Mia Kirshner, of course, is not unknown if you have ever watched TV. I liked her on Vampire Diaries, but I am worried about her makeup here. Also, because I'm down the IMDb hole: TVD was not the first vampire-related gig she's ever had. APPARENTLY she was also on something called Dracula: The Series in 1990-1991. Ahem: "Two children and their vampire-hunting uncle go up against Dracula, reborn as a modern-day businessman. " The tagline? " "A mixture of The Lost Boys, Goonies, Indiana Jones and Batman. It's a series that's got life... eternal life!" OH MY GOD PLEASE LET ONE OF YOU HAVE SEEN THIS. Per the cast, there was a character credited as "Hot & Steamy' Schnitzel Delivery Boy" who appeared in MORE THAN ONE EPISODE. I NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS.
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