The NFL Fugs On NBC

In case you were curious, yes, Faith Hill still sings the opening for Sunday Night Football, and yes, each season she looks sillier than the last. I’ve tried to get pictures of her before, and they never came out clearly enough to tell that she was wearing a terrible jumpsuit or whatever; this season, though, we’ve gotten so many e-mails and tweets about her knee-length pants that I endeavored to capture it as best I could. Prepare yourselves for some seriously spectacular photographic mastery, and also, lots of leather and weird CGI-ish effects that make us all wonder if this is Faith Hill, or Fake Hill. ZING. Oh yeah.

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  1. LEM

    “knee-length pants”… you mean capris? TELL ME I DON’T HAVE TO GET RID OF MY CAPRIS!

  2. Groceries

    Faith “Fuggenstein” Hill: What you get when you cross questionable taste with Mad Stylists.

  3. Minutiae

    I still can’t figure out why they don’t just get Joan Jett to do this. Or go back to Pink. Faith should leave Sandy’s closet alone.

  4. Rohan Tribhuwan

    at least she has a body that would give many a young girls a run for their gym membership.

  5. Cecily

    I’ll bet if you look up hideous in the dictionary, there’s a picture of white spandex knee length pants paired with a white tank top.

  6. megalomania

    You mean, Mrs. Blanche Devereaux?

  7. Maria

    Faith is gorgeous with a enviable figure, but in these pics her head looks GINORMOUS.

  8. Kristen from MA

    That’s a shame, ’cause she’s crazy-beautiful.

  9. Kris

    I love your football posts!! Your Steelers barely squeaked by last night… my Ravens on the other hand…WOOOOOOOO! You are cordially invited to my house on November 6th for a beat down. Doesn’t that sound inviting?? (Not sure why you’d travel across the country and not actually go to the game, but Pittsburgh is 5+ hours from here…so, it could be done…but it would be more fun at my house when the Ravens win.)

  10. Blair's Head Band

    Hey, at least she actually did her roots this season. Except it seems that she let it all grow out brown, so now that’s at the bottom……

  11. pinkcheese

    AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Last photo = so much rage!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I can’t stand the Mannings. Any of ‘em. But this post was awesome (apart from whiny boy there at the end. ‘Cause, AAARRRGGGHHH!!!)

  12. megs283

    Does she still have dead eyes, like in last year’s promo? She’s gorgeous, but looked totally checked out.

  13. Sajorina


  14. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    So this is like her only job now and I have to mute it on every SUNDAY! It’s so annoying and she tries was too hard to make the lame rhymes catchy…AND with a bad wardrobe!

  15. Jen S 2.0

    Girlfriend can sing and is stunning in face and figure, and neither of those are in question. I’m sure she’s also a lovely human being. However:

    A) They need to stop encouraging her to dance — excuse me, “dance” — during the SNF intro. Some are born to sing, some are born to dance, some dance just well enough to get by while they sing (Hi, Christina! How are you today?), and some sing just well enough to get by while they dance (Hi, Britney! How are you today?). Every so often you even get a real double threat .. but Faith Hill is not that person. Accept your lot in life, girlfriend. I mean, I cringe every time she sort of squats in her capris and stilettos and twitches her hips.


    B) Does anyone else really hate that funeral-dirge-y mid-tempo snoozer of a song? I realize that I have an unnatural love for “All My Rowdy Friends,” and clearly they tried to go in a very different direction for SNF, but ugh. Not only that, but Al Michaels keeps trying to Make That Song Happen. “We’ll get started, right after … FAITH HILL SINGS OUR THEME SONG!”

  16. noodlestein

    Faith Hill is not nearlyfierce enough for football, and neither are her outfits. Theme song fail all the way around. I want Pink back!!

  17. Katie

    Yay for football posts!
    Anyway, poor Faith is SO photoshopped (or animated, or whatever they call it in video) in this new intro. She looks like a Madden character. Faith Hill is gorgeous – not sure why they felt the need to do this (unless she’s *supposed* to look like a Madden character!)

  18. vandalfan

    Yes, I thought she was a CGI character of a generic “pop singer”.

  19. Jen

    Is having her be all “motorcycle babe without a helmet” a bit wrong in front of the steelers?

  20. kathotdog

    no No NO! I do everything I can do to avoid having to hear this song on Sunday’s and here you are throwing it up on the scree! Ugh! I don’t hate Faith Hill, I just hate that this song is “I Hate Myself for Loving You” – a song that I totally love – and while I love Football, this song, and whatever Faith Hill is doing, are frackin’ awful!!!

  21. Anna

    Thank you. We spent at least the first quarter of the game dissecting her outfits. At least she doesn’t have cankles like last year, but this pleather suit is terrible.

    I love that you love football and fashion out here on the internet. Someday, the sports leagues will hear the message: Women like sports. I’m not entirely convinced that an NFL baby shirt–or the pink shit they all do in October–indicates that they know it.

  22. WineRanger

    It’s getting so I can’t tell the difference (visually) between Ms. Faith Hill & Ms. Celine Dione. Is it because of the big hairs? or is it the cheekbones that could slice ham so thin you can read the paper through it?

  23. Myra Robinson

    I cannot believe these comments. Faith wears what they want her to wear. if she was able to wear what she wants to wear,she would do what she did last time. and she is wearing head gear in the beginning of the clip. I don’t care for the capris either and I think she should wear black all the way through the commercial. they ask her to do it again because she has increased their ratings. they need to change her outfit. I don’t watch football I watch it to see her.

  24. S

    It’s pure Jenna Maroney – “it’s tennis night in America!”

  25. Eliza Bennett


  26. Betsy

    A. I used to call knee length pants, “pedal pushers.” I’m not entirely sure where I got that.
    B. I saw her in the tight, tight leather and all I heard was, “Tell me about it, Stud.”

  27. witjunkie

    Anna – I HATE the pink shit. It’s my biggest peeve ever, that in the team stores there’s barely any shirts cut for women, and then 90% of them are PINK. SO STUPID.

  28. bdaiss

    Oh Fug Girls, I so love your football posts. Can we make this a weekly feature?
    Also: dear NFL, please read this post and the comments. Then get a clue.
    Finally: best giggle inducing sports commentary I’ve heard (from a hockey game) “If he gets it up, he gets it in!”

  29. Susan

    TOTALLY Sandy from Grease, even my husband thought so.

    I feel like Faythe used to have great style years ago, around when “Breathe’ came out. Then something happened – lost her sytlist? – and she got totally fuddy duddy. This doesn’t help. Such a shame.

  30. Sally

    What bothers me more than her outfits is that her head is unproportionally large compared to her body! it’s weirding me out!