Teen Choice Awards Fugs and Funs and Fines: Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale


I think hanging out with Britney too much is starting to seep into Demi’s brain.  Although, honestly, if BRITNEY were wearing this first look, I would be DYING, y’all. Because Britney would never. Because Britney is kind of snoozy lately, despite the fact that Britney is the Grand Dame of that show, and should J Lo it up a little bit. On the other hand, I DO appreciate Demi’s commitment to popping up places looking kind of crazy and be-spangled. At least she’s having fun. That being said…is this perhaps TOO MUCH FUN? Or is there such a thing? Let’s look at her red carpet look and then examine what she, and noted crackpot-dresser and co-host Kevin McHale wore during the show. Turns out that he cleans up well.

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  1. Kate

    If Demi’s going to be hosting things, she better learn how to not lock out her knees. Holy hyperextension.

    Also, she should get a better stylist.

  2. marie

    those are jellyfish on Kevin’s pants..which is always a plus for me!

  3. NJ

    yep, it’s definitely the hair that kills the first dress. and the million-inch platform heels she wore with the car-wash outfit are heinous. that being said, i love demi, simply for being so freaking blunt and open about having real problems.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    Kevin McHale is so, so, so adorable. So WHY can’t he dress himself? Please, Kevvie dear, please just wear a nice normal suit to everything. You can wear your sneakers and whatnot–I’ll permit all kinds of jackassery on your feet as long as you avoid skeleton shoes and those awful things shaped like actual feet. I had to hold on to my face when I got to the camo pant slide. Pants WHAT.

  5. Hailey

    Two words just keep going over and over in my head. Dominatrix bee.

  6. Katty McNiley Ripley

    The hair in the first dress is just crazy. I don’t mind the “ponytail with extensions” kind of thing, but all that massime black fabric it looks so bulky, like the hairstylist didn’t have the time to done it right, so she just started rolling fabric in the hope that that thing stayed connected…

    Also, that shoes don’t go with that first dress…

    All her styling is off in all the outfits above, as in general… She (just like Kat Graham learned) needs to learn that there’s a line between outlandish-but-still-cool-and-hot, and plain wackaadoodle-crazy-fug.

  7. Sandra

    Clearly her cat got into her closet and sharpened its claws on everything in it. Especially the Showgirl Practice Dress. As for him, give it up sonny. Alan Cumming already owns that schtick.

  8. Trace

    This reminds me a lot of the dress Bonnie Mckee wore to the Grammys. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t much like it now. And Demi’s hair is definitely NOT helping the situation.

  9. k

    hahahaha. so when all I could see of the pic of Kevin wearing camo pants or whatever they are was the small/thumbnail-ish sized version, I thought he was wearing black satin hot pants and some kind of patterned tights. Which would have been hilarious -seriously, HILARIOUS- and given us a LOT to talk about. (truth: Now I’m actually kind of sad that that isn’t what he’s wearing in that picture.)

  10. Claire L1

    She looks like she is chanting in her head “smile….just smile, it’s almost over….smile damn it!”….. poor girl has this HUGE grin that doesn’t quite make it to her eyes.

  11. Stefanie

    I got so confused as to why the guy from Talk Soup would be hosting the KCA. And then I was like “Wait, who’s that kid? Where’s the guy from the Soup?” And then it dawned on me that I am old.

    Demi’s hair is a DISASTER. And the first dress should be lined to stop her boob from falling out at the KID’S choice awards.

    • Chloe

      I thought it was gonna be Joel McHale too, but it wasn’t the KID’s Choice Awards, it was the Teen Choice Awards.

  12. Kat

    I think some of Demi’s choices are quite doing her figure justice, either. The shorty short shortness of the first dress isn’t doing her any favors. She would have looked dynamite in that last dress if it weren’t ripped to shreds at the bottom.

    And the hair extension? Yeah, I can’t with that..

    • ok

      I personally, like a full muscular thigh, but that is neither here nor there.

      Demi’s body shape is her own, and she is rocking that first dress hard. Mini skirts aren’t just for people with long, thin legs.

  13. yeahandalso

    I like that Demi went full Ringer with the hair.

    Kevin looks like he thinks that he is still in a boy band and that it is still 1999, seriously, ad marionette strings to any of those outfits and he would fit right in

  14. Alice

    I really wish Demi would lay off the tanning. She’s such a pretty girl with her natural fair skin, she doesn’t need the tan at all.

  15. Claire L1

    Am I the only one bugged that she has that ponytail holder thing on wrong? The wide part is supposed to be against the head!

  16. Frances


    It was pointed out on another sight, and now I can’t unsee it. Sorry for sharing.

    • anny

      Yes, yes it was. Hence my nickname for this look (with apologies to Miss Lansbury):

      “Head knob and boob slip.” (Heh.)

      Also, the texture of the skirt reminds me of the Mitchell Corn Palace.

      • G

        Yep, lots of corn kernels and feathers on that dress. Strange but not as bad as the 20 pounds of makeup on her face. A bit of moderation would have helped both the dress and makeup.

  17. megs283

    Okay….anyone else see a bit of Carrie Underwood in Demi’s face?

  18. Sajorina

    I like Demi & want better for her! Yes, the 1st dress is FUN and totally something Janet Jackson would wear, but it flattens her boobs, of which I can see half of each, and her hairdo is right out of the “Kat Graham’s How-To-Guide For Weird And Obnoxious Hairstyles”! Her makeup is great, though! I didn’t like her other outfits at all & she’s way too orange for my liking!

    Kevin looks wack in his Red Carpet outfit, although I love the shoes, and he’s wearing more makeup than Demi! I don’t care for his 2nd outfit, but the 3rd & 4th outfits are AWESOME!

  19. ceecee

    Thanks to that hair I’m going to have the theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie” stuck in my head all day. Google it, children, it’s from TV back when the world and Larry Hagman were young.

  20. Bottle Ginger

    My only criticism is that she’s not only dyed her hair beige to match the outfit, she’s done an all-beige face as well.

    More beige is never a good thing.

  21. dee cee

    So Sad.. too Bad.. she hates all flattering makeup, hairstyles and fashion..

  22. vandalfan

    I disagree that …”The hair is where everything just gets all too ridiculous.” It went south far before then. This might be an acceptable for a revival of The Starlight Express, or as a stage costume for the likes of Fergie, but it is entirely too nippular for mere mortals like young Demi.

  23. hailey

    Shit…did Demi’s hair extensions change midway through the slideshow?
    The ponytail in the first picture is ridiculous. Plus, the dress looks like she invaded Michael’s and attached layers of beads and feather trim it to some illusion netting.

  24. sharjem

    Someone please tell sweet Demi that we already have a Fergie, thanks.

  25. G

    Kevin, about that silver jacket: Go up a size! When you’ve got seam gap and cross-wrinkles on the same garment, it’s TOO SMALL.

  26. exquisite red

    Demi’s quads – I want! I don’t mean to sound like a creeper, but I’m jealous of those muscles. She does kind of remind me of Britney when she was really fit, ’cause I remember being envious of her legs too.

    That said, I did not need to see that much of her chest. Or that crazy hair. The dress is really not the worst for the occasion (and she’s young enough to get away with it), but just say no to nip slips and sideboob.

    • (the other) Jessica

      totally – she MUST be another former gymnast…the high ponytail with helmet hair at a formal event confirms it for me.

  27. sacchrainkiss

    So, I guess I’m the only one who saw this picture and thought “Fergie?” Then said, “No, that’s Demi Lovato, she just raided Fergie’s closet and took her extensions.”
    Which led to, “Oh, Demi, if you’re going to take peoples clothes you can do so much better.”

  28. Ms. A.

    Too much makeup and tanning and fake hair. STOP IT.

  29. Anna

    So I guess I’m the only one who read “teen years” and “Kevin McHale” and thought, “Why isn’t he a really tall man in a green uniform?” Probably because I”m so old and behind the times that joke has been made and put to bed. (At least the real Kevin McHale is the one who shows up on Wikipedia and this impostor is filed under “disambiguation.”)

  30. Rubee

    I love the fact that Demi hasn’t felt compulsed to “frame down” -at least, not yet. But she’s horrible as a blonde, and her stylist insists on dressing her as if she was Miley “SuperLean” Cyrus. She should go back to brunette and her curves would benefit from more softly hugging outfits.

  31. Franziska

    The “Croyden Facelift” makes Demi look cheap. I don’t like any of her outfits, they should all go to the charity shop!

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