The Fugriginals

Our photo service captioned Phoebe Tonkin here as “a guest,” which is Photo Service Code for¬† “we don’t know who THIS yahoo is.” This news will surely come as a great blow to The CW, which is doing everything in its power to make Phoebe Tonkin Happen, given that she’s been on three of their shows now, like the great Chad Michael Murray before her. If this doesn’t get people’s attention, I do not know what will:

Mark your diaries, dear readers, this bodice configuration WILL make an appearance on some yahoo when figure skating returns — I predict someone’s free dance –and I cannot wait.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Reg

    are all those parts pasted on? I do not understand how all of them are hanging on. Is it by sheer will power of Phoebe?

    • LoriK

      Illusion net. Evil, evil illusion net. You can see it if you look between the cat ears covering her boobs and the black band around the top, which I guess is trying to pretend to be a collar, but which actually serves no purpose other than holding up the illusion net.

  2. natalia

    I… don’t understand this outfit.

    Since they are trying to make her happen, I really wish her American accent was less distractingly atrocious. She was super endearing in that cheesy-but-insanely-watchable Australian show about mermaids. Get thee to an accent coach!

  3. Lisa

    I just see Batman.

    • Linda

      Yeah that or Catwoman’s mask and little cat ear headphone thing, and the stuff between her boobs are the tangled up iPod wires.

      Are mirrors not allowed in the entertainment industry any more?

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    It’s too bad Tanith Belbin isn’t still competing. She would make this look good.

    On the ice, where it belongs!

  5. Melissa


  6.  Courtney

    This is so strange. I keep looking at it, thinking I should have something to say but my head is just exploding. Aside from that, I am kind of rooting for Phoebe. She was entertaining as the sassy witch on whatever that CW witch show was called.

  7. Sandra

    Oh god, I can hear Scotty gushing now: “Agnes Zwadeski skates to the music of Black Swan.”

  8. anabels

    It has satin and velvet and braid and illusion netting… Does it have any idea what it wants to be because every time I look at it I end up blinking and tilting my head and just being confused!

  9. witjunkie

    It’s like the collar is there to say, “Hey look, I’m a top, see? An actual top, not some incomprehensible chest applique. Because that would be crazy, right?! Hahaha! Crazy! Not us!”

  10. lefty

    She looks…almost shockingly thin? At least compared to a year ago.

  11. Vandalfan

    It looks like a giant frog fastener, like the ones that my grandmother sewed onto the cute satin Chinese pajamas she made me.

  12. Lee-Lee

    A big bat landed on her chest……..SPLAT!!!!!!

  13. AngieO

    Thoughtless and Cheap. The outfit- not her.

    Is ANYONE going to get her through this? Anyone talented? More than her of course, low bar.

  14. Joe Schmartin

    I’ve never seen this young lady before, so it may just be this one picture, but is it just me, or does this girl look EXACTLY like a young Madonna in the face (eye color aside)?

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