The Girl With The Fuggin Tattoo

Full marks to Rooney Mara: It’s tough sledding having to grow out that Lisbeth Salander look (they are not, per IMDb, filming the other two movies right now; I don’t even know if they’ve been greenlit), but she committed, and she’s figuring out how to deal. Not that she really needs my kudos; I hear she’s great in the movie, so I’m pretty sure professional success is keeping her plenty warm at night without the addition of a quilt woven from bloggy accolades.

All that said, I am not loving The Girl With The Crate & Barrel Gift Card And A Sewing Machine. Come examine it with me.

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  1. Sam

    Aw no, I saw this last night and thought “I can’t wait for the Fab-ing of this one”. And now you’re telling me it’s fug?

    Is it a bit wedding dress-y? Yes. Is it still ab fab and I love her bangs and make up? Yes!

  2. LoriK

    The unlined runway version of the dress looks a bit less wedding and more interesting because it’s easier to see the detail, but yeah, this was a bad choice.

  3. Christian

    She DOES look like an avant garde dining table (lol), but she’s so pretty I feel like I have to give her a passing grade. However I wish she had worn some nice lipstick, and I’d like to see her shoes. Hopefully they’re not white as well (ahem, Courtney).

  4. pinkcheese

    Daniel Craig. Sigh.

    Wait, there was a dress? I guess it’s ok…

    • Karen


      When you’re bringing Daniel Craig as your arm candy, you could be dressed like…well, like Justin Bieber at a beach wedding, and no one’s gonna notice.

      • taylor

        Mmmm, Daniel Craig.

        OT: The dress might be interesting, it just looks like it doesn’t fit, which is really distracting. Also, her hair looks too severe like that, for my tastes.

    • Miranda

      Exactly. I’m sure I had something to say about the look, but then she put “Daniel Craig” and “hot appliance” in a sentence together and now I don’t remember.

      • SKGD

        Daniel Craig and hot appliances! It’s not sugar plums I’ll be dreaming about tonight.

  5. Libby

    Looks like Molly Ringwald (circa the Pretty in Pink years) helped her make this dress.

    • Esmom

      Yes, exactly. And now I can’t stop hearing OMD’s “If You Leave…”

  6. smj

    Like an ill-fitting, off the rack Forever 21 wedding dress. The hair isn’t really that bad, although the black would have been nicer with a red lip. She’s looking a little consumptive.

  7. Danni

    I like it. Not sure why, but I do. Perhaps a “column-skirt” with a small slit at the back would have worked better than the “wedding-dress-skirt”?

  8. Emster

    I like the dress well enough. It’s not boring. Glad she mustered a smile at some point. I chalk up her listlessness to Fincher making her starve herself for the role. They’re all taking it soooo seriously.

  9. ok

    What’s up with the hate for her hair? It’s beautiful!

    Yup, Heather wrote this post. Girl hates on short hair.

    • ok

      Ok, to be fair, I read a reply to my comment about ERW, and it seems Heather likes cutsey pixie short hair. Fair enough, girl seems to only like “feminine” haircuts.

      • GFY Heather

        I hope your hate on for me is as imaginary as my hate for short hair. I have NO PROBLEM with short hair as long as it suits the wearer (and, if you’ll notice, I also just noted that I’m impatient with Miley’s long lank extensions, so it’s the same thing — I just want people’s hair to suit them). I think this looks much better than the actual Salander coif on her, but my question is with the color and the severity of the bangs — but what cracks me up is that I didn’t even specifically SAY I hated this haircut, just that she had to commit to it and learn how to style it because it’s so different than her regular ‘do. It is ALL about being flattering and nothing to do with length. I didn’t realize there is a whole brigade out there that thinks anytime I don’t like somebody’s short hair it’s because I’m anti-short hair. I would LOVE to wear my hair short, it just doesn’t flatter me.

  10. Carol

    It does look like a holiday table runner … I’m on board if I can get matching napkins … with a few pine boughs and cranberries as a centerpiece, we’re done.

  11. Becca

    Smile woman! I honestly can’t concentrate on the relative fug/fabness of her outfit or hair when she seems so incredibly unenthused. I suspect it’s fug, though.

  12. Mare

    She looks so much healthier than Courtney of the previous post that I am too relieved to critique her–apparently you CAN have pale skin in a white dress and look just fine.

  13. Kate

    The dress is terrible, but I actually really like her hair. The bangs are nice, and it’s SO SHINY.

  14. Lynne

    She’s taking this role a bit too much to heart. I hope she’s not really this depressed. Although, I could also interpret that look as “Damn. Who conned me into wearing this dress?”

  15. Kit

    Gosh that dress fits SO. VERY. BADLY. And the fabric is a horror!

    I wish she’d done something brigher or more soft/pastely with her face to balance the severity of the hair.

  16. rerun delaney

    let’s face it: i’d pay to watch daniel craig tap dance in pig shit and revel in it. i LOVED the books and two of the movies (the second was a dud), but rooney’s gonna have to bring it. noomi is lisbeth for me-always will be, sorry dude.

    oh, and on comments that have been made (elsewhere) about the movie poster (mara is naked, craig isn’t): while lisbeth was traumatized, she did a lot to reclaim her sexuality. there were many who saw her as completely broken, and that she wouldn’t be rendered that way, but i think they’ve got it wrong.

  17. Geemee

    I was diggin’ on the dress from afar, then I saw the last pic and … no. I do like the sleeves, tho. And her haircut. And its color.

  18. JillB

    If she was wearing a belt she’d look like a napkin in a ring.

  19. KSCnCA

    Classic Project Runway Fail. The dress tries so hard to be interesting: bare sides, bare back, peek-a-boo shoulders, the bodice attaches to the skirt like a jumper, add some lace around every edge you can, and don’t forget to decorate the sleeves. At least the skirt is not fighting for attention. Sigh. Why do the palest people wear pale clothes? Give her some contrast!

  20. GigiNYC

    I actually like the dress and think Rooney looks fantastic in it. The panels and the sleeves add a very interesting avant garde vibe that’s very striking. And I may be one of the only people I know who actually likes Rooney’s hair this way. The bangs are severe but again, the air of the avant garde really suits her. Hard to believe that this is the same girl from “The Social Network.”

  21. Sarah

    I sort of love this. Not every starlet needs to have long flowing hair and sexy face. I like that she has the “Rosamond from Nate the Great” vibe going on. The dress isn’t great, but it’s interesting and different.

  22. vandalfan

    I detest sleeves that length. It just makes the garment look too small. The rest is, yes, a tablecloth on bottom and matching napkin tacked on as a bodice. Also , the skirt is so heavy it is gouging her waist in the first photo.

  23. Bella

    I like the look – the white against her skin and dark hair. I think if she stood a little straighter, the front would smooth out.

  24. Lina

    The version of this dress without the lining is GORGEOUS. This version, lined so she isn’t naked, is not working at all — it seems to be stuffed with quilt batting when a delicate layer of nude or dark ivory fabric would have served much better.

  25. Noire

    I love it. I know that makes me the minority on here, but I think she looks great. Its probably because I’ve decided that she actually IS Lisbeth Salander. I’m OK with that. I also think that Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter, so at least I’m being consistent.

  26. Chelle

    I must be weird but I think she looks awesome!

  27. Mary

    I don’t dislike it. It’s actually pretty, despite being very very white.

    Maybe it’s a posture problem. Imagine a smiling, shoulders back, hand on hip Rooney and it seems a lot better!

  28. Julie

    I don’t think I can get past the fact she’s called Rooney. Her name seems back to front.

    But the dress, I think it’s the sleeves too.

  29. amys

    I was unenthused until I got to slide 3 and suddenly, Daniel Craig made it all better. My god, who wouldn’t look (and feel!) fabulous with Daniel’s arm around her? Rooney seems luminous to me, but sadly, the look here isn’t doing her justice.

  30. Mahastee

    Add me to the minority who love this.

  31. Caroleena Stantonova

    She had a nipple pierced but failed to have the dragon tattoo installed. wuss!

  32. Sajorina

    I like it! I think is beautiful and it fits her frail, yet bold look! It must be hard to look like a book/movie character in your everyday life for as long as you’re filming and she is doing the best she can to move away from the rocker chick look of Lisbeth and bring out Rooney, especially when they’re both so different! I give her a FAB!

  33. ChaChaHeels

    Is this a cheap knock off of one of the dresses from that spacegirl/japanese origami escapee collection done by Givenchy a few years back? Worn with orthopedic white platform shoes?
    And in this case, poor tailoring (as in, the skirt gapes at the back where it zips up)?

    I know people think celebrities earn a lot, but I’m starting to think this whole red-carpet ritual is a shaming device. I sure wish she’d stand up straight and stop looking so terrified.

  34. Kasey

    Ugh she’s giving us Keira Knightly posture in one picture and that makes me hate everything about it.

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