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The livestream is happening on (and the Moda Operandi, Samsung, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s sites, in case that one doesn’t work), but our liveblog is, as always, at The Cut. JOIN US! (NOW WORKING!)

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  1. lucy

    i’m getting a message that the event has reached the capacity set by the host & so i can’t see anything. boo. :(

    • Tiffany

      Me too! :(
      You girls are just too popular!
      (I am actually really happy for you that you are getting a lot of traffic).

      • Marguerite

        the Met Gala this year has an overall hideous collection of both fashions and makeup. Either the beautiful women are covered in the most unflattering fabric or dress design or they are made up to look like ghouls. Is this high fashion at its best or a collective misguided lemming horde going over the cliff together?

  2. Tiffany

    OMG Nicole Ritchie!!!! What did you do to yourself? That isn’t punk, that is granny!!

  3. me

    OT but where is Heather?

    • Jessica

      I locked her in the basement. (She’s on vacation in Germany. She’ll be back at the end of the week.)

  4. mary lou bethune

    Well, punk never aspired to beauty so this is anomalous to the nth degree. I don’t get how Anna W looks punk. Actually, I think that the Olsen twins are spot on. Everyone else looks desperate and the models look scarily thin and not pretty. It’s insane but for a good cause, I guess?????

  5. Dazie

    I think most of the attendees I’ve seen just said “EFF THE DRESS CODE” and went with something wacktackular.

    That said- Miley nailed the theme. Good for her. Chloe looks like she forgot what the theme was, then remembered in the limo and started ripping things.

    However, I think the Olsen twins win the night- I actually clapped at the caftan.

    Other notes: oooooUma! Pretty color, I’d like to see the dress from a different angle. Nicole hair WHAT? Solange shorts WHAT? Elle Fanning/Ginnifer Goodwin eyeshadow WHAT?

    Vanessa Redgrave (LOVE HER) looks like she’s auditioning for Pope.

    • Dazie

      I forgot.

      Putting rivets on your couch’s slipcover does not punk make. Sorry Kim.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        right? after the never-ending black shenanigans she chose a PUNK THEMED gala to decide to bust out the floral?

        • Charlotte

          Oh, I know. The lady loves her some leather…except for the one time it would have actually been appropriate.

  6. Manders

    I looked at about 1/2 of the photos before bothering to look up the theme (“Punk”), and before that I guessed the theme to be “Fairy Tale” or something similar. Very few people look punk, or even punk adjacent.

  7. na

    omfg kimye.

  8. Trillian

    What was the dresscode again? Fright night? Holy crap, you couldn’t pay me to wear 99% of these dresses. I liked what I saw of Chelsea Clinton’s dress, minus that little cape thingy. But the rest? I am so glad I’m not famous.

  9. Melanie Woodall

    Madonna definitely pulled out the punk, I was starting to think that no one understood the theme. I gave up on the livestream last night as it didn’t look very punk to me. Miley looked great. Christina Ricci looks great. But, it’s pretty hard to find a punk outfit in the slideshow. Not near as cracktacular as I was hoping for.

    • Dazie

      Madonna probably just pulled something out of her closet from back in the day. ;)

      Who was the lady in the hot pink and black gown with the hot pink hair? She looked good.

    • ┬áLT1

      Yeah, Madonna and Ricci got it, Miley too–I’m surprised, considering the theme, Westwood didn’t have more dresses. Most of the others seemed to think going with the makeup would be enough.

      I love Jessica Hart’s clutch and January Jones’s shoes.

  10. Jules

    Most of these folks were definitely not punk. Not even punk adjacent. My top three in no particular order are Madonna, Christina Ricci and Miley.

  11. Linda

    Did the Met put a definition of punk on the invitation? Most of these people totally screwed up.

    Kim K looks like she thinks punk means “wrap myself in a 1950′s slip cover”.

    Jennifer Lawrence is more sophisticated goth than punk, but she looks gorgeous.

    Madonna brought it, big time.

    I only got thru half the pictures I had to take a break, my brain is in fug overload.

  12. goldfish

    Madonna is the ONLY one who got the theme of couture + punk, and she got it PERFECTLY. This is my old-school Madonna who always knows how to do it up. I would have liked different hair but I don’t want to nit-ick

  13. derpshooter

    Mary-Kate Olsen FTW! Seriously, she is the only one who wore something made by designers but which clearly communicates a gigantic “F*CK YOU” to everyone. She was punk. Everyone else went one of two ways: 1)they went with ONE THING they once heard about punk – “um, they wore black, right?” “um, they, like, were into metal studs, right?” “um, I think they had, like, crazy hair?” or 2)they told their stylists the Met Ball is a formal occasion and they wanted a formal outfit, they didn’t even try (Maggie Gyllenhal, Olive Wilde, GOOP, Wintour)

    EXCEPT: Anne Hathaway. She decided to come as Miley Cyrus, I guess because that’s the only Hollywood person she’s ever heard is punk?? Miley loves to say, “I’m punk. I’m, like, so F*ing punk y’all!” Poor Annie, try-hard goes all the way to the marrow. (I saw that someone in the livestream thought the same as me when they saw Anne Hathaway – yay, sisters!)

    • goldfish

      The day that an Olsen twin beats Madonna at punk fashion is a day that shall never dawn. I mean, Planet of the Apes Statue of Liberty in the sand day of never dawning. That is all.

      • derpshooter

        I don’t know. I got more of a Halloween costume vibe from Madonna, not so much a Punk+couture vibe. It’s like she came as someone else who was definitely punk, but she didn’t really get further than the surface of the theme. But, you know, I wouldn’t start a celebrity deathmatch over this, so we can disagree. I will say this in your favor: Madonna really went for it, she was not lazy. She’s a hard worker and I appreciate that after going through the first 100 photos in vulture’s slideshow she gave me something to actually look at. It was refreshing.

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