Teen Choice Award Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes

Nothing makes you feel older than realizing that you have no idea who half of America’s Teen Heartthrobs actually are.

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  1. christine christine

    That really can’t be all you have to say about Nelly. The SHOES. The SHORTS. Was it just too much to handle on a Monday? I understand…I myself am perusing this website instead of doing Actual Work. I believe in easing slowly into the work week, dipping my toe if you will.

  2. Donna

    Wasn’t Schmidt at this thing? Where’s Schmidt? Pleeeease.

  3. Erin Elizabeth Long

    If that had been Nelly’s hat, it would have coordinated with his outfit. I’m disappointed now.

  4. Chandra Prater

    I have no idea who Ian Somerhalder is. I’m apparently that old.

    •  BabyBaloo

      He was Boone on Lost… I also remember him from Young Americans from long ago (don’t worry if you don’t remember that), so he’s been around, he’s not THAT young, but he looks it.
      He’s on the Vampire Diaries (which I don’t watch), where his perennially youthful appearance is presumably put to good use.

      • Krista

        My sister and I always referred to him as “the cute guy on CSI who killed the guy who killed his mom with drag racing.” But that was before Lost.

      • ErinE

        I’ve only watched him on Lost, which is why I’m not a huge fan of his – he was kind of lame on Lost. I don’t want him to be Christian Grey!

  5. Kate

    Garrett Clayton’s blazer seems like it might have come from the woman’s section. Or maybe I’m just not used to seeing sleeves rolled up?

  6. Kristan

    Wait, do you really not know who Ed Sheeran is?? Check out his music, stat! He’s SO talented. Not a fashion plate, not a super hottie, but girls still go mad for him — which I think might say something good about today’s youth. :)

    In unrelated news, how come guys don’t want to wear pants that are the right length anymore? It’s either cuffs, or a bunch of wrinkles because the hem’s all bunched up at the top of the shoe. Both look pretty ridiculous to me.

  7. Claire1

    Yey for Keegan. I like proper gentlemen. And I’m loving his old school camera action….no cell phone….he’s excited to be there and just doesn’t care who knows!

    Johnny Depp wanna be Avan actually looks nice. I’d like to see that t and jacket with a pair of dark cuffed jeans and Skylar’s shoes….but he’s doing a bit of an exotic “am I French? Am I an Artist? Am I going to steal your grandmother’s broach? Well never know” vibe…. I’m good with it.

    And…. well….I know who Ian is…and well, there you have it.

  8. nobody much

    filed under ‘if I ever make it to a red carpet’ – watch your positioning so the logo behind you isn’t growing out of your head!

  9. Livvie

    Dude, you’re not supposed to know who the teen heartthrobs are, not if you’re a self-respecting adult. I’m 20 and I know only a few.

    So, don’t feel bad. Cheers!

  10. Cynthia

    Ian Somerhalder looks as if he may be wearing lifts? I only say this because he’s standing the same way I do when I haven’t worn heels for months.

    • Cynthia

      Nm, the Internet tells me he’s 5’10″… Maybe the shoes and/or pants are uncomfortable.
      Ok I seriously need to stop thinking about this and get back to work.

      • Heather

        If the Interwebs say that he’s 5’10″, that means he’s actually 5’8″.

  11. julyol1972

    Thoughts! Is it me or is the Hollywood Puppy Mill churning out mostly the same “stars” recently? For the most part, there’s not a single bit of personality between the lot. Ugh! Say what you will about the likes of Johnny Depp, but he’s always kept it interesting, both on the carpet and off.

    Why does Chord Overstreet always seem to be “smizing” and doing that Blue Steel thing with his face? It’s very distracting. Add to that the artfully tucked/untucked shirt, and he just seems a bit too try-hard for me. The only one who’s ever made that work was Beckham, and even he’s getting too old to pull it off much longer.

    BIG SHOUT OUT to Adam DeVine for the ‘ole school “Pimp Pose”. Don’t see too many of those on the red carpet.

  12. Rose

    Ed Sheeran is a precious adorable puppy-person. The rest of them… I couldn’t care less.

  13. Stefanie

    Stefanie’s thoughts while flipping through the slide show”

    “Who? Who? Who? Ginger Ed. ….who…NELLY! I should listen to “Right Thurr”, wait no. That’s Chingy…Umm..something about “Un de le Un de Le?” Hmmm, I know I had his CD, Ill have to Itunes him. Who? Who? Oh those are nice shoes.”

    Apparently I am old too.

  14. Shanti

    …okay. Clearly I need to start watching “Twisted.” Like, yesterday. Meow!

  15.  Marchelle

    If it makes you feel any better, my kid is 21 and didn’t know who most of them were.

  16. Jill

    I’m just sad that Nelly was not actually wearing a teeny black sailor hat. Maybe at the VMAs?

  17. Gwen Robinson

    The Nelly pic is hilarious… and WTF happened to the Jonai? they used to be cute and kinda normal-looking. Is that Joe in the middle? Because ugh. And yes, I’m 43 and know the Jonai by name. :)

    • jean

      Same age and I knew five of these guys, two of them from Pitch Perfect! So YEAH me? And Ian was on Smallville! HA.

  18. Aria

    I don’t knew who half these folk are but I do have comments:
    – tired of guys wearing super skinny pants
    – nelly, wtf??
    – love that Keegan Allen brought his camera!
    – Bryan Greenberg was really cute on OTH
    – hahahahaha, love the comment about Chord; so true!

    • DelusionalLeggings

      I don’t care what happened, I am still team Jeyton on OTH. Bryan Greenberg is the best.

  19.  Amberoni13

    Did no on else see #7 and squeal “Rex Manning!!!!” in their heads? Just me? Hm.

    • Jessica B

      I didn’t, but when I went back to it, I can totally see it. It’s Rex Manning day!!!!!!

    • DelusionalLeggings

      I totally watched Grease 2 yesterday. Coooool rider!

  20. Evangeline

    I agree with the awesomeness of Skylar’s shoes.

    And yes, I do feel old. (Except, hi, Ed Sheeran!)

  21. Cass

    The backdrop reminded me that I have to order new contact lenses. Thanks GFY!

  22. witjunkie

    OK, that middle Jonas looks like Mr. Bean. Grow back the hair, middle Jonas.

    • Kristin

      Yes, Joe looks terrible with that haircut. Nick has grown up to be quite handsome, though.

  23. Melissa

    I am 23 and still don’t know who half these people are. Unless 23 is old?

  24. Janiekettles

    Ian Somerhalder = Young Rob Lowe. This is the opposite of a bad thing.

  25. Sajorina

    Oh, Lord! Ian Somerhalder, Ian Harding, Keegan Allen… YUM!!! *fans herself*

  26. TLT

    I cannot even “see” these gentlemen. As BEIBER is gazing soulful at me from the left side ad for his shoes!!?? The irony is killing me.

    • LB

      Exactly! I was starting to think I was being punished for some unknown wrongdoing since nobody else was mentioning the awfulness of the Adidas Bieber ad. Thank you for joining me in my misery!

  27. Mara

    Aw, Ty Hoech, wherefore the lack of suit? If there’s one dude who looks good in a suit, it’s him.

  28. A.J.

    Thank you for posting Avan Jorgia! (a.k.a. Beck from Victorious, a.k.a. Danny from Twisted).

    And you’re watching Pretty Little Liars, why aren’t you watching Twisted? It’s on right after! Denise Richards is playing the heartthrob’s MOM, it’s got some funky fashions, my 12-year-old and I are addicted to that show!

    •  trixila

      double thanks for posting Avan. It was a nice palate cleanser after the quilted leather shorts.

  29. Heather

    I’m going to go collect my Social Security check now.

  30. Emily McKenzie Morrow

    Nelly’s outfit made my Tuesday. I really wish he was wearing a wacky headband. Also, I think my niece has those rainbow sneakers.

  31. Mikki

    Thank you for leading off the post with Ian – still love him on Vampire Diaries! The rest of the bunch…meh. The one thing that I find interesting is that all the girls dress up as best they can, and most of the guys all look like they’re off to run errands.

  32. Joanna

    But where’s Darren Criss ):<

    • Jessica

      He didn’t walk the carpet, that I saw. (Lots of the Glee kids didn’t, presumably because they didn’t want to answer questions about Cory.)

  33. Sonya

    Of these young men, I recognize Chord Overstreet and Nelly. I am going to call Nelly young because he is in his 30′s. Although, what is Nelly doing there?

    I find it both fitting and disturbing that the background advertisement showing up on GFY right now though is Justin Bieber for Kohls and some ugly Adidas shoes. It goes well with this post but I don’t like his confused/constipated expression peering at me the entire time.

  34.  Sarah

    Were the guys given a completely different dress code? If I didn’t know that they were at the same event as the slideshows of the ladies, I never would’ve thought so.

  35. Other Emily

    I know about half these people. My current favorite is that kid from Teen Beach Movie, which is both terrible and kind of awesome. My kids have been watching it on a loop and I have Stockholm Syndrome (or Stockholder Syndrome, as Jason Stackhouse would say) and am starting to love it a little. Plus, that kid is very funny in it.

  36. Esme

    Please tell me that Adam DeVine is being ironic.

    • HKS

      Ironic? I am unsure. I believe he is trying to be comical, because he IS a comedian. I think he’s pretty hilarious here (and everywhere).

  37. Mel

    Alexander Koch (NEVER heard of him before…) : Craig Bierko 2.0.
    And you can guess my age if I say he was hotter as the villain against Gena Davis but still cute with Jennie Garth in Star (yeah for Danielle Steel TV movies!!)

  38. HKS

    When you said Ian was fine, did you mean it like, “Damn, Ian is fiiiiione.” Because he is.

    Haha, okay. FINE. His outfit is nothing special. But even in boring clothes, he is still a hot hot man. And yes, I do watch Vampire Diaries, which, I admit, has greatly influenced my feelings.

  39. CopyChic

    All of these guys look like versions of Hipster Ken. Maybe it goes with the territory…?

    Ian Somerhalder looks like a total creeper, like he knows he’s “good looking” and has perfected a permasmirk (shivers).

    And I don’t know who Adam DeVine is, but I now love him for that pose.

  40. Bambi Anne Dear

    I feel a need to see Adam DeVine pose on many red carpets with Zosia Mamet.

  41. MaryAnne

    I think one of the problems with Matthew Morrison’s pants might be the same thing that created Nelly’s “hat” … an unfortunate stopping point that positioned one of those black logos on the backdrop right in the crotchular area of his also-black pants, creating a sort of Hammer pants effect.