The Fugs and Ehs: Game of Thrones’ Endless Press Tour


I’m so excited for this show to come back, not the least because all of these people need a nap.

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  1. pantsonfire

    Aw, balls. I am rooting hard for Maisie at these things. And this was so close — the color and cut (though I would nix the tutleneck-ishness) are great on her, plus her face and hair look absolutely lights out. But, alas, it does seem to be see-through when subjected to those flash bulbs. And I very much believe this is accidental and not intentional on her part.

    • Katharine

      No, it’s lined. I had to look REALLY REALLY CLOSELY to see, but there’s some kind of probably-staticky lining under there which has wrapped itself uncomfortably intimately around her thighs.

      I’d call it an altogether awful dress, but it does not in fact appear to be giving us the Full Maisie.

      • pantsonfire

        Thank goodness! Also, ha, the full Maisie. I don’t love the dress at all, but I do think that shade is pretty on her, and the cut is better than some of the stuff she’s worn.

        • rowynn

          It appears that she’s wearing her mom’s shoes, and those shoes are even boring on her mom. Her grandma, even. Her hair looks so pretty, though.

          • Helen

            And apparently she knows how badly her beautiful brows were butchered, ’cause they’re growing back in. Whew. I call it a win for that alone, though the outfit is awful.

      • Minutiae

        Agree with this–I don’t think it’s see-through, but the lining is shaded and wrapping around her in a way that makes it look like we’re seeing something we’re not. I’m also not used to seeing her with that much hair.

    • Kris

      Thank God. I looked at how transparent it was around the legs, and was momentarily stunned at how age-inappropriate it was. I love her, but still. Valar Fughulis.

      • Lisa E

        Valar Fughulis ……I am going to have to steal and use that……all men must fug..

  2. Eliza Bennett

    GOD. that jumpsuit is from hell. it gives her front-butt.

    • msjacqmills

      “front-butt” so funny1

      I can’t get enough of the Game of Thrones cast. They fill the void when the royals aren’t galavanting.

      I am SO excited about Sunday night! And, I’m almost done reading book 3.

  3. Minutiae

    I too miss Jon Snow’s man-furs. And sadly for him, Kit Harington will always be Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s Bastard in my mind. Heh.

    • Lizzy

      I seriously love the pelt-topped capes all of the Starks wear. Kit looks out of place in modern clothes.Get back in those leather GoT duds (rowr!).

  4. TereLiz

    Maybe I’ve gone sartorially blind from all the Fug Madness (it’s happened before), but I would love to see Rose’s jumpsuit with a slimmer cut leg. Or maybe—dare I say?—gathered at the ankle. It’s hard to tell with her hands in her pockets, but I think it would be a decided improvement.

    EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I’ve seen Kit H he’s been wearing that same expression. Poor little puppy dog. Maisie and Sophie are growing up so fast! They better get started filming the rest of the books, lol!

    • Leelee

      Do you know what I think it is giving Kit that same expression? It’s his little droopy mustache. It doesn’t fill in with his beard, so even when his face is neutral it pulls focus like a little stubbly frown.
      What I’m saying is… I really wish he would shave his face.

      • Helen


        Shave Kit!

        • Amy

          Shave Kit! My friend saw him in London with the same expression, but then he was on crutches so maybe he was sad about his foot or something.

    • gin_in_teacups

      I agree with you on the jumpsuit. I think it could be really nice if the pants had a better cut. But I love the top and the color is great.

  5. Rachael

    I am just so stunned that Natalie Dorner isn’t wearing her signature smirk face that I can’t see anything else in the entire slide show now. Except, yeah, they all could use a nap I think. Hell, I could use a nap, and I had yesterday off from work.

  6. jen

    OT completely. I love the name Maisie.

  7. TonyG

    When I clicked on the Kit photo, my first thought was, “This man’s face is frozen.” And then I saw the caption. Give us a smile once in a while, Kit!

  8. Sallie T

    Curious: it’s not just Kit Harrington but pretty much all the GoT cast look better in character (with the exception of Rose Leslie, who is giving insanely gorgeous face in her non-Wildling incarnation) even though their costumes tend to be flokati rugs and dryer lint, while the Downton Abbey people (Rose Leslie notwithstanding since her character on DA bailed in season 1 for secretarial school or whatever) look better in red carpet/modern clothes, even though their DA wardrobes are epic.

  9. Pouncer

    What is happening with Jon Snow’s hair? I don’t understand.

  10. Vandalfan

    They all certainly do look tired. Handsome, and fairly well-dressed, but tired.

  11. Rose

    On the bright side, Sophie is killing this press tour.

  12. Emily

    Isn’t Maisie only like 15 years old? They keep putting her in outfits that are just way too old for her. It’s not even saying that they’re too sexy or anything like that, they’re just too mature. She wore a beautiful black and gold dress at one of these events, but it seemed better suited for someone twice her age.

  13. gin_in_teacups

    Sophie Turner is ridiculously beautiful. That is all.

  14. Amy

    Game of Thrones dopples:

    Natalie Dormer looks like an evil Kate Middleton. I think there’s a LOT of scheming on the way.

    Ygritte looks like a northern, ginger K-Stew. Far more likely to bite off Jon Snow’s head than the other way around.

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