The Fugpire Diarfugs

It must be so strenuous, never being boring. Even Kat Graham’s comfort clothes are crazy hammer pants — we know this because she said it in an interview and has worn them repeatedly. I can’t imagine my life without the comforts of jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe that is my problem…

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  1. pantsonfire

    I’m basically ready to give Kat Graham a free pass on the substance of her outfits because she is clearly not taking herself too seriously and is just having fun. And it’s generally not awful–some of it is downright inspired. I am not, however, ready to give her a pass on fit or tailoring. And this leads to the glaring issue from this slideshow: the white grommet dress is just simply too big, especially in the bust. If you want to wear the absolute hell out of the eighties, be my guest, but make sure it fits!

  2. Stefanie

    Are press on talons becoming a thing? These, and the ones in the Fergie post, arent even applied neatly! COME ON!

    • Carol

      Second the motion on calling “time of death” on talons … they never have been attractive and I can only imagine (and shudder as I do so) how they complicate everyday life in unexpected (and probably painful) ways.

  3. Sandra

    Looks: 10; Clothes: 3

  4. Sarah BK

    Yikes. The worst thing about that exposed zipper is how tortured it looks. It’s puckering the fabric/mesh in a really unsightly way.

  5. Brenna

    That white dress is an abomination – in the fourth photo, it makes her look so much wider than she actually is.

    However, minus the back zipper, I LOVE the black dress. She looks fabulous in it.

  6. glee

    Such a gorgeous girl – and she’s got the face of a goddess, but even that can blind me to that awful zipper in the back, and the equally awful zipper in the front.

  7. Vandalfan

    I’m just grateful that the white dress is lined so we can’t skin through the little holes in the grommets. There are some that would wear it that way. Her face is stunning, but her hair is terrible in both photos.

  8. Rayna

    Girl is so pretty, but these dresses are hyenous.

    I’m over the cutout dresses, and that grommet thing is no, just no.

  9. Helen

    She’s lovely, and she seems so nice, but I am not getting a sense of fun from this.

    I am getting try-hard. [i]Too[/i] hard. And it isn’t just the clothes and nails; I also want to wash all that black gunk off her face and send her to a decent hairstylist.

  10. Francesca

    Now that Jersey Shore is no more, did Pauly D get a gig as a hair stylist?

  11. Ellelake

    scratch scratch scratch … sound of my pen cosigning the death to talons decree

  12. house mouse

    Jeans are so uncomfortable! I don’t know how anyone relaxes in them. Maxi skirts are where it’s at for me.

  13. Lynne

    So weird. I hate the white number with the grommets. But I don’t hate the styling (minus the talons, of course). The over the top gold jewelry, pulled back hair, great make-up? Love! I just wish it were paired with a more attractive dress.

  14. Lily1214

    Actually, I kind of like this. I think it’s the overall styling.