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In a way, I am actually really relieved that Mischa Barton looks moderately cracked out here:

Primarily because I fear change. But also because I feel like this dress means she’s been spending some time lurking around the edges of the Game of Thrones set, and if we’re lucky, she might show up in season three as some kind of freaky sorceress and, frankly, her career could use the boost.

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  1. Helen

    If Barton is 5’9″ (what I found in a very cursory search), for whom did the designer make this? Is there a 7′ model I’ve somehow managed to miss?

  2. Kate

    oh my…she even looks freaky in the facial area…and also a little like Lake Bell…not that the two are synonymous.

  3. Maisie

    Holy crap! Are you SURE that”s Mischa Barton?! Yikes . . . where did the old version go?

  4. Kat

    Wackadoodle. Her face looks wackadoodle, and that dress looks wackadoodle. Damn it, Mischa, you almost had me fooled.

  5. Anna Svahn

    Wackadoodle is the word, for sure. That dress is a mess.

  6. Bella

    It doesn’t look at all like MB’s face.

  7. Sally B.

    Wackadoodle for sure, and a middle-aged wackadoodle at that. Why would someone in her mid-20s want to look mid-40s?

  8. Katie

    So, I think maybe her left side isn’t her ‘good’ side. A cursory search of her well playeds on GFY seems to show her right side more often. So I’m going to give her the benefit of bad camera angle here in terms of her face looking like someone else’s face.

    But that dress is like a bad home ec project and the lipstick seems wrong for her skin tone, or at least wrong for her skin tone in camera flash.

  9. Kaitlyn

    She looks like the human version of a hacky photoshop job.

  10. Kristen from MA

    Ya know, when a pig flies, you can’t blame her for not staying up in the air for very long.

    Welcome back, Mischa!

  11. Carol

    This dress belongs back on a mannikin … it’s not finished! It really looks like the seamstress stepped away, and Misha just grabbed the dress and fled … probably still a few pins in it!

  12. Mo

    She looks an awful lot like Patricia Clarkson here. Ms. Clarkson is a terrific actress, but according to imdb she was born in 1959, and Ms. Barton in 1986. Not, I think, what was intended with this look.

  13. flitzy

    I don’t know, it almost seems like she has the dress on backwards the way it fits and tugs to the rear.

  14. Taryn

    THAT is Mischa Barton? Really? I don’t understand any of this. The dress, the face, those hideous sleeves… REALLY that’s Mischa? I had to do like a quadruple-take, and I still don’t quite believe it’s her. She should fire whomever put that slap and outfit on her.

  15. vandalfan

    The thing she’s wearing is explained thusly: The pattern pieces were cut out, flung around the room, and three blindfolded home ec students randomly stitched pieces together by feel.

  16. Katherine

    Somewhere, Helena Bonham Carter is looking at this and saying, “Bitch stole my clothes!”

  17. Mahastee

    I don’t even understand what this is. It’s like the whole “dress” exists just for the gratification of those CUFFS.

  18. Mary Ann

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again; unless Mischa Barton is playing some long term fashion joke on all of us, she is THE MOST “tone deaf” celebrity when it comes to fashion choices. This woman could be Paulina Porizkova’s daughter, yet in all things dress up or down, she fails nearly every time.

    • Edith

      Ooooh, good call on the Paulina resemblence. The dress is a disaster, as if Cinderella’s mice tried to whip up something for a funeral (while tripping), but honestly I’m most worried about her ARMS. Has the left one always been 6 inches longer than the right?

  19. Sajorina

    I kind of like the dress, but I’m disappointed with the outfit as a whole compared to how GOOD she has looked lately! The hair & shoes are such a letdown!

  20. Kate

    More to the point she has a boutique in London that has been ‘Coming Soon’ for nigh on 6 months. Get on with it Mischa…..not like you’re terribly busy. Or maybe Rachael Zoe is.

  21. regina

    umm, I’m sorry, but this look rocks. the dress is totally awesome. the shoes are cool too, the makeup… this is glam grunge 20′s bisarre = great.

  22. cc

    She looks literally like 20 years older than her actual age. Crazy.

  23. Emma

    MODERATELY cracked out?

  24. Ms. A.


  25. Franziska

    I love the dress and how she looks, but it’s not so good when you realise how young she is. She looks like a very good looking woman in her mid 40s.

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