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When I saw this photo in thumbnail, I thought it was Taylor Momsen. It is, instead, Rachel Zoe.

I can’t quite figure out who is the one who ought to feel complimented in this particular case of mistaken identity.

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Comments (16):

  1. Stefanie

    I was actually thinking this was Taylor Swift.

  2. Lily

    Momsen wouldn’t be caught dead wearing so much clothes.

  3. Kristen from MA

    Is there anyone – besides the Marchesa gals – more overrated in the fashion world? Overrated and really nasty, IMO.

  4. karen

    Dis to all. And I agree with Kristen from MA – what? when did she ever make anybody look good? Zoe and McCartney, can’t figure them out.

  5. Lynne

    And I thought it was Lindsay Lohan. We definitely know who should be offended by that.

  6. Peachsiki

    Can we just be happy that it’s not transparent, cropped or pro side-boob?

    Also where is Taylor Momsen these days? It’s looking like she won’t be a contender in Fug Madness in 2013.

  7. Art Eclectic

    You guys realize that you’ve said her name three times now, which means she’ll be appearing in a GFY lightbox any day now in some atrocious excuse for an outfit that Heather and Jessica will just HAVE TO SHARE with us.

  8. Leigh

    I was thinking it was Nicole Richie, because of the fried blonde hair and big hat.

    Also – sunglasses at night. Have we not grown out of that already?

  9. karen

    @Art Eclectic – Like Beetlejuice! Except he’s more useful.

  10. kerrin

    I thought that was Goldie Hawn circa 1992. Wishful thinking I guess. :)

  11. Emma

    Surely this is Zoe circa 1985. Poor girl’s stumbled through a wormhole. It happens.

  12. Seopa

    thanks for such a nice update.

  13. chickadee

    I feel like this could have been at least salvaged by ditching the hat and sunglasses. I usually like how she dresses most of her clients – think Cameron Diaz in the gold Oscar de la Renta at the Oscars, or Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars (the clothes, let’s not get into the hosting performance.)

  14. dee cee

    Dated.. needs a … all of it changed..

  15. Shoeniverse

    She is an odd one, always all hipbones and impossibly skinny arms and then she leaves the house in this? Did she think this made her look whimsical and youthful I wonder?

    She failed.

  16. Lily1214

    I first thought she was Courtney Love.