The Fugroom

I’m not sure how I feel about Olivia Munn’s upcoming arc on New Girl, because I really adore that show and I really have not been a fan of her roles so far, but she was really not the most irritating thing about The Newsroom so maybe the brick of coal shuddering where my heart should be is starting to soften and turn warm.

And the thing is, I quite like this dress, too.

The problem is with the makeup. Put down the contouring, girl. Black Swan was so 2010.

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  1. Michelle

    One word: yikes. And too bad, because I agree about the dress. But jeez with the face.

  2. luxsword

    Nevermind the make up, it should be a fab!

  3. Stefanie

    Even when she hit it out of the park, it still ends up being a foul ball.

  4. Lizzy

    Love the dress, but from the neck up she’s Lana Parilla on ‘Once Upon a Time” a.k.a. the evil witch.Yikes!

  5. Morgan W

    I thought the same thing about the contouring! For more beauty news, please visit

  6. TaraMisu

    Love the dress, just beautiful! Her make up does not offend me… maybe I’m just not seeing the contouring??

    • Brooke

      OK, it’s not just me. Maybe I need glasses, but I think she looks great. Makeup is a wee heavy-handed but I say that because she is so gorgeous au naturel. I am not sure what contouring I am supposed to be seeing.

      • Fiona

        The contouring is on the sides of her nose! The way it joins up with her eyebrows makes her look a little Odile-esque.

  7. Lucille Austero

    She kind of was the most irritating thing about The Newsroom. She’s the most irritating thing about everything she’s in.

    • Lucille Austero

      Forgot to close my italics after “was”. And btw, the dress is lovely.

  8. Sandra

    If you have to have sheer leg-curtains, this is probably the least offensive they’re ever going to look.

  9. McLisa

    Love this dress!

  10. Mair Mair

    Hmm, I’m not seeing the Excessive Contouring. Of course, I’m not seeing good makeup, either.
    And of course, Excessive Contouring shall be my new band.

  11. Heironyms.

    I also do not see the fuss about the makeup. What contouring? This is WAY less slap than Kristen Stewart is wearing here:, a post to which Jessica appended “I do love her make-up.”

    And, yeah, swell dress. Mmm…art deco.

  12. pantsonfire

    Dress is fab. I don’t know if I’m seeing the contouring per se, but I do think her makeup looks busted. I actually think she struggles with stuff above the neck, which is odd because I think she has pretty good raw material. I even think she has freckles, which I covet.

  13. Erin

    That dress is SPECTACULAR, and her body is banging.
    Too bad about the busted makeup.

  14. Tarryn

    I’d love the dress if it were gold all the way down.

  15. Sajorina

    With a GORGEOUS dress like that one, who’s looking at her face? LOVE! WANT! COVET! Clutch & shoes are to die for as well! This is a FAB for me!

  16. cc

    I feel like if the dress didn’t puddle around at the bottom/ wasn’t so long or was a little less loose at the bottom it would be nicer. I think its decent as it is though.

  17. Miss Louise

    She looks great, really, although I can’t be doing with that smug face of hers. She has it in so many photos, and it’s really off-putting. But that dress is a neo-deco glory. Would love to swish around in it, if only for 5 minutes. Maybe then I’d look smug too?

  18. Vandalfan

    Her makeup may be a tad heavy but her expression is what I don’t care for.

  19. Bottle Ginger

    LOVE the dress! It’s a modernized 1930s design; for those of you who don’t know, that sort of lovely metallic sequin work was popular during the days of Jean Harlow. The sequins turning to strips and tulle at the hem is new, and I just love it. This should have been someone’s Oscar gown!

    And I don’t hate the makeup, but then I lived through the 90s. I’ve seen worse.

  20. anonymoose

    I love that the handbag disappears into the dress, matches so well. Dress and hair are fab here!

  21. Helen

    Beautiful dress, and she’s wearing it well. Too much makeup.

    I had heard she was a dreadful actress, but while I was still watching The Newsroom, I thought she was pretty good in it.

  22. Lily1214

    Very, very nice.

  23. Dani

    That dress is fabulous. And actually, I find her really kind of unattractive usually, but I think her face looks good here. Then again, I kind of love dramatic, heavy makeup, so I might be biased.

    • Kristin

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call her UNattractive, but I’ve always found her sort of ordinary-looking – certainly not worthy of her hot babe reputation (though I realize her figure is terrific). The heavy makeup makes her prettier, I think, and it works with the knockout dress and sleek bob. This is the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  24. waterfloor

    She would not be out of place in the Chrysler building’s Cloud Club– I love this look on her.

  25. jennifer

    This dress looks incredibly familiar to me. Have we not seen it or something very similar recently? It’s going to drive me nuts til I figure it out…