The Fug Wife

If she’d just stopped at her chin, we’d be fine. Unfortunately, that would make her a floating head, and short of Passions that’s not often to be found.

This IS separates, right? I’m not crazy? It looks like a lampshade and a turtleneck. The latter of which is making things look akimbo in the boobular region. As for the former, why is there a seam up the front? Did it swivel on her and she didn’t notice? What IS happening around the waist here? Why is Julianna Margulies so fabulous and yet this outfit so underwhelming? Why don’t they ever let her hair be curly on The Good Wife? Why do the wigs she’s wearing instead seem SO VERY wiggy right now? Why is that show ruining Kalinda? Why do I still love it even though the aforementioned Kalinda scenes are unwatchable? Why can’t she follow Jason Street over to Hart of Dixie and chase him around with a baseball bat some more? So many questions.

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  1. lilywise

    At least there’s good news on the Kalinda front: they’re planning to drop that weird hubby storyline soon.
    The seam on the front of the lampshade is very troubling. I don’t mind the idea of this outfit but it did not pass the bar of execution. (groan … terrible law pun …)
    AND SHE WEARS WIGS?? I had no idea. I get so distracted by the awesome clothes Alicia and Kalinda and especially Diane are usually wearing.

  2. Helen

    Is this just the season that absolutely everyone goes totally crackballs with their fashion choices? Usually I think Margulies looks great!

    And they put too much foundation on her, too. She has beautiful skin. Let it show.

    Love the Passions reference!

  3. alisa

    That is totally a lampshade! But I like it… and i’m not sure why.
    Kind of like how I’m unsure how and when I really started liking Peter and Alicia’s scenes together on the Good Wife, looking forward to them even…. I wouldn’t be opposed to them returning to married life together. WHY?!

    Ps. I hate the Kalinda storyline. And, dear gawd, can we see more of Cary? PLEASE!

  4. Minutiae

    Use of the word “akimbo”=WIN. Perpetually. The outfit makes her look like she’s auditioning for a part as the lamp from A Christmas Story come to life. Fra-GEE-lay!

  5. Lizzy

    That is one ginormous lampshade she’s wearing!

  6. True_Blue

    To top it off–the lampshade skirt has fringes. Which looks frayed and uneven. Argh.

  7. Dizee

    “What is a lamp, you nincompoop? It’s a Major Award. I won it! “

  8. Aria

    I didn’t think the skirt was that bad until i saw 1) the fringe and 2) the seam. Eliminate both of those and it’s kind of cute. And there is def something akimbo up top, though maybe it is just the way she is standing.

  9. Squirrel!

    Oh yeah. That skirt is fra-jee-lay all the way. Total fug. Turtleneck is too matte and the wrong style of top for the skirt. Hoof shoes. Don’t like her hair here, either. Um… she has nice legs?

    Looking forward to the conclusion of the storyline with Kalinda’s husband!

  10. Willow

    I feel that turtlenecks never work if both the turtleneck and your skirt/trousers are the same colour, it’s all just too much and people need to stop it.

  11. deee

    Is there a full moon? There is some seriously weird fashion mojo today.

    Lovely Julianna wears a lamp shade skirt and a cheap turtleneck? Christina Hendricks’ dress is too big in the boobs? Gemma’s dress? I don’t even know what to say about that monstrosity.

  12. Katie

    I unabashedly love the skirt, fringe and all.

  13. Kate P

    I looked closely at the original and the seam is a drawstring–which is, surprisingly, worse.

    Also, I contend that this is a dress–and the swinging, lampshade skirt is partially to blame for pulling the top askew.

  14. Mrs. Ditter

    Burst out laughing when I saw the bottom half of this…outfit. Thanks for the unexpected glee!

    • amy

      I was too startled to laugh. This could have used a scroll-down-fug reference in the title.

  15. Elibu

    On first glance, I thought it was a tree skirt from some dark Christmas celebration. Or maybe a Tim Burton movie.

    As for the wigs on The Good Wife, I read somewhere it was her choice to go with the smooth hair wigs to differentiate Alicia from curly-haired Carol on ER.

    And I completely agree with everyone that Kalinda’s icky husband needs to go away ASAP.

    • scone

      I also think she said she wanted wigs because then she wouldn’t have to sit for hours getting her hair just right (which I believe she did have to do on previous shows).

  16. Amy Farrah Fowler

    I’m so glad I’m not alone in being completely creeped out by the Kalinda/husband story line. Also, please lose the over the knee boots. NOBODY wears them EVERY DAY with EVERY OUTFIT. Just stop it!

  17. kindakute

    Tragic on every level.

  18. Gill

    If the fringe were taken off the skirt and the shirt were the same fabric as the black part of the skirt, I’d be behind this.

  19. Sajorina

    EPIC FAIL! I don’t think she’s so fabulous to begin with and I couldn’t care less for The Good Wife, so I’m just bored by this!

  20. Jeanette

    lose the fringe, make the top one of the colours from the skirt with a scoop or v neck, loosen her hair and it could look lovely… perhaps?

  21. Tamburlaine

    It’s quite a tribute to Margulies that she looks fabulous despite this outfit. What ruins it for me is that skirt looks way too dressy for the top (not to mention looking like a lampshade). And I dislike the shoes, too.

  22. Nancy

    The most important question: Why is her hunky husband not in the photo next to her?

    We see her whenever we want on her TV show, he is a special treat to be ogled at during these events; have a heart Julianna, don’t deprive us of the hubby.

  23. jerkygirl

    This is most certainly “fra-jee-lay” but also reminds me of the scene in Beetlejuice where he comes up out of the floor with a rotating carousel on his head. I really want it to light up and spin around and play music!!!

  24. glee


  25. gryt

    That’s not a seam on the skirt, they’re a couple of dangling strings (check out the full size). Very mysterious.

  26. Mo

    This one caused a minor yelp when we scrolled down….something used in a jive on DWTS.

    And thank you for finally being someone who agrees with me that Kalinda’s scenes on TGW are UNWATCHABLE, contrived, stupid, redundant…..

  27. cj berk

    Just a note re: Juliana Margulies appearance on David Letterman. I’ve never seen him speechless but she did it…..she said she went to Berlin because she loved the music from the Weimar Republic and Berlin in the 1930′s and 1940′s. Hello??? Are you kidding?? That was Nazi Germany ….if she and her husband are Jewish….well sorry they wouldn’t have been able to live-let alone listen to music.
    I can’t look at her now….no patience for stupidity. And you’re right…those wigs are ridiculous….I think she has very thin sparse hair so she must wear wigs but honestly couldn’t they get her some better quality hair pieces???

  28. Lily1214

    She is so beautiful. . . what is she doing in this mess? It’s also too young for her.

  29. Matt

    Why is she wearing this? IS it a bad photo – her hands look huge and manny, and more than a little terrifying