look so effortlessly lovely, why do everything in your power to avoid it?

  13. jenelope

    I kind of like that she’s dressed like about half of the young girls at electronic music festivals while hosting Electric Run LA. I mean, what else are you going to wear to an event hosted by neffmau5 other than a spirit hoodie and some fluffies? Also, I just subscribed to that 5K’s info page so that when it comes to Detroit, I can participate. Thank you, VHudge!

  14. Vandalfan

    She never knows what to do with her hair.

  15. Caitlin M

    I knew someone who had those hairy legwarmers in black. She would wear them with, like, a super-short denim mini skirt and patterned hose. She was skinny and 22, but still: big hairy legwarmers.

  16. HelenBackAgain

    Check my brain, because I liked all four of these. She needs to work on hair and shoes, but the clothes and their tailoring, aces with me.

    That costume for the Electric Run was partly chosen for how it would look dancing under the event’s lights, which is, ADORABLE:

    I think Hudgens has a li’l bit of drag queen in her… and I love it!

    • Joemama

      I thought it was super cute too; for the purpose it was intended. Also, the boots remind me of Lloyd and Harry in Aspen in Dumb and Dumber. Good times.

  17. Tiffany

    I really like her first look. I like the shoes, sleeve length, the bit of edgy black bag that is peaking out on her shoulder.

  18. Sophia Loren

    Cute. Except for the furry outfit, which is a little *too* cute.

  19. Sajorina

    Damn it, I love Covent Garden in London! I have geological envy! And, GFY Jessica, Fugdgens us still the reigning Fug Madness champion in my mind!

  20. Melly

    Is it just me or is he not one of the cutest of that age group in Hollywood? She’s always seemed peeved about something, but when she doesn’t, she has just a very cute and beaming look. If she wanted to amp up her career I believe she could. If she wanted to look good more often than not, I believe she could.

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