The Fug-Fugs

The Go-Gos sans Belinda Carlisle (though we are sure they left a light on for her) made an appearance in L.A. last night.

WHAT IS UP, JANE WIEDLIN. To me, of course, she will always be the Singing Telegram Girl, or Maxine of Arc, doing aerobics at the San Dimas mall. But now to a whole new generation of Americans, I’m afraid she’ll be that lady who churns butter in a dress made out of rejected Laura Ashley wallpaper samples.

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  1. pinkcheese

    Duh-da duh-da da DA! I. Am. Your singing telegram! *BANG*

    I might randomly reenact this at my dauughter while in the kitchen making dinner. With Mrs. Peacock’s former chef!! I’m like Perry Mason! I love this movie so much.

    • pinkcheese

      And when I say I might, of course I mean I do. Frequently. A couple of times a week? Hmm.

      And, as an aside, I used to shop at the “San Dimas” aka Metrocenter mall, back before it got hella scary. I miss that ice rink.

  2. Steph

    OMG! She’s Singing Telegram Girl! *BANG* HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? Sorry for getting all CAPSY, but Clue is my favourite movie!! Who would kill the cook? I donno, dinner wasn’t that bad.

    Oh. And the dress is awful.

  3. val.

    They all look pretty terrible here.

  4. Morgan R.

    Oh, wow. I knew what brand that dress was instantly, because I almost bought something from the same line.

  5. jjdaddyo

    Is that Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran?

  6. Kary

    who’s the dude? (no no no no no…I know for SURE it’s not Simon Le Bon — he’s not nearly that puffy/bronzed.)

  7. vandalfan

    The Desiderata tells us to gracefully surrender the things of youth. That means no straight, boob length hair, or purple satin halter tops sans spanx. I don’t think these gals phoned each other before and asked “So what are YOU wearing to the shindig?” Perhaps they might have discouraged each other. And I’m pretty sure Jane wears something *ahem* quite different in her other line of work. Himself, whoever, was never a Go-Go.

  8. Gina

    Each one of them looks like they dressed for a different event. These were the ASCAP awards, or the ASCAP job fair for washed up nobodies?

  9. Caroleena Stantonova

    Get thee back to a li’l house on ze prairie. Tout suite!

  10. Caroleena Stantonova

    postscript: the Go-Gos are Gone-Gone. And may they remain so until the end of my days on this planet.

  11. vandalfan

    Actually, the Go Gos really were ground breakers, playing their own instruments and recording their own songs, the first true “all female” rock (OK, a little more pop and not exactly heavy metal, but certainly all female) groups, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. Ladies, I remember a time when no one dared questioned our access to contraception. Lest We Forget…

    (rant ended)

    • Mair Mair

      Word. Beauty and the Beat came out when I was a freshman in college, and I listened to it approximately 6 million times. It still sounds good today, and I’ll defend the Go Gos to my dying day.

      • GFY Heather

        I don’t think anyone disputes their musical influence and awesomeness. But the dress? No.

    • eee

      Thank you, vandalfan. Props to female musicians doing it all themselves. Also note: no AutoTune was involved.

    • Kate

      No one questions you ‘access’ to contraception now, only who should pay for it. In any case, that has nothing to do with the Go-Gos, or their unfortunate fashion.

  12. fiestyfabulousfem

    This makes me so incredibly sad.

  13. Veronica

    This is a sad ensemble if I ever saw one. None of the fun I associate with the Go-Gos is present here. :(

  14. Lizzie

    I cannot comment — my lips are sealed!

  15. Francesca

    They’re less Go Go and more No No.

  16. Sajorina

    Actually, Jane’s dress is the least offensive thing about that picture!

  17. sadie

    I have to share this as I’m worried about my chickens –

  18. CJ

    My mom liked to keep my hair short back in those days, and I always aspired to be as cute and stylish in my short hair as Jane Wiedlin. This 80′s pop girl remembers Jane Wiedlin for “Rush Hour.” Ooh, you send me!

  19. CJ

    But I wouldn’t have aspired to wear that dress. It looks like a lampshade you’d buy at MacKenzie-Childs!

  20. Maura

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s an off the rack dress from Lip Service’s quasi-steampunk “Step in Time” line.

  21. Leah

    What in the WHAT happened to Kathy Valentine?? The pantyhose toes!!!

  22. direchef

    Pretty gross.

  23. Rowynn

    I can’t even believe that these are the same people my daughter used to watch on MTV, oh so many years ago. I wish they had stayed home from this event, so we could have remembered them as they used to look. This is about as sad a group of folks as I have seen in a long time.

  24. sarah

    1. there were 5 go go’s

    2. caption says Belinda is missing

    3. omg, is one of the go go’s now a DUDE?

    4. not that there’s anything wrong with that

    • melanie

      No, it looks like Gina Schock is missing, in addition to Belinda Carlisle. No idea who that dude is.

  25. Rosemarie

    I haven’t seen a photo of Jane in decades – she was so adorable back in the day. This makes me want to scrub my eyeballs and talk to my therapist about my ruined teenage memories. (Or maybe I can pretend she’s going to a LIttle House on the Prairie -theme costume party.)

    the worst part? She’s STILL cute. Great smile, great hair, adorable pixie cut – and she’s drowning in a schoolmarm calico sack. *sigh*

  26. Joyce

    What in the name of all that is holy in pop music is going on HERE?

  27. melanie

    Ok, the GoGos put up a video from this event and identified the guy as Clem Burke from Blondie.
    It seems a little mean to pick on their attire or appearance, since they seemed like they were really having fun at this event, and they are not on the red carpet often, and do not strike me as the kind of people who have professional stylists on hand to tell them what to wear and how to do their hair.
    And probably just a personal hang-up, but I get really annoyed by comments on how “well” someone has aged, as if it’s some sort of personal accomplishment to age “well” and not due to things one has no control over.
    I don’t know, the GoGos are musicians, and people who have gone through a lot of things in their lives, not models or celebrities whose careers are based on solely being seen out and about and looking good.

  28. Kate

    I don’t think we can single ol’ Wiedlin Jane out here. They all look crazy.

  29. Elizabeth

    So….this is Amish formal wear? Well, the Plain Folk have their own romance novels now, so I guess it wasn’t going to be long before they got pop stars.