Teen Choice Awards Fug or Fine (Or Fab, I Guess): Taylor Swift


So, Taylor seems to be veering back away from slicked-down bangs and bright colors.

So this is fine and all, but yet again, it feels like something I’ve seen from her a hundred times before. Or maybe it’s because these flesh-toned side-paneled Maria Lucia Hohan dresses have been making the rounds so much that they all start to feel identical. Also, can we say again what a wasted shoe opportunity this was? Your dress is WHITE. You can put ANY cheerful color down there and it’d only improve the situation. So what does she do? Nude. She’s actually MATCHING THE SHOE to the side panels. This is about the most snoozey choice she could have made. Taylor! You are a graceful and tall and lovely creature. DO NOT BE A WALKING NAP.

This also lost me a bit in the back:

Something about the construction here looks cheap; maybe it’s the fact that I can see the giant transparent bra-like contraption that’s holding the whole sucker together, like the world’s least sexy bra in the clearance bin at JC Penney. So… I mean, I am putting this up to a vote because, you know, maybe I’m being harsh — her ladybits are covered and under no threat of exposure, and at least she looks regal — but I am pretty sure you have figured out by now that I’m impatient with this particular look and want to drop-kick it back into 2010.

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Comments (49):

  1. Lynne

    Bloody hell. Is that thing sheer? Et tu, Taylor? It’s okay to leave something to the imagination, girl. It’s not necessary to be as naked as possible without getting arrested. I thought she was classier than that.

  2. Gracie

    I might be in minority but I absolutely love this. It is similarly to her style but it seems very refined, light and expensive looking. I think she looks very sophisticated. I dont see the cheapness at all. I do agree it would be better with snazzier colored pair shoes.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I think you’re being a tad too harsh on the shoes–they’re sparkly, and, I think, ombre. Picture 2 shows they’re a different color in the back. I’d like them even more with a different dress that didn’t smack of malicious sideboob.

  4. val.

    I think it’s 90% fab and 10% (the beige bra thing in the back).

  5. Allie

    I liked it until I saw the bra-clasp thing.

  6. val.

    10% fug, that is.

  7. Caroline

    On the upside, she’s not wearing her Surprised Face.

  8. AM

    I see fancy apron with this.

    • MC

      Totally! A Pinafore is Not a Dress (variation on Leggings are Not Pants).

    • hillary l.

      The pinafore version of Nancy Kerrigan’s skating dress from 1992. Yes?

  9. Chicklet

    It just seems so wishy-washy, like she can’t commit to actual bare sides and actual no-bra for the evening. If you need such obvious “I’M NOT ACTUALLY NAKED” markers as visible netting and bra clasps, you’re not ready. Just wear a cute halter-topped dress in a bright color, you’ll still be cute.

  10. kb

    looks like lingerie. Pretty lingerie, sure, but still something you’d wear to bed.

    That said, I I like her makeup/hair here. She’s so freaking tall and beautiful, she could wear anything. I like to see her in something more structured. With color.

    • Popcouver

      People.com did a feature all about how she is taller than everyone she was photographed with at the TCA’s. Baha. It was hilar.

  11. Claire L1

    It’s the dress version of the women who don’t check the back after doing their hair….. everything spiffy nice in the front….and the back looks like someone else slept on it.

  12. CJ

    I really dislike her. I liked the dress though until I saw the back.

    I really wish she would change up her makeup. She has very small eyes and lining them all the way around only makes them look more squinty.

  13. neiges

    Imagine this dress on Eva Mendes? Vavavoom. This girls is so slender that she makes a naked back looked dressed. And this colour washes her out. How can a vavavoomy dress look so unsexy?

    • neiges

      She has such a great body that she should go the Zoe Saldana route – couture and edgy.

  14. Art Eclectic

    I don’t like the nude sides or the back. If those pieces were white and matched the rest of the dress I’d want to wear this and run barefoot through a meadow mimicking a TV tampon ad.

  15. Lindy

    Backy hose.

  16. Corriner

    In the first shot the top looks like very fancy white overalls. Now I can’t un-see it.

    I agree with the above commenter…Taylor has a slammin’ bod and I don’t know why she doesn’t choose clothes that are more fashion-forward. I think she could really pull them off!

  17. Nikki

    I think the shoes have pink sparkles? Still not the best choice though, it should be a more obvious, bold, fun color choice.

  18. R

    I love this dress and this entire look and I think you are being unnecessarily harsh. White and nudes really, really suit her. Bright coloured shoes or crazy accessories would only detract from the simple loveliness and elegance of this outfit.

  19. Evalyn

    Another opportunity lost. When the choice is be pretty or be nearly naked, nearly naked seems to be winning. Too bad.

  20. Carly

    Just hate these dresses so much. I don’t get cheap, I definitely also don’t get regal, all I get is APRON.

  21. Amber

    I sort of agree with all of the commenters (which is weird, since they don’t all agree). The dress is pretty, not fond of the back, she can pull off whites and nudes, she should wear more color, the shoes are interesting from the back, a white dress should have colorful shoes…
    I just wish she’d do something different. She always looks the same to me.

  22. nobody much

    it’s an apron. where’s the dress?

  23. Elizabeth

    This reminds me of that scene in Empire Records where Renee Zellwhozywhatsis is modeling the new corporate “uniform” apron.

  24. Rina

    Is that one of those scenes where the good little housewife fulfills Every Man’s Fantasy of welcoming him home after a long day at work in nothing but an apron?

    If so, then Taylor should totally nail the audition.

    • ML

      “Honey, I’m home! Are you ready for the big Scientology clambake tonight?” – Tom “Ward” Cruise

  25. vandalfan

    She’s just so darn Pretty, Pretty Princess. Imagine this in a color, or in patterned fabric.

  26. Sajorina

    Just more of the same… Snooze! I like her makeup, clutch & shoes, but the monocromatic outfit leaves a lot to be desired and her hairdo is so old lady! It’s FINE, nothing special!

  27. Franziska

    She simply bores me to death with her fashion choices. You know what she is? Vanilla.

  28. Katharine

    What a freaking awful dress. The front looks unfinished at the sides, as though it’s been cut off; the back — WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? Nude hose and a bra hook? I can’t even. The details are so horrid and offputting; even admitting that Taylor Swift looks quite pretty in white (if a bit too literally like a Philadelphia Cream Cheese angel) seems wrong.

    • ML

      “Philadelphia Cream Cheese angel” > This FTW because yes on the visual. It’s like Swifty should be doling out backlit bagels, all dewy-eyed.

  29. CB

    Someone clue me in as to when just the pinafore parts of a dress became just the dress??

  30. Miss Louise

    In addition to the comments made above, I’m troubled by the weird elasticised look of the waist band at the back. Above all, I find her so dull.

  31. ML

    “The world’s least sexy bra in the clearance bin at JC Penney.”

    And so today’s winning entry in the “Why My Colleagues Stared At Me When I Cackled With Glee For No Apparent Reason Whatsoever During Quiet Time At Work” category is revealed…

  32. ronnie

    The dress is just like here … absolutely BANAL.

  33. Other Emily

    God this blog kills me. Plus the Fug Nation comments, which also make me snort Diet Coke at my desk. Never change, People.

  34. Shoeniverse

    She always looks so similar… it’s like she has JenniferAnnistonItis whereby she can’t break out of her tiny box.

    Shame as she could look better and she is young so she should be experimenting. Or perhaps she is actually the only thing counterbalancing the effect from Miley Cyrus and the dungeree suits from doom?


  35. Pattypuff

    And WHY is she standing as if she really, really needs to pee????