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There is something so cheesy about this gown.

And I don’t mean the color; that’s less fromage than it is the color of a textbook that’s been overzealously highlighted by a paranoid ninth-grader. But the studs and the peekaboo and the short front zipper and the knee curtains… it feels like something a Real Housewife would wear to the Grammys, along with about two kegs’ worth of bronzer and nine pounds of hair.

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  1. TaraMisu

    I’m not a fan of the color but she’s actually wearing it well. Chop it off at the knees, minus the zipper and I’m good.

  2. Jill

    It almost seems like the dress should have ended where the studs cut across the bottom. The whole thing just looks awkward.

  3. Karen

    Fugly with a capital FUG.

  4. Carrick

    This is what you wear when you go to something called “God’s Love – We Deliver” and want them to prove it.

    • Bonnie Klein

      I don’t understand this comment, but for the record God’s Love is a charity that provides excess food from restaurants and caterers to the needy.

  5.  gryt

    Elvis, the Vegas years.

  6. Lisa

    I agree that this looks tacky..the color plus the studs plus the cutout plus the slit equals not good.

  7. Susan

    It looks like it should be a jumpsuit, the way it is cut. Not that I’m saying it would be any better that way, but it’s just the way it looks.

  8. Lizzy

    It feels very 80′s, like something you’d see Terri Hatcher or Cindy Crawford wear back then, but accessorized with ginormous earrings and shy-high hair,

  9. TonyG

    Is there a House of ABBA now? I swear this is straight from the costuming department of Broadway’s Mama Mia!

  10. meggiemoo

    Librarian hair, cross-dressing showgirl dress.

  11. Catherine D

    Love the color. The rest is FUG City.

  12. Sandra


  13. nobody much

    I think it’s just that the fabric looks so cheap & flimsy. (and the studs aren’t helping!)

  14. Kath

    Her face looks dirty to add to the shame of this debacle. Nothing nice about this.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      It does look dirty. That is very much the wrong shade of bronzer for her.

      Which just makes it MORE Real Housewife-y!

  15. Jennifer

    Tacky! So, really a perfect choice for her.

  16. Pauli

    Looks like a cheap hooker.

  17. VV

    Terrible, just terrible. That dress has no redeeming features whatsoever.

  18. TheReset

    The fact that I cannot stand her does not affect my judgement when I say this dress is awful! Too many things going on!

  19. Jenz

    In another color, she’d rock it.

  20. Dionne

    I for real saw this and thought she was at an ABBA costume party.

  21. Frances

    So porny looking.

  22. Tiffany

    No matter the color, I think the zipper + cut out + studs is too much. Add the color to it, and it is a big tacky obnoxious mess. I do like that color, but it is so overwhelming that it only looks good on a simple cut balanced with a classy amount of skin (arms, legs, etc.).

  23. Glenn

    Looks like the jumpsuits that the Brady children wear at the end of THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE.

  24. Ronnie

    I’m so clumsy I might step through the “slit” in the front of the dress and fall on my face.. Hopefully she’s more graceful that I am.. :/

  25. Hope

    Agree, but not enough to stop my girl crush on her

  26. joemama

    She looks like an Italian ‘Veline’ girl in that dress, and that is not a compliment.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I had to Google that, and no, no it is not. It’s also very apt.

  27. Lily1214

    A poor design. Very unattractive and it definitely isn’t her color.

  28.  partypoopah

    As Michael K would say, this gave me a case of the HAHAHAHAHAs


  29. Erin

    I can’t separate the top and bottom parts. The top, to me, looks like she’s about to be shot our of a canon or she’s a flying trapeze artist or something. The bottom I can’t even understand because I can see her legs are askew or doing some weird posing thing but the slit doesn’t match up so she just looks off all around. I don’t even want to get into the hardware on that thing.