Teen Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Twilight Trio


Two out of three ain’t bad.


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  1. zah


  2. Stefanie

    I think we all went to college with that girl.

    • Kris M

      Yeah, she was my roommate for a while.

    • Jane

      I know like ten people at my school precisely like that (UCLA- represent!). But the turly awful one is the girl I went to high school with. She didn’t have dreads, but she had this absurdly annoying way of eating tic-tacs in class. And tic-tacs, as you know, come in plastic cases. Which make this really loud rattling sound at the slightest provocation. And this girl would, like, WHIP the case up to her mouth really fast, hoping no one would notice, but of course there would be this deafening CLATTERING SOUND and I think I probably fantasized about flinging pencils at her multiple times.

      Anyway- the clothes. I covet K. Stew’s jacket hardcore, Rob makes me laugh, and props to Jacob for thinking falling in eternal love with a baby is freaking weird, because it is. I’m not a Twihard by any means, but I also find the three of them really endearing, as, like, a unit.

  3. Linney

    How hard is it to button your shirt, man? I button mine to get the mail, let alone to go on national television and accept a (stupid) surfboard award.

  4. Chrissy

    I like her outfit but as usual, her hair looks terrible. Greasy with that big bump on the side like she wanted it too look as if she casually threw it across her head, but instead it’s kind of like a combover. And now a silly braid sticking out from the bottom too. Please hire someone to do your hair! Or fire them if someone is actually getting paid for this.

  5. Shoeniverse

    Hmm, I hate her jacket but she kind of rocks it.


  6. lulu

    Rob Whatsis always looks like he desperately needs to shower and brush his teeth. EW.

  7. Queenie

    Pattinson always looks like a vagrant and half-asleep John Belushi doppelganger.

    • mary lou bethune

      He should see what happened to Hugh Grant who also rejected the “gorgeous male lead” roles and was irritable and then the next thing you know he is 50 and never really accessed his potential ala 3 weddings…
      JUST FREAKIN BE GRATEFUL AND SMILE , you silly, overpaid youngsters. And also, not terribly talented. .. medium talented. Not Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon L, Felicity JOnes, Ben Whitsaw, not Ellen Page, etc…

  8. val.

    Her jacket is really cute but what’s going on underneath it? It looks like a napkin.

  9. Kit

    Regard Robert, I remember reading an interview with Reese Witherspoon where she said something like “his hair smelled and his fingernails were always dirty”. Yup, I could totally see that.

    (And then she had to kiss him. Ewwwww!)

  10. Kate

    …and here is where I wait for the commenter who gets all up in arms whenever anything not glowing with unadulterated praise for KStew is posted. *gets bowl of popcorn*

    • Claire L1


      It’s because school’s still out!

      • ML

        Hey Kate, can I join you? Kinda dull day here at work and I could use a little dramatic scene over nothing of real consequence in my life, just for kicks ‘n’ giggles. I have snacks!

    • Sandra

      SNAP!! My first thought on seeing the picture of KStew. I’ll bring drinks since the rest of you seem to have snacks covered. ; D

  11. Evalyn

    Rob always looks like he’s stoned. And woke up in a dumpster. He’s so cute when he smiles, too bad he can’t shave.

    • Jennifer E.

      i know! his facial hair is unfortunately sparse and SO unattractive. remember cedric? i loved cedric. edward is no cedric.

      i started out loving twilight, then read some commentary about its icky nature and had to agree, then Taylor Lautner beefed up for the second movie and i had to deal with inappropriate feelings toward a minor, then he turned 18 and fell in love with a baby. it’s been a rough road for all of us.

  12. Other Emily

    Aside from Rob’s unfortunate fashion choices, I also really enjoy these three together. Like, you don’t read any articles in Us Weekly about how one of them hates the others. They seem to be pals, which is cool. I love her jacket, too.

  13. Mair Mair

    KStew has significantly cleaned up her act, so I like to think there’s hope for Rob, too. Although clean or not, I will never get his appeal. (Full disclosure: I am NOT the target demographic for him.)

    • Mair Mair

      * I’m not a member of his target demographic.

    • Annie S.

      I AM in his target demographic (if a bit on the old side of it), and I think he’s so, so gross. His face is shaped like a foot.

  14. sparklingKitten

    Though I know most hate it I am usually a big fan of Kristen’s unkempt hair, but here it looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks. No good.

    • Chaser

      Yes. I rather like unkempt hair and think the ‘i just rolled out of bed don’t give a f’ hair looks pretty good on me. I get what she was going for, but yeah it looks rotten and smelly.

      I love her whole outfit though. I’d totally rock that for sure. (God I hated K.Stew at first but her unusual ways in front of the camera really won me over).

  15. Lynne

    I don’t like the messy unwashed hair either but I especially don’t like that look that crams all of one’s hair over one shoulder. I also want that jacket.

    Why does Taylor Lautner look so uncomfortable?

  16. E-K

    Every time I see KStew and Rob together in a picture with their almost equally unkempt hair I keep thinking that if they some day choose to procreate together their kids will look like little trolls.

  17. Kelley

    This is the cutest and happiest she’s ever looked in public.

  18. laura

    Do you think they secretly have a competition to see which one can hold out on washing their hair the longest? Just imagine how horrible and smelly their pillows are! Eww!

    On the bright side, I love her jacket!

  19. Blair

    I want Taylor’s jacket, please and thank you, inquire within for sizing and shipping information

  20. CJ

    I love her jacket.

  21. Alma

    LOL Annie S, now the foot face is all I can see!

  22. BeeDreams


  23. vandalfan

    She seems happier now that it’s all over, but her legs are not shapely enough to wear such tight pants, like the gal with silver pants previously.

    Rob actually looks pretty clean close up. If he buttoned his shirt, I’d let him date my granddaughters.

  24. mimi

    I don’t know…I think Kstew looks a little like the guys from Milli Vanilli…

  25. TaraMisu

    I want that jacket!!! But yeah… the hair. No.

  26. Ms. A.

    Jacket’s rad. Hair SUCKS.

  27. Sajorina

    I like all three’s relaxed outfits! Taylor always looks great! I like Kristen’s (I don’t know why they kept writing “Kristin” on TV when they announced her winning an award… Awkward!) pants, which I’ve seen her wear 3 times already, and the jacket, but that t-shirt drives me nuts! And, Rob looks good to me, just very comfy & normal!