The O.C.’s Tenth Annivesary: A Mischa Barton Fugstory, Part 1

I had to split this into two parts and it’s STILL long. But reducing Fug Madness near-winner Mischa Barton into one post felt like slighting the ignominious history that has made her so vital to Fug Nation. In other words, she’s worn A LOT OF THINGS, and I STILL left a bunch out — if I missed anything you loved, please do drop the link in the comments.

And without further ado, here is Barton Fug Memoirs, part 1: Before Things Got Really Kind Of Depressing.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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  1. Rowynn

    One thing you have to give her credit for – she never phoned it in with boring nude or black pumps. Her shoes were always interesting.

  2. Donna

    Wow, she was so fresh faced and (seemingly) healthy. When you said she was only 18, I thought, she’s way too young to be wearing so many of those mature frocks, even if she wears them really well. You can kind of see how the whole kid being in an adult world (which these represent, to me) could mess her up. Anyway, a lot of these make me think of present-day Gwyneth, particularly slide 24. More hits than misses!

    • Julie

      Agree, she looks so fresh faced and happy and smiley in these! Most of the outfits are pretty good too, only a couple of real misses.

  3. Amalia

    Agree with the Brandon Davis blame. That guy… ick. In some of these pix with her hair back, she’s a dead ringer for Princess Serenity. Maybe Prince Albert was an O.C. fan back in the day!

  4. Jules

    I saw her and Brandon in NYC back in the day. They were at a sidewalk cafe and the paparazzi was swarming. They both posed politely for the pictures and I thought she was easily one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen in person. I could not stop staring at her. Looking back at these early pictures, it’s easy to see why. She was freaking gorgeous.

  5. jenelope

    I had forgotten she had dated Brandon Davis. I’m fairly skeeved out by the idea of such a young woman dating that guy, because my impression is that dating Brandon Davis means being high most of the time.

    •  Carolina Girl

      You’re right. And after a while, she pretty much seemed high all the time. Didn’t they call him Greasy Bear?

  6. Stefanie

    Wow. I looked at part 2 before I looked at part one and the difference in her face is amazing. It really looks like someone took the light right out of her. Sad.

  7. MollySC

    My GOD, she looks like Stana Katic in the second to last slide. And I mean that in a good way, for both of them.
    Can we just pretend BD never happened? In general?

    • ErinB

      I just posted a similar thing in part 2 of the fugtrospective (I read them out of order). Completely agree with you. They should be cast as sisters in some show, but only –ONLY– if someone else dresses both of them on and off the air/screen. They both have a penchant for dressing crazy.

    • Samantha

      That was my thought as I flipped through these–she and Stana Katic could be sisters.

  8. Jane

    #10 looks like a very good, vintage flapper dress in which case all of it is probably sheer. It’s gorgeous but those dresses were designed to be worn over a slip.

  9. Esme

    God, her face is beautiful, but these clothes! She should be inducted into the Fug Madness Hall of Fame immediately.

  10. mary

    I don’t know about Stana Katic but she is basically Jessica Tovey’s long lost twin. the likeness in their faces is scarily identical. Really sad remembering how fresh and pretty and happy Mischa looked before all the sadness and hollywood corruption happened.

  11. Sajorina

    I’m surprised at how much I liked many of these outfits! I liked #3, 5,12, 20, 22, 25 & 26 the best, but LOVED #10 & 18 with a passion!

  12. Bonnie Klein

    I cannot believe that in slide 2 (the brown and white vision) you focused on the shoes. That dress is HORRIBLE!

  13. Kristin

    She really did like 1920s/30s styles, didn’t she? And what a stunning face!

    •  jay

      she does have essentially the perfect flapper look to her. somehow I never made the connection before!

  14. Alice

    As I went through these slides, all I could think was, “Drugs are evil.”