The Fug Factor

I’m confused:

a) I can’t remember how we feel about her right now, Fug Nation. Do we love how spunky she is, or are we mad at her for reasons I don’t totally remember but I am concerned involve Selena Gomez?

b) Did she fall prey to the machinations of an evil saleswoman at Chico’s, thus leading to this shirt? This is a kicky shirt your mom wears over a cami with wide-legged pants and great chunky jewelry and she looks great in it. So give yourself….thirty-five years, Demi.

c) Her face DOES look good, no? If the shirt if the work of a Chico’s Handmaiden who pledged her service to the Dark Lord, the makeup is fighting for good.

d) Finally, and most importantly, I do hope her hair is a salute to soft-serve. Too few coiffures reference dessert. And where would we be without it?

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Comments (17):

  1. Maria L.

    Oh I love soft serve, and the rest of her even looks like she’s been dipped in chocolate.

  2. Dazie

    The face looks good, but would a little lipstick KILL her? (omg. It happened. I turned into my mother)

    Anyway- I’m neither here nor there vis a vis Ms. Lovato, so I can say entirely without bias that this outfit is WTFug. Except for the necklace.

  3. goldfish

    I just bought those exact spandex pants for my Body Flow class my gym just started having. I wear then with totally different shoes, though.

  4. Stefanie

    The whole thing is a little old for her right?

    Demi doesn’t do it for me. I can’t pinpoint why but I just don’t find her to be all that likeable. (Im sure she really cares too. hehe)

  5. Tiffany

    I like the color of her hair…and that is about it.

  6. Amberoni13

    Fug Nation seems mostly to be of the Yea spunk, boo clothes for Ms. Lovato, and this outfit right here is a prime example. I kind of dig that she is no longer the waif wearing pointless thin vests that pretty much defines a Disney pop girl (Bridget Mehndler, Selena Gomez for a long time, even Debbi Ryan – looking at you, ladies), but she seems to have turned instead toward Lady with Serious Issues, a Curvy body and terrible tendency toward Overly Mature Goth wear. Because… Serious Issues. And breasts. And Makeup, But NOT Lipstick.

    In general, she seems to be a girl who confusingly puts too many capitals in her life, and in wrongly confusing places.

  7. Helen

    I think she’s having trouble dressing her new figure. BTDT, changing a lot in a short time, and I understand… I’m sure I put together some odd outfits at first, too, not knowing what would flatter it. Clothes kinda seemed like the enemy for a while.

    I probably didn’t wear anything this odd! But then, as best I can recall, Lovato never seemed like a contender for anyone’s Best Dressed list to begin with.

    And please heaven, may the flesh-colored lipstick trend die quickly and painfully.

  8. Clarence Beeks

    Some women should never go blond. Demi here and Anne Hathaway are two perfect exampled of this.

  9. Crystal

    That pose needs to go somewhere else.

  10. Sajorina

    Oh, totally LOVE her! Hair & makeup are FAB, but the outfit kind of says Joan Rivers… She’s 60 years off!

  11. AmyS

    Judging from twitter (and that’s were celeb fights seems to start and die) Demi and Selena are still good friends and were pimping each other’s new singles.

  12. Robin Thompson

    what about the icky toe cleavage?

  13. esther p.

    there’s something way strange about that shirt, that is making her look like she’s wearing black granny underpants, and with thigh high pant/boots.

  14. Simone

    Hate how she dresses, it’s also too much and unflattering. This is just enraging me more.

  15. regina

    She is a pretty girl, but that hairdo is a cartoon pile of poo.

  16. understateddiva

    okay, I know this makes me sound crazy, but for a second, I went “Ke$ha?”. In other words, a resounding “no” to both the hair color and the outfit.

  17. Guerra

    Hair colour and outfit are just not working for her!